The GOS 108 – Who are you to intervene in others’ beliefs?

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Sanatana Dhrama emphasizes on the count 108. This being the 108th post, we request our readers to reflect upon the title of this post, which is not only the need of the hour but also a great starting point to dive deeper within. Read this interesting post from one of our readers Madhavendra Singh.

The divine glance of Siddhas are always around us. But it is we who do not know about it. We focus on what happens in front of us and get distracted and get drawn. The Siddhas quietly watch the drama of our life, waiting for us to realize. My friend often says, ‘the Siddhas protect the world as per the orders of the Almighty. That is why, even if we end up doing bigger crimes, they ensure that the dharma is maintained, they forgive us and guide us in the right direction’. As the strength of dharma increases, prosperity increases. If we have truthful, without expectation, a love of surrender, at any situation, there will be a protective circle around us.
Let us see a true incident reflecting this.

It was a poor family of the head, his wife, their son, his wife and two children. The son and daughter-in-law were at work. The lady of the house was very devoted to the Siddhas. She does not go to the temples, but whenever she gets time, she conducts pooja by anyone who knows at their house by placing the pictures of Siddhas. She does not even know how to differentiate between each of the Siddhas. As per her, all the Siddhas are one and the same.

She gets up early, lits up a lamp and does meditation. Most part of the meditation becomes a motionless silence. She then gets busy with the daily chores of the family. She gets absorbed in her meditation in such a way at times, that her husband has to bring her back to the senses. This irked him after a couple of days. Just as every family, theirs too had some trouble. One of the grand children of theirs was dumb. They did all sorts of medications but none helped. There wasn’t any disability that was seen either. In spite of this, the child never utterred the melodious ‘Amma’ sound that they longed to hear.

This lady never spared a day without praying for this condition. But she had a firm belief that the Siddhas are there and their grace is upon us. Even though, our task is to pray to them to show us a way out of this problem.

Everything has its time. Siddhas sometimes divines a play and then show us their grace.

The man of the family lost his patience one day and he said:

“You’re doing pooja everyday but what’s the use? The problem with this child hasn’t got a solution. Who knows what sin it has committed that it has born here to suffer and to make us suffer too. The Siddhas to whom you pray, are they all closing their eyes? When will we get our problems solved? Instead of finding a solution to this, you are wasting time by closing your eyes in the name of meditation. Just leave all these and focus on taking care of the family. Enough of the pooja you do.”

The lady did not listen to this man as she was absorbed in her meditation and pooja. She felt as if someone told her in her ears to ‘ignore what this may says’.

Her husband thought, ‘Ok, she hasn’t listened. Let’s visit this in a while’ and went out. When he came back in about ten minutes, he found the lady seated in meditation still. He got frustrated.

“How many times have I told you? How dare you ignore what I said?” – saying this, he kicked her. This startled the lady who got up and said, “O what are you doing? What happened?”

“What happened?!! I am standing here barking like a dog, you sit in meditation, pooja and all that? There is no use in what all you have done. You say that it is all for the grand child, but what has the Siddhas to whom you pray done to us?” – by saying this, he threw away the pictures of the Siddhas kept in the pooja room.

The lady really got shocked and shaken, “O please don’t do this. This is a hideous sin. This might affect our family in unforeseen ways. Please don’t”. – She cried and pleaded, and began to collect the threwn pictures only to put them back in their place.

He saw these, “You will do pooja only if these pictures remain isn’t it? You are not supposed to do pooja here henceforth” – and he began to tear the pictures one by one.

The lady started crying profusely. The man realized that she might just use a glue to paste the torn pictures to continue her pooja and so he placed all the pieces and set them on fire. The fire rose up and the lady fell down unconscious on seeing this.

Her husband thought that even that was a drama and he stormed out. The fire began to rise with the lady lying down with no one else at home except the grand child who walked slowly towards the lady only to lie down on her chest. It had put its thumb in its mouth and had slept off eventually.

A sudden breeze got the lady’s saree piece catch fire. Eventually, her husband realized what a grave mistake he has done by leaving the child alone at home with the lady not in her consciousness, even greater sin than burning the pictures of the Siddhas. When he came home, what he saw stopped his heart for a while. The lady lying unconscious with the grand child sleeping on her chest, the tip of the saree with fire on it, slowly coming close to her shoulders!

He jumped in and lifted the child up and took a basin of water, threw the water at her neck while shouting. The water fell elsewhere, didn’t quench the fire, but instead, the fire caught up in the curtain. The neighbors heard his scream and came out for help to put the fire down. He got hold of the lady and took her to another room and woke her up by sprinkling water on her face.

The lady who was completly oblivious about what has happened smelled a burnt cloth. He looked at her husband who bowed down his head on shame. She got up slowly and went to the pooja room, only to see all the pictures had become ashes. The lady quietly went in to her room followed by her husband. She opened her closet to pick change of clothes but found all those burnt pictures of the Siddhas there, only shining more. The husband ran in to the pooja room to find that there were no traces of the ashes or the burn. He was witnessing all these with a shock when someone called out at the entrance.

There stood a sadhu at the gate and the man got irritated. He asked, “Ah here! What is that you want?”

“I am very thirsty. I need some water.” – said the Sadhu, in a soft tone.

“Wait here.” – said the man and came out with water. The Sadhu was not to be seen. There was a palm leaf at the entrance. He put the tumbler down and took the palm leaves with shaking hands to see what is in it.

It was written as below:

You fool! Due to your wife’s devotion and prayer, we have been protecting you. How many mistakes will you do? Though you cannot think on your own, who gave you the rights to interfere in others’ beliefs or to destroy them? The reason for your grand-child not able to speak is because of the sin you had committed while you were young. How many great souls you have
spoken ill of? How many did you scolded? It is the karmic effect of that curse which has befallen you, affected you through the child’s disability. In the life lived, though not have done anything good, not having spoken good, it is all enough if one does not do any harm, does not speak anything harm. You have committed all these and on top of that, you are blaming Us? This is your last chance. If you can, appreciate others’ beliefs. Else, stand back and let them live their life as per their beliefs. Your grand child will begin to speak in a few months.

There was a name after all that was written. It read “Karuvoorar”!

He was totally shaken. He took the palm leaf to his wife and stood silently. The lady read all that was written and shed tears of joy.

“The Siddhas whom I believed haven’t abandoned me, it is very clear from this.” – the lady touched her eyes with the leaf, as if worshiping it. She took the palm leaf at once to the pooja room and placed it under the picture of Karuvoorar. She prostrated before it with utmost devotion.

She got up early as usual in the early morning and went in to the pooja room. A surprise awaited her. The lamps were lit with the aroma of insence sticks and sambrani. In a corner was seated her husband, absorbed in meditation. A new episode began in their lives from then on. As the Siddha divined, the grand child began to speak and the family’s joy knew no bounds. Today, the couple have become ardent devotees of the Siddhas!

The Siddhas are with us at all times. They are witnessing what we do, guide us and lift us up when we need. It is us who do not realize this. This is because we seldom pay close attention to what happens. If we have the faith and let it grow, we will surely get their grace, always.

~ to be continued…!

8 thoughts on “The GOS 108 – Who are you to intervene in others’ beliefs?

  1. sujatha says:

    This site is really great.lots of questions remains answered in this site.that’s the grace of siddhas

    • Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

      Om Agastheshwaray Namah

      It’s been really a good example to all of us how we are get protected by Siddhars.

      Thank you to all team members and Madhavendta Singh for sharing the truth.

  2. Dr Anil Pandav says:

    It is 4.35 am in the morning… I was desperately searching for the answer to the problem we are facing…. I am sure I have got the answer… I prostate before Agasthiya Maharshi and pray to him take us and our family out of the situation we are facing….. It’s a huge relief to have this guidance come to me at this auspicious hour… Let Agasthiya Maharshi’s grace take us through this to the final relief we are looking forward to ….

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