The GOS 115 – Shri. Hanumadhdasan whips a pseudo rationalist

[stextbox id=”info” image=”null”]The Grace of Siddha series can be read here.[/stextbox] The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. Any human being can forsake another mainly for two reasons. One, whatever a person does may not be liked by another or if one of them being selfish may […]

Thanjavur Sathsangam – Agastya Muni clarifies the crowd

The Agastya Answers series can be read here. Q) What the Maharishi said about answering generic questions. Here, He  clarifies the crowd that He will answer generic questions and not to the specific queries of individuals. AA) Through the grace of Almighty, though the Prathamai thithi has begun (where the Siddha does not provide answers […]

The GOS 114 – To believe or not to believe, is up to you!

How far can you look? And how deeper? Here’s One who can look back at all the births you have taken, and all that you will. Here’s the One who can look deeper within you to rip off all the negatives in you and bless you with realization. He is the one, Agastya Muni!

Thanjavur Satsangam – Question 1

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Note:”]This post contains the question posted in the satsangam happened in Thanjavur. Agastya Maharishi answers generic questions posted by devotees, not to the specific ones that comes under the ‘Grace of Siddha‘ series. Here, the devotees raise many a different types of questions and the Maha Siddha answers them all![/stextbox]   Q) The […]

The GOS 113 – What is a miracle?

What we call a miracle is nothing but a possibility that the divine beings know already, in and out. But it is up to the individual to grow deserving to have such a blessing, to witness the so called ‘Miracle’. This post shows one such family who initially are skeptical about Agastya Muni, and how He solves their burning problem.