The GOS – 95 – The Comet!

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There is going to be a crack in Shukra. This is not good for Bharath. It is a comet, the Sage mentioned. How many will believe if I say it out? I wasn’t sure if I can share this first of all. Even if I do, what sort of a ill omen that this is going to bring and what prayer has to be done, the Maharishi did not mention.

I thought of leaving the matter as it is since I did not have much details however, I subscribed a variety of newspapers and read them. I checked if any of the scientists from North India, Bengaluru’s V. Raman or astronomers from foreign countries have said anything about the comet.

No one has mentioned anything. Some of my friends came to me to know about the welfare of the country. I had informed them that I cannot read it for six months and the Nadi is not with me. On a amavasya day around 11 in the morning, I had a yearning, if the Maharishi will say something and opened the Jeeva Nadi which I had kept hidden in the Pooja room.

There came a long sentence. It meant to check the horoscope of India thereby I will know if what Agastya Muni said is true or not. But how on earth can one calculate the horoscope of India? Is it before the independence or after it became Republic? Even if done, on what time can it be calculated? Without the time, the Lagna cannot be assimilated. Even if it is done, how can it be the accurate one?

So I kept quiet.

As I had paused the reading, the crowd began to recede slowly. As I did not read it even after multiple requests, many people left me as well. So I was praying without any tension.

Our boy has recovered. He does not read Nadi and is taking care of the family responsibilities properly, my parents thought and they began to search for a suitable alliance for my sister. A lot many proposals came, but none materialized. My parents started doing remedial measures and prayers themselves. The time went by but nothing seemed working in this regard.

My parents did not ask me as to why the marriage is not getting fixed. Had they, I would have to read the Nadi.

“Why do we need Agastya’s Nadi? Lord Narayana will show us the way. Is everybody getting married after reading Nadi?” – this was their side of argument. They thought of this as a prestige issue and so they did not consult me.

But I had an intuition that I must ask about my sister’s marriage. I opened the Nadi and read it without anyone knowing.

“Go at once to Ahobila where Hiranya Kasipu was killed and do meditation on Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy for three days, facing the direction which We will tell you. The blessing of having His darshan in a shadow will be given. Through His grace, your sister’s marriage will happen in the Shrine of Venkatava (Lord Balaji)” – said the Maha Muni.

I checked it again and again and the message was just the same. I slowly recalled the promise made to the Ahobila Mutt in charge. I wasn’t sure if what I did was correct, by keeping the Nadi hidden in the Pooja gruha. This was because of my family’s request, and all that happened in the past, to have got stuck with the Coimbatore mill owner, how the Nadi disappeared, how it re-appeared and was handed over to me by Sage Agastya Himself in the disguise of a wanderer, all that.

My interest was in seeing the comet. Why not that be a good one? I thought aimlessly. But after mentioning about it once, Agastya Muni did not say anything further. When I asked again, He said, “I am dwelling in your tongue. Calculate the horoscope of Bharatha Desa yourself” and disappeared.

When I asked again about my sisters’ marriage, He said “Go to Ahobilam. There lies wondrous incidents for you! I give this rare chance. Start at once!” – He ordered and I could not remain silent for a moment. I went and told my parents that I am going to Ahobilam. That’s all. But my Father got frustrated that I had started roaming around again, so be blessed me saying, “A dog’s tail cannot be straightened. Likewise, you have started roaming around, you cannot be mended either.”

Without him knowing, I kept the Jeeva Nadi in my briefcase. I prayed then to Agastya Muni only two things. “O Lord, do not make me struggle like I got stuck in Tirupathi, in the railway station at Coimbatore, in Ahobilam. I cannot bear it. You are saying that there is a danger for India. I want to see that comet with my own eyes. Also, for the country, there should not be any bad effect because of the comet for which what prayers needs to be done, please let me know. If you say these, it is sufficient. I will not trouble You for anyone or anything. I won’t read the Nadi for anyone.” – I prayed.

I glanced at the sky. It was the 9th day after the full moon day with stars. Most of them were fast asleep. It was around 2.30 in the night. Suddenly, there was a very bright light in the eastern sky. When I saw that much of a bright light at first, I was totally scared.

A big ball of fire with a head, torso and a tail appeared to be flying at a tremendous speed towards Earth, then gradually slowed down, and appeared like a small lightning and disappeared. They say that if a person witnesses a lightning with his naked eye, he should see a tree, a green object at once. I was reminded of that now. I do not know how many were witnessing that miracle that night. It was true that I first was so scared and was totally taken aback by wonder later.

Reuters Picture

Reuters Picture

In those days, there was a fear of UFO’s. People use to look up frequently in the sky out of fear that the UFO should not fall right on their head. Particularly those who walk in the night, if they happen to hear a loud sound, they will run helter-skelter thinking that the UFO had fallen down somewhere. I thought of something like this, though I could not think of this fireball as a UFO. I just thought that this is one of the many wonders that happen in the sky.

I wasn’t able to sleep. I checked and confirmed that the Nadi was there with me, felt happy about it. I was thinking on what miracles are awaiting in Ahobilam when I saw this fireball and thought, is this the comet that He mentioned about? The time wasn’t right to ask about this in the Nadi either. I could wash my hands and legs and clean myself to ask this question, but what if the Nadi disappears again? I cannot take the Nadi to the wash room. But I was so curious to know about what just appeared in
the sky.

While I was in that dilemma, I had some urge pushing me where I kept my hands on the Nadi. If touched a 130 volts electric pole with the hands, what sort of a shock one will get, I got the same shock when I touched the Nadi!

I never had such an experience when I touched the Jeeva Nadi. I swiftly opened the Nadi and the Maha Muni said:

“Look at the north-eastern part of the sky without moving. The comet will be seen!”.

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