The GOS – 99 – Ahobilam – 4

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My Mother wrote “Sri Rama Jayam” crores of times everyday, fetched water from the Thamirabarani river in a pot and offered it for the abhisheka for Perumal (Lord Narayana), the punya of such deeds is the reason why Agastya Muni came to me, I used to think. I was arrogant, without any faith in God, argued, read all those that is not supposed to be read and all. Only after I got the Jeeva Nadi in my hands, my life transformed.

I felt I wasted all these days of life and felt so sorry for it, which are old stories. But to have the darshan of Shri Hanuman, Shri Raghavendra Swamy, to have listened to the abhisheka-mantra of Lord Shiva in the mountain, all these and many such experiences, some of which are not to be disclosed at all, many who read this would not believe it. They may even
get frustrated that it is all but blatant lies. Some may not even like reading it. They may ask, “Will such thing happen in Kali Yuga? Is this Thretho Yuga?”

If such questions are asked by the rationalist parties, then its of no surprise. But those who believe in God are the ones who ask such questions. It is easy to believe a rationalist but not those who claim to have belief in God.

As Agastya Muni had controlled me, I could not share the experience of Ahobilam, even if I wanted to. Otherwise, why would my parents themselves dis-believe? We may obtain the darshan of Lakshmi Narasimha in the shrine, but if we happen to have a darshan right in front, we might as well run away. We get scared even if we see the lion in the dream, thinking that it is not good, if the lion comes in front alive, will we get the courage to prostrate before it assuming that it is Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy? Or do we have the eyes of wisdom? To know that it is indeed the Lord who has come to grace us, and so to fold our hands?

I thought of all these while climbing up. Probably that I am thinking about Ahobilam all the time, everything seems like Lakshmi Narasimha for me, even the prasad which might be given to me in a humanitarian manner, I might have thought that it is the Lord Himself who sent it to me.

Through the Jeeva Nadi, even the smallest thing appeared very big. At the same time, I did feel happy when someone comes and says that such and such miracles happened when they read the Nadi through me. I also have felt sad on seeing that nothing happened at the given time for someone. Why did Agastya Muni come to me? I don’t know the answer as yet. Whatver it may
be, so far I have read it for people and it is enough. Let me not read Nadi to anyone anymore. This is not my profession either. I have a job, thanks to God’s grace. Let me complete this darshan with this Ahobila yatra. I shall also keep the Nadi in Ahobila Narasimha Swamy’s shrine without anyone noticing and come back, I firmly resolved.

I thought about all these again and again for an hour and a half and decided so. While climbing up, there were two old Vaishnava men talking to themselves thus: “To take such a decision is totally wrong. Lakshmi Narasimha will take care.” These words whipped me! I even thought if I should take this as a clairvoyance of the divine, but I resolved to myself again not to deviate from the decision.

I looked at the Jeeva Nadi with all love, devotion and placed it in my eyes (as though worshipping). Just as how Agastya Muni came to me, let me keep this back at Lakshmi Narasimha’s shrine. The priest came out of the shrine.

“An archana needs to be done.”

“Sure! What’s in your hands?”

I mentioned about the Nadi.

“Oh ok, I have heard of it. I am from Tamil Nadu too. It is difficult to get such a Nadi eh?” and said, “Give it to me. Let me place this in the Lord’s feet and perform archana” by himself.

“You don’t have any objection right?”

“Why should there be? There isn’t much crowd today. This thought occurred to me by itself, hence I asked.” – he received the Nadi rather happily.

I had an cruelligent (cruelly intended but intelligent) thought. I thought I will convince the priest to keep the Nadi in the Lord’s feet for today, telling him that I will collect it the next day and I shall run away, in spite of the fact that my mind warned me that it is wrong to do so. I resolved in my mind again that I am going to stick to my decision.

My mind did not go in the archana being done. In fact I prayed that I should be able to keep the Nadi in the shrine and the priest should agree to it. He came out with the prasad. I offered a twenty rupee note in the plate and was about to open my mouth when he said, “How many days will you be here?”

“I plan to start tomorrow because Agastya Muni asked me to stay here for two days.” (the truth came out by itself)

“Where are you put up in Chennai?”

I mentioned the right address, could not tell a lie.

“O very well” – he went inside to take the Nadi and I said, “Can this Nadi be kept in the Lord’s feet for two days? I shall collect it tomorrow afternoon.”

“Please do not mistake me. They don’t keep anything near the Lord’s feet. Even if they do, they take it out and give it away at once. I cannot do so. Even if I do so, the priest who will take over next will throw it away.” – he said humbly.

I was like the thief who got bitten by a scorpion while at work (a local proverb). I gave a weird smile to the priest and received the Nadi. The first plan failed royally. I should keep the Nadi without anyone knowing it or I should put it in the temple Hundi (the money box kept for people to offer whatever they could).

I came out of the shrine and looked around the hill. “This is where I got a miraculous darshan yesterday”, I thought and prostrated to that direction. He said there will be another miracle today, but so far nothing? I thought its just the morning and there is about 12 hours more anyway.

I took the prasad as my breakfast and started walking around the hill, wherever I pleased to. Nature was at its best. As I walked around looking and listening carefully, the people who passed by gave a strange look. I was surprised to see them appearing tensed, holding hands tightly. Where are they going? I did not know. I didn’t feel like asking either. Let us go behind them, I thought and looked back at once. There was no body till my eyes could see. There weren’t anyone who came behind me either.

I got a strange fear and my body started shivering as that of cold. I even thought of going back swiftly.

At that time…

I heard a voice saying “Narasimha, Narasimha…” from the nearby rock!

~ to be continued…!

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