The GOS 112 – Doctor Agastya!

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“I am about to perform a critical surgery. I seek the blessings of Sage Agastya.” – asked a young physician who had come from abroad.

“You are about to do a noble task. It will succeed for good. Do not worry.” – I blessed him in general.

“Your blessings encourages me indeed. But pray, please read the Nadi of Agastya as well.”

The Sage asked that a certain prayers to be done and said, “Once this is done, do the surgery and you will succeed.”

He was happy, but he still asked, “Can I go ahead and do this, with courage?” – I was frustrated a bit where I myself said, “How many ever times we ask, the answer from Agastya will be the same.”

As it was me who answered, the physician felt a little dis-heartened and he became quiet.

“Please do not mistake me. Only if the operation in that country succeeds, the hospital where I work will get its name and fame. People from all over the world will come there for treatment. If it fails, it is a great insult to me and so for the hospital. Hence, please request a blessings from Sage Agastya.” – said the doctor slowly.

Some issue is there, otherwise he wouldn’t ask the same question again, I understood and so I opened the Nadi again.

Though We have given the blessings, when performing the surgery, to not to have any obstacles or issues, We ourself will stay close and will help the surgery succeed. From today, chant the Gayatri that praises Vaideeswara for 54 times.” – stressed the Maha Muni, like an order.

Only after hearing this, the doctor’s face brightened up. He left happily.

The person who practiced surgery in London and in a few other countries, why should he come here to seek the Nadi, I could not understand then. The doctors mostly won’t believe in astrology. They research in science and they believe that is the only truth. Their focus will be to get the complete hope of the people. Given this generalization, I thought this doctor must have been very devoted to Agastya Muni to have come all the way from a foreign land to seek His blessings to perform a critical surgery.

Once the doctor reached his place, I received a note from the doctor.
“Sir! The surgery is going to happen in three days. My hands and legs have started shivering from today suddenly. My fingers are shaking. This shivering is not out of fear but due to a nervous issue. I am taking a few medicines after consulting with the neuro specialists. This should become alright before tomorrow morning. Please pray to Agastya Muni for me.”

Agastya Muni does not say things just like that. He has given a good blessing and this doctor is scared due to lack of self confidence, I thought. The third day morning came…

The nervous weakness should have been alright now and the surgery might be happening now. The doctor will call me with a good news, I thought. There wasn’t any update from him till the evening. I never used to wait for anyone like this as I used to leave it thinking “Agastya Muni will take care.”


With this doctor’s case, I was a bit nervous. I felt the urge to ask Agastya Muni Himself on what happened. I opened the Nadi and the Maha Muni was not there. How many ever times I prayed, nothing came. I generally pray before I open the Nadi and He appears in a light-form and tells me anything. I will read that to whoever has come seeking for it, as it is, without hiding anything.

But when I opened the Nadi now, all I could see is that palm leaves. The Tamil words that appear in light was not present. What happened to Agastya Muni? Why didn’t He come? More than this, I was worrying if the doctor succeeded in his operation or it did not happen at all etc.

It is not a surprise for me in not finding Agastya Muni in the Nadi as it has happened before, even due to mistakes committed by me. But this time it wasn’t any mistake of mine. The One who spoke to me directly everyday is not here today, then something must have happened, I realized. I prayed that the next day should start in a good manner and kept the Nadi.

The next day early in the morning…

It was around 5 AM. The doctor called me from abroad. “The operation went well. But all I know is that I entered the operation theatre. The operation went for eight hours. A number of people came to help. The other doctors and nurses all told me that I performed the operation. But I wasn’t me there. Some ‘power’ entered my body and it operated swiftly and the operation succeeded. I have no idea whatsoever happened. Please request Agastya Muni to clarify” –  said the doctor!

I realized that my whole body was sweating. I asked the doctor, “How is your nervous weakness?”

“The shivering is still there. I have never got such a thing before. With this much of shivering NO doctor can perform a surgery. I have no idea how that surgery happened. Please request Agastya.” – said the doctor again.

This gave a pleasant shock to me. I opened the Nadi swiftly without wasting much time.

The patient who underwent the surgery had performed milk abhisheka to me in his previous birth, at Kolli hills. Due to his karmic effects, he is suffering now. It is important for him to undergo this surgery to get rid of the disease.

We had committed the young doctor that day as well and We decided to keep our commitment. But only if We save this young doctor from his nervous weakness, his job will be saved and the hospital’s name and fame will spread all over. So We planned. We had Thirumoola along with Us and We entered the doctor’s body and performed the surgery. It succeeded.

Thirumoola got Us out of the doctor’s body. He had kept the Athma (spirit) of the doctor with Him all the while and sent it to his body again. This is what happened dear!” – Agastya gave me a shock treatment.

It took a few days for me to come out of that shock. I hope it will be the same for you…

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 111 – Witch-craft again – Part 2

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In the foreign land, I could see that most of those who came to see Nadi, came with an idea of approaching an astrologer. Though there were quite a few with devotion, there are a large number of rationalists as well is the truth. The group which persuaded the girl to disprove Nadi came in and I welcomed them with a bright smiling face.

The first question thrown at me was this:

“Will my name and my parents’ name come in this palm leaf?”

I asked Agastya Muni on what answer I should give. He said, “Tell him it won’t!”

I said.

“Then we cannot accept this as a Nadi Jyotish” – said one of them.

“So what? If you don’t, you may leave.” – said I.

“No no..but there are some Nadi where our names and our parents’ name, birth star, all these come right?”

“What can I do for that? This is Jeeva Nadi. If Agastya Muni thinks, He will answer. If not, He won’t.”

They were silent for a while and one of them said, “I have faith in Agastya Muni. What will happen to me, please ask Agastya Muni.” – I opened the Nadi.

“You have a eighteen year old son and is struggling with cancer for the past one and a half year. The doctors have sent him home from the hospital saying that it is the last stage. This is what you wanted to ask Agastya, ain’t it?”

That man did not expect this and was visibly shocked. Tears popped out of his eyes.

“Yes. They said that he will be alive only for the next 72 hours.”

I did not say anything but opened the Nadi again.

“You are anxious whether he will survive or not right? Had you asked for this straight, I would have told you a good reply then itself. But you wanted to only test Agastya along with the others. However you behave, only similar reactions will be from Agastya too. What desire is this, to test a Muni?”

The person would have felt shaken. I read the Nadi further.

“What’s the use in telling your name or your parents’ horoscope? Even if I say that your name is not yours and these are not your parents, you aren’t going to believe it. Further, you’ll say that Agastya tells incorrectly. You will curse me and also my beloved son. Even if I tell your name as expected, if whatever I say thereafter does not happen, you’ll scold anyway.”

“Your wife was insane. Two months back, she jumped off the terrace and committed suicide, right?”

The person began to cry. I was looking at him for a while and began to read further.

“Leave everything! These four others seated with you, shall I say the problems they have? For one of them, didn’t his daughter run away with a person from a different caste? There seated the rich gentleman, wasn’t his son found dead in the shore? The forty year old lady seated right in front of me, since her husband abandoned her, she is living with another person without anyone knowing, how fair is that?” – Agastya Muni fired at will.

When I was reading it, those who were seated were dumb-struck and their heads bowed down by itself. Even I felt embarrassed to read it as I did not understand why the Maha Muni was saying all these, where He used to hint at such things only indirectly.

When such things come, those who came to hear will get out if they don’t like it or will be frustrated. But these people were quiet and it wasn’t clear whether they liked what He said or not. There was silence for five minutes. Then the person who spoke first stood up and folded his hands saying, “What the Maha Muni said is all true. There were few astrologers who came and said that they will do a few remedial measures and collected a sum of ten thousand rupees and cheated us. Hence for us, it became an a
sort of allergy when we hear the name Nadi. So we lost hope and spoke ill of it. Whatever came in this Nadi wasn’t there in the previous Nadi. Please forgive us.” – he said these with tears. I was quiet.

He continued, “Will my son survive the cancer?”

I prayed to Agastya Muni and opened the Nadi.

“They have sent your son back home saying that it is the fourth stage of cancer. In truth however, what he has is not cancer but a related disease. It was due to the medicine given by the doctor, that it became cancer. He must be treated at once. But before that, one of them should go to Thirukadayur in India and perform Maha Mrutyunjaya Yagna at once. Also, for the next forty eight days during Brahma Muhurta, Mrutyunjaya Yagna and Ayushya Homa must be performed. He will then survive. Do not worry.”
when the Maha Muni said this, all their faces brightened up.

“We shall do. We shall check with the doctor if any alternate treatment can be done as well. But we aren’t sure if the doctors will accept.” – they said this and bid farewell.

The doctors at first refused the proposal but discussed with a panel of doctors at last and came to a decision. It was to do a surgery for the boy and to cut off the lump, whatever happens and they performed the surgery. It must have been the prayers of all, the surgery was successful and the boy survived. However, the doctors said that they could confirm anything only after 48 hours.

In the meantime, they came to India and performed the Mrutyunjaya Yagna in Thirukadayur temple and made arrangements for the Japa to be done every day. I came to know about the good news later that the boy became alright and the family floats in happiness.

It will be great if such miracles happen for everyone. For some, such things happen at once and for some, it takes a while. For a few, whatever remedial measure they take, nothing happens. Why is this so? I asked the Maha Muni Himself.

“Even I want to change everyone’s fate and hence tell my clairvoyance. But it happens in a series, one after the other. May be Brahma carries out my requests in a delayed manner or He does not like me intervening in His mission. It could as well be a mis-understanding between us. Hence the result.”

I felt heavy at heart when I heard this.

But who are we to assimilate or understand the Siddha’s?

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 110 – Witch-craft, again!

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A friend of mine, who is a devotee of Agastya Muni lives abroad. He wanted me to visit where he lives with the Nadi and to explain the greatness of Jeeva Nadi to the Tamil people who live there. I mentioned that I must get the approval of the Maharishi for anything.

When I asked Agastya Muni humbly about this, He did not accept it, He refused it. Moreover…

Is Agastya an object of sale? To sell? I won’t cross the ocean. There are quite a few who worship me abroad. When a need arise, as per the elder’s order, I appear in a voice, and give my blessings. But if someone thinks of earning money through me, I won’t come!

I mentioned this to my friend and left the matter. But my friend said, “If Agastya Muni approves, whatever prayers must be done, the people here are ready to do. You must please pray for us.” – he compelled.

“I cannot ask now but shall do when time permits.” – I sent him off and asked the same question after three months.

The Maha Muni said, “They are ours, wherever they live. We shall come.” and mentioned certain regulations.

Keep the Jeeva Nadi in your pooja room. Take another palm leaves and come to that country. Do not stay in anybody’s house. Take a room and stay there alone. You must sleep only in the ground. Only to those who have faith in God, We shall open our mouth.

My friend was very happy that the Maharishi accepted to appear in the Nadi in their country. But I was not completely satisfied. There is something about to happen. Hence the Maha Muni is mentioning a lot of conditions.

The Jeeva Nadi I will place in my pooja room, what appears here, will appear in the palm leaves I will carry with me. Through this, the Maharishi will give His clairvoyance, I understood. But what I didn’t is that I am about to face certain problems.

There was a young girl who came to see the Nadi in that country. She looked around and asked, “Has someone kept a witch-craft on me?” as if she asks a very normal question.

“Agastya Muni does not believe in witch-crafts.” – I said.

“Let me make Agastya Muni believe.” – she stood up and began to walk in the room here and there, looking downwards. No idea why she did so. There weren’t anyone other than me and her in that room and it was past 11 in the night. I just received an order from the palm leaves from Agastya Muni.

Put a protective circle around you and save yourself and chant this Mantra. Do not fear for whatever happens. I shall protect you!” – the Maha Muni repeated this.

I have not received such a forecast from Him before. What on earth is she going to do? I thought and she asked…

“Uncle, I am going to jump out of this window. Are you joining me?”

I looked at the window. On the eighth floor of the building I stayed, the window did not have any wall or iron rods in between. If the window is open, its open air. If fallen, that’s the end of it. It’s a foreign country and is nearing midnight. If this girl jumps out
of the window, what will be its effect?

Just as He said, I made a circle around myself by chanting the mantra and looked at that girl. The girl walked here and there started climbing the window. I thought some weird thing is going to happen now.

The next minute, the girl collapsed unconscious. In about ten minutes, she herself spoke…

“I don’t understand what happened here. A wise old man with black beard spoke. He appeared like a Rishi. He looked at me with mercy. He had a kamandalu (the rishis carry a small jug kind of, with water in it) through which he sprinkled water on my face. My mind became very light, as that of a cotton. I felt that some terrible thing left me once for all. It was as if He said, “Do not fear. There won’t be any terrible thing happening to you.” I was about to jump out of the window when He came through the window, held both my hands and made me get down saying, “Here, take some rest.” and made me lie down and went off. I kept looking
at where he was going. He appeared like a light, and disappeared in to the palm leaves you are having! I felt like sleeping thereafter. This is what happened. You have to tell me why this happened.” – she folded her hands and knelt down, asking this quietly while crying.

The girl who said that she will make Agastya Muni believe in witch-craft, spoke all these and I was taken aback. I thanked the Maha Muni and asked Him on who that girl is and why is she in that state.

He said.

In this place, the community from Mangolia and people from our Kerala’s particular community has a very close connection that prevails for at least several hundred years. They follow the Atharvana Veda. They know how to use some demons that appear like witch-craft. But they do not know how to ward off the evil. Such people first protect themselves before invoking such demons as if used incorrectly, it will destroy the whole family clan. So not many use these tricks here. But the people had this fear in their mind.

Half of it is the fear in mind and the remaining half is the dushta-devata (demon). It is not good to research in these, so leave it.”

“This girl had mental agitation and a thought of doing just the opposite to whatever is being said. Hence she challenged even Agastya. But it was the same Agastya who saved her.”

“When she asked if she can jump out of the window, had you said “Ok, jump!”, she wouldn’t have jumped at all. So no need to think of her act as some witch-craft. Somebody has persuaded her to do so and sent her. They will be here shortly too.”

“Do not get scared on seeing their dances. Let me put them in the right path.” – said the Maha Muni and, “This girl will transform. She will become divine and will do remarkable tasks in spirituality. She will become a big power not just here but also in Tamil Nadu. She has freedom now onwards and a great life and future.” – blessed the Maha Muni.

The girl was immensely happy on hearing it too.

I sent her off and right after came the group who had sent here!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 109 – Paramanandha Siddha

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Om Shri Ganeshaya Nama:

Many a times, it is difficult to assimilate the divine plays of Siddhas. Before we understand why they do certain things, why they behave in a certain way, the happenings distract us where we end up thinking ‘only they shall know’. Those who understand the ways of Siddhas even to a little extent, yearn for being in their close proximity. They long for their grace. But it is true that even if we don’t realize, their graceful glance protects us. If a Siddha, for reasons only known to Him, take birth in our family, what will be our state of mind? If we realize that what has come forth is a Siddha-Shakthi, we remain spell bound, pleasantly surprised. Such an incident is today’s post.

It was a poor family but with very limited members. The man, the lady and a male child. They made their livelihood by sowing and harvesting in other’s lands probably for daily wages. Once, due to nature’s fury, the rain failed and the agricultural lands began to get dry. There wasn’t any work in the fields. The family was forced to struggle for food. The elders could somehow fight the hunger but what about a child which is just 18 months old? But that child doesn’t cry. It feeds when the mother is able to and remains quiet if not.

For a week’s time, they did not get any work and the shortage of food began to unfold its effect. How many times can one borrow things from the neighbors? The mother was deeply saddened that she is not able to feed anything to the child and she looked at her. The kid which was sucking his thumb took its finger out and smiled at her. The mother was very surprised for she has never noticed the kid crying out of hunger. If fed, it eats and sleeps off quietly. The abnormal quality of this child made the mother
worry. Is this child having any health issues? If so, what will be done for the treatment?

As the drought increased, many families left the village. This family didn’t have anywhere to go, didn’t know what to do. Not even knowing that if they go to another village, they could find some work and thereby meet the families’ needs, the mother was very disappointed that she is not able to feed the child even once and she came do a decision.

When it was past midnight, she took the sleeping kid with her, unknowing to her husband, walked out of the village towards the pond which was in the outskirts of the village. She had decided that it is better to kill the child than let it suffer with hunger. She kept walking quietly amidst the bright moon light spread everywhere.

She heard a voice calling, “Amma, amma!”

She looked around to find no one else and out of reflex, she cuddled the child to her chest, and the voice was heard subtly but clearly…”Amma!”

She stopped walking and began to look very carefully to see if any sound is heard. The voice was heard again…”Amma” and she was shocked to realize that the sound came right from the white cloth in which she had wrapped her child.

She unwrapped the cloth slowly to see that the kid was awake. It looked at her, smiled at her and waved its hands! She thought, “I must have gone mad. Is this 18 months old kid calling me Amma? No way!” – she brought the kid closer to kiss on its forehead and the shock awaited her.

Yes Amma. I only called you.” – the 18 months old child spoke only very clearly.

The mother was shaken totally, she looked at the child carefully in the moonlight and she found a divine light surrounding it. Her mind said that it is not an ordinary child which has born to her. The infant spoke further.

Mother, if you dip me in to this pond and kill me, will your poverty be gone?”

She felt like slapped. Not knowing what to do, she kept the child in the base of a tree and began to cry profusely, thinking on what she intended to do. The kid kept quiet, as if it waited for her to finish her crying. She then took the kid and walked towards her home and it began to speak again.

To research on who I am can be done later. First you must do what I say at once. Go to the Amman temple in the village. Behind the temple towards the left, there will be a ant-hill (where the snake dwells). There lives a snake. There is still 2.5 nazhikai to sunrise. The snake which went for hunting in the night will return to the ant-hill a minute before sunrise. Reach the ant-hill and put your hands inside and check. You will find the required wealth there. Once got, you and father can take me to the nearby
village called Paakkam. Then you can live there peacefully!

What on earth is this child talking? How can I put my hands in to a snake-hole? What if the snake is inside and if it bites me?

What! Don’t you believe in what I said? Fine. Go to the temple and see for yourself if there is a three-hole ant-hill at the place I mentioned. If so, put your hand in the middle one. You will find a wrapped cloth piece. Take it. Further so, you will find a couple of more clothes wrapped. Take them too. But hurry and don’t delay. The sun is about to rise.” – urged the child.

She resolved to see what comes due to the poverty. Even if the snake was in the hole and if she dies, fair enough, but the child should be saved, she thought and left the child wrapped in the temple and went behind the temple. She did find the ant-hill in the same location and in the same manner. This gave her a boost, “Whatever my child said is just as it is. There must be some truth in it. Let’s see.” and she resolved herself to search within the ant-hill. Her hands did find a wrapped cloth which she pulled. It made a crack in the ant-hill’s entrance while it came out. She opened it to find gold coins inside. She remembered what the kid said and
she searched for the other two bags and found them too. They had gold coins as well.

It was time and the sun came up. She walked towards the temple and she heard a slithering sound. A big cobra looked at her and went inside the ant-hill.

She did just as the kid said and they went to Paakkam village. They never had to beg from others for anything thereafter and their lives became well. They named the child as ‘Paramananthan’. He did not want to go to school. Whenever he got time, he spent in doing yoga, meditation and in medication. He preferred solitude. He voluntarily goes out to help those who suffer from ailments. Be it any disease, when Paramananthan gave medicine, people got rid of them and thereby, his praise began to spread. And so was the enimity. The other practioners of medicine blamed him of not having any qualification or education in medicine and he was a self- proclaimed doctor. He kept quiet for all these accusations. Still, when there was a person who was poisoned, none other than Paramananthan could save. This made the opposers quiet.

One day, Paramananthan disappeared without saying anything to anyone. The parents searched for him but no avail. They thought they are not going to meet him again. Eventually, a person went for pilgrimage said that he found a young sanyasin in Pazhani hills and explained how he looked. The mother could match it with her son and they went to Pazhani to find the
sanyasin with matted locks, a piercing eyes and a divine radiation. The mother knew that it was Paramananthan. She went near him with her motherly love but could not go any closer beyond a point. Something stood between Him and everyone else, which made everyone stand aside. The mind of the Sadhu was motionless, even after seeing the mother. The mother had to
return empty handed.

When her husband passed away, the mother went to Pazhani and stayed with Paramananthan till she breathed her last. Once she passed away, Paramananthan went to many a places, ward off diseases and spread divinity. There used to be a big crowd waiting for Him at Pazhani. He used to look at everyone and slowly goes behind a pillar. The people wait for a while only to find him no longer behind the pillar. Such siddhis were played by Paramanantha who at last on a fine day, with everyone’s presence, dissolved his physical body in thin air and disappeared.

They say that even today if one goes to Pazhani praying to Him, He helps either in person or invisibly.

One might feel that there are a number of unanswered questions after reading this post. The author did ask these questions to the person who gave these incidents for which he smiled and said, “That is why they say that the path of Siddha is that of Shiva’s. Even more clearly, they’ll come, do and go. Understood?”

There are still some questions in my mind though:

1. For a Siddha to take birth from a womb, is it the Vasanas (a half-baked close translation is ‘desires’) or a test?

2. If were to help, does even a Siddha require a birth?

3. Why this divine play?

I haven’t got the answers so far. I am waiting, patiently…

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~ to be continued…!

The Sacred 108

There are countless articles in the internet on the importance of the sacred 108. The one below is from one of our beloved readers Madhavendra Singh in reflecting to our post on The Grace of Siddha 108. We hope that you will like it as much as we do.


About a year back I had been to a local ashram for purchasing a 108 beads Tulasi Mala. Among all the malas available in the shop one small size mala appeared to me the real Tulasi mala but it had only 27 beads. So I purchased 4 such malas and made my own 108 beads mala at home. However my mind started inquiring on rationality of 108 and what it brought forth is submitted here with due modesty seeking the valuable elaboration from the readers:

In all religious matter it’s a common practice for us to top-up a base figure by one. For example we give offerings of Rs 101, 51, 21 etc to Brahmin, astrologer or in a temple. It’s a simple good civilised manner to add a higher respect to an auspicious act. This is just similar to tieing a head gear to our guest of honour. Beside this, an additional count also helps compensate the losses occurring due to bad Japas such as misspell of mantra etc.

Now coming to 108. As per numerology 1+0+8 = 9, which is the largest among 1 to 9 numbers. Further, any figure multiplied by 9 makes it 9 when adding numerologically. For example 9X7 = 63, [6+3=9],  9X38= 342 [3+4+2=9] etc. This unique property of number 9 is not with any other number. Among all the single digit numbers i.e. 1 to 9 the number nine is nothing short of a PARAS MANI. Many scholars recommend that a mantra to be recited at least 9 times in a day.

Further, if we make 4 equal parts of 108 then we have 27, 54, 81, 108. Adding 2+7=9, 5+4=9, 8+1=9, 1+0+8=9. No other number has this property.

¼ ½ ¾ 1
101 25.25 50.50 75.75 101
102 25.50 51 76.50 102
103 25.75 51.50 77.25 103
104 26 52 78 104
105 26.25 52.50 78.75 105
106 26.50 53 79.50 106
107 26.75 53.50 80.25 107
108 27 [2+7=9] 54 [5+4=9] 81 [8+1=9] 108 [1+0+8=9]
109 27.25 54.50 81.75 109


A common man has so many worldly matters to fulfil which can be broadly grouped in 4 groups viz, Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. In order to achieve those mundane goals one goes to the fold of his or her beloved deity and do the Japa. This is called Sakam Japa [Sa-kam = with-desire]. Such Sakam Japa are normally done with counting the number of Japa. 108 is the only number from 101 to 109 whose four equal parts blesses the Sadhak with magic of 9 consistently.

The second kind of Japa is Nis-kam Japa [Nis-kam= no-desire]. This is the highest kind of Japa done under pure devotion without any mundane desire. No counting therefore required for such Japa. May the almighty father make us fall in this category.

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