The GOS – 94 – Why did the Nadi disappear?

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This post has an importance. We had decided to pause the publishing of this story as we believed to have got caught in a potential copyright infringement. That being totally against the policy of GnanaBoomi, we were shocked and disturbed, even frustrated. But through The Grace of Siddha showed us clarity and direction and with His blessings, the series continues. We are humbled and even more committed to be a part of this wonderful journey. Agastya Muni indeed has immense grace!


They say, pleasure comes alone and grief comes along with a partner. I began to think that these things are happening as per that saying. I lost my sleep as well.

Why didn’t the mill owner’s men meet me in Thirupur? Weren’t they able to identify me OR is it because I was seated in the corner seat and was asleep with my head bowing down, they couldn’t find me? Or is it that they came late and missed the train themselves? Right at that time, I got another doubt. Have they taken this ticket only till Thirupur or till Chennai?

The destination thankfully showed Chennai with my name and age written clearly. I was relieved. As the TTR had already checked the ticket before Thirupur, there won’t be any further checking till Chennai. I did think that there is some relation in all these and the Jeeva Nadi getting lost.

The train stopped at Erode. I had a weird desire. Is someone carrying the Nadi? Won’t they hand over it to me again somehow? I was longing! I got down at the platform and looked at people going by, nay, their luggage particularly. Time passed by, people passed by, but the Nadi was not to be seen.

Naturally, I thought: Wondrous miracles have happened to those whom I read the Nadi. Won’t such a thing happen now? Will someone hand over the Nadi and say, “Here, your Agastya’s Jeeva Nadi”. Agastya Muni who orchestrated many a miracles did not do anything for me. Though I grieved, I consoled myself, it was me who wished that the Nadi should get lost!

The bell rang and so I got back in the train. Everyone around had already retired and had switched off the lights. I lied down with my baggage as a pillow. Sleep, where did it go?

I was rolling this and that side. So did the incidents in mind, the Thirupathi happenings, Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy’s divine darshan
through fragrance, the contact of this mill owner from Coimbatore, how I stayed as his guest, everything began to roll in mind.

Who am I? Why did I take birth? What am I going to do? Why did Agastya Muni come to me? I have forsaken the responsibility of my family, to frustrate my Father, to roam around here and there like an insane, not getting a regular job like that of others, everything is a waste, I began
to think.

What happened has. At least hereafter, let us be like others. Only for this that the Maha Muni had gone away from me. All is for good, I consoled myself and decided not to think of Nadi again. The train stopped at Salem. I got down again as I was sleepless.

This mind, it did not listen. I was looking at people’s luggages and what they were carrying again. That weird thought arised again, what if someone comes and hands it over? Won’t they?

I was slightly hungry. I went near the canteen to take a cup of milk where my eyes swell on what I saw. Topless, bushy hair, white beard and
mustache, a cloth hanging on a shoulder as towel, a saffron dhothi, with piercing, blazing eyes, stood an old man, all alone.

Such people are mostly ignored by others as they normally are beggars or those who roam around. Even these folks does not bother if the TTR drops them down in some station. Even I thought so. I was more focussed to see if someone else is getting down with the Olai Suvadi (Jeeva Nadi palm leaves).

I took the milk and came back, just then the old man took something out of the towel from his shoulder and placed it in the bench where passengers sit, walked out of the station really fast. There weren’t anyone except him and me. I was not at all interested to see what he kept. But still, some urge happened and that the train would take another ten minutes to start, I went and sat in that bench. I even had a thought “O Lord, the thing kept in the bench, wouldn’t that be my Jeeva Nadi?” The next second came a fear.

He looked like a beggar. To touch whatever he kept is a weird thing to do. What if someone notices me? How embarrassing would that be? What would they think of me? But in spite of all these, I wanted to know what he kept. I moved a little closer and sat. There were about two to three lads smoking and strolling. They even came in my direction. This naturally caused a sense of fear. I pulled my left hand which was slowly moving towards that thing. Another pulse of thrill ran by.

What if that beggar comes back to claim what he kept? My position would become even lower than that of a beggar. If a decision is taken, then one must be firm and never should think of it. I thought, this greed is really bad, where it takes an individual? I was frustrated at myself.

A porter came near me.

He was frustrated that he did not get any customer. He took a cup of milk, scolded someone and sat in the same bench as I. My slightest desire disappeared on seeing this. Without looking at that thing, I looked here and there. The bell rang and I scolded the porter within myself, got up, opened the train gate and climbed up, when I heard that voice, “Hey there! you’re forgetting something.”

I looked back.

The porter was extending that same thing covered in a towel, that which that beggar-like person kept and gone, towards me. Happiness at a side, fear at another. What if this is not my Jeeva Nadi? I thanked the porter and got it. I was embarrassed that I had scolded this good man. I should have helped the porter somehow but I could not. This made me feel guilty.

I had a great urge to open it at once. From its appearance, it did look like Palm Leaves bundle. Come what may! I rushed opened the bundle.

It was…

The same Jeeva Nadi of Agastya Muni, which had disappeared from me at Thirupur. Within this four hours, what sort of a mental agony? Who was that beggar-like old man? Was it Agastya Muni Himself? Why did the Nadi disappear? How did that old man get hold of it? Is he really a beggar or someone who steals in train stations? Even if he is one, why should he keep the Nadi for me to see and rush out? Even if he does so, why should I get this urge to see, that which may possibly be not mine? Why should the porter hand over it to me, thinking it is mine? Are these a dream? I could not get answers.

I am not a devotional person, for the Almighty Himself to come and test. I just show good direction to others. I even do not know how many got mislead by listening to this palm leaves.

But one thing is for sure.

There is a bond between me and Agastya Maharishi. Otherwise, there is no purpose of this reaching me again, which I wanted to get lost from me. Should I say this a miracle? Or is this Agastya Muni playing a game for a time pass? Or has the Maha Muni given His approval to read Nadi for others? I was now in a happier confusion. I wasn’t sure if the Nadi reaching me again was for good or is a basement for something weird to happen.

Even at that midnight, even when I was not so clean, I wanted to know what the Maha Muni says. I opened the Jeeva Nadi. Every word that He mentioned took me to surprise. One of them was that “There is a breakage going to happen in Sukra, which is not good for Bharath (India).” It was later clear that it was a comet.

~ to be continued…!


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