The Grace of Siddha – 86 – Life is dear, even to the killer – Part 3

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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

That thing happened is a subtle one from the surface, but it was miraculous for me since it happened within me. When the sub inspector
ridiculed me, I first thought that there cannot be an insult than this but when I thought over, I realized that of late, I have been committing a
number of mistakes. How is it fair then to be mad at the police person?

Earlier when I used to read Nadi, there was a respectful fear. I followed certain rules strictly. In the recent times, I was not following them.
Opening the Nadi at once for anyone who asks for the reading, the subtle arrogance that Agastya Muni is with me was there. In some worst cases, when someone appreciates me, to think of myself as Agastya Muni Himself, for some important people, giving respect to their position, money and influence, taking the Jeeva Nadi to their place with the only intention of getting their attention and faith, without caring much about the sanctity of those places, the sanity of those people’s minds etc., all these deserves such a punishment, I thought.

“Arrgh! We should never commit such a mistake like we did in the airport. We should read the Nadi just like before, with respectful fear and
devotion.” – I took a resolution within. But what’s the use? Only when the Nadi is not in the hands, such determination as that of prasava-vairagya (there is a saying that there are two types of volatile determination aka vairagya namely prasava vairagya, a resolve during labour pain and smashana vairagya, determination to turn towards spirituality or to shun the material world when someone near and dear has passed away) occurs. When something is in our hands, such wisdom never occurs. It happens only when it is lost or gone. We then recall all philosophy.

I lost the faith that the Nadi will come back to me. There won’t be another person happier than my Father if he will hear of this. For my
Mother, she may feel that her son will be a ‘good boy’ now. He will be at home and won’t roam around. He will take the responsibility of the family. There won’t be people coming to the house to ‘disturb’ them by narrating one problem or the other. She may feel relieved that the burden of providing them coffee every time is taken off her shoulders. I somehow was thinking all these irrelevant things, as to who all will speak what and was getting royally embarrassed.

When all four of us got out of the police station after receiving the ‘kudos’ quietly, a 12 year old boy came in front of us. One of his legs
appeared to be affected by polio or so as is hung lose from the thigh. He came swiftly with the help of a bamboo stick. He wore a half pant and it was tied with a black rope (called as araignan kayiru in Tamil) which had a small pulp like thing, tied closely. No sandals, no shirt on top. He was dark with a dry hair as if they did not meet a barber for quite some time. Neither did they meet hair oil for months.

He was gasping and sweating. Apart from all this was a shining in his eyes. Though he stood aside on seeing us, it was as if he wanted to say
something to us. I gave a closer look at him and he did not appear like an ordinary boy. As he stood hesitant, I asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Sir, there is an accident in the Pallavaram road sir. A car dashed against a tree but….there isn’t anybody inside sir!” – he said.

“Accidents happen in that road almost daily. Those who drive rash and careless towards Meenambakkam airport via Tambaram do encounter such things and there isn’t any surprise. Why is he reacting too much?” – we thought.

“Ok, the traffic cops will take care of that, why are you worrying?” – I asked.

“No sir! Inside that car, there was a palm-leaf kind of something. I looked via the glass in the car’s window. I could not understand anything.
See there sir, its right on the way where you are going” – he said quietly.

While I was listening to all these with negligence, I shouted without realizing myself “What? Palm leaves?!!”

“Yes sir. Long ones, like palm leaves sir” – he stressed. We left the boy there itself and ran towards the car. “O Bhagavan! Please forgive my
mistakes. Please give back the palm leaves to me” – I prayed and ran towards the place the boy mentioned, only to realize that there weren’t
any car or anything that dashed on a tree. Our inquiry confirmed that nothing of that sort happened either.

I felt such a rage that I wanted to slap that boy. I crushed my teeth. In fact, the insult due to this boy appeared more than that of the police
station’s. Testing time has begun. Palm leaves and all that! I must leave all these and focus on getting back to life, I thought and was consoling myself and just then I saw the Agastya Jeeva Nadi, the One which disappeared, the One that I read for all along, lying on the grass.

I ran and picked It up. I even prostrated to It completely without caring much that it was a road. My friends were amazed that all these appear as it happens in movies.

My friend said, “After starting the car, they must have seen the Nadi. Thinking why should they need It, they must have thrown out.”

“No no! They must have got scared that the Nadi itself will get them caught, and so they must have thrown It.” – said another.

“Whatever it is, I have got the Nadi which I lost. It is all the more enough for me” – I said happily.

“Ok, but who was that boy? Why did he say about car, accident, palm leaves etc?” – all of them asked in an unanimous voice.

“Even I do not know. Let us pray to Agastya Muni and ask Himself” – I said.

“That is not possible now right? You mentioned yourself that it is not possible to read the Nadi for next six months!” – another friend reminded

I became silent.

“Ok, what do you intend to do?”

“I have to accept the punishment that Agastya Muni gave. I won’t read Nadi either.”


“If Agastya Muni shows me mercy, I will read. If He asks me to hand over this Nadi to someone, I shall do so” – I said quietly.


“Just like how I received this, Agastya Muni will tell me to hand this over to someone. I will give.” – before I completed this, the same boy was
coming towards us.

“Sir, did you see that car?”

“No, there hasn’t been any such accident as you mentioned they say.”

“No sir! I saw it with my own two eyes. I wonder how it disappeared within now!”

“Ok, you were mentioning about palm leaves, is this the same one?” – I showed him the Nadi.

“Yes sir! It was lying in the back seat of the car. How did you get this?”

“It was lying on this grass.” – I pointed.

“Sir, the car stood right next to this tree” – he said again.

“Ok leave it. Who can take away that car so soon? It may not be an accident. Someone must have halted here and would have proceeded.”

“Then how dit the palm leaves came here?”

“That’s something to think about. They would have stopped the car near the tree. This boy must have misunderstood. Whatever it is, I have got back the Nadi” – I said.

“No. Looks like there is something hidden and subtle here. Let’s see that later however. Now let us all reach our respective places safely” – when my friend said this, we started discussing about the strange flight journey and started. The boy was coming along with us and I wanted to give him something. I gave him some money which he refused to accept. My friend thought that he feels the money is inadequate and so he added some more and said, “Here take this at least for a coffee”.

“No sir” – he hesitated again.

“What else do you want then?” – I asked.

“Won’t you mistake me?” – he blinked royally.

“No we won’t. What do you want?” – we asked.

“I want to get educated. No one but accepts me in the school. So I want to read by myself. If you give this Palm Leaf to me, I will show this to four other people and read for them. Will you give this to me?” – he asked!

None of us expected this. We could understand his desire to get educated and his situation, but we were helpless. In spite of that, since he had helped me to get the Nadi back, we explained what this Nadi all about in a manner that he would understand, and promised him that we will return in two days’ time to make arrangement for his studies.

He then asked.

“Sir, can you then see this Palm Leaf and let me know if I will good in life, will I attend school like others?”

I was taken by surprise. I got a flash that such an intelligent boy, may not have taken birth in a poor family, somehow. I also was worried as to
how I will help him now since Agastya Muni had mentioned that He won’t appear in the Nadi for the next six months.

Be it for good or bad, let us try once for this boy, I felt and I prayed to Agastya Muni earnestly, “By accepting this boy’s prayer, please come in the Nadi. I shall then wait for six months, just as your ordered.”

The boy was lucky. Agastya Muni, the one with immense mercy appeared in the Nadi! And what He said about the boy took us all to a deep surprise.

“A huge businessman did not have any offspring from his first wife. So he re-married with his first wife’s permission. The boy here is born out of the second wife. What if all the multi crore property from the company goes off to this physically challenged boy, the first wife arranged for this boy to be thrown in to the cooum river. The child was also abducted in the midnight and was taken to the river.”

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