The GOS 107 – Gorakh Nath intervenes

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How graceful the Siddhas are, only a few people know. Even to experience that, one should have done the greatest of good karmas in the past. They see our Karma, how qualified we are, if our future actions will be oriented to spirituality and faith towards God, analyze all these and only then their grace is bestowed upon us. Everything is His deed, but we sometime forget it. It is because we tend to believe what happens before our eyes. The grace of Siddhas won’t be available without a test. When we are tested, how are we reacting, are we passing the test, all these matter in getting their grace. Let us see such a true incident today.

He walked out of the house and roamed around freely. His business had suffered a great loss. The debt had crossed his neck that he had lost the energy to face the challenges of meeting the daily needs of the family, to take care of them, he simply did not know what to do. Suddenly, he felt an urge to go to a mountainous range and commit suicide. The place he reached was the Podhigail Hills’ basement.

He didn’t have anything to eat and so the hunger and tiredness pushed him towards a neem tree on whose lap he just dozed off.

He woke up suddenly and found a bowl made of clay with water, and a banana leaf coiled with food. He was surprised. Who would have kept this food and water knowing that I am hungry?  He could not go deeper in thought as he was hungry. He consumed the food.

He felt that place to be ideal to stay. “Let us stay here. If we get food, let’s eat or else, let’s just pray and meditate on the Almighty”, he decided. The suicidal thought got washed away temporarily.

Three days went by. He seldom felt hungry and neither did someone bring food. On the fourth day, he felt hungry and when he opened his eyes from meditation, he found the food and water in front of him! He ate the food, surprised within.

“Who will do this with such a grace and mercy, by searching for my place? How do they know that I am hungry?” – he thought while eating.

At that time, there was a subtle voice that floated from a corner of the forest.

You fool! You grew desires without being eligible, wanted to do business more than what was required and fell in debt.  Once you lost control, you have abandoned the family which believed in you and came here to commit suicide. Go away from here for the time has come for your problems to disappear. Go at once.

But he was determined that he won’t move away from that place if he doesn’t get the money. Else, he will spend the rest of his life right here. The voice however kept saying what it said. He ignored it.

He continued his meditation.

Three days went by. There wasn’t any food available. He wasn’t hungry either for these days. The voice however kept reminding him to ‘get back’. He then decided that there is no use in waiting and expecting and thereby he jumped out of the nearby cliff.

As he was rushing down, he lost his consciousness. When he woke up, he found himself being carried by a Siddha amidst the clouds. As he was very hungry afterwards, he fell unconscious again. He then felt that water is being smeared on his face and he found a person appearing like a Siddha looking at him, with all the grace available possibly. He gave him some honey and fruits to quench his hunger and then began to speak.

Son, there has been arrangements to solve your problems. Go back home. You will understand everything. Leave the idea of committing suicide. This is a holy mountain. Do not do a mistake and spoil its holiness. There is still good time for you. Go and live in a good manner and do good. My blessings.

He did not understand whether it was a dream or not.

“O Swamy, who are you? What is your name? Why did you save me?”

I am Korakka (Gorakh Nath)! As per the orders of the chief of Siddhas, Agastya Muni, I saved you. You are a blessed one” – Korakka smiled at him when he was looking and walked away slowly and disappeared.

He wanted to ask something and he stepped forward. His legs tapped on something. He looked down to see a pot. He opened it and was taken aback as it contained lot of money. He took that thinking that it has been ordained by the Siddha and came home where another miracle awaited him. Somebody had paid off all his debts. He realized the truth and from then on, he lives a moral life, earns good and is making good progress in the spiritual journey.  Though he was greedy earlier, he had the grace of the Siddhas, to have saved and blessed by the Siddhas. He himself asked Korakka on a day whether he was qualified to receive such a grace for which Korakka replied, “Yes, you indeed have done good karma.” This is a testimony that the Siddhas live amidst us even today, and help us when we need it the most.

~ to be continued…!

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