The GOS 111 – Witch-craft again – Part 2

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In the foreign land, I could see that most of those who came to see Nadi, came with an idea of approaching an astrologer. Though there were quite a few with devotion, there are a large number of rationalists as well is the truth. The group which persuaded the girl to disprove Nadi came in and I welcomed them with a bright smiling face.

The first question thrown at me was this:

“Will my name and my parents’ name come in this palm leaf?”

I asked Agastya Muni on what answer I should give. He said, “Tell him it won’t!”

I said.

“Then we cannot accept this as a Nadi Jyotish” – said one of them.

“So what? If you don’t, you may leave.” – said I.

“No no..but there are some Nadi where our names and our parents’ name, birth star, all these come right?”

“What can I do for that? This is Jeeva Nadi. If Agastya Muni thinks, He will answer. If not, He won’t.”

They were silent for a while and one of them said, “I have faith in Agastya Muni. What will happen to me, please ask Agastya Muni.” – I opened the Nadi.

“You have a eighteen year old son and is struggling with cancer for the past one and a half year. The doctors have sent him home from the hospital saying that it is the last stage. This is what you wanted to ask Agastya, ain’t it?”

That man did not expect this and was visibly shocked. Tears popped out of his eyes.

“Yes. They said that he will be alive only for the next 72 hours.”

I did not say anything but opened the Nadi again.

“You are anxious whether he will survive or not right? Had you asked for this straight, I would have told you a good reply then itself. But you wanted to only test Agastya along with the others. However you behave, only similar reactions will be from Agastya too. What desire is this, to test a Muni?”

The person would have felt shaken. I read the Nadi further.

“What’s the use in telling your name or your parents’ horoscope? Even if I say that your name is not yours and these are not your parents, you aren’t going to believe it. Further, you’ll say that Agastya tells incorrectly. You will curse me and also my beloved son. Even if I tell your name as expected, if whatever I say thereafter does not happen, you’ll scold anyway.”

“Your wife was insane. Two months back, she jumped off the terrace and committed suicide, right?”

The person began to cry. I was looking at him for a while and began to read further.

“Leave everything! These four others seated with you, shall I say the problems they have? For one of them, didn’t his daughter run away with a person from a different caste? There seated the rich gentleman, wasn’t his son found dead in the shore? The forty year old lady seated right in front of me, since her husband abandoned her, she is living with another person without anyone knowing, how fair is that?” – Agastya Muni fired at will.

When I was reading it, those who were seated were dumb-struck and their heads bowed down by itself. Even I felt embarrassed to read it as I did not understand why the Maha Muni was saying all these, where He used to hint at such things only indirectly.

When such things come, those who came to hear will get out if they don’t like it or will be frustrated. But these people were quiet and it wasn’t clear whether they liked what He said or not. There was silence for five minutes. Then the person who spoke first stood up and folded his hands saying, “What the Maha Muni said is all true. There were few astrologers who came and said that they will do a few remedial measures and collected a sum of ten thousand rupees and cheated us. Hence for us, it became an a
sort of allergy when we hear the name Nadi. So we lost hope and spoke ill of it. Whatever came in this Nadi wasn’t there in the previous Nadi. Please forgive us.” – he said these with tears. I was quiet.

He continued, “Will my son survive the cancer?”

I prayed to Agastya Muni and opened the Nadi.

“They have sent your son back home saying that it is the fourth stage of cancer. In truth however, what he has is not cancer but a related disease. It was due to the medicine given by the doctor, that it became cancer. He must be treated at once. But before that, one of them should go to Thirukadayur in India and perform Maha Mrutyunjaya Yagna at once. Also, for the next forty eight days during Brahma Muhurta, Mrutyunjaya Yagna and Ayushya Homa must be performed. He will then survive. Do not worry.”
when the Maha Muni said this, all their faces brightened up.

“We shall do. We shall check with the doctor if any alternate treatment can be done as well. But we aren’t sure if the doctors will accept.” – they said this and bid farewell.

The doctors at first refused the proposal but discussed with a panel of doctors at last and came to a decision. It was to do a surgery for the boy and to cut off the lump, whatever happens and they performed the surgery. It must have been the prayers of all, the surgery was successful and the boy survived. However, the doctors said that they could confirm anything only after 48 hours.

In the meantime, they came to India and performed the Mrutyunjaya Yagna in Thirukadayur temple and made arrangements for the Japa to be done every day. I came to know about the good news later that the boy became alright and the family floats in happiness.

It will be great if such miracles happen for everyone. For some, such things happen at once and for some, it takes a while. For a few, whatever remedial measure they take, nothing happens. Why is this so? I asked the Maha Muni Himself.

“Even I want to change everyone’s fate and hence tell my clairvoyance. But it happens in a series, one after the other. May be Brahma carries out my requests in a delayed manner or He does not like me intervening in His mission. It could as well be a mis-understanding between us. Hence the result.”

I felt heavy at heart when I heard this.

But who are we to assimilate or understand the Siddha’s?

~ to be continued…!

Image courtesy: Kallanai

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