The Grace of Siddha – 80 – The end result

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The Grace of Siddha takes a slight deviation from the main track where these series talk about Chathuragiri and some of the incidents happened around the place. 

The next day, they had darshan and got down and went to Poodhikaadu (the place where the Siddha Bhoga conducted yagna whereby the sand became whitish as that of holy bhasm). There was a stone installed on Poodhikaadu which resemebled the hill
exactly. It was installed by Bhoga Siddha Himself. They prayed silently there and the devotee picked up some soil beneath the stone and applied it on his forehead saying, “Be silent. Everything will be victorious”. As he said this suddenly, he realized that the chief of the anna-dhana group has said something to this
devotee and hence he has told me to remain silent. As it turned out, the chief had mentioned that he was the reason behind everything. The devotee asked the chief in turn, “Let them say whatever, do you believe it?”. The chief just went down without saying anything. The one whom he believed to be all, when he had
lost trust in him, he thought Odhiyappa is the only solace and he surrendered. He had a faith, that if Odhiyappa wills, He can, He only can save.

The Chathru Samhara Yagna conducted before Odhiyappa began to bear fruits. Within a week, those who were against disappeared. Every one of them lost their status of whatever they were doing in Chathuragiri. In addition, they fought among themselves and were separated. The chief of the opposite group that was conducting the anna-dhana well to a great extent, fell ill and was not able to walk. Till date, they are carrying him on their shoulders to supervise the anna-dhana. He too had helped financially to hinder the work of the group where he belonged. The advocate who guided the opposite group was withdrawn from the group’s cheif himself. He was the reason for every problem.

The accountant who collected everyone’s money to file a case without any truth in it and was running the case behind the screen met with an accident and broke his leg and a hand. He was not able to climb up the hill thereafter. Those who were opposing or hindering the anna-dhana activity met with different problems, even they had to face actions from the police.

The temple authorities had so many personal issues, diseases and testing phase where they went to check in Prasnam, and the result was very clear – it was the dosha of stopping the anna-dhana.

Just like the foremost Siddha said in Nadi, the police called him for inquiry. He went there for two days, explained everything that happened and proved to them beyond any doubt where the police decided that this is a falsified case. Even this happened through the Grace of Siddha Agastya.

Just as He said, he had to face some insults as well. Whom he believed had forsaken him. As they had lost their position and power, their wrath fell upon him and so they began to spread ill-will against him.

“He is the reason for everything” – the chief.
“He is a magician. He will go anywhere at will. He does japa sitting somewhere in the jungle. Do not trust him” – the devotee was told thus by the group members themselves.

“He is the reason for everything. No one should bring him up to the hill hereafter” – this was said by the priest when they they met with some officials, in front of the chief. The chief remained silent. The temple authorities said that it was due to their actions against him that they had to suffer a lot. They also said that they can join anyone to do anna-dhana but not him. The chief persuaded his friends also to forsake him with the expectation that he has to
remain alone, he realized later.

“He is like a drainage, will anyone be with him” – this was a comment from one of the persons who took food from his house whenever he visited. The chief surpassed all by ‘blessed’ his daughter that she would fail in that year and he will see how she gets a pass score. There was one friend who did not want to forsake no matter who says what and he was told, “do you know how many girls he has been in relationship with?”. He heard of this comment too. The chief also mentioned to him that someone has kept a witch-craft against him and he has to safeguard himself.

When he requested the Siddha’s Jeeva Nãdi, he was informed that Agastya Muni does not believe in such witch-craft and not to get scared for these things. He remained silent and bore all such insults and incidents. He seldom replied any.

Neither did he try to explain his side. He maintained silence as that of a penance and ninety days passed by. The anna-dhana resumed with the priest heading it this time, just as Siddha Agastya had mentioned, after three amavasya. While Odhiyappa eliminated the enemies, the Siddha Agastya graced the anna-dhana to be
resumed. But just as he promised to the Lord who dwells there (too), he did not go to the hill again.

Since he surrendered to the Siddha Agastya and followed just as He said, the benefits and rewards he received were countless. The grace of Odhiyappa was completely on him. As an expression of gratitude, he went to Odhimalai and thanked the priest and Odhiyappa from the bottom of his heart. Just before the abhisheka started, the priest asked him to take bath and wear cleansed garments as he had to help the abhisheka. He was shocked. Such a grace? For the first time, he got the permission to touch and do abhisheka to Odhiyappa! Before the abhisheka, as a customary, while applying oil he touched the left cheek of Odhiyappa where a powerful electric shock like pulse went inside his body via the
hand. It completely shook him. It was a rare experience. He was subsequently informed about many a secrets about Odhimalai or it reached him alone. He also received many a blessings and experiences when he visited to the places wherever there is Agastya’s temple.

It is very rare to understand the divine play of the Lord. The Siddhas keep even these hidden. That which is hidden has to be hidden. If one starts to find out what it is, one has to undergo such difficulties. All that happened with him is one such small example.

~ to be continued…!

2 thoughts on “The Grace of Siddha – 80 – The end result

  1. Senthil Kumar V says:

    Feel really blessed after reading through the posts. I felt the aroma of Vibudhi in my nostrils when I looked at picture of Lord Odhiyappan posted in this blog, I experienced this aroma for a short second all this happened while sitting in front of laptop and reading this post. I am waiting for the Lord Odhiyappan’s call to visit him at his Temple to have his dharshan.

    I feel so blessed today.

    Om Saravana Bhavya
    Om Agasthya Namah.

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