The Grace of Siddha – 83 – VIP, but who? Part 3

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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

 It took a few minutes for me to be normal after he gave me the shocking news that the yagna was conducted on time. Though I had done what was ordered to me, the desired results is not obtained which made me feel sad. I requested them to explain what happened that day in detail.

As soon as he got the information via the police source and when my name was mentioned, he realized that I was in trouble and he ordered that I may be relieved. He had then found out what happened by inquiry, set off right that morning to meet that VIP. As he did not have great faith in the Jeeva Nãdi, he had given the telegram to his security officials and asked the yagna to be conducted further.

When this person mentioned that “In spite of keeping the yagna matter so secretly, it had come in a Nãdi, then why didn’t you realize that the Nadi is true indeed? Why did you let the yagna proceed further?”

“There are so many who say such things, the past, future etc. I don’t believe in all. What I had faith in, I did just that. Those who conducted the yagna said that which I had my consent and since I considered my family’s safety to be of top priority, I ordered it to be continued. If you believe in it, do so, but I don’t. Do not talk to me further about this” – said the VIP.

This person who believes that whatever Agastya Muni says does come true, did not know what to speak further. He had returned quietly worrying as to what would happen to this Country and had come to see me.

“Can you please ask Agastya Nãdi an answer to what worries me?” – he asked.

“I sure can. But whatever comes, you must accept it. Can’t compell Agastya Muni”

I prayed to the Head of all Siddhas Agastya and opened the Nãdi.

“We Siddhas wish those humans who are about to commit a sin to realize it, and therefore warn them in advance, but in spite of this, sometimes, the fate will show its strength. The Almighty who has given the thinking faculty to human, also has given the feeling of arrogance and makes this faculty go weaker. What has happened here is just that. Wait and watch what is going to happen” and mentioned a particular mantra and asked us to chant this for one mandala (normally comes to 48 days, it may differ from places to places as per belief and tradition). I shall take care of you both that nothing affects you” – He concluded.

The VIP who knows me well realized that nothing more is going to come out and he bid farewell therefore. Fifteen days passed by…

On an afternoon, the shocking news came out via the radio. For whom it was mentioned that his lifespan had a threat, died that morning in a terrible accident where all parts of his body from his neck got smashed. Along with him passed away so many innocent people. A lot more died due to the violence that broke out due to this incident thereafter.

On this loss, the VIP known to me broke down. I realized that the effect of Atharvana Veda could work out in such tremendous speed. After a few years, at the same time that VVIP had passed away, the VIP I had known got killed also. For two days, there were countless violence took place across the country debarring caste, creed and religion. Every movement stopped. A particular community people were killed in lakhs or they lost everything. It took many a days for normalcy to return.

As per Agastya Muni’s order, I took as many as I could and went to Lord Shiva’s temple to lit ‘Moksha Deepa’. I felt ‘enough is enough’ when I completed it. I came home and opened the Nãdi with a question, “Everything got over right?” and the answer was, “Wait and watch”. I closed the Nãdi and sat down feeling terribly tired. The friends asked what’s the matter for which I said I am just so tired.

After a year, the only remaining person of that family got killed as well. There was none left in that family as per the fate’s will. Even with this murder, there were many lives lost due to the violence that out broke, whose effect remained months after.

The Siddhas tell us not to do something with a purpose, a reason. We know how to question, but only counter-questions but not the right questions. They know our future very well. Only if we understand that and listen to what They say, we can reach salvation.

The words of Siddha can never go wrong, is the ultimate truth!

~ to be continued…!

2 thoughts on “The Grace of Siddha – 83 – VIP, but who? Part 3

  1. Ramesh says:

    Only recently I came across this blog. It was so interesting and informative I completed it in a few days. Eagerly awaiting for the next post. What you are doing is a great service. Keep it up!

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