The GOS 103 – The Siddha of Siddhas, Lord Shiva!

We’re reading the awesome miracles done by Sage Agastya. Now, Bhoga Siddha suggests a couple whose kid turns bluish due to a disease. Who else can deal with diseases and blues better? This is one such incident which takes our breath for a while, as the play is run by none other than…!

The GOS – 101 – Ahobilam – 6

The author was saved from the wild animals by a shepherd and he reaches Jwala Mukhi Narasimha shrine, the face that resembles anger and at the same time mercy when looked upon with devotion. The miraculous incidents does not end there!

The GOS – 100 – Ahobilam – 5

The author hears the word ‘Narasimha Narasimha’ from a nearby rock and he is curious as to who makes that sound. He steps forward towards the sound. Lo and behold! The sound is heard from a step backwards!