The GOS 109 – Paramanandha Siddha

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Om Shri Ganeshaya Nama:

Many a times, it is difficult to assimilate the divine plays of Siddhas. Before we understand why they do certain things, why they behave in a certain way, the happenings distract us where we end up thinking ‘only they shall know’. Those who understand the ways of Siddhas even to a little extent, yearn for being in their close proximity. They long for their grace. But it is true that even if we don’t realize, their graceful glance protects us. If a Siddha, for reasons only known to Him, take birth in our family, what will be our state of mind? If we realize that what has come forth is a Siddha-Shakthi, we remain spell bound, pleasantly surprised. Such an incident is today’s post.

It was a poor family but with very limited members. The man, the lady and a male child. They made their livelihood by sowing and harvesting in other’s lands probably for daily wages. Once, due to nature’s fury, the rain failed and the agricultural lands began to get dry. There wasn’t any work in the fields. The family was forced to struggle for food. The elders could somehow fight the hunger but what about a child which is just 18 months old? But that child doesn’t cry. It feeds when the mother is able to and remains quiet if not.

For a week’s time, they did not get any work and the shortage of food began to unfold its effect. How many times can one borrow things from the neighbors? The mother was deeply saddened that she is not able to feed anything to the child and she looked at her. The kid which was sucking his thumb took its finger out and smiled at her. The mother was very surprised for she has never noticed the kid crying out of hunger. If fed, it eats and sleeps off quietly. The abnormal quality of this child made the mother
worry. Is this child having any health issues? If so, what will be done for the treatment?

As the drought increased, many families left the village. This family didn’t have anywhere to go, didn’t know what to do. Not even knowing that if they go to another village, they could find some work and thereby meet the families’ needs, the mother was very disappointed that she is not able to feed the child even once and she came do a decision.

When it was past midnight, she took the sleeping kid with her, unknowing to her husband, walked out of the village towards the pond which was in the outskirts of the village. She had decided that it is better to kill the child than let it suffer with hunger. She kept walking quietly amidst the bright moon light spread everywhere.

She heard a voice calling, “Amma, amma!”

She looked around to find no one else and out of reflex, she cuddled the child to her chest, and the voice was heard subtly but clearly…”Amma!”

She stopped walking and began to look very carefully to see if any sound is heard. The voice was heard again…”Amma” and she was shocked to realize that the sound came right from the white cloth in which she had wrapped her child.

She unwrapped the cloth slowly to see that the kid was awake. It looked at her, smiled at her and waved its hands! She thought, “I must have gone mad. Is this 18 months old kid calling me Amma? No way!” – she brought the kid closer to kiss on its forehead and the shock awaited her.

Yes Amma. I only called you.” – the 18 months old child spoke only very clearly.

The mother was shaken totally, she looked at the child carefully in the moonlight and she found a divine light surrounding it. Her mind said that it is not an ordinary child which has born to her. The infant spoke further.

Mother, if you dip me in to this pond and kill me, will your poverty be gone?”

She felt like slapped. Not knowing what to do, she kept the child in the base of a tree and began to cry profusely, thinking on what she intended to do. The kid kept quiet, as if it waited for her to finish her crying. She then took the kid and walked towards her home and it began to speak again.

To research on who I am can be done later. First you must do what I say at once. Go to the Amman temple in the village. Behind the temple towards the left, there will be a ant-hill (where the snake dwells). There lives a snake. There is still 2.5 nazhikai to sunrise. The snake which went for hunting in the night will return to the ant-hill a minute before sunrise. Reach the ant-hill and put your hands inside and check. You will find the required wealth there. Once got, you and father can take me to the nearby
village called Paakkam. Then you can live there peacefully!

What on earth is this child talking? How can I put my hands in to a snake-hole? What if the snake is inside and if it bites me?

What! Don’t you believe in what I said? Fine. Go to the temple and see for yourself if there is a three-hole ant-hill at the place I mentioned. If so, put your hand in the middle one. You will find a wrapped cloth piece. Take it. Further so, you will find a couple of more clothes wrapped. Take them too. But hurry and don’t delay. The sun is about to rise.” – urged the child.

She resolved to see what comes due to the poverty. Even if the snake was in the hole and if she dies, fair enough, but the child should be saved, she thought and left the child wrapped in the temple and went behind the temple. She did find the ant-hill in the same location and in the same manner. This gave her a boost, “Whatever my child said is just as it is. There must be some truth in it. Let’s see.” and she resolved herself to search within the ant-hill. Her hands did find a wrapped cloth which she pulled. It made a crack in the ant-hill’s entrance while it came out. She opened it to find gold coins inside. She remembered what the kid said and
she searched for the other two bags and found them too. They had gold coins as well.

It was time and the sun came up. She walked towards the temple and she heard a slithering sound. A big cobra looked at her and went inside the ant-hill.

She did just as the kid said and they went to Paakkam village. They never had to beg from others for anything thereafter and their lives became well. They named the child as ‘Paramananthan’. He did not want to go to school. Whenever he got time, he spent in doing yoga, meditation and in medication. He preferred solitude. He voluntarily goes out to help those who suffer from ailments. Be it any disease, when Paramananthan gave medicine, people got rid of them and thereby, his praise began to spread. And so was the enimity. The other practioners of medicine blamed him of not having any qualification or education in medicine and he was a self- proclaimed doctor. He kept quiet for all these accusations. Still, when there was a person who was poisoned, none other than Paramananthan could save. This made the opposers quiet.

One day, Paramananthan disappeared without saying anything to anyone. The parents searched for him but no avail. They thought they are not going to meet him again. Eventually, a person went for pilgrimage said that he found a young sanyasin in Pazhani hills and explained how he looked. The mother could match it with her son and they went to Pazhani to find the
sanyasin with matted locks, a piercing eyes and a divine radiation. The mother knew that it was Paramananthan. She went near him with her motherly love but could not go any closer beyond a point. Something stood between Him and everyone else, which made everyone stand aside. The mind of the Sadhu was motionless, even after seeing the mother. The mother had to
return empty handed.

When her husband passed away, the mother went to Pazhani and stayed with Paramananthan till she breathed her last. Once she passed away, Paramananthan went to many a places, ward off diseases and spread divinity. There used to be a big crowd waiting for Him at Pazhani. He used to look at everyone and slowly goes behind a pillar. The people wait for a while only to find him no longer behind the pillar. Such siddhis were played by Paramanantha who at last on a fine day, with everyone’s presence, dissolved his physical body in thin air and disappeared.

They say that even today if one goes to Pazhani praying to Him, He helps either in person or invisibly.

One might feel that there are a number of unanswered questions after reading this post. The author did ask these questions to the person who gave these incidents for which he smiled and said, “That is why they say that the path of Siddha is that of Shiva’s. Even more clearly, they’ll come, do and go. Understood?”

There are still some questions in my mind though:

1. For a Siddha to take birth from a womb, is it the Vasanas (a half-baked close translation is ‘desires’) or a test?

2. If were to help, does even a Siddha require a birth?

3. Why this divine play?

I haven’t got the answers so far. I am waiting, patiently…

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~ to be continued…!

4 thoughts on “The GOS 109 – Paramanandha Siddha

  1. Sachin Ashok Jadhav says:

    Pranam Sir,

    Kindly tell about me. What was wrong with me. I daily day to day puja & japa of Mahamuni. My total family believe on mahamuni from above 100 of you. I am facing many problems in my life. I don’t know what is my mistake.. Kindly help me through jeeva nadi… Please

  2. Sachin Ashok Jadhav says:

    Pranam Sir,

    Kindly tell about me. What was wrong with me. I daily day to day puja & japa of Mahamuni. My total family believe on mahamuni from above 100 of yrs. I am facing many problems in my life. I don’t understand that what is my mistake.. Kindly help me through jeeva nadi… Please
    I humbly request you.. I am waiting u r response..

    • Dear Sachin
      Please have faith. The Siddhas never abandons anyone who has faith in them. You may seek a Nadi reading in Kallar. The details are available in the post named “Important Update on Jeeva Nadi”.

  3. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agastheshwaray Namah

    It’s been really a devine play…kindly guide with more details of Paramanandha Siddhar.Is any Temple or Samadhi is in Palani where we can take Darshanam.

    Please if possible reply on

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