The GOS – 98 – Ahobilam – 3

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How much ever I prayed, I did not get anything further from Agastya Muni. He must be angry, let Him cool down, I thought and left it. As I got up early, I climbed up the mountain, while reciting whatever sloka’s I knew about Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. How much of it were correct, how many mistakes I made, I could not say.

I reached the sanctum sanctorum of the Moolavar. I prayed to the Lord that I will have my sisters’ wedding conducted in Tirupathi and that I will do an offering of Panakam (a sweet water made out of jaggery) in Lakshmi Narasimha’s shrine on a Swati star day or on a Friday. I also pledged in the same place that whatever Agastya Muni tells me about spirituality in Jeeva Nadi, I would not reveal it outside until He permits.

All these came out of my mind all by itself. I mentioned all these within myself and prayed to Him happily, did a Sashtanga Namaskara and came out, where I thought of knowing about the person who helped me in last night. I went to the priest and enquired about that “Malola Narasimhachari” who works in the temple kitchen.

I was told that there is no body who works here or in the temple kitchen with that name. Many others who were there said the same thing. “Why should He help me? Is that the Lord Himself who came to help me?”

Ok, let us ask about the comet at least, I prayed earnestly to Agastya Muni and opened the Nadi.

“As the star of Swati has appeared, We shall narrate the future of this country in the shrine of the Lion Headed Lord who has the essence of the priceless Vedas within. That widow with hair is about to lose the hair and will sit in a corner, there is going to be many heads rolling, the leadership will change. The alliance without a difference of opinion then will rule the country. Then will come a split, due to an insane son. This lady will be sworn in as the prime minister of the country” – said the Maha Muni and said, “There is a reason for the comet’s appearing as well, be patient, till We say, do the Japa.”

I felt relieved that He opened up at least that much and felt that His anger must have subdued. I could grasp to an extent on what He said, but could not understand completely. I left it as it is. I then had the darshan of all the Narasimha Swamy’s in their shrines and was coming down the hill slowly where I felt that there is a small grievance in my mind.

I went to the Sthamba where Narasimha Swamy had appeared from a pillar, to kill Hiranya Kasipu. I placed the Agastya Jeeva Nadi there and prayed, and spontaneously opened it.

“Stay here for two days and pray the Lion Headed God. There will be a few miraculous incidents. Witness them and go back to your place” – ordered He.

I did as He said and was roaming around the place till evening without climbing down. There was a huge tree where the sunlight could not reach to its basement due to its dense branches and leaves. The cold breeze made my mind energetic and happy. I even spread a towel I had in the base of the tree to have a nap. As I had had a light food and was tired, I must have slept at once.

When I woke up, the moon was coming up slowly and my wrist watch showed 7. I looked around and found no one. As I had crossed the shrine alone, no one spotted me or woke me up. Though that silence was good to feel, various different sound of animals arising from the nearby mountain made me fear. At least somebody saved me yesterday either due to God’s grace or
the merits of my parents.

But who will come today? The fear of getting down the hill alone increased minute by minute. I had no choice but to do so I thought and there I saw…

In front of my eyes, in about 200 feet’s distance, a lion was seen playing with its’ four cubs. Is this really a lion? Or is this a hallucination? I did not know. I even thought how I should escape if it comes in front of me. I cannot climb up the tree faster and moreover, that tree did not have any friendly branches or a swelling in the trunk.

This deadly dilemma occurred for about 10 minutes. I didn’t have the mind to open the Nadi to know what will happen. When I thought I should just get down faster without the beast seeing me, the other thing happened…

An eight year old boy goes near to the lion fearlessly, unarmed. The lion which could jump at him right at that instance, for some reasons, lies down stretching its legs without any noise. He cajoles the cubs which play with him like puppies. After a while, he caresses the lion on its forehead and its neck and back. It remains silent. This was seen for about two minutes.

Then neither the lion, the cubs nor the boy was to be seen. This was like a silent drama before my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and looked at that place again thoroughly. Nothing except the shadow of the trees from the light of the moon was to be seen. I thought this must have been a hallucination out of my fear. Yesterday was a wolf, today is a lion. What’s tomorrow?

I decided to ask the Maha Muni whether this is a dream or a hallucination or reality later and started getting down. There were good crowd unlike yesterday. I was hungry as I had taken just a couple of bananas. I even thought that we can have a feast if we get the prasad like yesterday but I didn’t. I had whatever was available in an Iyengar’s hotel downstairs and went to the room.

As usual in the early morning, I cleansed up, opened the Jeeva Nadi and asked about the vision of lion yesterday. The Maha Muni narrated a great history in a lengthy manner.

“Yesterday was a very important day. Swati star. Full Moon. In a similar day only, Lord Narasimha Deva had taken the avatar and gave mukti (salvation) to Hiranyakasipu in an evening.

As you are our beloved son, such a rare sight was given to you from a distance. The lion you had seen is the one where Lord Narayana dwells. The four cubs were the four Vedas. The boy is none other than Bhaktha Prahalada. But you could not see the faces as it is not destined for all humans to see the Almighty directly. If one gets such a darshan, the next moment they will drop their physical bodies or will go blind.

As you are our beloved son, We prayed to Lord Narayana, created a protective shield around you and showed you that vision as if seen in dreams. The Lord agreed to our prayer, thereby you received that sight.

All the devas used to ask Lord Lakshmi Narasimha on how Hiranyakasipu was killed and the Lord used to “enact” it. But Agastya did not want to see such a thing. Hence the Lord showed this sight as if seen in a mirror. If you open your mouth to anyone about this, no one will believe you and will think that you have gone crazy. They may ridicule you as well. So do not tell anyone about this as of now. We shall have this announced when the right time has come.

In two days, two different miracles will happen. Witness them as well and get back to your place.” – said the Son of the three eyed God. I prayed and thanked Him earnestly.

In a few hours, I was climbing up the mountain again, thinking as to what miracle will happen today.

~ to be continued…!

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