The GOS 108 – Who are you to intervene in others’ beliefs?

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Sanatana Dhrama emphasizes on the count 108. This being the 108th post, we request our readers to reflect upon the title of this post, which is not only the need of the hour but also a great starting point to dive deeper within. Read this interesting post from one of our readers Madhavendra Singh.

The divine glance of Siddhas are always around us. But it is we who do not know about it. We focus on what happens in front of us and get distracted and get drawn. The Siddhas quietly watch the drama of our life, waiting for us to realize. My friend often says, ‘the Siddhas protect the world as per the orders of the Almighty. That is why, even if we end up doing bigger crimes, they ensure that the dharma is maintained, they forgive us and guide us in the right direction’. As the strength of dharma increases, prosperity increases. If we have truthful, without expectation, a love of surrender, at any situation, there will be a protective circle around us.
Let us see a true incident reflecting this.

It was a poor family of the head, his wife, their son, his wife and two children. The son and daughter-in-law were at work. The lady of the house was very devoted to the Siddhas. She does not go to the temples, but whenever she gets time, she conducts pooja by anyone who knows at their house by placing the pictures of Siddhas. She does not even know how to differentiate between each of the Siddhas. As per her, all the Siddhas are one and the same.

She gets up early, lits up a lamp and does meditation. Most part of the meditation becomes a motionless silence. She then gets busy with the daily chores of the family. She gets absorbed in her meditation in such a way at times, that her husband has to bring her back to the senses. This irked him after a couple of days. Just as every family, theirs too had some trouble. One of the grand children of theirs was dumb. They did all sorts of medications but none helped. There wasn’t any disability that was seen either. In spite of this, the child never utterred the melodious ‘Amma’ sound that they longed to hear.

This lady never spared a day without praying for this condition. But she had a firm belief that the Siddhas are there and their grace is upon us. Even though, our task is to pray to them to show us a way out of this problem.

Everything has its time. Siddhas sometimes divines a play and then show us their grace.

The man of the family lost his patience one day and he said:

“You’re doing pooja everyday but what’s the use? The problem with this child hasn’t got a solution. Who knows what sin it has committed that it has born here to suffer and to make us suffer too. The Siddhas to whom you pray, are they all closing their eyes? When will we get our problems solved? Instead of finding a solution to this, you are wasting time by closing your eyes in the name of meditation. Just leave all these and focus on taking care of the family. Enough of the pooja you do.”

The lady did not listen to this man as she was absorbed in her meditation and pooja. She felt as if someone told her in her ears to ‘ignore what this may says’.

Her husband thought, ‘Ok, she hasn’t listened. Let’s visit this in a while’ and went out. When he came back in about ten minutes, he found the lady seated in meditation still. He got frustrated.

“How many times have I told you? How dare you ignore what I said?” – saying this, he kicked her. This startled the lady who got up and said, “O what are you doing? What happened?”

“What happened?!! I am standing here barking like a dog, you sit in meditation, pooja and all that? There is no use in what all you have done. You say that it is all for the grand child, but what has the Siddhas to whom you pray done to us?” – by saying this, he threw away the pictures of the Siddhas kept in the pooja room.

The lady really got shocked and shaken, “O please don’t do this. This is a hideous sin. This might affect our family in unforeseen ways. Please don’t”. – She cried and pleaded, and began to collect the threwn pictures only to put them back in their place.

He saw these, “You will do pooja only if these pictures remain isn’t it? You are not supposed to do pooja here henceforth” – and he began to tear the pictures one by one.

The lady started crying profusely. The man realized that she might just use a glue to paste the torn pictures to continue her pooja and so he placed all the pieces and set them on fire. The fire rose up and the lady fell down unconscious on seeing this.

Her husband thought that even that was a drama and he stormed out. The fire began to rise with the lady lying down with no one else at home except the grand child who walked slowly towards the lady only to lie down on her chest. It had put its thumb in its mouth and had slept off eventually.

A sudden breeze got the lady’s saree piece catch fire. Eventually, her husband realized what a grave mistake he has done by leaving the child alone at home with the lady not in her consciousness, even greater sin than burning the pictures of the Siddhas. When he came home, what he saw stopped his heart for a while. The lady lying unconscious with the grand child sleeping on her chest, the tip of the saree with fire on it, slowly coming close to her shoulders!

He jumped in and lifted the child up and took a basin of water, threw the water at her neck while shouting. The water fell elsewhere, didn’t quench the fire, but instead, the fire caught up in the curtain. The neighbors heard his scream and came out for help to put the fire down. He got hold of the lady and took her to another room and woke her up by sprinkling water on her face.

The lady who was completly oblivious about what has happened smelled a burnt cloth. He looked at her husband who bowed down his head on shame. She got up slowly and went to the pooja room, only to see all the pictures had become ashes. The lady quietly went in to her room followed by her husband. She opened her closet to pick change of clothes but found all those burnt pictures of the Siddhas there, only shining more. The husband ran in to the pooja room to find that there were no traces of the ashes or the burn. He was witnessing all these with a shock when someone called out at the entrance.

There stood a sadhu at the gate and the man got irritated. He asked, “Ah here! What is that you want?”

“I am very thirsty. I need some water.” – said the Sadhu, in a soft tone.

“Wait here.” – said the man and came out with water. The Sadhu was not to be seen. There was a palm leaf at the entrance. He put the tumbler down and took the palm leaves with shaking hands to see what is in it.

It was written as below:

You fool! Due to your wife’s devotion and prayer, we have been protecting you. How many mistakes will you do? Though you cannot think on your own, who gave you the rights to interfere in others’ beliefs or to destroy them? The reason for your grand-child not able to speak is because of the sin you had committed while you were young. How many great souls you have
spoken ill of? How many did you scolded? It is the karmic effect of that curse which has befallen you, affected you through the child’s disability. In the life lived, though not have done anything good, not having spoken good, it is all enough if one does not do any harm, does not speak anything harm. You have committed all these and on top of that, you are blaming Us? This is your last chance. If you can, appreciate others’ beliefs. Else, stand back and let them live their life as per their beliefs. Your grand child will begin to speak in a few months.

There was a name after all that was written. It read “Karuvoorar”!

He was totally shaken. He took the palm leaf to his wife and stood silently. The lady read all that was written and shed tears of joy.

“The Siddhas whom I believed haven’t abandoned me, it is very clear from this.” – the lady touched her eyes with the leaf, as if worshiping it. She took the palm leaf at once to the pooja room and placed it under the picture of Karuvoorar. She prostrated before it with utmost devotion.

She got up early as usual in the early morning and went in to the pooja room. A surprise awaited her. The lamps were lit with the aroma of insence sticks and sambrani. In a corner was seated her husband, absorbed in meditation. A new episode began in their lives from then on. As the Siddha divined, the grand child began to speak and the family’s joy knew no bounds. Today, the couple have become ardent devotees of the Siddhas!

The Siddhas are with us at all times. They are witnessing what we do, guide us and lift us up when we need. It is us who do not realize this. This is because we seldom pay close attention to what happens. If we have the faith and let it grow, we will surely get their grace, always.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 107 – Gorakh Nath intervenes

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How graceful the Siddhas are, only a few people know. Even to experience that, one should have done the greatest of good karmas in the past. They see our Karma, how qualified we are, if our future actions will be oriented to spirituality and faith towards God, analyze all these and only then their grace is bestowed upon us. Everything is His deed, but we sometime forget it. It is because we tend to believe what happens before our eyes. The grace of Siddhas won’t be available without a test. When we are tested, how are we reacting, are we passing the test, all these matter in getting their grace. Let us see such a true incident today.

He walked out of the house and roamed around freely. His business had suffered a great loss. The debt had crossed his neck that he had lost the energy to face the challenges of meeting the daily needs of the family, to take care of them, he simply did not know what to do. Suddenly, he felt an urge to go to a mountainous range and commit suicide. The place he reached was the Podhigail Hills’ basement.

He didn’t have anything to eat and so the hunger and tiredness pushed him towards a neem tree on whose lap he just dozed off.

He woke up suddenly and found a bowl made of clay with water, and a banana leaf coiled with food. He was surprised. Who would have kept this food and water knowing that I am hungry?  He could not go deeper in thought as he was hungry. He consumed the food.

He felt that place to be ideal to stay. “Let us stay here. If we get food, let’s eat or else, let’s just pray and meditate on the Almighty”, he decided. The suicidal thought got washed away temporarily.

Three days went by. He seldom felt hungry and neither did someone bring food. On the fourth day, he felt hungry and when he opened his eyes from meditation, he found the food and water in front of him! He ate the food, surprised within.

“Who will do this with such a grace and mercy, by searching for my place? How do they know that I am hungry?” – he thought while eating.

At that time, there was a subtle voice that floated from a corner of the forest.

You fool! You grew desires without being eligible, wanted to do business more than what was required and fell in debt.  Once you lost control, you have abandoned the family which believed in you and came here to commit suicide. Go away from here for the time has come for your problems to disappear. Go at once.

But he was determined that he won’t move away from that place if he doesn’t get the money. Else, he will spend the rest of his life right here. The voice however kept saying what it said. He ignored it.

He continued his meditation.

Three days went by. There wasn’t any food available. He wasn’t hungry either for these days. The voice however kept reminding him to ‘get back’. He then decided that there is no use in waiting and expecting and thereby he jumped out of the nearby cliff.

As he was rushing down, he lost his consciousness. When he woke up, he found himself being carried by a Siddha amidst the clouds. As he was very hungry afterwards, he fell unconscious again. He then felt that water is being smeared on his face and he found a person appearing like a Siddha looking at him, with all the grace available possibly. He gave him some honey and fruits to quench his hunger and then began to speak.

Son, there has been arrangements to solve your problems. Go back home. You will understand everything. Leave the idea of committing suicide. This is a holy mountain. Do not do a mistake and spoil its holiness. There is still good time for you. Go and live in a good manner and do good. My blessings.

He did not understand whether it was a dream or not.

“O Swamy, who are you? What is your name? Why did you save me?”

I am Korakka (Gorakh Nath)! As per the orders of the chief of Siddhas, Agastya Muni, I saved you. You are a blessed one” – Korakka smiled at him when he was looking and walked away slowly and disappeared.

He wanted to ask something and he stepped forward. His legs tapped on something. He looked down to see a pot. He opened it and was taken aback as it contained lot of money. He took that thinking that it has been ordained by the Siddha and came home where another miracle awaited him. Somebody had paid off all his debts. He realized the truth and from then on, he lives a moral life, earns good and is making good progress in the spiritual journey.  Though he was greedy earlier, he had the grace of the Siddhas, to have saved and blessed by the Siddhas. He himself asked Korakka on a day whether he was qualified to receive such a grace for which Korakka replied, “Yes, you indeed have done good karma.” This is a testimony that the Siddhas live amidst us even today, and help us when we need it the most.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 106 – Mooligai Siththan

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What is destined of someone, when will that happen, only the Almighty and the Siddhas know. W‎hile it is God who makes one a Siddha, it is the Siddhas who take one to the Siddha-Marga (marga – way). Irrespective of which clan, caste or race one belongs to, if the person’s deeds are good and if they are destined, it is sure that they will reach the top.

That boy’s name is “Muni”. He was living in a poor family in the basement of Kolli Hills. The family was not well to do to send him to school. He was taming the cows and sheep of the village, pick up dry weeds from the woods and by selling them, he was making a living. He however longs for when he watches the other children going to school but the practical condition urged him to continue with his work.

When he was watching the animals from a distance, he got a thought. “Why shouldn’t we stay in this jungle and be free? Have we not done even a tiny bit of good karma? Even if we have done enough bad, we could pray to God and search for salvation.” – he thought.

Indeed his thoughts were correct. It was his karma. But it was due to his previous birth’s vasanas (to roughly translate, it means desires but it means a lot more) that led him think so. Who knows when God wants to play with whom? Even the Siddhas wanted to play, which at first might appear as if confusing at first, it will lead to a good result.

One day, there wasn’t any dry-wood available. What else can be sold to sell and feed the family? He went deeper in to the forest which was very dense that even the sunlight didn’t enter. It appeared like dark even in the broad day light. He was tired and so he lied down under a tree, dozed off. When he woke up, it was really dark and he was scared as he began to realize that he lost his way.

From a distance, he heard wild animals, it was as if they were angry as they didn’t get anything to eat. He just wanted to hide somewhere and spend the night. He was terribly hungry as well. As he roamed around, he heard a stream nearby and he walked towards where the sound came from.

His legs felt something suddenly. It was a rare fruit that grows within the jungle. It was filled with aroma. He ate it. It tasted good. That quenched his hunger. He drank the water from the stream, lied down under a tree and slept off again as he was exhausted.

When he woke up, it was broad daylight. He thought of returning to the village as he realized that his parents must have been searching for him. He washed his face in the stream and drank a little water. At that time, he heard a voice that said:

“It is me Kolli Malai Siddha who speaks. You do not have to go back to the village. Be here in this forest in solitude, be in penance.”

He looked at the direction from which the sound came. There weren’t anybody.

The voice continued.

“Are you hungry?”


“Are you scared to be alone here in this forest?”


“Then do what I say. You see that plant with the red fruits, just take three of them and eat. Pluck the leaves of that plant and apply it as a paste all over your body.”

“What’s the use of doing so?”

“If you eat three of the fruits from that plant at once, you won’t feel hunger for the next forty years. You won’t need any food. If you apply the paste of those leaves, no wild animal or insect will come near you, due to its smell. You can roam freely in this jungle.”

He did just as the voice said.

The voice continued, “If you stay here and do penance thinking of Lord Mahadeva, He will appear before you Himself one day. You will understand everything about the rare herbs that grow in this jungle and everywhere else. You will transform in to a Siddha the moment you get Mahadev’s darshan. From that day on, you will be called as the “Mooligai Siddhan” (the Siddha of herbs). Then you shall return to the village and give treatments to others. Everything will be a success.”

He thought for a while and nodded. The time began to run very fast for him.

For the next twenty years, he lived in that jungle researching about the various herbs of that jungle, did penance, and received the darshan of Lord Shiva at the end, was called as “Mooligai Siddhan” thereafter and through the grace of other Siddhas, He is still doing treatments to the villagers and those who suffer with diseases. Those who felt Him pray to him, consider Him as their solace.

They say that they do get help if they search for Him even today.

The God has created the Siddhas and made them live with us for our welfare. We must realize this and live accordingly. There is no doubt that they are waiting to listen to our sincere request and to help us.

~ to be continued…!


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The GOS 105 – Nambi Malai Siddha

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I was thinking that Agastya Muni will only guide people to come out of their problems in the form of Tamil Letters in Gold from the palm leaves. I realized from an experience that at times, He narrates about great souls who are so famous and those Siddhas who entered in to the Siddha Marga (the ways prescribed for and by Siddhas) and have succeeded, but are not known much to the extenal world.

On such a day, I had finished my daily prayers, pooja and meditation, came out of the pooja room only to find that no one had turned up to read the Nadi. I thought, “Looks like it’s a holiday for us today.” In general, it is very rare that I sat quietly without any activity after I had been blessed with the possession of Agastya Jeeva Nadi.

The daily routines of spiritual activities post which when I sit and read Nadi for others, when imbibing the information received in Nadi, it takes a form within myself where I feel that the incident is happening to me,
myself. This has caused a lot of stress and restlessness, many a times. This is because I perceive everyone in the same angle, perhaps.

As that day was quiet, I wanted to know what is happening in the ‘worldly affairs’ and I browsed the newspaper. The mind did not get involved in it and so I thought let me read the Nadi and see what the Maharishi has to say. I prayed to Him and started reading.

Just as expected, The Maha Muni appeared and started narrating about a Siddha Purusha whom the world does not know. Let us see that today.

He was around 13 years of age. An argument broke out in the house and he walked out angrily. He wandered wherever he wanted to go, penniless. He became very hungry and stood before a tea-stall, expecting that someone
will give something to eat. None bothered but. It was getting dark and he did not want to return home. Due to hunger, he dozed off and it was around 10 in the night.

He awoke as he felt somebody tapping him. A Sadhu stood before. That Sadhu fed him with a few fruits with so much of love and got him a tea from the shop. He was so hungry that he didn’t even thank the Sadhu and ate hurriedly. He was quietly watching him eat and afterwards said, “Will you come along with me to the mountain?”

He was happy that his hunger was quenched. He happily nodded. He began to walk along with him. The place where they went is called “Nambi Malai” near Tirunelveli.

On the hill, he made him sit near a stream under a tree and gave him a Mantra-Upadesha (the tradition of Sanatana Dharma follows bestowing a Mantra from the Guru to the disciple and it is being followed for thousands of years now, nay, for yugas now).

“Till I come back, chant this Mantra and meditate. If ever felt hungry, eat these herbs and drink water from this stream.” – he walked away.He asked suddenly, “When will you come back?”

“I sure will meet you.” – said the Sadhu. He did not know that it will be many days for him to return.

He did what he said, chanted the mantra and meditated on it. The Sadhu did not seem to come. The night and the various noise from different animals made him tremble. He opened his eyes to find even the trees scaring him.
With no one around, he thought that only the Mantra can save him, closed his eyes and tried hard to forget about the external world. As the chanting went on, a strange courage built in him. At a stage, when the body became very light, he was very interested. He continued chanting.

That Sadhu did not come back.

In the night fall nearing the first Jama (Yaama otherwise), a light appeared before him suddenly. Some instructions came out of it as clairvoyance.

“From today, you will be called as Nambi Malai Siththan. The qualities of a Siddha will arise in you. In this jungle, you will save those people who come to have the darshan of this Lord.”

From that minute, a lot of changes started happening in his body. He was keenly observing all of them. He felt as if someone entered his body and was regulating the way he breathes. That, that minute was a turning point
of his life. From that day, he became a Siddha. Then out of his meditation, he realized that it was Kaalangi Nadha Siddha who bestowed the attributes of a Siddha to Him, whom He assumed as His Guru. To this day, he roams in Nambi Malai. With his meditative powers, He has changed the Nambi Malai in to a greener, more plush and have reduced the ferociousness of the wild animals and is protecting those who come over to have the darshan of Nambi Malai Perumal (Lord Narayana) in arooba (shukshma) form.

When Agastya Muni narrated this incident, one thing was crystal clear. A Siddha can come out from anywhere, whenever. When we go to any mountain, there will be a Siddha Purusha who will be waiting to bestow the grace on
us. It us we who ought to understand this and be accordingly.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 104 – Clarity & faith can move mountains

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My firm belief is that the Siddhas protect the world, if we see some of the incidents. As though the God Almighty has given the power of attorney to the Siddhas and has gone for vacation. Though we pray to God, many a times, He shows us the way through the Siddhas only.

I was reading the Nadi of Bhoga Siddha that day when a couple came and saluted. They appeared poor. I asked them about the reason for their visit. They said:

“O Sire, we have a 12 year old daughter. From birth, she is deaf and dumb and mentally unstable. We are a very poor family and we have nobody to help us. We tried all treatments that we could afford but of no use. The only thing resulted was the spending of money and we becoming indebted. We heard that you read the Nadi and suggest medicines and the grace of Siddhas. Can you please get a medicine from the Siddhas?” – they were in tears.

I was astonished to see the way they asked. When asking for help from someone, one has to know how to ask for help in the correct manner. Though appeared illeterate, I was inspired by the way they asked for help correctly. I felt that there will be an apt reply from the Siddha and I opened Bhoga’s Nadi after praying the way it is to be done.

The message that appeared was very fast and so was the way it ended. Yes, Bhoga Siddha is well versed in conveying any big thing in a short and sweet manner. This time too He said, “Take your daughter to Kolli Hills within three days. There she will get a new life.”

I asked them to carry out this task at once but began to think myself.

“They appear to be very poor. Where will they stay in Kolli Hills? Who will identify them and provide them medicine? Instead of making them roam around like this, it would have been great if Bhoga Siddha had mentioned them the name of the medicine.”

However, what miracle is the Siddha going to make? Who knows? One thing is for sure. It is a good omen that He Himself asked them to go to Kolli Hills and that they will be guided properly, I felt. Three months passed by and I did not hear anything from them. I got busy reading Nadi for others. On a day, I suddenly thought about them and wanted to ask Bhoga Siddha Himself. I opened the Nadi.

“As per Bhoga’s orders, the parents and daughter climbed the mountain. The treatment is in progress. They will return once it is complete. Have patience till then.” – I gave a sigh of relief.

Six months passed by.

The parents came with their daughter, all appeared happy. The male narrated:

“As per the Bhoga Siddha, we reached the basement of Kolli Hills and were thinking whom to ask what. Then there came a person who appeared like a beggar: “There is a pooja going on in Shiva temple. There is a Siddha. If He wishes, your problem will be cured. When He comes closer, ask your daughter to fall at His feet. There will be a cure to your daughter’s problem.”

We went to the temple he mentioned. Inside that temple, there were many of them who appeared like Siddhas. We did not know who ‘that’ Siddha was and were motionless. It was a full-moon day and so the pooja was very elaborate. We waited patiently till the pooja was over. When it got over, a person who appeared very tall came out of the crowd. He had such a light in his eyes! The moment we saw him, our daughter fell at his feet all by herself. We were surprised. A girl who cannot understand anything at all,
how did she do this? We fell at His feet too. We having said nothing, He said, “I shall give the medicine once the pooja is over.” We said, “Very well Swami. We shall wait.”

We were surprised, got goose pimps all over our body thinking that our daughter indeed will see the light, we thanked the Lord and that Swami and were watching the pooja they were doing, standing in a corner. Till the end, the way the pooja was done made us feel goose pimps all over. It was as if the Lord Almighty was present Himself, accepting the offering they were doing, we felt. We have visited many a temples, but never have we seen such a pooja.

Once it got over, He came with a herbal tonic and asked my daughter to drink. Then He said, “Come after fourty days. Till then, follow some regulations strictly and explained them in detail. We bid farewell with tears in our eyes and returned after fourty days. He was there, gave another tonic to our daughter to drink. Again fourty days of regulations, a revisit. This continued for about six months and once six months pass by, He said, “The medicine in-take is sufficient. Your daughter will become alright within one Mandala (48 days). Observe the regulations. No need to come here. To the ‘Vaidhyanatha Swamy’ (Lord Shiva) in your town,
arrange for an Abhisheka. That will be the respect you will show to the Lord. We do not want anything”. He said these and as we were looking at him awe-struck, he walked inside the sanctum sanctorum and disappeared!!!”

“Talk to my daughter yourself. She has become perfectly alright.” he said. I could not believe what has happened. That girl folded her hands paying Namaskar and prostrated before me. I got tears in my eyes. I lifted her off saying, “Amma, You are blessed by the Siddha. You should not prostrated before me.” – I lifted both my hands and blessed her.

Then I asked him, “Ok, whom do you think who had come there?”

“The one who installed the Nava Bhashana Muruga idol in Pazhani, The Bhoga Siddha, who else can that be?” – said that poor, illeterate person with so much of clarity. I met a person who is called illeterate but with that clarity for the first time in my life. I was immensely happy that I shook both his hands with both of mine.

The moral of this incident is: Even if a problem comes that seems like the very livelihood will disappear, if one remains absolutely clear and with steadfast faith….he or she will get the darshan of Siddha such as this person. They will get the blessing of such a pooja being conducted, to remain right there and witness it. Above all, a permanent solution to the problem will appear.

If we have got the Grace of Siddha, there won’t be anything for us that is not achievable.

~ to be continued…!