The GOS – 93 – Nadi disappeared, again!

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The mill owner was grieving that none of the treatments were of any use and that there won’t be any heir for his wealth. Adding to this, his
relatives were ready to resort to rituals based on Atharvana Veda against him. He had faith on his prayers. He had but decided to write off all his property to charity and to commit suicide with his family. The cancer in his bone had made him reach that decision as well.

As they wanted to have the darshan of Lord Balaji before they carry on with their decision, they had met me in the Tirumala. What happened
thereafter including the decision made by that girl when no one was at home that and what turned as jubilant is indeed a great wonder. An
unnoticed plant changing the fate of the entire family is nothing short of a miracle. I was proud that the Jeeva Nadi had been the reason for all

Not many believed in this and I asked the Maha Muni Himself. He said:

“Those who believe shall, those who don’t, let them not. Those with half- baken belief won’t come searching for you and you don’t have to spend four hours a day in prayer with tension. You could spend your time peacefully.”

In spite of this, I pray to Agastya Muni on behalf of those who seek the Nadi. I request Him that they come here with many a problems. Please do not get their hope disappear, which will in turn affect me too. Moreover, the Jeeva Nadi will lose its credibility as well. I say these upfront and only then will I lift the Jeeva Nadi. Whenever I get in to such arguments, the answer that He gives is “Have patience. Everything has a reason. Don’t you think you have that caliber to understand all of that!”

The mill owner was not ready to let me go however, I persuaded him somehow. When I was about to leave, he whispered something in my ears, no it wasn’t an information, it was a bombshell.

“There is a mob which is watching you and your Jeeva Nadi. I therefore think that I should send you off safely. Your cooperation is very much

“What did I do?!”

“You read what the Maha Muni mentioned, which turned out to be true. But it is not a good news for those who were eyeing my wealth. They are so frustrated about you and can do anything now.”

“How do you know this?”

“I came to know. So I have made a few arrangements. I have booked a ticket in Neelagiri express. Get on that coach. Get down at Thirupur station.”

“Whoa! What drama is all this?”

“Do not speak anything now. Even the walls have ears here, beware!”

“Sir! These thing come in detective novels. I am an astrologer for God’s sake, not a magician. You have made me get stuck here.” – I was frustrated and though I was, I had no one except him to help me.

“Patience…listen carefully to what I have to say. Once you get down at Thirupur, this driver here and his friend will meet you at the station. Go
along with them in their car, they will drop you safely at Chennai.”

I really would have thrown away the Jeeva Nadi in front of everyone and got hold of some train without ticket to Chennai. Either I should have
listened to the words of the elders, where I need not have to roam around with the Nadi OR the Agastya Muni who loves me as His son, should help me out of this situation. Nothing happened. Even if I wanted to ask Him on what would happen, it was an Ashtami day and there won’t be any response from Him.

The mill owner gave me some courage and sent me off. I sat in the Neelagiri express. I must have returned to Chennai directly from Tirumala.
It is my greed to the free ride that got me here. I then decided not to read the Nadi thereafter. I should also be selfish hereafter I thought,
but what to do with the Nadi in my hands?

Let us just leave it here in the train and get down quietly or we should keep that in the Agastya Temple at Pondy Bazaar and get back quietly, I thought. I had only desired that people should be benefitted on reading Nadi but if I begin to get such threats and issues, why do I then need
Agastya’s mercy? My thoughts were running wild. But what is the need for me to jump stations and all that?

I dozed off, eventually and when I woke up, I saw the express crossing Thirupur already and speeding towards Erode. Shocked, I looked out for my baggage, it was there. The bag with Jeeva Nadi? The bag was also there but the Nadi was not inside.

I consoled myself as the ‘trouble is gone’ but the fate had started playing its game differently, I wasn’t just aware.

~ to be continued…!

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