The Sacred 108

There are countless articles in the internet on the importance of the sacred 108. The one below is from one of our beloved readers Madhavendra Singh in reflecting to our post on The Grace of Siddha 108. We hope that you will like it as much as we do.


About a year back I had been to a local ashram for purchasing a 108 beads Tulasi Mala. Among all the malas available in the shop one small size mala appeared to me the real Tulasi mala but it had only 27 beads. So I purchased 4 such malas and made my own 108 beads mala at home. However my mind started inquiring on rationality of 108 and what it brought forth is submitted here with due modesty seeking the valuable elaboration from the readers:

In all religious matter it’s a common practice for us to top-up a base figure by one. For example we give offerings of Rs 101, 51, 21 etc to Brahmin, astrologer or in a temple. It’s a simple good civilised manner to add a higher respect to an auspicious act. This is just similar to tieing a head gear to our guest of honour. Beside this, an additional count also helps compensate the losses occurring due to bad Japas such as misspell of mantra etc.

Now coming to 108. As per numerology 1+0+8 = 9, which is the largest among 1 to 9 numbers. Further, any figure multiplied by 9 makes it 9 when adding numerologically. For example 9X7 = 63, [6+3=9],  9X38= 342 [3+4+2=9] etc. This unique property of number 9 is not with any other number. Among all the single digit numbers i.e. 1 to 9 the number nine is nothing short of a PARAS MANI. Many scholars recommend that a mantra to be recited at least 9 times in a day.

Further, if we make 4 equal parts of 108 then we have 27, 54, 81, 108. Adding 2+7=9, 5+4=9, 8+1=9, 1+0+8=9. No other number has this property.

¼ ½ ¾ 1
101 25.25 50.50 75.75 101
102 25.50 51 76.50 102
103 25.75 51.50 77.25 103
104 26 52 78 104
105 26.25 52.50 78.75 105
106 26.50 53 79.50 106
107 26.75 53.50 80.25 107
108 27 [2+7=9] 54 [5+4=9] 81 [8+1=9] 108 [1+0+8=9]
109 27.25 54.50 81.75 109


A common man has so many worldly matters to fulfil which can be broadly grouped in 4 groups viz, Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. In order to achieve those mundane goals one goes to the fold of his or her beloved deity and do the Japa. This is called Sakam Japa [Sa-kam = with-desire]. Such Sakam Japa are normally done with counting the number of Japa. 108 is the only number from 101 to 109 whose four equal parts blesses the Sadhak with magic of 9 consistently.

The second kind of Japa is Nis-kam Japa [Nis-kam= no-desire]. This is the highest kind of Japa done under pure devotion without any mundane desire. No counting therefore required for such Japa. May the almighty father make us fall in this category.

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