The GOS 105 – Nambi Malai Siddha

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I was thinking that Agastya Muni will only guide people to come out of their problems in the form of Tamil Letters in Gold from the palm leaves. I realized from an experience that at times, He narrates about great souls who are so famous and those Siddhas who entered in to the Siddha Marga (the ways prescribed for and by Siddhas) and have succeeded, but are not known much to the extenal world.

On such a day, I had finished my daily prayers, pooja and meditation, came out of the pooja room only to find that no one had turned up to read the Nadi. I thought, “Looks like it’s a holiday for us today.” In general, it is very rare that I sat quietly without any activity after I had been blessed with the possession of Agastya Jeeva Nadi.

The daily routines of spiritual activities post which when I sit and read Nadi for others, when imbibing the information received in Nadi, it takes a form within myself where I feel that the incident is happening to me,
myself. This has caused a lot of stress and restlessness, many a times. This is because I perceive everyone in the same angle, perhaps.

As that day was quiet, I wanted to know what is happening in the ‘worldly affairs’ and I browsed the newspaper. The mind did not get involved in it and so I thought let me read the Nadi and see what the Maharishi has to say. I prayed to Him and started reading.

Just as expected, The Maha Muni appeared and started narrating about a Siddha Purusha whom the world does not know. Let us see that today.

He was around 13 years of age. An argument broke out in the house and he walked out angrily. He wandered wherever he wanted to go, penniless. He became very hungry and stood before a tea-stall, expecting that someone
will give something to eat. None bothered but. It was getting dark and he did not want to return home. Due to hunger, he dozed off and it was around 10 in the night.

He awoke as he felt somebody tapping him. A Sadhu stood before. That Sadhu fed him with a few fruits with so much of love and got him a tea from the shop. He was so hungry that he didn’t even thank the Sadhu and ate hurriedly. He was quietly watching him eat and afterwards said, “Will you come along with me to the mountain?”

He was happy that his hunger was quenched. He happily nodded. He began to walk along with him. The place where they went is called “Nambi Malai” near Tirunelveli.

On the hill, he made him sit near a stream under a tree and gave him a Mantra-Upadesha (the tradition of Sanatana Dharma follows bestowing a Mantra from the Guru to the disciple and it is being followed for thousands of years now, nay, for yugas now).

“Till I come back, chant this Mantra and meditate. If ever felt hungry, eat these herbs and drink water from this stream.” – he walked away.He asked suddenly, “When will you come back?”

“I sure will meet you.” – said the Sadhu. He did not know that it will be many days for him to return.

He did what he said, chanted the mantra and meditated on it. The Sadhu did not seem to come. The night and the various noise from different animals made him tremble. He opened his eyes to find even the trees scaring him.
With no one around, he thought that only the Mantra can save him, closed his eyes and tried hard to forget about the external world. As the chanting went on, a strange courage built in him. At a stage, when the body became very light, he was very interested. He continued chanting.

That Sadhu did not come back.

In the night fall nearing the first Jama (Yaama otherwise), a light appeared before him suddenly. Some instructions came out of it as clairvoyance.

“From today, you will be called as Nambi Malai Siththan. The qualities of a Siddha will arise in you. In this jungle, you will save those people who come to have the darshan of this Lord.”

From that minute, a lot of changes started happening in his body. He was keenly observing all of them. He felt as if someone entered his body and was regulating the way he breathes. That, that minute was a turning point
of his life. From that day, he became a Siddha. Then out of his meditation, he realized that it was Kaalangi Nadha Siddha who bestowed the attributes of a Siddha to Him, whom He assumed as His Guru. To this day, he roams in Nambi Malai. With his meditative powers, He has changed the Nambi Malai in to a greener, more plush and have reduced the ferociousness of the wild animals and is protecting those who come over to have the darshan of Nambi Malai Perumal (Lord Narayana) in arooba (shukshma) form.

When Agastya Muni narrated this incident, one thing was crystal clear. A Siddha can come out from anywhere, whenever. When we go to any mountain, there will be a Siddha Purusha who will be waiting to bestow the grace on
us. It us we who ought to understand this and be accordingly.

~ to be continued…!

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3 thoughts on “The GOS 105 – Nambi Malai Siddha

  1. subramaniam says:

    Thank you for this excellent article.
    Is this Nadi from which you wrote this article still being read by someone.
    your reply is appreciated.

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