The Grace of Siddha – 87 – Life is dear, even to the killer – Part 4

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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

Before we continue with the story of this boy, I would like to share one thing. The head of all the Siddhas will fight for us with the Almighty. But the common man should have the blessings to receive it. If we realize this, the power of Agastya Muni will be known!

When He narrated that boy’s past without getting angry at me, I felt this boy will become a big Gnani in the future. It is the light I saw in his
eyes. It is the small experience I got out of reading Nadi for 25 years, that I got that thought to ask the Maha Muni if I could read the Nadi for
that boy.

Due to the mistake I did, I firmly believed that Agastya Muni will not appear in the Nadi for the next six months. But when I prayed to Him
earnestly for that poor boy, He forgave my mis-deeds and appeared to narrate the past and future of this boy. So I started believing that He is
going to continue appearing in the Nadi.

But the fact is, once He narrated about the boy, He never let me read the Nadi for the next six months. I could not understand.

Now…let us see the story of the poor boy.

The millionaire’s first wife agreed for his second marriage only in goodwill at first. Even if the child has born, it was physically
challenged and she listened to the ill-advise from others that the enormous property should not get to this handicapped child and decided to
get rid of the child. Without her husband and the mother’s knowledge, she made arrangements to throw away the child in the cooum river.

The cooum river in Chennai, even if it does not have any water, it will be muddy. Even a gold medalist swimmer will find it difficult if they fall
down in that river by mistake. In such a river, the child was thrown in, after it was wrapped in a woolen blanket.

Whether it was the will of the Almighty that the child should survive or is it the good merits of the kid’s mother, a daily-wages worker saw the
child. As it was fed some sedative, it was half awake and was shaking his hands and legs but was seldom aware that it is going to get drowned in that mud in ten minutes.

But due to the mercy of God, the daily wages worker somehow saved the child. But when he saw that the child did not have any ornaments or
anything, he being very poor and was spending his days by consuming alcohol etc., he felt why at all he saved it in the first place!

His crooked mind started working where he decided to throw away that child which will not be useful for him in any way. Right at that time, his
‘companion in drink’ came.

“So what you do want to do?”

“Man its a trouble. I don’t know what to do with this child. There isn’t any ornament or anything and on top, it’s handicapped. That’s why they
threw it in garbage.”

“See, just tie this in a cloth, put it in some corner. Let us go have some drink and later we can think about it.” – he pulled.

This guy kept silent.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you? I have been talking and you are keeping numb?”

“Nothing, am just thinking what if we sell this kid to someone.”

“Eh! Now a days, they aren’t even buying kids which are hale and healthy. Who will buy this handicap? Come on man, let it remain in a corner.”

They went for drink and when he came back, the child was not there. A vegetable merchant on his way in an auto saw the child in the corner of the road and had taken it away, which this worker does not know till date.” – narrated the Maha Muni about the boy’s past and said, “His life is going to be an example, more of a grammar to others. He will get all the luxuries. He will do anna-dhana for many, will live abroad for some time too. He will also get a number of positions and responsibilities. At last, he will renounce everything and live as a Siddha, will live as a spiritual person of high order. He served me in his previous birth” – Agastya Muni concluded.

If I had said it out, others would have branded me either a lunatic or as a fool. For the first time, I kept myself quiet and did not say anything.
But I cannot remain quiet as well, so I just outlined a little.

No one believed it.

Here, two things has to be mentioned which will make me feel fulfilled.

The mother was shocked and her husband started searching for the kid everywhere using his influence. Police, media, everyone searched. His men searched day and night. His first wife got scared too and she went to do some parikara to Thiruthani Murugan Temple. Her conscience started pricking her. The Lord Subramanya Swamy wanted to punish her as well a little. When she climbed up the steps, she slipped and fell down and broke her bone.

She was bed-ridden for six months. But she never mentioned her deeds to her husband. This became a mental pressure and she became insane. She started lamenting at times saying, “I only have killed that child.”

People had different things to say. She had great love for the kid which turned her insane, otherwise, the lady who got her husband remarry, will she ever do such an act etc., but she remained insane.

Just as He said, Agastya Muni never appeared for six months. Earlier He called me, “My son” and now its not there. Many people left me thinking what’s the use in talking to him now as Agastya Muni is not appearing in the Nadi.

Some went further ahead and asked me directly, “The Nadi is idle only right, why not give it to me?” thinking that the Maha Muni might appear
for them. The astrologers who read Kanda Nadi approached me directly and indirectly and asked me to hand over the Nadi to them at least once. Some offered monetary benefits as well.

Something happened at my house which surpassed everything.

My Father seldom liked me reading the Nadi. He was very frustrated that I am roaming with some ‘palm leaves’ street after street rather than doing something useful for the family, by earning money.

My Mother had part faith and part fear. Already there are a number of trouble we are going through. Not sure if her son did the right thing or
wrong. But if said something and what if it becomes a sin?

But my Father became so happy once he knew the fact. He called my Mother and said, “Let us have a feast today with Vada, Payasam etc., let it cost anything. Today we all can sit and enjoy it.”

My Mother did just as said.

They just felt relieved that I will not roam with the Nadi and say that I had the darshan of Sri Raghavendra or that of Shri Hanuman etc., When my Mother asked that I read the Nadi for whoever, why not read it for my family, my Father rebuked, “Let him not read it at all. All will be well
with our family. He will be alright too.”

But it is altogether a different story that he himself sat like a ‘disciple’ and heard the Nadi reading :).

During this six months gap, Agastya Muni ordered once, “One day, keep this Nadi in Lord Balaji’s feet and bring back”. Didn’t say anything else. I knew how great a task that is. I tried and got a response that it is next to impossible and that it might happen if I go with a very high level of recommendation.

One of my friends said that if we get a letter from a member of Parliament, then it might be possible. I then approached such a person who
agreed to give me the letter but said that the rest is all my responsibility.

When I received the letter and went to Tirumala, the poor boy’s life changed in Chennai. I also got the news of the murderers getting caught as
well. At the same time, when I was standing on the outer prakara of Tirumala Temple, someone (!) grabbed the Nadi from me and ran away. I was shocked!

~ to be continued…!

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