The Grace of Siddha – 82 – VIP, but who? Part 2

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Siddha Agastya! He is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

It was beyond any doubt that those who stood there at the entrance were of a very high position in the police department. The look they had in their eyes, the number of stars in their uniforms, everything bore testimony to that fact. One of them mentioned my name and asked, “Where is he?” and began asking questions.

I said that I am the one they are after. He asked “Are you the one who sent that telegram last night?”


“Who are you man?! Do you know to whom you sent the telegram? How dare you sent this telegram directly? Ok! The yagna which was kept as a top most secret, how did you come to know of it?! Who are all with you? How did you get in and got hold of all these information? What all you know?” – he was as if firing me with questions.

The impact of their questions and the way they looked at me, it was like I was a terrorist. They kept asking questions when I realized that we were still in the entrance and so I invited them in, “Please come in, let us sit and talk.”

They came in, looked around my house and saw the pictures of Gods and Goddesses everywhere. Not sure what they thought, their tone of questions changed a bit. I prayed to the foremost of all Siddhas Agastya, “O Sire! I did just as you said. As expected, the problem is sitting right here in my house. How to say what, please let me know”

“Who all live here?”

“Myself, my wife and my children”

“Where do you work?”

I answered them, summoned some courage and asked, “What do you want to know that you inquire so many things?”

“The yagna which was kept as a secret, how did you come to know of it? This we want to know. You are here and the place chosen to have the yagna conducted is the banks of river Ganga. Do you have someone from your side in that place? Tell us the truth” – he asked questions in an authoritative tone.

Their questions were valid. The information kept as a secret, how did it reach this farthest corner of India? The person who decided to have this conducted is someone who is really a big shot and has been stuck in a few controversies. Their doubt is whether there is any gap or hole in their security measures.

I began to tell about myself, though they might have known already.

“What came in Agastya’s Jeeva Nadi, I mentioned it as it is. In that,
whatever Agastya Muni has said has happened as it is so far. If there is any danger to the Bharatha Kanda (India), He is a Siddha who warns and guides to have that effect nullified by means of prayers, remedial measures (parikara), karmas such as Yagnas etc., What I have is a Jeeva Nadi. There won’t be any letters in it. For the questions asked OR as an order, the letters appear in it in gold colour”

“Oh is it? Where is it now?”

“Sire, it is in my pooja room”

“Have to see it”

“Sire, there is no admission for outsiders in the pooja room”

“Ok, so bring it over here”

“Very well. But you have to wait for more than an hour. I have to take bath, do my meditation and only if He permits me, I will be able to. If you don’t have any objection, I shall get it”

“How can we believe in what you say?” – one of them asked suddenly.

“You have to. I don’t get any ideas otherwise either. I am not going to run away anywhere. I have my duties, family. If what I had done is a mistake, I could have given an incorrect or falsified address in the sender’s name. But no! I had given my own address. Even when you had inquired about me in the post office, they must have told you all that I mentioned now. Moreover, when you have come here, I am very much here and have not absconded. What more clarity do you need?”

There was a brief silence. They began to trust that there is validity in what I said as well. Within that brief silence, Agastya Muni mentioned another important person’s name in my ears and said “Ask to inquire by mentioning his name” just so that I only could hear.

That important person is Agastya’s devotee. Whenever he comes here, he gets the Nadi reading and has made his life proper. The first VIP was very close to this one. So I said, “Ok, I don’t want to waste your time, please inquire about me to person XXX. He reads Nadi from Agastya through me. He knows very well about me. Please try.”

When I mentioned that person’s name, both of them expressed surprise in their faces. They looked at each other and, “This place (mentioning the person) seems to be a big one. Ok, we shall” and one of them went out and began speaking to someone using the communication device in their police vehicle.

“I have asked to inquire. If it turns out that what you said is untrue, we may have to take you to our place and do the inquiry in a ‘separate’ manner. Please remember.”

A fifteen minutes passed by. They began to inquire about Jeeva Nadi completely. I mentioned everything I knew. I also mentioned why Agastya Muni asked not to have this yagna conducted. They both became pale. After a fifteen minutes, one of them received a message. He read it:

“Do not trouble this gentleman and go your way. I will speak to the VIP myself” – it said.

They gave a strange look at me.

“If we had troubled you, we’re sorry. We were only doing our duty. We apologize to you as well as to Agastya Muni” – they said!

“Sires, one more thing.”

“Please” – they said softly.

“Let this matter not get anywhere out. This will create multitudes of
problem is what Agastya Muni’s divining. Please keep it with yourself.”

“We have to use this information with regards to our duty. But apart from this, this information won’t leak out. Farewell.”

After fifteen days, that second VIP came to meet me. I welcomed with enthusiasm and expressed my thankfulness.

“If you had not helped me that day, I don’t know as to what state I would have been that day. Agastya Muni mentioned your name and asked them to inquire. They might have troubled you in that wee hours thereby.”

Though he accepted my thanks, his face did not show any happiness. He inquired about what happened completely. I mentioned everything. He listened to it patiently and after a brief silence said: “Hereafter only the foremost of Siddhas Agastya only can save us!”

“He has been guiding us all along. What is the doubt?”

“Nothing, the yagna as scheduled has been conducted” – he threw a bomb shell!

~ to be continued…!

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