The GOS 102 – Agastya Muni is beyond faiths and beliefs

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I was traveling in a train for an important work and as usual, the Agastya Jeeva Nadi was with me. Two ladies were seated in front of me. A young girl wearing a burkha (parda that Muslim women wear) and an elderly lady appearing like her mother. The young girl kept wiping her tears off in the disguise of looking away while the mother tapped her as if consoling, only with her eyes tearful too.

They appeared as if they are in a bigger grief. I thought I shall know more about them and help them through Agastya Muni. At the same time, I did get thoughts like ‘why am I doing this, why did I get such a thought?’ etc., If these ladies are accompanied by a man, its ok. Otherwise, why end up in unnecessary trouble?

I however had this faith. Those who follow other beliefs do come and get the reading from the Maha Muni out of the sheer love and affection towards Him. But in general, if such a thought arises in me, it must have been surely Agastya Muni’s nodding to help them. After this, only good has happened to such people.

I then decided, let us open the Nadi and read for them. If they ask me themselves, then I will mention or else will remain silent. I opened the Nadi.

These daughter-mother follow Islam. Circumstantially, the lady’s husband has betrayed her and has gone to a foreign land with another girl and has not turned back to them for four years. Due to poverty and not getting any help from their relatives, they are stricken with grief and are traveling with a thought of committing suicide.

They have a beautiful and blissful life. Tell them boldly not to end their lives. Ask them to go to Nagoor and do prayers in that Darha (a place of worship for Muslims). There awaits a major turning point for them” – said the Maha Muni!

I blinked royally after reading the Nadi. How would I tell them all these? Where would I start? First they should know about Nadi, then Agastya Muni, then His Jeeva Nadi, how? I wondered. Right then the lady asked, “Sire, you read from some palm leaves a while ago. What is that?”

I briefly explained about the Nadi.

“Will Agastya say about everything, Swami?” (the term Swami is used at any male, felt with reverence)

“He will. But it depends on one’s time and karma.”

“Will He say for us?”

“Yes He will.”

“Then please ask and let us know Sire.” – the lady requested.

“I did. Please drop the idea of committing suicide and proceed towards Nagoor Darha. Your life is going to transform there, He said.” – I said.

Can you imagine the expression of the daughter and mother? They were shell-shocked. They did not speak to me for a few minutes. I don’t know what they thought but just said, “Let us go to Nagoor and will meet you afterwards.” – they got my address and seldom spoke thereafter.

One and a half months passed by.

I received a letter from a lady named Saira Banu.

She had introduced herself that she was the one whom I had met and read the Nadi for them back then. “We indeed were thinking of suicide. Whatever Agastya Muni said about us were true. We were proceeding to jump in to a river but what you said made us think. We went to Nagoor. Today, we are living very comfortably through the help and mercy of a very old and rich Haaji (those who have visited Haj or Mecca is called a Haaji)” – the letter read. But it did not say what miracle happened in Nagoor. I thanked
Agastya Muni for some good must have happened.

Two months passed by.

That lady came looking for me. She began to cry profusely saying, “O Sire, who are you and who are we? But you changed our thought of suicide and saved us.”

“What happened?”

“A lot is there. When we went to Nagoor, through God’s grace, we got the mercy of a very rich millionaire. We helped that old man where he thinks of us as his own children.

You said that a miracle would happen if we go to Nagoor. That miracle is what pointed us to the old man. That happiness however has reduced now.”

I opened the Nadi thinking what could be the matter.

This lady’s husband who betrayed her has come back from the foreign land, barehanded. The lady whom he took along, he has betrayed her now. He came and searched for his wife and children and found that they are in Nagoor. When he saw that they are living very comfortably there, he is torturing them to give him money. This lady does not like her husband now. Moreover,
a dangerous disease has got him as well. While this problem lies in a side..this lady’s daughter has fallen in love with a person who does not follow Islam. She is not able to convince her daughter. This is the problem.

The lady confirmed every bit of Agastya’s words to be true.

“Isn’t there an end to my trouble? I thought I am beginning to be happy but my husband is troubling me now. The girl who is in comforts now has changed as well.”

The Agastya Muni then said, “It is sufficient to pray the Almighty. Her problem will come to an end in six months. Moreover, for this lady, perform a yagna yourself.” – and He instructed me with what to be done, what Mantras to be used etc.

The lady bid farewell, pleased.

The same lady came after four months with her husband and her daughter.

“My husband is a changed man now. The disease he had got has reduced too. This is a great miracle. Generally, in our belief, if a girl gets married to a person of a different faith, we abandon her from our society and I was scared if we will be in such a condition. But my daughter’s mind has changed now too. This is the second miracle.

But something great happened than all these. The Agastya Muni had changed our lives from a poor lady who was about to commit suicide to a millionaire’s daughter. The same millionaire has given money to my husband to start his business. What more of a blessing do we need? All the praise goes to the Almighty!” – said that lady.

I was happy too. I prayed to Agastya to do such miracles to everyone!

~ to be continued…!

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