The GOS – 89 – The Nadi reappeared, and how!

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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

“If the Peshkar begins to talk, it would take a long time. Within that, we could finish our food” said the incharge of Ahobila Mutt. I was in a state of mind that the Nadi should be ‘given’ back to me, that’s all. I was not in a mood to have food. If it is ordained that the Nadi has to get lost from me in this way, it is fine, but the Maha Muni had ordered “Keep this Nadi in Lord Venkatava’s Feet”, I felt like an ant got stuck in a stick with both sides set on fire.

I awaited till the incharge finished his food.

I prayed to the Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy earnestly and joined the incharge to meet the Peshkar. We do not know why he called upon, but my intuition said that it is for the ‘Nadi’ only.

“Whoa! I was searching for this person only. How come?” – the Peshkar said this to the incharge, pointing me and I felt very pleased. I said humbly, “I am staying in Ahobila Mutt”.

The incharge asked the reason for why he has been called upon, then I came to know that they were long time friends.

“Here, take a look at this palm leaves.” – he pulled the drawer and took out a bunch of palm leaves and showed it to us. I realized that it indeed was the Nadi. I felt as if my very life has returned back to me.

“How did this reach your hands?”

“Tell me about it! A person jumping and dancing here and there had brought this inside the temple. The staff had chased him as he appeared crazy. He was not to be seen suddenly! Right at that time, the Bhattacharya had come to do the pushpa alankara (decoration done with flowers) with the basket full of garland. He kept the basket in the garbha-gruha (sanctum sanctorum) and was taking every garland out and saw this palm leaves in the basket. He thought this is something and had kept it in the Holy Feet of Lord Balaji and has given it to me a while ago.” – said the Peshkar!

I said, “This was kept at Lord Balaji’s feet, that is very well”, enthusiastically. I was thinking if the Nadi can be at the feet of the Lord for one minute and it is a surprise that Agastya Muni, in his form of Jeeva Nadi has been at the Feet of Balaji for one and a half hour, right? I never even dreamt of such a thing. This is divinely ordained. It is the Grace of Siddha. It is the Grace of the Almighty. This is a gift for my prayers, I should think.

As the Peshkar went on explaining, I offered many a thanks to the almighty. The way the Nadi went inside the garbha gruha and stayed there, and how the Bhattacharya felt that it should be kept in the Lord’s feet, when I thought of it, I was very happy and got the hope back that the Maha Muni won’t leave me.

He tests a lot. But if one surrenders completely, He orchestrates many a miracle. I longed that such a mercy should be shown to everyone who seeks Him. It is true that 80 out of 100 has got the results in a great manner. But my wish is the remaining 20 should be benefitted as well. But it is not Agastya Muni who filters them out. I have asked this to Him many a times. The reasons He outlined are:

– they did not come here with complete faith in Me
– they do not have patience
– they expect that right after planting the seed, they want not only the tree to be grown up, but the fruit from the tree should be in their hands
– they somewhat believe that it is a true Nadi only if it tells their name, their parent’s name and their previous birth’s details without being asked for, othrewise this is not a true Nadi!
– they think that my beloved son yourself, are cheating people in the name of Agastya. How can I guide such people? Only because of these, their wish and requests get prolonged. This is the reason, the subtle one.

He said all this one day, as if a dam has broken down!

Having said all these, I received the Nadi which touched the Holy Feet of Balaji and touched it in both my eyes (a form of worship or paying respect). I thanked the in charge of Ahobila Mutt and the Peshkar many a times.

“I want to read the Nadi for myself. Is this possible now?” – asked the Peshkar.

“Right in front of the Dwajasthamba of Tirumala temple, if I have the blessing of reading the Nadi, if the Maha Muni permits me to do so, I shall read, not only for you, but for anyone.” – I said.

“Should you get His order for all these?” – asked the Peshkar.

“Yes, indeed.” – I said and explained what happened in the past where I was not able to read the Nadi for six months.

“In that case, I shall receive the reading when I will have the blessings” – said the Peshkar humbly. I prayed to Lord Balaji earnestly and awaited Agastya Muni’s order.

As you are feeling very happy that the Nadi was placed in Lord Vishnu’s holy feet. I shall tell you how It reached There, listen. It is never that one is allowed to keep anything at His feet, Agastya knows it. I wanted to orchestrate a play and so I ordered you to do so. I have many a disciples. You must have heard of the Siddha Bhoga, he is from Mangolia. I requested Bhoga to install the idol of Lord Subramanya in Palani hills in the form of Nava Bhashana. His darshan should be available for not only Me, but for everyone, I thus requested Bhoga on the Palani Hills.

Bhoga accepted my request. He then made the Nava Bhashana idol after 9 years of hard work. We felt very pleased on seeing that. That Bhoga wanted to have a darshan at Tirumala. When He was here, He saw you with my Jeeva Nadi. Not sure what He thought, he disguised himself as a crazy man and grabbed hold of the Nadi from you and had put that in the basket of garlands. He then prayed to Balaji. We should thank Bhoga Siddha. He only has helped this Jeeva Nadi to be there at Balaji’s feet for thus long. He just left Tirumala after having His darshan” – said the Maha Muni and disappeared.

Thereafter He did not appear despite my many attempts.

The incharge of Ahobhila Mutt and Peshkar were awe-struck. Though everyone knows that the Siddhas come to Tirumala in different forms but to know that Bhoga Siddha came to keep the Nadi at the Lord’s feet and has had the Kalyana Vaibhava of the Lord and gone back, once I knew these, I wasn’t myself.

I prayed earnestly to Agastya that the Jeeva Nadi should guide everyone on earth towards good. For this, let my Father feel how much ever bad about me, let others speak ill of me, I should grab hold of the holy feet of Agastya Muni tightly, I felt.

The incharge of Ahobila Mutt however had a doubt, if it was really the Bhoga Siddha who came here, because he is a staunch Vaishnava. He seldom believes anyone other than Lord Vishnu in the form of Lakshmi Narasimha and Lord Balaji. So he did not believe a bit about what Agastya Muni said and on Bhoga Siddha. He thought that I am cooking up some story, which I realized only later.

But what happened that night in Ahobila Mutt at 12 in the night, if I think of it even now, I get goose-pimps!

~ to be continued…!

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