The GOS 106 – Mooligai Siththan

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What is destined of someone, when will that happen, only the Almighty and the Siddhas know. W‎hile it is God who makes one a Siddha, it is the Siddhas who take one to the Siddha-Marga (marga – way). Irrespective of which clan, caste or race one belongs to, if the person’s deeds are good and if they are destined, it is sure that they will reach the top.

That boy’s name is “Muni”. He was living in a poor family in the basement of Kolli Hills. The family was not well to do to send him to school. He was taming the cows and sheep of the village, pick up dry weeds from the woods and by selling them, he was making a living. He however longs for when he watches the other children going to school but the practical condition urged him to continue with his work.

When he was watching the animals from a distance, he got a thought. “Why shouldn’t we stay in this jungle and be free? Have we not done even a tiny bit of good karma? Even if we have done enough bad, we could pray to God and search for salvation.” – he thought.

Indeed his thoughts were correct. It was his karma. But it was due to his previous birth’s vasanas (to roughly translate, it means desires but it means a lot more) that led him think so. Who knows when God wants to play with whom? Even the Siddhas wanted to play, which at first might appear as if confusing at first, it will lead to a good result.

One day, there wasn’t any dry-wood available. What else can be sold to sell and feed the family? He went deeper in to the forest which was very dense that even the sunlight didn’t enter. It appeared like dark even in the broad day light. He was tired and so he lied down under a tree, dozed off. When he woke up, it was really dark and he was scared as he began to realize that he lost his way.

From a distance, he heard wild animals, it was as if they were angry as they didn’t get anything to eat. He just wanted to hide somewhere and spend the night. He was terribly hungry as well. As he roamed around, he heard a stream nearby and he walked towards where the sound came from.

His legs felt something suddenly. It was a rare fruit that grows within the jungle. It was filled with aroma. He ate it. It tasted good. That quenched his hunger. He drank the water from the stream, lied down under a tree and slept off again as he was exhausted.

When he woke up, it was broad daylight. He thought of returning to the village as he realized that his parents must have been searching for him. He washed his face in the stream and drank a little water. At that time, he heard a voice that said:

“It is me Kolli Malai Siddha who speaks. You do not have to go back to the village. Be here in this forest in solitude, be in penance.”

He looked at the direction from which the sound came. There weren’t anybody.

The voice continued.

“Are you hungry?”


“Are you scared to be alone here in this forest?”


“Then do what I say. You see that plant with the red fruits, just take three of them and eat. Pluck the leaves of that plant and apply it as a paste all over your body.”

“What’s the use of doing so?”

“If you eat three of the fruits from that plant at once, you won’t feel hunger for the next forty years. You won’t need any food. If you apply the paste of those leaves, no wild animal or insect will come near you, due to its smell. You can roam freely in this jungle.”

He did just as the voice said.

The voice continued, “If you stay here and do penance thinking of Lord Mahadeva, He will appear before you Himself one day. You will understand everything about the rare herbs that grow in this jungle and everywhere else. You will transform in to a Siddha the moment you get Mahadev’s darshan. From that day on, you will be called as the “Mooligai Siddhan” (the Siddha of herbs). Then you shall return to the village and give treatments to others. Everything will be a success.”

He thought for a while and nodded. The time began to run very fast for him.

For the next twenty years, he lived in that jungle researching about the various herbs of that jungle, did penance, and received the darshan of Lord Shiva at the end, was called as “Mooligai Siddhan” thereafter and through the grace of other Siddhas, He is still doing treatments to the villagers and those who suffer with diseases. Those who felt Him pray to him, consider Him as their solace.

They say that they do get help if they search for Him even today.

The God has created the Siddhas and made them live with us for our welfare. We must realize this and live accordingly. There is no doubt that they are waiting to listen to our sincere request and to help us.

~ to be continued…!


This weeks’ featured image is from Rustamova, thankfully reproduced here. She is a professional artist in traditional art and her works are awesome. Check for yourself!


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