The GOS 112 – Doctor Agastya!

Agastya Muni performs the role of a doctor to save his devotee as well as the doctor who came all the way from a foreign land with stead-fast hope and faith in Agastya Muni.

The GOS 111 – Witch-craft again – Part 2

Who are we to guess and assimilate the ways of a Siddha? It is out of their mercy that they guide us, talk to us and even help us. We must be grateful to think that there is some merits in us which results in divinity bestowing its grace upon us.

The GOS 110 – Witch-craft, again!

Agastya Muni saves and blesses a girl abroad who was about to get caught in the spell of ill minded people who invoke the evil spirits and demons.

The Sacred 108

The sacred 108, is discussed across the internet and we liked this one, from one of our beloved readers.