The GOS – 92 – Poison turns medicine

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Siddha AgastyaHe is ever active, ever merciful and pours love to those who take refuge at Him. GnanaBoomi is humbled to present the Sitthan Arul series in English for its readers. See for yourself if any of these incidents relates to you, if it has any message to you or, if it gives a whole new perception about anything for which you may be looking for an answer. It is indeed true, if you believe in the Siddha Agastya, He is there for you!

The art of using the words properly is not something I knew, even now. Otherwise, I would’nt have made a lose-talk and got stuck myself. This man does not know the reality. I should have simply told that I could read the Nadi only when Agastya Muni would grace me with His approval. I was hesitant whether he would accept it.

He cannot wait either due to the ailment he had. While I was thinking as to how to manage this person, the pleasant air from the mountain and the comfortable car ride in the curvy passage did not capture my attention. I was not expecting at all that he will post such a query.

He smiled at me, “Is there a problem? Why aren’t you answering?”

I thought, we have bloughed and got stuck. Let me ask Agastya Muni, whether this person is lucky or not, I should be. If I am, let us just escape out of this after thanking the Maha Muni earnestly, right back to Chennai. Within which, he further said..

“I first thought that I should drop you at Keezh-Thirupathi (at the basement of the hill). You said you are going to Chennai. I have to go to Coimbatore. It’s alright. I shall drop you in this car till Chennai and then will proceed to Coimbatore. We can talk to Agastya Muni along the way know!”

Oh! This is the next testing phase, I even thought why at all I came to Thirupathi. I cannot open the Nadi to answer his queries. I cannot tell lies either. I cannot interpret from that this person says and repeat the same thing differently.

“O God! Please do not test me like this. I cannot manage. Let the Lord speak OR just as the Nadi got lost from me at Tirumala Hills, let it get lost from me again” – I was frustrated. The basement of the hill had come by then.

“Sir, give me your address in Coimbatore. I shall keep the Nadi in pooja for two days and once He approves, I shall come directly to your house and read it.”

He frowned, “Why?”

“There are some reasons.”

“Then let’s do one thing. Come along to Coimbatore. I am a mill owner and have a bungalow and a house at Mettuppalayam. Stay with me for a couple of days. I shall make all the arrangements.”

I felt like someone is making fun of me, as though saying, “Eh! Hereafter if you even utter the word Nadi, see then! Just tell him the truth and run for life.”

“O Agastya Muni! Please, please appear in Nadi just once this time. I will never open my mouth about Nadi to anyone hereafter, I promise.” – I cried within.

He asked the car to be stopped before Bhima Vilas hotel, then asked, “Do you have any other problems? Should you take off from work? Or should you inform your family? Just say it. I shall make the arrangements.”

“Yes, I must inform my office and my family.”

“Give me the number” – he noted the office number.

“I only have the address of my house as there is no phone at home.”

“That’s fine, give me the address. I shall inform my friend to update your family. The chariman of your office is well known to me. I will call him as well. Don’t worry. So we can proceed to Coimbatore right?” – now he caught me in all angles and so I kept quiet thinking ‘come what may’.

For two days, I chanted the Moola Mantra without a gap and opened the Nadi.

As she hasn’t attained puberty yet, that daughter went out of the house to commit suicide, crossed the garden and the small stream right up to the small peak, has consumed the leaves of a poisonous plant one by one and is lying unconscious. Not to fear for her life. If showed to the doctor, who will give a surprising update. Hasten, at once!” – said the Maha Muni.

You could imagine how I felt, this is indeed a boon, a blessing. I rushed out of the pooja room to meet the mill owner. But I came to know that he had gone to attend a wedding to Thirupur and will return only in the evening. I must not say what I got from the Nadi to anyone other than the mill owner. I thought for a while.

“Is the owner’s daughter there?”

“Oh yes, she is.”

“Check once again and let me know.”

“She does not go anywhere. She remains in the house.”

“Is she now? Please check and let me know.”

“Sir, is there anything important to convey? As she gets up only around 9 in the morning, we shall convey then.”

“Check at once if she is there at home. I shall let you know then.” – I urged the cook.

She gave a look of retaliation and went inside and came out rushing.

“What Amma?”

“She is not in! There was a letter in the table. I don’t know what is written in it…” – she lamented and I caught hold of the letter. It was written in English, “Do not search for me. I am going to commit suicide.” – crisply to the point and she had signed it in a hurry.

I was shocked but rushed them to update the mill-owner and to bring him at once. I then called upon four of the faithful servants and updated them, only half of the matter. They ran out in all four directions. They went to
search for her in the small peak where she found her unconscious, struggling for life. They brought her back and within five minutes, the family doctor came rushing. He checked her thoroughly and suggested her to be admitted in the nearby hospital. As he had said nothing to worry, we were relieved.

The mill owner and his wife came rushing while praying to some thousand Kula-Devatha mentally.

“There is nothing to fear. Only a pleasant update will be given.” – I wrote what I saw in Nadi while in the car. They got back a little hope. The doctor himself came out to welcome us, with a bright smile in his face.

I gave a sigh of relief. They could do anything otherwise, even blame me for everything. I was just praying to Lord Agastya and knew nothing else. The mill owner went inside and came out running, shook my hands, in spite of the fact that he had cancer in his legs, with tears in his eyes. I thought it is because of the daughter being safe and sound, he said:

“Sir! I don’t know how to thank you. The miracle that Agastya Muni had mentioned, has happened. Those poisonous leaves she consumed to end her life, has helped her attain puberty, that which did not happen all these
years. Yes sir, it is true!”

I could not believe my own ears!

~ to be continued…!

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