The GOS 103 – The Siddha of Siddhas, Lord Shiva!

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I firmly believe that the Siddhas know everything. Generally, those who come for Nadi reading to remediate their issues, listen to what comes out of Nadi and get scared most of the times and don’t do what is prescribed in it. Then when the problem goes severe, they come back again and get some more remedial measures, only tougher. I have heard some people murmuring “the earlier method suggested itself was simpler”.

I have seen the most of them have a wrong impression about Lord Shiva Himself! He owns and carries out the 5 major tasks where the task of destruction or better said in Sanskrit, Samhara, is done by Him, Himself. He is not for the worldly and material wealth, so why ask for such things to Him? But a few others, they don’t think all these: “The Siddha has said. Who are we to ask and counter? Let us just do it with our heart and soul put in and let Him take care of the rest” – and they do what is suggested. I have seen their problems getting away much faster.

Just like the Agastya Jeeva Nadi, through His grace, I had another Nadi of Bhoga Siddha. It generally gives information on Bhoga Siddha’s medicinal methods, certain herbs for certain diseases etc., just that the letters appear in the same golden color as that of Agastya Muni’s Jeeva Nadi. I have read that Nadi as well and have helped people get medicinal remedies.

There came a young couple one day.

“We got a child after a few years of getting married. It is of two years old and has born with health issues.”

“What sort of health issue?”

“After it turned one and a half, all of a sudden its body becomes bluish in color. We used to rush to the hospital and after some treatment, the color goes off. But neither us nor the doctors are able to estimate when the disease will come back. We have tried various different ailments. Earlier it used to come once in a month but now, the frequency has turned weekly. Only during our last visit, a doctor was able to diagnose how this disease comes. He says that our kid has a hole in its heart, right from its birth. When the pumping of blood does not happen properly, the lack of oxygen turns the body bluish. He says there are only two ways of cure to it. One is to do a surgery but the kid does not have the strength to endure the surgery where the result of such treatment could be anything.”

“Ok. What’s the second method he said?”

“That doctor believes in the medicinal marvels of Bhoga Siddha. So he believes that if Bhoga Siddha’s grace is there, He could save this child and he asked us to check with you on what Bhoga Siddha says in His Nadi. Only you can read this Nadi and show is the way out of this problem.”

I took the Nadi of Bhoga and prayed earnestly, “O Siddha Lord! Please provide a good judgement to this couple’s child.”

The Siddha came in the Nadi:

Only the Three Eyed Lord can save this child. If the kid is to be saved, it has to be dipped in Alak Nanda river, thrice, on a Thursday that too. When it is being bathed thus, Shiva-Nama must be chanted continuously. For sure, Lord Shiva will come and save this child!” – said these and disappeared at once.

Normally, Bhoga Siddha answers short and crisp. As he did not say about any medicine and that the child has to be dipped in Alak Nanda river thrice, the parents were really shocked. The river, known for its cold water where people freeze even to bathe once. This kid, who has a weak heart, how can this be dipped thrice in that ice-cold water?!! I thought.

“Apart from these, he didn’t say anything?” – the parents asked.

“I have mentioned what Bhoga has said. He didn’t say anything else. Please do as He said. You will come back with a good news.”

The couple left, mentally tired. I didn’t hear anything from them for two months. After two months, they came, with a exhausted face and informed me that the kid is becoming weaker day by day and they could not carry out the Bhoga Siddha had suggested them.

“Can you please read that Nadi once more and see if He says anything more?” – they asked. I did so and they got the same exact reply as before. I looked at their tired face and said, “Lord Shiva had destroyed the very karma which was the cause of a disease. He will definitely save your child. Just think that this child is hereafter Lord Shiva’s and do what Bhoga Siddha said, at once. Good will happen.” – I said.

I don’t know what they felt.

“We’re taking your words as a divine clairvoyance and think that from this minute, we shall think that this child is Lord Shiva’s and will carry out what is said.”

They came after two weeks. The child was playing in their arms, appearing happy and healthy. They appeared very happy too and carried a number of experiences which gives goose pimps to me to this day. They narrated what happened:

“Just as Bhoga Siddha said, we took our kid to the AlakNanda river in the Himalayas. We were shocked at the fierce and chillness of the water. How can we dip this kid in this water? – this thought occurred to us twice. Just before the same question hit us the third time, just as the Siddha said, we utterred the name “Namah Shivaya” and dipped it slowly, once. We didn’t know what happened. Normally, such chillness will make any kid scream. But our kid liked that chillness and it smiled. At that time, a Sadhu came to our side and said, “Give me the child. I shall bathe it and return it to you. Don’t have to worry.” – and he got our child.

He went further down to where we stood, a deeper portion of the river and dipped the kid many a times, came near us, (thadavi tharudhal – word search), took the Holy Bhasm from his wet garment, applied it in the kids’ forehead, chest and put a little in it’s mouth, he murmured something in it’s right ear and handed it over to us. We got busy wiping out the water in its body as soon as we received the child where we forgot even to say our thanks to the Sadhu. For a minute’s gap when we looked up, the Sadhu
was not to be found!

The body of the kid was warmer than before and so we thought everything should have been alright. We took it back to the doctors who checked it and they were flabbergasted! They said that the hole in its heart is completely filled and the pumping is happening properly now. We do not know who that Sadhu was and how he cured it. But good has happened just as you said. Please convey our sincere thanks and gratefulness to Bhoga Siddha.

I asked Bhoga Siddha in His Nadi and He mentioned…

This divine play has been orchestrated by Lord Shiva Himself! When He, the foremost of all Siddhas, the Siddha of all Siddhas, wants to run this play, what role do we have there? Our job got over after we said what has to be done. Hence, there wasn’t any medicine given out. There won’t be an understanding on some divine plays, one should not try to understand the meaning either!” – the Siddha concluded with this short and sweet advice.

I was taken aback for a while knowing that the Lord Shiva Himself is roaming amidst us as a Siddha!

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~ to be continued…!

The GOS 102 – Agastya Muni is beyond faiths and beliefs

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I was traveling in a train for an important work and as usual, the Agastya Jeeva Nadi was with me. Two ladies were seated in front of me. A young girl wearing a burkha (parda that Muslim women wear) and an elderly lady appearing like her mother. The young girl kept wiping her tears off in the disguise of looking away while the mother tapped her as if consoling, only with her eyes tearful too.

They appeared as if they are in a bigger grief. I thought I shall know more about them and help them through Agastya Muni. At the same time, I did get thoughts like ‘why am I doing this, why did I get such a thought?’ etc., If these ladies are accompanied by a man, its ok. Otherwise, why end up in unnecessary trouble?

I however had this faith. Those who follow other beliefs do come and get the reading from the Maha Muni out of the sheer love and affection towards Him. But in general, if such a thought arises in me, it must have been surely Agastya Muni’s nodding to help them. After this, only good has happened to such people.

I then decided, let us open the Nadi and read for them. If they ask me themselves, then I will mention or else will remain silent. I opened the Nadi.

These daughter-mother follow Islam. Circumstantially, the lady’s husband has betrayed her and has gone to a foreign land with another girl and has not turned back to them for four years. Due to poverty and not getting any help from their relatives, they are stricken with grief and are traveling with a thought of committing suicide.

They have a beautiful and blissful life. Tell them boldly not to end their lives. Ask them to go to Nagoor and do prayers in that Darha (a place of worship for Muslims). There awaits a major turning point for them” – said the Maha Muni!

I blinked royally after reading the Nadi. How would I tell them all these? Where would I start? First they should know about Nadi, then Agastya Muni, then His Jeeva Nadi, how? I wondered. Right then the lady asked, “Sire, you read from some palm leaves a while ago. What is that?”

I briefly explained about the Nadi.

“Will Agastya say about everything, Swami?” (the term Swami is used at any male, felt with reverence)

“He will. But it depends on one’s time and karma.”

“Will He say for us?”

“Yes He will.”

“Then please ask and let us know Sire.” – the lady requested.

“I did. Please drop the idea of committing suicide and proceed towards Nagoor Darha. Your life is going to transform there, He said.” – I said.

Can you imagine the expression of the daughter and mother? They were shell-shocked. They did not speak to me for a few minutes. I don’t know what they thought but just said, “Let us go to Nagoor and will meet you afterwards.” – they got my address and seldom spoke thereafter.

One and a half months passed by.

I received a letter from a lady named Saira Banu.

She had introduced herself that she was the one whom I had met and read the Nadi for them back then. “We indeed were thinking of suicide. Whatever Agastya Muni said about us were true. We were proceeding to jump in to a river but what you said made us think. We went to Nagoor. Today, we are living very comfortably through the help and mercy of a very old and rich Haaji (those who have visited Haj or Mecca is called a Haaji)” – the letter read. But it did not say what miracle happened in Nagoor. I thanked
Agastya Muni for some good must have happened.

Two months passed by.

That lady came looking for me. She began to cry profusely saying, “O Sire, who are you and who are we? But you changed our thought of suicide and saved us.”

“What happened?”

“A lot is there. When we went to Nagoor, through God’s grace, we got the mercy of a very rich millionaire. We helped that old man where he thinks of us as his own children.

You said that a miracle would happen if we go to Nagoor. That miracle is what pointed us to the old man. That happiness however has reduced now.”

I opened the Nadi thinking what could be the matter.

This lady’s husband who betrayed her has come back from the foreign land, barehanded. The lady whom he took along, he has betrayed her now. He came and searched for his wife and children and found that they are in Nagoor. When he saw that they are living very comfortably there, he is torturing them to give him money. This lady does not like her husband now. Moreover,
a dangerous disease has got him as well. While this problem lies in a side..this lady’s daughter has fallen in love with a person who does not follow Islam. She is not able to convince her daughter. This is the problem.

The lady confirmed every bit of Agastya’s words to be true.

“Isn’t there an end to my trouble? I thought I am beginning to be happy but my husband is troubling me now. The girl who is in comforts now has changed as well.”

The Agastya Muni then said, “It is sufficient to pray the Almighty. Her problem will come to an end in six months. Moreover, for this lady, perform a yagna yourself.” – and He instructed me with what to be done, what Mantras to be used etc.

The lady bid farewell, pleased.

The same lady came after four months with her husband and her daughter.

“My husband is a changed man now. The disease he had got has reduced too. This is a great miracle. Generally, in our belief, if a girl gets married to a person of a different faith, we abandon her from our society and I was scared if we will be in such a condition. But my daughter’s mind has changed now too. This is the second miracle.

But something great happened than all these. The Agastya Muni had changed our lives from a poor lady who was about to commit suicide to a millionaire’s daughter. The same millionaire has given money to my husband to start his business. What more of a blessing do we need? All the praise goes to the Almighty!” – said that lady.

I was happy too. I prayed to Agastya to do such miracles to everyone!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS – 101 – Ahobilam – 6

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I did not care much about that shepherd as my focus was only to escape from the wild animals. As I went by, the pathway to Jwala Narasimha Swamy temple was seen. I gave a big sigh of relief as I saw people going in small groups towards the temple. I was walking fast all the while and now began to walk slowly. From the time I reached Ahobilam, unrelated incidents are happening continuously and I was not sure if I have to take them as miracle or the effects of karma. Whatever be it, I offer it all to Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, I thought.

The comet and what the Maha Muni said related to it, made me think that it is true that something is going to happen in this land of Bhartha (India). Somehow, I have fulfilled the promise I made to the Ahobila Mutt in-charge of Tirumala by visiting this mutt here. Whatever will happen hereafter will be for the good, this faith got so deep rooted in me when I was in the Jwala Narasimha Swamy’s shrine. Jwala means blazing fire. The face of this Narasimha seemed bigger than the other Narasimha’s. How much anger He must have got before he killed Hiranyakasipu could be seen if we see the Jwala Narasimha. But at the same time, if one has the darshan of this Lord with devotion, one can spot infinite mercy as well!

For me, He appeared with so much of mercy that day, true.


The priest came out of the shrine while I was having darshan and looked at my hand, the Nadi.

He asked in Tamil, “What is this?”

When I heard Tamil words, I felt so happy. It is a strange pleasure we feel if we hear our mother tongue elsewhere. I narrated what it is briefly.

“Can we read in this shrine?” – his tone was calm and steady.

“Yes we could, but I am not clean. I have roamed around along and am sweating. There are certain rules to read Agastya Muni’s Jeeva Nadi. Only if we follow them, we can speak to Him.”

“This is a temple right, there won’t be any shortage to cleanliness right?”

“Very true. But I have to take bath to read the Nadi.”

“That’s all right? I shall make the arrangements, will also give fresh garments.”

“Very well then.” – I nodded. He made all arrangements and I prayed to Agastya Muni after cleansing myself.

Nothing came out of the Nadi.

I was shocked. I tried not once, twice or thrice but many times. He did not appear. That’s all I thought, it is like the Betal which climbs up the tree in Vikramadithya’s story that happens here with me. Only relief, the priest did not come and sit near me till now. I was worried that Agastya Muni should appear before the priest comes here. I prayed to Lakshmi Narasimha to relieve me out of this dilemma.

I prayed earnestly and with great reverence, I opened the Jeeva Nadi again. The light that appears at once for some reasons did not appear at all. Something seriously has gone wrong or else, why did the Maha Muni not appear? I could feel the fear inside. I closed the Nadi. Let the priest come, I shall tell the truth. If he asks further, let me hand over this to him and walk away freely, I decided.

I wore my own clothes again and was waiting to hand over the garments that he gave me, but he did not come. That shepherd came, helped and went away. This priest came, asked to read the Nadi and said ‘I’ll be right back’ and he went away and hasn’t come back for the past one hour. What is the relation between me and this hill-temple? Why such things happen? If I wanted to ask Agastya Muni, He does not appear. I thought ‘No need of Nadi or anything’, I prayed to Lakshmi Narasimha, rolled the Jeeva Nadi in the dhothi that the Bhattacharya (priest) gave and kept it in a place that no one can see and came out quietly. I did not want to be noticed by the priest and so I paid my obeisance from a distance and started getting down the stairs faster.

On my way, whomever I saw appeared like the Bhattacharya of Jwala Mukhi Narasimha. I do not know why I should be scared of him but I did feel that I committed a mistake unknowingly. I should not have left the Jeeva Nadi like that there, but why did I do so? I do not understand. I came down and felt happy that no one spotted me or asked me anything. I should have asked more details about the comet. He did not explain that further, but all that happens is for good, I thought.

I vacated my room and came out with my baggage. I felt it was a mistake to not to have informed my parents or in my office. Now the Nadi is not in hands either. Will I get Agastya Muni’s grace or not? I do not know. But I can roam around freely. I will become responsible in my family and thereby my parents will feel relieved. I can be the good boy they wanted, this thought urged me and I reached the bus stand.

My eyes saw none other than the Bhattacharya of Jwala Mukhi Narasimha Swamy temple, the one whom I wanted to avoid seeing, was coming towards me with the Jeeva Nadi bundle.

He was all smiley, “Looks like you forgot the Jeeva Nadi in a hurry there. Here, take.” I did not feel like saying anything. I blabbered something. He knew that whatever I said was completely lies but he did not argue and behaved magnanimously. I bent down my head in shame.

“Nothing came in the Nadi is it?” – he said this as if he is addressing someone else, and said, “Now if opened in this place and read, information will come. But don’t. Sit in the bus and read, Agastya Muni will say a lot many things.” – the Bhattacharya said this clairvoyance. [The author did not reveal what all the priest said. But it is true that I got goose pimps when I typed this. I read it myself again and I got the goose pimps again. Read it and feel it yourselves!]

I remained silent. I thought I shall read it till the bus comes. I began to read and the Agastya Maha Muni gave a whole lot of details. I read them all and looked up, only to see that the Bhattacharya was not to be seen! It must have been the son of the Three-Eyed-One Himself who came, my mind says.

The Ahobila incidents comes to an end with this.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS – 100 – Ahobilam – 5

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{This is the hundredth post of The Grace of Siddha. We’re pleased and humbled. It’s truly His grace and your support, dear readers. Thank you Agastya Muni, thank you beloved readers!}

Those who have been to Ahobilam and have had the darshan of Narasimha Swamy know about the thirteen shrines, 5 at the base and 8 up in the hill. Out of these, 12 shrines are of Narasimha Swamy. The last one is the cave-shrine of Bhakta Prahalada. Only few have the darshan of all thirteen shrines. It is avoidable however to visit all these shrines alone. It is advisable to have a guide or someone who knows the route, else one might lose track.

I thought that it is a big mistake to have ventured alone in to this journey, thinking that Agastya Muni is with me. They say that one should not play with fire and water. Having forgotten that, I went alone and got so scared for which I pinched myself a number of times. This is because, one can have a darshan of all the shrines alone during day time. But to Jwala Narasimha and Pavana Narasimha swamy shrines, one has to be shown the route. Though I was shocked on hearing the sound ‘Narasimha Narasimha’, I walked towards the rock where it came from.

At first, it was heard from nearby. When I stepped forward, the sound went back a step too! I would have walked for about a hundred and fifty feet like that where some fear gripped me. I decided to go back as there was no body except me. As far as I could see, there were only rocks and trees. Even if I scream out loud, there won’t be anyone to help.

Was I scared? Oh man yes! In that situation, I did not even think of opening the Jeeva Nadi. I thought it is not wise to check the Nadi for everything. As I went backwards running, gasping and sweating, I stood at a place to relax for a while and the sound was heard, as if it stood still in a place. Though my intuition said that something is going to happen, I did feel sorry and frustrated about my then condition, that I did not realize even after so many such incidents. If only I had come along with someone…I kept thinking but consoled myself and began to run while suddenly from a bush came out a man who looked like a shepherd. In my state of mind, I was shocked even on seeing him, a company that is. He asked me in Telugu, “Why did you come here? Don’t you know that you should not come here alone? You have come apart some 5 miles.”

“Five miles? I don’t think so?” – I answered in Tamil.

“No. This is five miles from the Narasimha swamy temple upwards. You are lost. This place is the way to go to Pavana Narasimha and is a sturdy hill-path. A lot of red-wolves are there, some bears too. I saw a couple of cubs yesterday. If the cubs are here, the mother should be here too. I really wonder how you came here alone and unarmed.” – he looked at me with so much of pity and tapped his forehead remarking my foolishness.

Though he spoke in Telugu, I could understand some of them. He looked like a good guy, so I thought I shall ask about the ‘Narasimha Narasimha’ sound. Though I asked him this in Tamil, I think he understood it somehow.

“Thankfully you escaped. That sound is heard here everyday, often. That too, in Amavasya, Full Moon and in certain Thithi (a certain days), it is heard just like that. You came here following that? Don’t know whose good-karma it is, you are safe. Come here, let me put you in the correct path” – I understood this with great difficulty and what I heard puzzled me more.

All is well, but why is he scaring me? Is he really a shepherd or someone else? If he is a shepherd, where are the sheep? At least a couple of cows must have been there, but there aren’t any. He however held a stick, a towel in his loin, topless and as if it’s been three days since he bathed. He did not understand Tamil at all. But he spoke in a Telugu dialect which was understandable. Whatever reasons he said for that sound, I either did not understand what he said completely, or he is not able to explain it properly.

Should I trust him and go along? My mind slipped the next second. The Jeeva Nadi at hand gave me a courage and my mind said, “why not?”. There is one life and it goes only once too. Let it go if it has to, if it is destined here, who can stop it? It is all arpanam (offering) to Lakshmi Narasimha Himself, I decided.

I nodded at him, ‘let’s go’. He walked and I followed thinking if I had really crossed 5 miles in the wrong route. I must have not. He is just an illiterate and must have said that number just like that.

There were small streams, water falls, fresh and clean air mixed with the fragrance of different kinds of flowers. I enjoyed all these and was walking along with the shepherd. After we crossed a few rocks, suddenly he held my hands, put his finger on the lips signalling “ssshhh”. He pointed me at a place where I could see seven or eight really tall red wolves.

These are very ferocious, which can drive away even the tigers. Some where lying down and some where roaming here and there, sniffing. I got scared again. What if one of them come and bites us? I made a mistake by coming with him, I thought and prayed to all the gods.

“Wait for a while. Let the wolves pass by and we can reach the main route in ten minutes. If you walk in that for a while, you can reach Shri Varaha Narasimha Swamy shrine. Then there is nothing to fear.” – he made me sit in the gap between a rock. I was feeling sorry about my condition, and even at that time, I did not feel like opening the Jeeva Nadi. To say the truth, I thought that it is all because of Agastya Muni that I am in that state and so I did not really feel like opening the Nadi.

He made me sit in the rock and climbed up a small tree swiftly and looked around. Suddenly, he made a weird sound, as that of howling. I was not sure whether he was chasing those wolves away or enticing them or talking to them. I was like that civilised man seized by a forest dweller, as they show in the movies. It was as if he was inviting trouble. He kept howling and I could not understand why.

Is he a shepherd or the one who tames wolves? The only solace left was the Jeeva Nadi and I wasted no time in trying to open it where he jumped from that tree in front of me, grabbed hold of my hand and started running. Before I could understand what has happened, we had crossed the place where those wolves were. Once we reached a certain point, he said, “Go this way. In about 50 feet there will be a pathway. Follow that and will come Jwala Narasimha temple” in Telugu and he ran somewhere. I could not
see him thereafter.

~ to be continued…!