The Grace of Siddha – 84 – Life is dear, even to the killer!

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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

To go to Thirupathi via train and have the darshan of Lord Balaji and reach Chennai via aircraft, was the plan myself and three of my friends
had. My friends made arrangements for this enthusiastically.

But for some reasons, the mind was restless. Some embarrassment is going to happen and we are going to get stuck, my intuition kept telling methis. I even tried to send my friends alone in the aircraft and I wanted to come back by bus or train. But since all of them were at their maiden air journey, none of them paid attention to my query. Once we had the darshan and boarded the flight, that terrible thing happened.

I prayed to Lord Balaji earnestly and boarded the flight, checked around. There were my friends and few whom I knew and no body else. But I did have some fear. In those days, terrorism wasn’t that active 🙂 and there wasn’t any history of people hijacking the plane. So it wasn’t my concern. But when the flight took off from the runway, there was a fear which I felt right in my belly. The maiden flight journey wasn’t as pleasant as thought of, which is still a concern for me.

Someone said that the flight is flying some 300 feet above the ground and will reach Chennai in a few minutes. My friends were very excited thatthey started pulling my legs. Few minutes went by. The aircraft started descending like a huge bird on reaching Chennai and when it was about to touch the runway, it took off all of a sudden towards the sky!

I was scared initially, but when I saw the flight almost landed, the fear reduced a bit but when it took off again, the fear increased manifold. I
looked at the earth, terrified. The air-hostess came, looked calm and composed and mentioned this in her fluent English.

“There is a small technical glitch in the aircraft. Due to this, one of the wheels of the aircraft did not function while landing. The flight will
circle around in the sky for sometime whereby the glitch will be fixed. There is no need to be worried of.” and gave an artificial smile at
everyone, disappeared into the cabin.

Now not just me, everyone were worried and was visible in their face. After a while, she appeared again and said, “Please be patient. The fault
has not been rectified yet. To ensure the safety of the passengers, the petrol in this flight will be dropped off in the ocean and with sufficient
left, the plane will go back to Meenambakkam (the place where Chennai airport is located). The passengers will then be able to land safely. Do
not panic” – she said that without any bit of worry in her face and disappeared again.

A middle aged man seated two seats aside opened his mouth.

“I travel frequently via air. Even if there is a fault with one of the engines, the flight can be landed safely with the other one. But since this is a fault in the wheels, it cannot run safely in the runway. It may slide to one side if it lands now.”

My friends were panic striken on hearing this.

He further said, “If the pilot is not careful enough when it is running like that, the flight will topple down and will catch fire”. We all thought Lord Yama is standing right next to us. They all realized that my intuition was right indeed. They were scared, to the core. They asked me to request Agastya Muni if we will be saved.

The flight began to set course for landing in Meenambakkam and everyone prayed for its safe landing. The air-hostess who said that the plane will land properly this time was shocked for a split second to realize that the flight took off again! But what surprised me even more is that she seldom expressed her reaction to anyone.

The flight began to circle in the sky again.

“Down there, are fire fighters, ambulance, police and airport staff ready. No need to panic. The fault will be fixed soon and so please do not get
tensed and get up from your seat. Please fasten your seat belts” – said a male staff and he himself was helping the passengers fasten their belts.

The staff came near me right at that time. I took the Jeeva Nadi from the hand bag, prayed to it and started reading. Agastya Muni appeared in a light form within my eyes. The staff asked, “What is this?”

“Agastya’s Jeeva Nadi”

“Why are you looking at this now? You may see this later on. Please keep this inside and fasten your seat belt properly.”

“I beg your pardon. But this plane will not land immediately. It will circle for another four times before it lands. Why should I hurry in
fastening my seat belt then?” – I asked.

“On what basis are you saying this?”

“Agastya Muni told me. Based on what He said, I am mentioning to you.”

“Please do not say anything and create panic among the passengers. I am not going to believe in whatever you say” – he said it harshly.

Within this, my friends started explaining about the Jeeva Nadi and tried to comfort the staff but he seldom believed it. Above all, he ordered that I am not supposed to read the Nadi while in the plane. My friends got agitated on hearing this. They were already scared of death and got
agitated so much where I decided not to let this aggrevate and so I prayed to Agastya Muni earnestly. What He mentioned in the Nadi shook me so well and so I did not said it out completely and I kept the Jeeva Nadi inside at once and fastened the seat belt tight. Life is dear to me as well! The plan began to descend and as expected, it took off again.

They had promised that the wheels are working ok now and the plane will land properly, but it did not. This happened for thrice and as the petrol was getting over sooner, there was a compulsion to land it anyway. When the plane was circling for the fourth time, the staff who asked me not to read the Nadi came to me slowly.

“As you said, we are circling the fourth time. The pilot has decided that we have to land anyway. We will land safely right?” – he asked humbly.

“O for sure! See now, in exactly two minutes, the fault will go off by itself and both the wheels will descend properly. We all will land
safely.” – I said.

“On what basis are you saying this?” – he asked surprisingly.

“Let the plane land first. I shall tell later” – I said. Just as the plane landed safely in the next couple of minutes. In the airport, there
gathered a small crowd around me. No one asked as to why this trouble happened and what was the reason. They were asking as to how I said that the plane will land after four times and how the wheels got rectified. I began to explain.

“In this plane, there were four murderers who traveled.”

“Is it?!!”

“In addition to have killed, they also had looted the jewels of a temple.”


“That too, they did it this morning and had taken it in the plane.”

“What is the relation between that and the plane malfunctioning?”

“There is a reason. The temple is a very sacred one. Those who were working with all their hearts and souls in that temple were killed by
these muderers mercilessly.”

“So out of the fear of police they boarded this flight?”

“That’s a reason too. More so, they had prayed to Lord Balaji of Thirupathi that if they had looted this temple successfully, they would
perform the Kalyana Urchava (a form of service in Tirumala where the marriage ceremony of the Lord and Goddess Padmavathi is conducted) for the Lord. They looted, murdered and around 11 AM, they performed the Kalyana Urchava at Thirupathi and had boarded the flight.”

“Who were they?”

“Two were in the front seat and two were in the back side, smearing the holy ash in their forehead along with sandalwood paste, wearing the dhothi and shirt, appearing all the more innocent, they were the ones.” – the moment I said, a few went in search for them but we realized that as soon as their goods arrived in the conveyor, they took it and had disappeared.

I continued.

“To those who had committed such a hideous sin, to scare them and to show them what it is to have the fear for life, the Almighty and Agastya Muni had shown this incident.”

One of them asked, “Now they’ve escaped! We should have caught them red handed and given them to police custody. Why didn’t Agastya Muni do so?” – he was angry. He felt whatever I said is untrue.

~ to be continued…!

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