The GOS 110 – Witch-craft, again!

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A friend of mine, who is a devotee of Agastya Muni lives abroad. He wanted me to visit where he lives with the Nadi and to explain the greatness of Jeeva Nadi to the Tamil people who live there. I mentioned that I must get the approval of the Maharishi for anything.

When I asked Agastya Muni humbly about this, He did not accept it, He refused it. Moreover…

Is Agastya an object of sale? To sell? I won’t cross the ocean. There are quite a few who worship me abroad. When a need arise, as per the elder’s order, I appear in a voice, and give my blessings. But if someone thinks of earning money through me, I won’t come!

I mentioned this to my friend and left the matter. But my friend said, “If Agastya Muni approves, whatever prayers must be done, the people here are ready to do. You must please pray for us.” – he compelled.

“I cannot ask now but shall do when time permits.” – I sent him off and asked the same question after three months.

The Maha Muni said, “They are ours, wherever they live. We shall come.” and mentioned certain regulations.

Keep the Jeeva Nadi in your pooja room. Take another palm leaves and come to that country. Do not stay in anybody’s house. Take a room and stay there alone. You must sleep only in the ground. Only to those who have faith in God, We shall open our mouth.

My friend was very happy that the Maharishi accepted to appear in the Nadi in their country. But I was not completely satisfied. There is something about to happen. Hence the Maha Muni is mentioning a lot of conditions.

The Jeeva Nadi I will place in my pooja room, what appears here, will appear in the palm leaves I will carry with me. Through this, the Maharishi will give His clairvoyance, I understood. But what I didn’t is that I am about to face certain problems.

There was a young girl who came to see the Nadi in that country. She looked around and asked, “Has someone kept a witch-craft on me?” as if she asks a very normal question.

“Agastya Muni does not believe in witch-crafts.” – I said.

“Let me make Agastya Muni believe.” – she stood up and began to walk in the room here and there, looking downwards. No idea why she did so. There weren’t anyone other than me and her in that room and it was past 11 in the night. I just received an order from the palm leaves from Agastya Muni.

Put a protective circle around you and save yourself and chant this Mantra. Do not fear for whatever happens. I shall protect you!” – the Maha Muni repeated this.

I have not received such a forecast from Him before. What on earth is she going to do? I thought and she asked…

“Uncle, I am going to jump out of this window. Are you joining me?”

I looked at the window. On the eighth floor of the building I stayed, the window did not have any wall or iron rods in between. If the window is open, its open air. If fallen, that’s the end of it. It’s a foreign country and is nearing midnight. If this girl jumps out
of the window, what will be its effect?

Just as He said, I made a circle around myself by chanting the mantra and looked at that girl. The girl walked here and there started climbing the window. I thought some weird thing is going to happen now.

The next minute, the girl collapsed unconscious. In about ten minutes, she herself spoke…

“I don’t understand what happened here. A wise old man with black beard spoke. He appeared like a Rishi. He looked at me with mercy. He had a kamandalu (the rishis carry a small jug kind of, with water in it) through which he sprinkled water on my face. My mind became very light, as that of a cotton. I felt that some terrible thing left me once for all. It was as if He said, “Do not fear. There won’t be any terrible thing happening to you.” I was about to jump out of the window when He came through the window, held both my hands and made me get down saying, “Here, take some rest.” and made me lie down and went off. I kept looking
at where he was going. He appeared like a light, and disappeared in to the palm leaves you are having! I felt like sleeping thereafter. This is what happened. You have to tell me why this happened.” – she folded her hands and knelt down, asking this quietly while crying.

The girl who said that she will make Agastya Muni believe in witch-craft, spoke all these and I was taken aback. I thanked the Maha Muni and asked Him on who that girl is and why is she in that state.

He said.

In this place, the community from Mangolia and people from our Kerala’s particular community has a very close connection that prevails for at least several hundred years. They follow the Atharvana Veda. They know how to use some demons that appear like witch-craft. But they do not know how to ward off the evil. Such people first protect themselves before invoking such demons as if used incorrectly, it will destroy the whole family clan. So not many use these tricks here. But the people had this fear in their mind.

Half of it is the fear in mind and the remaining half is the dushta-devata (demon). It is not good to research in these, so leave it.”

“This girl had mental agitation and a thought of doing just the opposite to whatever is being said. Hence she challenged even Agastya. But it was the same Agastya who saved her.”

“When she asked if she can jump out of the window, had you said “Ok, jump!”, she wouldn’t have jumped at all. So no need to think of her act as some witch-craft. Somebody has persuaded her to do so and sent her. They will be here shortly too.”

“Do not get scared on seeing their dances. Let me put them in the right path.” – said the Maha Muni and, “This girl will transform. She will become divine and will do remarkable tasks in spirituality. She will become a big power not just here but also in Tamil Nadu. She has freedom now onwards and a great life and future.” – blessed the Maha Muni.

The girl was immensely happy on hearing it too.

I sent her off and right after came the group who had sent here!

~ to be continued…!

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