The Grace of Siddha – 83 – VIP, but who? Part 3

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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

 It took a few minutes for me to be normal after he gave me the shocking news that the yagna was conducted on time. Though I had done what was ordered to me, the desired results is not obtained which made me feel sad. I requested them to explain what happened that day in detail.

As soon as he got the information via the police source and when my name was mentioned, he realized that I was in trouble and he ordered that I may be relieved. He had then found out what happened by inquiry, set off right that morning to meet that VIP. As he did not have great faith in the Jeeva Nãdi, he had given the telegram to his security officials and asked the yagna to be conducted further.

When this person mentioned that “In spite of keeping the yagna matter so secretly, it had come in a Nãdi, then why didn’t you realize that the Nadi is true indeed? Why did you let the yagna proceed further?”

“There are so many who say such things, the past, future etc. I don’t believe in all. What I had faith in, I did just that. Those who conducted the yagna said that which I had my consent and since I considered my family’s safety to be of top priority, I ordered it to be continued. If you believe in it, do so, but I don’t. Do not talk to me further about this” – said the VIP.

This person who believes that whatever Agastya Muni says does come true, did not know what to speak further. He had returned quietly worrying as to what would happen to this Country and had come to see me.

“Can you please ask Agastya Nãdi an answer to what worries me?” – he asked.

“I sure can. But whatever comes, you must accept it. Can’t compell Agastya Muni”

I prayed to the Head of all Siddhas Agastya and opened the Nãdi.

“We Siddhas wish those humans who are about to commit a sin to realize it, and therefore warn them in advance, but in spite of this, sometimes, the fate will show its strength. The Almighty who has given the thinking faculty to human, also has given the feeling of arrogance and makes this faculty go weaker. What has happened here is just that. Wait and watch what is going to happen” and mentioned a particular mantra and asked us to chant this for one mandala (normally comes to 48 days, it may differ from places to places as per belief and tradition). I shall take care of you both that nothing affects you” – He concluded.

The VIP who knows me well realized that nothing more is going to come out and he bid farewell therefore. Fifteen days passed by…

On an afternoon, the shocking news came out via the radio. For whom it was mentioned that his lifespan had a threat, died that morning in a terrible accident where all parts of his body from his neck got smashed. Along with him passed away so many innocent people. A lot more died due to the violence that broke out due to this incident thereafter.

On this loss, the VIP known to me broke down. I realized that the effect of Atharvana Veda could work out in such tremendous speed. After a few years, at the same time that VVIP had passed away, the VIP I had known got killed also. For two days, there were countless violence took place across the country debarring caste, creed and religion. Every movement stopped. A particular community people were killed in lakhs or they lost everything. It took many a days for normalcy to return.

As per Agastya Muni’s order, I took as many as I could and went to Lord Shiva’s temple to lit ‘Moksha Deepa’. I felt ‘enough is enough’ when I completed it. I came home and opened the Nãdi with a question, “Everything got over right?” and the answer was, “Wait and watch”. I closed the Nãdi and sat down feeling terribly tired. The friends asked what’s the matter for which I said I am just so tired.

After a year, the only remaining person of that family got killed as well. There was none left in that family as per the fate’s will. Even with this murder, there were many lives lost due to the violence that out broke, whose effect remained months after.

The Siddhas tell us not to do something with a purpose, a reason. We know how to question, but only counter-questions but not the right questions. They know our future very well. Only if we understand that and listen to what They say, we can reach salvation.

The words of Siddha can never go wrong, is the ultimate truth!

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 82 – VIP, but who? Part 2

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Siddha Agastya! He is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

It was beyond any doubt that those who stood there at the entrance were of a very high position in the police department. The look they had in their eyes, the number of stars in their uniforms, everything bore testimony to that fact. One of them mentioned my name and asked, “Where is he?” and began asking questions.

I said that I am the one they are after. He asked “Are you the one who sent that telegram last night?”


“Who are you man?! Do you know to whom you sent the telegram? How dare you sent this telegram directly? Ok! The yagna which was kept as a top most secret, how did you come to know of it?! Who are all with you? How did you get in and got hold of all these information? What all you know?” – he was as if firing me with questions.

The impact of their questions and the way they looked at me, it was like I was a terrorist. They kept asking questions when I realized that we were still in the entrance and so I invited them in, “Please come in, let us sit and talk.”

They came in, looked around my house and saw the pictures of Gods and Goddesses everywhere. Not sure what they thought, their tone of questions changed a bit. I prayed to the foremost of all Siddhas Agastya, “O Sire! I did just as you said. As expected, the problem is sitting right here in my house. How to say what, please let me know”

“Who all live here?”

“Myself, my wife and my children”

“Where do you work?”

I answered them, summoned some courage and asked, “What do you want to know that you inquire so many things?”

“The yagna which was kept as a secret, how did you come to know of it? This we want to know. You are here and the place chosen to have the yagna conducted is the banks of river Ganga. Do you have someone from your side in that place? Tell us the truth” – he asked questions in an authoritative tone.

Their questions were valid. The information kept as a secret, how did it reach this farthest corner of India? The person who decided to have this conducted is someone who is really a big shot and has been stuck in a few controversies. Their doubt is whether there is any gap or hole in their security measures.

I began to tell about myself, though they might have known already.

“What came in Agastya’s Jeeva Nadi, I mentioned it as it is. In that,
whatever Agastya Muni has said has happened as it is so far. If there is any danger to the Bharatha Kanda (India), He is a Siddha who warns and guides to have that effect nullified by means of prayers, remedial measures (parikara), karmas such as Yagnas etc., What I have is a Jeeva Nadi. There won’t be any letters in it. For the questions asked OR as an order, the letters appear in it in gold colour”

“Oh is it? Where is it now?”

“Sire, it is in my pooja room”

“Have to see it”

“Sire, there is no admission for outsiders in the pooja room”

“Ok, so bring it over here”

“Very well. But you have to wait for more than an hour. I have to take bath, do my meditation and only if He permits me, I will be able to. If you don’t have any objection, I shall get it”

“How can we believe in what you say?” – one of them asked suddenly.

“You have to. I don’t get any ideas otherwise either. I am not going to run away anywhere. I have my duties, family. If what I had done is a mistake, I could have given an incorrect or falsified address in the sender’s name. But no! I had given my own address. Even when you had inquired about me in the post office, they must have told you all that I mentioned now. Moreover, when you have come here, I am very much here and have not absconded. What more clarity do you need?”

There was a brief silence. They began to trust that there is validity in what I said as well. Within that brief silence, Agastya Muni mentioned another important person’s name in my ears and said “Ask to inquire by mentioning his name” just so that I only could hear.

That important person is Agastya’s devotee. Whenever he comes here, he gets the Nadi reading and has made his life proper. The first VIP was very close to this one. So I said, “Ok, I don’t want to waste your time, please inquire about me to person XXX. He reads Nadi from Agastya through me. He knows very well about me. Please try.”

When I mentioned that person’s name, both of them expressed surprise in their faces. They looked at each other and, “This place (mentioning the person) seems to be a big one. Ok, we shall” and one of them went out and began speaking to someone using the communication device in their police vehicle.

“I have asked to inquire. If it turns out that what you said is untrue, we may have to take you to our place and do the inquiry in a ‘separate’ manner. Please remember.”

A fifteen minutes passed by. They began to inquire about Jeeva Nadi completely. I mentioned everything I knew. I also mentioned why Agastya Muni asked not to have this yagna conducted. They both became pale. After a fifteen minutes, one of them received a message. He read it:

“Do not trouble this gentleman and go your way. I will speak to the VIP myself” – it said.

They gave a strange look at me.

“If we had troubled you, we’re sorry. We were only doing our duty. We apologize to you as well as to Agastya Muni” – they said!

“Sires, one more thing.”

“Please” – they said softly.

“Let this matter not get anywhere out. This will create multitudes of
problem is what Agastya Muni’s divining. Please keep it with yourself.”

“We have to use this information with regards to our duty. But apart from this, this information won’t leak out. Farewell.”

After fifteen days, that second VIP came to meet me. I welcomed with enthusiasm and expressed my thankfulness.

“If you had not helped me that day, I don’t know as to what state I would have been that day. Agastya Muni mentioned your name and asked them to inquire. They might have troubled you in that wee hours thereby.”

Though he accepted my thanks, his face did not show any happiness. He inquired about what happened completely. I mentioned everything. He listened to it patiently and after a brief silence said: “Hereafter only the foremost of Siddhas Agastya only can save us!”

“He has been guiding us all along. What is the doubt?”

“Nothing, the yagna as scheduled has been conducted” – he threw a bomb shell!

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 81 – VIP, but who?

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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

This happened many a years back. It became 9 in the night when I had finished reading the Nãdi. I was totally tired and so I requested those who were waiting to come in the morning, closed the Nadi, kept it in the Pooja room and went for dinner. Before I began to eat, I thought about Agastya Muni all through my heart and when I placed my hand in the food, I heard as if someone came very close to me and whispered that I only could hear, “finish your dinner fast and read the Nãdi” as if ordering.

This has never happened before and so I hastened to finish my dinner, washed my hands, feet and face and went in the Pooja room, prayed, took the Nãdi and read. The information that came out shocked me, is an exaggeration. It mentioned a particular VIP’s name and said,

Tonight, they are going to perform a yagna in the banks of the river Ganga. This yagna is being conducted to extend the life span as there is a problem in it and to save his life, and this is being done by the ill- advice given by some who practice the Atharvana Veda. There has never been such a yagna conducted in this Earth by the use of Atharvana Veda. Doing this will only effect in bad things to his family and the whole of the country. Those whose life they are trying to protect, that person’s time is over. No one can save that person either. If they continue to do this, the country will face lives being lost in many places. That family will be destroyed as a whole as well. Ask them to stop it! Tell them Agastya told
this! This is a matter involving a big shot. Hence tell My name. I shall take care of yourself that nothing befalls you!

The VIP whom He mentioned really is a big shot. He can do anything. I was scared, what if I got in to a serious trouble after mentioning what Agastya Muni said. He has however mentioned that He will take care. There definitely should be a way out and I began to prepare myself to convey what was told.

In those days, the communication medium was not that versatile as it is today. Though the VIP had phone, I didn’t. It is impossible anyway to get his personal number either. I then decided that I will send him a speedy telegram in his name. It was almost eleven in the night. I called upon a friend who had a scooter urgently and asked him to drive to the post office without telling him the matter.

It was 11.30 when we reached. The yagna will begin at 12. The information has to reach them before that. I filled in the detail in a hurry and when I filled in the recipient’s name, my friend was shell-shocked.

“Do you know in whose matter you are trying to interfere? If he thinks, he can do anything to you, think before you act!”, he said. I mentioned, “This is the order of Siddha Agastya! He will save me. This has to be stopped as per His order” – I signed the telegram. The staff took the telegram and started verifying and he looked up at me with a glance that had surprise, shock, everything when he checked the recipient’s name.

“Sir, do not mistake me. Is this telegram required?”

I expected this and said, “Do not worry, please send it to that person. I have written my address completely. If they inquire you, please give them my address. I shall take care of it”

The staff however showed this to his superior who called me inside his office. After listening to all I said he told, “Only because you say so, we’re sending this off. If there is any problem, you are the one
responsible. If they inquire, we will provide your address”

“Do it by all means. But the telegram must go now. I will leave this place only after seeing it had gone”

With the approval of the manager, the staff typed the message and
confirmed that it has reached as well. I came back and told my friend, “Do not worry, there won’t be any trouble for you. I will never reveal your name”. He left only after me giving this assurance. I went inside and prayed to Agastya thus, “Your words must have reached to whoever it has to now. Please protect so no problems arise”, and went back to sleep.

In the middle of the night when I was in deep sleep, I heard someone knocking the door. It was 4 in the morning when I checked the time. Who is this at this time? I went and opened the door to see…

There were two higher officials from the police department who stood there!

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 80 – The end result

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The Grace of Siddha takes a slight deviation from the main track where these series talk about Chathuragiri and some of the incidents happened around the place. 

The next day, they had darshan and got down and went to Poodhikaadu (the place where the Siddha Bhoga conducted yagna whereby the sand became whitish as that of holy bhasm). There was a stone installed on Poodhikaadu which resemebled the hill
exactly. It was installed by Bhoga Siddha Himself. They prayed silently there and the devotee picked up some soil beneath the stone and applied it on his forehead saying, “Be silent. Everything will be victorious”. As he said this suddenly, he realized that the chief of the anna-dhana group has said something to this
devotee and hence he has told me to remain silent. As it turned out, the chief had mentioned that he was the reason behind everything. The devotee asked the chief in turn, “Let them say whatever, do you believe it?”. The chief just went down without saying anything. The one whom he believed to be all, when he had
lost trust in him, he thought Odhiyappa is the only solace and he surrendered. He had a faith, that if Odhiyappa wills, He can, He only can save.

The Chathru Samhara Yagna conducted before Odhiyappa began to bear fruits. Within a week, those who were against disappeared. Every one of them lost their status of whatever they were doing in Chathuragiri. In addition, they fought among themselves and were separated. The chief of the opposite group that was conducting the anna-dhana well to a great extent, fell ill and was not able to walk. Till date, they are carrying him on their shoulders to supervise the anna-dhana. He too had helped financially to hinder the work of the group where he belonged. The advocate who guided the opposite group was withdrawn from the group’s cheif himself. He was the reason for every problem.

The accountant who collected everyone’s money to file a case without any truth in it and was running the case behind the screen met with an accident and broke his leg and a hand. He was not able to climb up the hill thereafter. Those who were opposing or hindering the anna-dhana activity met with different problems, even they had to face actions from the police.

The temple authorities had so many personal issues, diseases and testing phase where they went to check in Prasnam, and the result was very clear – it was the dosha of stopping the anna-dhana.

Just like the foremost Siddha said in Nadi, the police called him for inquiry. He went there for two days, explained everything that happened and proved to them beyond any doubt where the police decided that this is a falsified case. Even this happened through the Grace of Siddha Agastya.

Just as He said, he had to face some insults as well. Whom he believed had forsaken him. As they had lost their position and power, their wrath fell upon him and so they began to spread ill-will against him.

“He is the reason for everything” – the chief.
“He is a magician. He will go anywhere at will. He does japa sitting somewhere in the jungle. Do not trust him” – the devotee was told thus by the group members themselves.

“He is the reason for everything. No one should bring him up to the hill hereafter” – this was said by the priest when they they met with some officials, in front of the chief. The chief remained silent. The temple authorities said that it was due to their actions against him that they had to suffer a lot. They also said that they can join anyone to do anna-dhana but not him. The chief persuaded his friends also to forsake him with the expectation that he has to
remain alone, he realized later.

“He is like a drainage, will anyone be with him” – this was a comment from one of the persons who took food from his house whenever he visited. The chief surpassed all by ‘blessed’ his daughter that she would fail in that year and he will see how she gets a pass score. There was one friend who did not want to forsake no matter who says what and he was told, “do you know how many girls he has been in relationship with?”. He heard of this comment too. The chief also mentioned to him that someone has kept a witch-craft against him and he has to safeguard himself.

When he requested the Siddha’s Jeeva Nãdi, he was informed that Agastya Muni does not believe in such witch-craft and not to get scared for these things. He remained silent and bore all such insults and incidents. He seldom replied any.

Neither did he try to explain his side. He maintained silence as that of a penance and ninety days passed by. The anna-dhana resumed with the priest heading it this time, just as Siddha Agastya had mentioned, after three amavasya. While Odhiyappa eliminated the enemies, the Siddha Agastya graced the anna-dhana to be
resumed. But just as he promised to the Lord who dwells there (too), he did not go to the hill again.

Since he surrendered to the Siddha Agastya and followed just as He said, the benefits and rewards he received were countless. The grace of Odhiyappa was completely on him. As an expression of gratitude, he went to Odhimalai and thanked the priest and Odhiyappa from the bottom of his heart. Just before the abhisheka started, the priest asked him to take bath and wear cleansed garments as he had to help the abhisheka. He was shocked. Such a grace? For the first time, he got the permission to touch and do abhisheka to Odhiyappa! Before the abhisheka, as a customary, while applying oil he touched the left cheek of Odhiyappa where a powerful electric shock like pulse went inside his body via the
hand. It completely shook him. It was a rare experience. He was subsequently informed about many a secrets about Odhimalai or it reached him alone. He also received many a blessings and experiences when he visited to the places wherever there is Agastya’s temple.

It is very rare to understand the divine play of the Lord. The Siddhas keep even these hidden. That which is hidden has to be hidden. If one starts to find out what it is, one has to undergo such difficulties. All that happened with him is one such small example.

~ to be continued…!

The Grace of Siddha – 79 – Odhiyappa accepts the offerings

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The Grace of Siddha takes a slight deviation from the main track where these series talk about Chathuragiri and some of the incidents happened around the place. 

The Yagna Kunda began to get in to shape. He felt like his heaviness is reducing brick by brick, when he laid each brick to build the Kunda. The mind which was stiff began to losen up. The priest in the meanwhile had finished his pooja came and said some corrections in the kunda which was carried out as well.

Once the bricks were laid, the kunda was applied with cow-dung. Holy marks (kolam) with sandalwood paste and kumkum were applied on the middle and on either side of the bricks. He was observing this, thought that the preparation of the yagna kunda is as similar to that of preparing for the kumbabhisheka of a temple, with care and attention. The yagna kunda was about 2 feet in height. He kept thinking, is this height required really?

The devotee as though read his mind came near and said, “this height is required, looks like this much of trouble is there for you where Odhiyappa Himself has divined the priest to have this height increased.”

He looked at the devotee who said with a smile, “You know, the Odhiyappa and the priest are close friends, like they put hands on each other’s shoulder and inquire about their welfare. Some things, you will only realize as it goes.”

They took each and every item and arranged it in order where the
appearance of a yagna taking place began to shape up. It was sandhya time and so the priest went for the sandhya kaala pooja.

The devotee had invited the chief of the anna-dhana group and so he had come as well. The priest came back after the pooja and asked, “now tell me, what is the problem?”. He was briefed but without losing any important points as to what it is. The priest who was listening to all these got up suddenly and stood before Odhiyappa in meditation for a while. He came out then and said, “It has come to do the japa for 25 thousand Avarthi. The yagna needs four people.”

There were the priest, his brother and him, so they were looking for the fourth person while they remembered the chief and added him to be the fourth. He requested that those who are about to sit in the yagna should wear a protective shield (kaapu, a sacred thread tied on the wrist before undertaking any ritualistic work) and the priest was asked to tie the kaapu.

The priest said suddenly, “For the first time in this hill, there is going to be a chathru-samhara yagna (the sacrifice to eliminate enemies). Not sure what He thinks while conducting this” and turned towards Odhiyappa. There were a few flowers falling down from the head of Lord Muruga towards His right feet. He then said, “Ok, He gave His consent. Those who are sitting in the yagna take bath and come” and he went to take bath as well.

He took bath in the water from a small tank and when the cold water touched him, he felt that “something is going to happen today, let Muruga receive this yagna and fix everything, that is all the more enough”, he went and stood before the kunda.

It was 9 in the night. The priest went in and got Odhiyappa’s order, did the Avahana of His power in to the Kalasa, did Ganapathy Pooja, Kalasa Pooja and initiated the yagna fire in the sacrificial kunda. He sat opposite to Lord Muruga who faced east. They all were tied the kaapu.

The yagna began. In the night, every ring of the bell and the mantra enchanted the surrounding. The friend took pictures of the yagna which gave out different forms every time. The chill breeze made the back of those who were sitting for the yagna cold while the agni from the yagna kunda made their front heated up. He felt both to be the same and there was no difference. His body was as if a stone with nothing affecting him.

The yagna continued with the roaring fire from the yagna kunda when the nava-dhanya being added along with mantra-ucchhadana (recital of sacred mantras). To say the least, everyone were so involved in the yagna that they felt like the time has stopped. The yagna proceeded step by step where at its end, a silk garment, thampoola, fruits were given to Agni Deva as Ahuti and the yagna completed.

It was 1 in the night when the yagna completed. The priest got up from the yagna, did the Avahana of Lord Kumara and took Him inside the Sanctum Sanctorum. The kalasas were taken in with mantra ucchadana and the abhisheka began.

It was a lovely sight with different expressions coming out of Kumara’s face out of which the calm face accepting the abhisheka sinked deep in his mind. When he was witnessing the different types of abhisheka to the five feet, eight handed Lord, he felt some strange change. He felt he has come closer to something where he could not differentiate what. But he felt like someone has lifted off a very heavy load from his head.

The abhisheka got over and the screen was pulled in for alankara. There were about fifteen of them. He was tired, felt like he will just sleep off while he stood leaning in a pillar. When the screen was pulled over, the soundarya (beauty) of Muruga took away everyone. He was taken aback with his sleep gone in a split of second. Odhiyappa was smiling with his right hand kept in Abaya Hasta pose (protective form).

Odhiyappa after Alankara! Picture presented straight from Sitthan Arul blog! 

From now on, We have brushed off all your grief, why fear when I am here?” – he felt as if He said this. When all the pooja was over, the priest kept a bunch of garland in Muruga’s head and asked, “Does anyone seek His command?” He looked at the devotee who signalled him with his eyes whereupon he said, “I need to.”

“Ok. Come and prostrate before Him and sit with your kneels down” – said the priest. He went closer to the shrine and prostrated, preparing the questions in his mind.

“O Muruga! I do not want anything for me. Have you accepted today’s yagna, abhisheka and the pooja? There wasn’t any shortcomings, right? Due to some issues, the anna-dhana has stopped in Chathuragiri. It should resume, even if I am not going to be there. Those who gave false allegations should be removed, let no one be killed or anything. Please eradicate the enmity in
them. There should not be any trouble from the police. I need your grace. Please reply O Odhiyappa!” – he prayed right from the bottom of his heart.

The way Odhiyappa replies will be unique. Once we have said our query, if a flower falls down from His head towards His right, “all good will happen”. If it falls in the left, it means “no approval for the query”. If it falls in the middle, it means “the present condition is good enough and no change is required”. He came to know about this from the devotee.

Everyone waited for what Odhiyappa is going to say.

After a brief silence, when everyone was looking, a big garland which was adorned on Odhiyappa’s neck fell down from His right, on His right. Right from the priest, the devotee, everyone were surprised, nay, wonder-struck. The priest turned around and looked at him who was sitting and looked at Odhiyappa.

The devotee said, “Get up! An answer has been given to you. All will be good. All the problems are gone. That’s all!”

“Swamy, I thought I should begin to ask what’s the matter only now”

“Pardon me. You cannot ask for His command anymore. Please get up. You seem like you will take Muruga along with you. He? He also bestows all the boons you ask for?!”

“What mistake did I do where you are chasing me out like this?”

“O Sire! People here will cry and beg for a single flower to be falling on approval but He won’t move but for you, He has cut and given such a big garland itself. Go and mind what is to be taken care of” – the devotee said this and took him by his hand.

He was quiet and went straight to the yagna kunda where all that was offered as Ahuthi had the appearance of well accepted as all of them were well burnt. This is a good sign, he felt. He has accepted everything and there is nothing in my hand. He went to the shrine again and prostrated (sashtanga namaskara).

The priest had not come out of the wonder yet. He smiled and came near him asking “What have you done sir? How could you mesmerize My Appan (Lord Kumara) this much?”

“What do I know Swamy? It is all His deed” and said, “I have got the complete faith that everything will be alright hereafter.”

He realized only later that the Odhiyappa and the foremost of all Siddhas, The Agastya Muni had taken all his problems in to their control!

~ to be continued…!