About a child who cannot speak fluently and karmic effects

Q) They did a abhishekam in many a temples, did archana as well, lit up Moksha Deepa and are living with dharmic thoughts. That family has only one child and that too is having difficulty in talking properly. This has caused a great distress in the family. O Sire, please show them a way out:

AA) Through the grace of God Almighty, those who seek our guidance for such problems, we repeatedly say, “the effects of one’s deeds returns“. So to say, it is not easy for humans to get rid of the effects of committing a sin. That is why we repeatedly say, “It is easy to commit a sin, but to get rid of it is’nt. But without losing faith, if one remains devoted to God, good things will follow.” If one thinks that he has done enough remedial measures, did a lot of good deeds, but the problem has not gone still…he must understand one thing. The one who did all the remedial measures may feel that he has done a lot, but for Us or Fate, we don’t feel he has done enough. This is the truth. We say this frequently in a different manner though.

One gets a loan of several lakhs from a bank. He repays the bank month after month and few years pass by. He thinks, “we are repaying through a major portion of our income, but hasn’t the debt got over?” and he checks with the bank. The bank says, “My friend, you got a loan of this much. The interest rate is this much. What you have repaid so far is this much. What you still have to repay is this much.” But the person who repays only knows the pain and struggle. He feels painful thinking, “I am paying a major part of my income as loan repayment and I am not enjoying anything for myself. But is this debt still not over?”

Hence, we say this to everyone who approaches us. Those who think that “We have done a lot of remedial measures. All these are just waste of time. Forgery. There is no use in doing any parikara (remedial measures)”, if they don’t lose heart and remains faithful towards God Almighty, they sure will succeed. It is not the fault of God that He doesn’t appear or He doesn’t help, but the fault is with the humans, that they should understand. Though we have mentioned not to seek guidance for individual problems, the human life and its misery makes oneself to still ask for the same.

Still, we took the fool who reads to a temple without his knowledge. It is a temple of Lord Narayana. He is called as “The Perumal who talks” and is located near the great city of Kanchipuram. People with such problems, the children who cannot speak, if they go to this temple whenever they can, there will be good results. If they do a proper and quiet prayer in Thiruchendhur, which is also called as ‘Thiru Seeralaivai“, there will be good results. Also, if one helps or supports such a foundation which supports such children, that itself will have good benefits.

Why such a thing happens? If one thinks deep, if a person suffers without being able to get rid of a suffering, it means that he has done that very same thing to others. So in this janma, if one performs good deeds, helps those who are affected with similar problems, and remains faithful in God and prays to Him, good will happen through His grace.

Those who think that “we sought the holy feet of God but nothing happened” have two choices: one, they can become an athiest OR they can remain faithful without losing hope. If one follows the second option, there is merit, there is merit.

About liquor being widespread across the country

Q) O Sire! Liquor is running like a river in this country. What is the status of the future generation?

AA) Through the grace of God, we answer. Such sinful habit did not appear yesterday or day before but right when the human race appeared, such habits, demonic acts are there very well. Mankind may think, ‘this is not required, let’s eradicate them’ but the truth is…”it’s never going to happen that way”. But each and every individual must develop ‘vairagya’ that he will not be possessed with any bad habits. If he can think for himself, “what will he get if he does it, what if it is not done?”, “what are the ill effects of it?” – one can easily understand.

The animals are not getting addicted to such habits, which are said to have just 5 senses. But the man tells that he has the sixth sense and he is the one who gets addicted. Where is the mistake? One should think, contemplate. This is the explanation.

For praayaschitta (remedial measures), if one performs abhisheka to deities who faces Northern direction, Ugra-Devata such as Kali, with the highest of things…particularly cow’s milk, howmuch ever one can, if they perform the abhisheka, if one adorns the deity with lemon fruit, that which is called as the king of fruits, adorns the deity with flowers of good fragrance, then if they do annadhana with good quality of food to those poor, who cannot afford to buy them, then there are high chances that their sinful habits will get rid of them slowly.

The GOS 116 – Do what He says, else face what you have to face

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The way some people look at Agastya Muni and His Jeeva Nadi, makes me feel “why are they behaving so, out of ignorance?”. As they accumulate wealth, they somehow think that they can hide anything from Him and play with Him. Those who come with the thought that they can play with Him, Agastya Muni plays with them as though He does not know anything. If we are aware of it before hand, then we could enjoy the whole game, else we ourselves will get confused. The Siddhas know what happened even some Yugas back, hundreds of years back as to what happened in a particular place. We shall see such an incident today.

A such person came one day and said, “Can I buy this piece of land? Please ask Agastya Muni.” He appeared like a very wealthy person. I sought Agastya Muni’s permission.

On that place, there is a dosha on the south-eastern direction inside the earth and so it is not advisable to buy this land. If remained calm, a better piece of land will come for sale.” – Agastya replied.

The face of the person changed slightly. He thought for a while and said, “What do we need to do, so that the dosha gets removed? If it is done, can we buy that land?”

There is no need to do any homa for the removal of bhoomi-dosha. One has to dig about 12 feet in the south-eastern side of the land. It should be four feet of width as well. There will be a black colored substance inside. Without touching it, lift it with plastic cover, and throw it in a place where nobody puts their foot on. Then should take bath. It is enough. If one has faith, install Kalasa on all eight directions and do pooja. Sprinkle the holy water all over the land where the dosha will go away. Then one can think about buying that land.” – the Maha Muni said.

“All that is fine…but all these can be done only after buying that land right? How could we do all these before buying it?” – asked the rich man.

I felt it was a genuine question myself. I asked Agastya Muni.

You think Agastya doesn’t know it? That all these has to be done only after buying the land, the Punya Vachanam? This person has already purchased the land. He asks Agastya as though he hasn’t. Why all the lies? That is why I changed the way I answered as well.” – once he heard, his face become saddened. He did not argue but was seated quietly for a while and left.

I didn’t see him for months afterwards and naturally, I forgot too. I thought everything would have gone well. One of his friends came to meet me casually. I inquired about the rich man in course of our conversation.

“Oh him? He makes a lot of money once he bought that land. As he continues to dig that place, good quality granite is coming out of it. They say that it is rare to get such a granite. He is exporting them abroad in ships after ships.” – he said.

“Oh that’s very good!” – I wished him well.

One month went by. One morning, the granite millionaire came to meet me with a shaken face. I said, “What’s the matter? I heard that the granite business is going very well. Hearty wishes…”

He did not reply. His eyes were moist. He appeared as though he will start crying profusely.

“No sir. I am cheated. There is a loss of many a crores of rupees. I did not listen to what Agastya said. I am suffering because of it now.” – he said.

“I heard that your business is going very well and that you are exporting granites to foreign land etc.,?

“All that happened at first. The foreigners were surprised to see the granites and as it was rare, they placed an order for 50 crores. I totally forgot what Agastya Muni said and started exporting the stones. They were very good initially. The ones we took out from the south-eastern side became powdery. Not only that…afterwards, wherever we dig, it became powdery…”


“Not only that…the stones we exported were broken like glass pieces in their port itself and so they cancelled their orders. I am at a loss of one crore and have become indebted. I feel like committing suicide at times. Please ask Agastya Muni for a way out.”

“What’s the relation between Agastya Muni and the stones going powdery?”

“There is. He had mentioned that there is dosha in that land and asked me to take out the black substance, do you remember? I did not do it. That is the reason for all this now.” – he cried.

“You could do that very well now right?”

“No I can’t. Only when I was digging that part of the land, all those hard stones became powderish. I did not do any remedial measure afterwards.

Please ask Agastya if there is an alternate method.”

I felt sorry for him. I also did not feel like he has got in to this situation just because he did not do what Agastya Muni said. Agastya is not a cruel person. He gets angry, I have seen, but I have not seen Him cursing anyone bad, ever. This person did lie initially. Agastya also showed the right way, to stay calm for a while. He did not listen to it. That’s all, I thought. I sought the permission of Agastya Muni and began to read Nadi for this person.

If there was patience, such a loss wouldn’t have happened. He took an immature decision desiring for money. That place was a burial ground once upon a time. When the Cholas were in rule, a number of battles took place in this very place where a lot of people lost their lives. Due to climatic conditions, though the rocks appeared, they are not good for people’s use.

He, had he waited for some time, he could have got another land, some 500 acres worth of it, which has a lot of raw materials used to prepare cement. If he had purchased that land, he could have become one of the richest in the whole of Bharath and would have become one of the greatest industrialist. But what’s the use in talking about all these now? That place is not for him as he lost it.

“Is there no way out?” – the person asked amidst crying.

There is. But one should follow what Agastya says.” – came the reply.

“I sure will, sure.” – he said.

Do one thing. Just leave the desire of owning this land. Go straight to “Kadappa” and stay there for a while. A good way out will reveal itself.

“If I buy a land there, will I get granite? Will I get out of my debt? Can I continue my export?” – the human mind! He started one by one.

You are trying to hide things from Agastya Himself, eh? Is this fair? Don’t you have money? You have accumulated wealth by illegal measures and have given it to your beloved. Shall I tell about that or else the secret room in your pooja room where you have kept all the black money, shall I talk about that? With that much of money, you could buy half of Tamil Nadu itself right?” – the whipping began.

The person fell at Agastya’s feet.

First do what Agastya said. You will get what you lost. But hereafter, whatever business profit you will get, one third of it should go to poor and orphans. The place you had already bought, convert it to housing plots and distribute it among the people who work for you, for free. Before you do this, perform the bhoomi-dosha-nivarthi pooja and then distribute the plots. Your future will be good.

The person did not expect Agastya to say all these and so he quietly left the place.

Four months went by.

He came to meet me with a lot of fruits. He appeared very happy. His wife accompanied him. I did not expect that he will ever return and so I was surprised.

“I went to Kadappa just as Agastya Muni said and struggled a lot for three months in work. I got a very good friend there. His name was Bheema Rao. Through his help, I got a granite land for a cheaper price and that land did not have any issues. One more thing, the same foreigner who cancelled my orders have re-booked them. I am really happy.”

“Ok, what did you do to the old land?”

“Oh I forgot. Just as the Maha Muni said, I did the remedial pooja and distributed the plots to my workers for free. This is true. I won’t hide anything from Agastya Muni hereafter, ever. Please ask Agastya Muni Himself if what I said is true or not.”

“The one who is with you…” – I asked slowly.

“I swear to God, she is my wife. I have forsaken all other immoral relations.”

“Fare you well.” – I blessed him.

One thing is for sure. If one thinks of hiding things from Agastya Muni, we will be cheated for sure. Also, even if He gets angry at times, he never abandons, if one surrenders to Him.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 115 – Shri. Hanumadhdasan whips a pseudo rationalist

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Any human being can forsake another mainly for two reasons. One, whatever a person does may not be liked by another or if one of them being selfish may forsake the other once his part of work gets over. In either of the cases, the affected person is the one being forsaken. But for the Siddhas, they never abandon anyone, even if they do not listen to their advice or clairvoyance. They patiently wait till the person realizes and sets their lives correctly. But ‘our man’ seldom has patience. He boils himself and speaks ill of others….what to say! Let us see one such in this post.

He is a very good friend. But he always takes the opposite stand, even takes action just opposite to what one says. He seldom listens. Everyone had given up on him that it is impossible to set him right. He had a strong thought that he knows everything and that he alone determines his life. In spite of this, he comes seeking Nadi reading frequently, just as how some of us get the thought of buying a lottery ticket to see ‘what’s in store’ for us.

He came to me suddenly.

“Don’t mistake me. Everyone says that whatever Agastya Muni says happens just as it is. All these are forgery. It cannot happen that way. Do not believe in what is said, is what I tell them. Now you should read the Nadi for me.” – he asked rightfully.

I laughed and said, “Why trouble yourself? You don’t believe in this. You say that there is no such thing called Agastya Jeeva Nadi and that everything is just a blatant lie. Why then waste your as well as my time?

Just leave it.”

“It’s fine. Let us just see as to what happens, if at all.” – he thought he said it rationally.

“Who hath the fate left?” – I thought and was wondering whether to read or not. I was worried that I should not be the victim of Agastya Muni’s wrath as well, by saying whatever I felt like. But still, as my friend persuaded, I opened the Nadi and began to read.

“Your own sister’s marital life is not so good. As she faces a lot of trouble in her husband’s family, she tried committing suicide, twice and failed. As you listen to this reading, she must have jumped off the terrace and would have been admitted in the hospital. Go and see!” – came the reply!

The person became quiet. He did not reply.

“She is in Hyderabad. I cannot go there at once. Let me make a call and find out.” – he went out of the room.

Those were the time when mobile phones were not present. One has to book a trunk-call and cannot talk directly also. They must wait till the operator connects them. So my friend came after a while.

“Sir, I called up Hyderabad. They are saying that nothing of that sort happened. In that case, doesn’t it mean that Agastya’s words have gone wrong?” – he was very enthusiastic.

“Agastya’s words have gone wrong. Ask Him now as to what He says.” – he said.

I kept quiet as I knew that the Maha Muni is divining a play.

“Did you speak to your sister?”


“Then whom did you speak to?”

“To her mother-in-law.”

“Why? You could’ve spoken to your sister itself right? Go and speak to your sister and come. Let us then read the Nadi.”

He did not accept it completely. But still, “Let me try speaking to her directly somehow. You need not have to wait for me.” – he rushed out, only to come back running the next day morning.

“Sir..!!! A telegram has come from Hyderabad. As her health is not good, she is admitted in a hospital. That’s all it says.” – he showed the telegram.

“Nothing will happen to your sister. Don’t worry. You got her married without having completing the prayer to your Kula-Devata (family deity) in a hurried manner. You must have done the Sumangali Prarthana. That wasn’t done either. Your mother has kept an yellow cloth wrapped up with the offering kept for Tirupathi Balaji. This is not offered either. If you do this, there is no harm. So please make sure it happens as per the procedure and go to Hyderabad. You will get a good news. Do not worry about your sister.” – I read what came in the Nadi at once.

“All these are very good to hear sir. But neither me or my family believes in all these. What is the relation between Sumangali Prarthana, Tirupathi Balaji’s Hundi and my sister not feeling well? Please don’t mistake me. I am going to go to Hyderabad without doing any of these.”

“That is up to you. Why should you tell me?” – I stood up. He bid farewell. One month went by.

A call came from Chennai’s general hospital. It was my rational friend indeed.

“My sister has suffered bone fractures in many parts of her body. They could not do proper treatment in Hyderabad and so I have admitted her in Chennai hospital.”

“I wish for her speedy recovery.” – I said.

“Sir no sir! Whatever treatment is given, the big doctors are saying that she won’t live for more than six months.”

“Oh..ok, what can I do now?”

“Please read the Agastya’s Nadi for my sister.”

“Have you done all that Agastya Muni suggested already?”


“Then why should I read the Nadi?”

“You had read it for me. Can’t you read it now for my sister?” – he pleaded.

“I shall. But if Agastya Muni suggests for any remedial measure or a prayer, you are not going to do it. With her condition now, your sister can’t do it either. So I don’t want to read Nadi for you now. Please leave me.” – I told him strictly.

The friend had no reply afterwards.

Eighteen days went by.

He came to meet me. He appeared very sad and grief striken. He wasn’t able to talk in spite of trying.

“What?” – I said.

“My sister is in danger. They did an operation, but no use. The doctors have given 24 hours time. She must be saved somehow. Only Agastya Muni can do this.” – said he.

“I am sorry. Agastya Muni is not God. He is a Siddha. If one seeks, He guides. If his guidance is not followed, He won’t reply again. You believe that His Jeeva Nadi is a lie. Then why are you coming here? Go and pray. Ask the doctors for suggestions. Your sister will be saved for sure.”

“Is there no other go?”

“Search for some other Nadi. A good way out will be shown.”

“Don’t you have even a bit of humanity in you? There is a life that is suffering. Can’t you….can’t you move even a bit?” – he started blaming me.

“My friend! Why this frustration? I have been in contact with the Maha Muni Agastya for the past thirty years! You, are trying to win Him by your pseudo-rational thoughts. I know about Agastya Muni very well. If one does not follow what He says, there won’t be a good reply thereafter. Me or Agastya Peruman are NOT an agent for anyone. I am not intended to seek money by taking advantage of your situation. But you on the other hand, assume things with whatever your thinking caliber is and are spreading nonsense about me and Agastya. Am I a magician, to just change everything in a whip of a second? Just leave it I say!”

“Then what shall I do?”

“First, as your mother wished, arrange for a Sumangali Prarthana at home. Second, send a person to Tirumala Tirupathi at once with the offering your mother has kept, to be surrendered to the Sri Vari Hundi.”

“I cannot do these now, I have to stay in the hospital.” – he said.

“Don’t worry. There won’t be any danger to your sister’s life. The moment you start arranging for these, she will be saved from the clutches of death. It is up to you to do it or not.”

My friend left the place without saying anything. A week passed by. He came with a brightened face and sweets in his hands. Before I could open my mouth, he himself prostrated before the Nadi I had.

“My sister is saved.” – he said and continued explaining what happened.

“That day, just as you said, I set forth to Tirupathi with the offering my mother had kept. There wasn’t a bit of space even to stand in the train. I was so afraid as to what might happen and at that time, someone grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the first class compartment, made me sit beside
him and said that he is on his way to Tirumala as welll and that he has good influence with the staff there and that he will make arrnagements for a good darshan for me by asking the Peshkar there. I had no idea who that old man was and why he should help me etc.,

The wise old man then took me to the Peshkar, showed me and said something and left. He made me to get Balaji’s darshan in the special darshan queue. Once I had darshan, I put the offering my mother had kept, wrapped in the cloth, to the Sri Vari Hundi. Right at that time when I put it, my sister
opened her eyes and her life had escaped from entering the gates of death. The Sumangali Prarthana happened in my house yesterday as well. My sister talks very well now and the doctors have said that there is nothing to worry. Sir…I will never….ever speak ill of the Agastya’s Jeeva Nadi…!” – he was so overwhelmed with emotion when he said all these. I was speechless too.

Oh yes, those who were responsible for her to fall from the terrace underwent a different series of trouble. But…

On seeking Agastya’s Nadi and then doing things what He suggested with a careless attitude or without any faith or those who don’t carry them out,
nothing ever happens to them. I have seen this, I say out of experience.

~ to be continued…!

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Thanjavur Sathsangam – Agastya Muni clarifies the crowd

The Agastya Answers series can be read here.

Q) What the Maharishi said about answering generic questions. Here, He  clarifies the crowd that He will answer generic questions and not to the specific queries of individuals.

AA) Through the grace of Almighty, though the Prathamai thithi has begun (where the Siddha does not provide answers generally), due to the repetitive requests by our beloved children, We got the permission from the Almighty God and are willing to reply to their generic questions. First of all, our blessings to those who are seated here, awaiting to hear the answers.  

At this moment, how much ever problems one has now a days and seeks our guidance, the root cause of all these is their own karmic effects, the sins they committed. People forget this most of the time. Wherever the sin is, the pain and misery follows. Therefore, those who want to live a life without misery, to live with true peace of mind, to live without any trouble, they must then seldom commit any sin. It is difficult. If a human birth is taken, knowingly or unknowingly, one ends up committing sins. But one should not do that sinful act, sinful talk or even to keep thinking about the sin committed again and again, is a right way to get the
Almighty’s grace.

Having said this, with so many pressing issues, there are some beloved who are eagerly awaiting that they could get some remedy out of what We say, and get out of our trouble, to live peacefully. But here We say, that we will only answer for generic questions and not for the specific queries from individuals. And life goes on. If the Siddhas keep quiet, then how are we going to solve our problems, one may think. Why can’t the specific answer be given, those who believe in the Nadi may ask. We have clarified already, we shall clarify now too. Through God’s grace, the one who remains in complete surrender (Charanagathi is the actual word used, where the word surrender is not even coming closer), the one who lives completely in accordance with Dharma, remains in truthfulness (Sathya), to him, We shall remain close to and do all good to him through the grace of God.

For the one who has not realized the self, even if God appears before him, there is no use. The asuras are the best example for this. Many of the asuras have had the darshan of God. But what happened at the end, those who read the Puranas know. Hence, even if one has had the darshan of God, if he does not have the realization, Sathvic thoughts, Dharmic thoughts, one cannot rise up. One may ask, isn’t it true that the moment one has the darshan of God, wouldn’t his mind become ripen enough? The omnipresent God, if one realizes His presence, can’t he rise up? Even Me and the God Almighty think exactly the same and we get along with humans. But the humans, at all stages expect us from their own perspective than what we think of them, from our perspective. If We continue to speak philosophically, it definitely does not raise any interest in them. We are aware of that.

To say it short, if one suffers from an ailment that hasn’t got any cure even after so many treatments, We say at this moment. Let them perform a prayer to their Ishta Devata in a way they can, there is no harm in it. In particular, We say, pray to Dhanvanthri. If a person recites the mantra of Dhanvantri for a minimum of one Nazhigai just before he goes to sleep, his health will be very good. If one suffers financial trouble, let him pray to any deity, but in particular We say, pray to Mata Mahalakshmi, the better. We say that everyday, pray to Lord Vinayaka, Subhramanya, Bhairava, Navagrahas… The Supreme Lord who is omnipresent is just One.
The forms are different. Though We know this, based on every individual’s temperament and to rise them up step by step, We suggest them different methods of prayers.

To say it short still, in spite of acute difficulty, if one does not lose heart, stays focussed and faithful in the Lord, does whatever Dharmic activities he could and performs his duties correctly, for sure the fate will change and start doing good to him. Thinking of dharma, one need not have to assume that they have to spend in lakhs or crores. Let them do dharma whatever they could. Even the one who does not have anything, he could even feed an ant, right? Whatever one gives to others, indirectly means that he gives it to himself. Hence We recommend Dharmic activities in this Nadi leaves frequently.

At this moment, the children who are seated in front of Me, blessings to you all. From now on, however their karmic effects makes them raise a question, let them ask. Blessings to one and all at this moment.

The GOS 114 – To believe or not to believe, is up to you!

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People with a variety of qualities come seeking Nadi. Those who follow exactly what the Maha Muni says and get benefitted, those who respect Him but not what He said, do things at their will and get stuck in a big issue. Finally, they surrender themselves completely, go through the effects of not following His words for some time and then get out of their issues. Whatever the problem may be, if one surrenders, The Siddha will help. Let us see such an example in this post.

The dawn was very quiet. I carried out my daily routines slowly, finished my pooja, came out to the hall with the Nadi. In those who were waiting, there was a young girl who asked, if I can ask the Maha Muni about her future.

The Nadi revealed her to be a bright one, with a possibility of setting up a business abroad. But she was suggested to do the ‘Naga Prathishtai’ as per the ‘Agama’ rules and to do pooja for it for 45 days.

The girl possibly had some athiest mentality. She thought for a while and said, “what if I don’t do these?”

Nothing will happen. The fate will do its duty. Though you may have everything, there will be an issue due to Puthra Dosha” – said Agastya.

“I am at least a girl from Tamil Nadu. Either due to fear or thinking that its a fate, I might just do what is suggested. But those who doesn’t believe in these or foreigners or those who follow a different religion, if they don’t believe in the remedial measure suggested, will they be affected by these doshas?” – her question was point blank and clear.

You sought Agastya! I told your future. I will tell those only who seek Me. Why would I open my mouth to those who does not seek Me? You have Puthra Dosha. That is all I can say now. Whether to do the parikara for this dosha or not is up to you. Agastya does not compel, ever!” – the Maha Siddha concluded His short speech.

She hesitated for a while. Kept quiet too. Then whatever she thought, she stood up and went away.

Two months passed by. “I am that girl’s father.” – came a middle aged man, with a letter.

“I respect the Maha Siddha Agastya. But I want to break this Puthra Dosha of mine without doing any of these parikara (remedial measures) because for me and my would be who is from America, we don’t believe in all these parikara, faith in God etc., I am going to give birth to a beautiful child on seeing which you yourself will be amazed, without doing any parikara” – read the letter.

I was shocked. What is she up to and why? “Only you and Agastya Muni should bless her.” – pleaded the father. The condition that I was in that day, I did not pay any heed to that letter and had left it as it is. After a year and a half, the father came again and said that his daughter has given birth to a beautiful male child and that the mother and child are healthy.

The girl simply wanted to convey through her father indirectly that without doing any remedial measures, she has got the Puthra Bhagya (blessing of having a child, a male one). I never felt any anger or frustration, why should I?

Three years went by. The father came to me hurriedly saying, “My daughter is on her way with the child to meet you. She is stuck in a situation, but I have no details about it. She did not say anything to me. Kindly help her.”

“Nothing happened to the child right?”

“No, that’s what it looks like.”

“How is she?”

“She is very tensed. She did not speak coherently.”

“Ok, her husband?”

“He is an American. She isn’t taking him with her.”

“Ok. Please ask her to come tomorrow afternoon.” – I did not feel like asking anything in the Nadi either after the father went. The next day around evening, the daughter came with her child. With her eyes moist, when I asked her to sit down, she could not. She began to cry by closing her face.

I looked at the child. It was indeed beautiful. Though it appeared very healthy from the outside, I felt that there is something serious when I saw it. The girl began to speak.

“He was hale and healthy till one and a half years. He even said Amma and Appa etc., But…on a day, he appeared as if he got scared of seeing something. I tried so many things. But no avail. His speech stopped! I took him to the doctor.

He said that there is some nervous issue in the brain and that he requires lot of treatment. Even when he turns 15, he will have the mental maturity of a 2 year old child and that there is no way out. I was really shocked.

Only the Agastya Muni can save my child.” – she began to cry profusely.

I took a closer look at the child.

“He cannot turn when we call him. He cannot express his hunger. He can’t control the nature’s calls. If there is a pain in the body, he cannot say that to seek help. He must be given a special education. He himself does not understand why he does certain things at times. As he cannot talk, can’t express, can’t fight to get what he wants, he bites himself….” – the mother’s cries increased and so was the gravity of the situation, which hit me really hard.

If there is no child, that is different, somewhat bearable. But if there is a child and with such problems, then life becomes very difficult. All I could do was to shed a drop of tears or two. I prayed to the Maha Muni really earnest. “O Maha Muni, please say some good words.” – I opened the Nadi.

This is the karmic effect.” – that’s all came! In spite of praying and opening the Nadi many a times, nothing came out. I thought that He is angry with the girl who did not pay attention to His early warnings and did not follow the measures he suggested for remedy.

I explained this to her and suggested her to pray very earnestly to get His help. I prayed to Him for my part very much.

“Those who have committed a mistake has realized it and have come seeking a refuge in Agastya. If He himself, who can give consolation, gets angry, how fair is that? Isn’t it Agastya’s duty to help those who have realized their mistakes…?” – I prayed to Him saying all these. After a while, the Maha Muni said…

We warned that day itself. We suggested to do pooja to the Naga (snake) as per the Agama rules for 45 days and to place it in the nearby temple. She did not listen. What is the use in lamenting now?”

“Agastya is not God. But He guides, sure! If one prays, He fights with the goddess of fate to have it changed. This situation is a result of insulting what was suggested. What to do now? There are certain prayers that must be done for 15 years, continuously. Though this child will come out of this situation, getting married will be a big issue, eh?!” said the Maha Muni and also…”As she came seeking refuge in Agastya, let Me try changing this child as normal as anyone.

The mother felt alive only after hearing this. As the Maha Muni Himself has committed, she felt very pleased.

After five minutes, when I opened the Jeeva Nadi…

Remove the shoes that the child is wearing and throw it in the streets!” – said Agastya!

More so…”Change that American servant-maid you have hired. The problem had surfaced only through this.

I was thinking that He will suggest a herbal treatment or so for the child. But what He said gave a shock wave. I thought He feels the presence of shoes as an insult to Him and so on. But…Whenever the child wears those shoes, it will always be tensed. The sound that comes out of the heels scared the child so much, which the parents or others seldom realized. When it wears some other shoes, there won’t be any sound and it used to be playful. This particular shoe that gave the sound had a metal plate, which contained evil inscriptions from Atharvana Veda,

it has caused so much of fear in the child. Only Agastya Muni could find this out.

She threw away the shoe and just after a few minutes, the child started playing normally. She asked why the Maha Muni asked to remove the shoes.

The place where the musical sound comes out, which is supposed to make the happy, a metal plate has been kept somehow. It has the effects of Atharvana Veda, which kept scaring off the kid. Once taken off, the child appears happy.” – I mentioned to her on what the Maha Muni said.

She was clearly shocked, “It’s been one and a half years since we got this shoe. We don’t use it very often but rarely. Good heavens, we came to know at least now. Many thanks to Agastya Muni.”

“Not all shoes are so, but this must have been a rare case by itself. You can safely assume that the child is half cured now.” – I said.

She asked the reason on why He suggested to change the servant maid. When the Maha Muni answered, He said – “That We cannot say completely now. How and why, check the video footage from the camera installed in your house!

The lady could not be patient. She called her husband at once to America and asked him to run the video footage from the camera. It is a normal practice there to have house keeping staff when both the parents go out for work. This coupld had done just that. As the child was a little adamant, the lady who was baby-sitting, had scared the child off, to get the child in control.

As she continued to scare him off to feed him, the child got affected, which affected a nerve in the brain. The husband explained all that he saw in the video. The lady lamented so much that she did not see that footage all these days. She asked her husband to fire that house keeping lady that very moment on.

I sat there witnessing all these with great surprise. How minute this issues are, shoes, mis-behavior from a baby-sitting staff, which resulted in such a serious issue to this child, how Agastya Muni carefully pointed these out, I was greatly surprised.

The lady pleaded to Agastya, “Hereafter at least, will my boy become alright?”

Agastya Muni kept laughing. No answer came. “Go to Rameshwaram and perform a Tharpanam there. I shall say more afterwards.

She thanked Agastya Muni so many times and bid farewell, to go to Rameshwaram at once. It took hours for me to be normal after she left, thinking of Agastya Muni’s greatness.

Ten days went by…

The lady came back with the child. She appeared a little more clear. She said that the Tharpanam in Rameshwaram was completed. Knowing that she lived in America, they asked a lot of money and that she was not sure if the Mantras were uttered properly or not. I listened to all these and opened the Jeeva Nadi.

To win the fate, prayer does help. It’s enough that she realized this truth at least now. Let her do the pooja of Naga and install it in a nearby temple. In addition to that, Vallarai (Centella asiatica), Karum-Thulasi (Ocimum sanctum, Holy basil) should be powdered, mixed with a tea-spoon of honey and let the child be fed with this everyday. He will become alright steadily.

Twelve long years went by.

The boy now is just like anybody else. He takes part in atheletics and he is almost as normal like anyone, says the mother. Even the father of the girl calls every now and then to convey such messages. As the Maha Muni had predicted that he will become alright in four years’ time when she last met me, she had named the boy thus:


~ to be continued…!


PS: The readers are not to be misled that the verses of Atharvana Veda contains evil. Nay! There are numerous ritualistic practices outlined in Atharvana Veda and it is like a manual. To make good use of it or not, is up to every individuals and the karmic effect.

Thanjavur Satsangam – Question 1

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Note:”]This post contains the question posted in the satsangam happened in Thanjavur. Agastya Maharishi answers generic questions posted by devotees, not to the specific ones that comes under the ‘Grace of Siddha‘ series. Here, the devotees raise many a different types of questions and the Maha Siddha answers them all![/stextbox]


Q) The Almighty who created both the physical body and Athma, why does He separate the body all of a sudden? What is the Shukshuma behind this?

AA) Through the grace of God, Athma is eternal and Physical Body isn’t. The body is just a means to realize the Athma. Hence, if there is a comfortable living for an individual right from the beginning, he cannot realize the sweetness of it. But if a person struggles for his life, lives in poverty and then gets all the comforts, he realizes the importance of it. That man who suffers in the heat of sun knows the value and importance of a shade. If he gets to see a huge tree by his side, he feels so relaxed. Just so, to realize the greatness of Athma, the Almighty has given various bodies such as the humans, the animals, the birds etc., based on one’s karmic effects. The experiences that the man goes through, the karmic cause and effect cycle operates and thus God gives opportunities for the man to realize his Athman.

Through his question, We shall ourself raise another and answer…

Athma is permanent. It does not perish. It stays in the eternal state, always. When it is said, it is clear that in a body, the Athma is prime factor. It has precedence, shakthi, everything. The body is just like a garment then. Having said so, when the garment gets weakened, why then the Athma gets weakened as well? The Athma can remain at its eternal peace and bliss is it not? Why is Athma getting tired too?

AA) If we examine this, a person who is in a realized state, when he is in a divinely awakened state, then whatever happens to the garment (body) is not passed on to the Athma. In other words, whatever the garment goes through is not felt by the Athma.

This is because, the person dwells in his Athma and knows clearly that he is separate from the body and that he is The Athman. To cover oneself, a person wears a garment. If it gets torn off, will he announce that ‘my garment is torn’ OR ‘my body is torn’? He discards the garment and wears a new one.

Just as the Vilam Fruit (imonia acidissima) once ripen, begins to dance within without a hold of its shell, the person who attained Gnana knows that the body and the Athma are different. For such a person, it is all the same when he is pierced by a thorn or hit by a brick. It is all the same even when he is given a bed of roses. He is but in the eternal bliss of his own self. Till one reaches this state, the pleasure and pain that the body experiences will be felt as if its happening to him, the real self.

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The GOS 113 – What is a miracle?

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A parents came with their only daughter. I invited them in and inquired their purpose of visit. The mother said, “She is my daughter and is 32 years old. She has not attained puberty. Will she? Will she get married? Does she have the blessing of bearing her offspring? Can you please ask Agastya Muni?”

For those who come with such ailments, I usually ask them a few questions.
“Did you ask the doctors about this?”

“We did. They said that there is no chance. Only Agastya Muni can guide us..” – they said humbly with tears. I opened the Nadi after praying. In it, He explained about a few effects due to the previous births, mentioned about a herb (Karuthondri, as called in Tamil) that grows either in Chathuragiri or Kolli Hills and explained about the pure juice out of those herb.

These herbs grow only once in ten months. So have patience, get the juice from a siddha-vaidhya (a vaidhya aka physician who practices the Siddha way of treatment) and take it on an early morning of an Amavasya day, she will attain puberty after thirteen months.”

“Will she get to bear her offspring post marriage?” – asked the mother.

That blessing will happen after four years.” – said the Maha Muni.

This should have made the parents happy. But they did not appear so! They were quiet, which made me suspect their motives. The girl kept quiet with her head down. I could see tears coming off her eyes. The father began to talk.

“Sir, you should not mistake us. I have taken her to all possible doctors.

They mentioned that there is no way that she can attain puberty as the uterus has shrunk so much and has become useless and that no medical treatment can help.”

I was shocked a bit indeed. When the uterus itself is not functioning, how come the eggs develop? How did then the Maharishi said all these? The father showed a few medical certificates. One said that she does not have uterus at all and the other one said that there is, but it is not functioning. Another certificate from a famous lady doctor said that the lady does not have a bone near her right hip and so there are chances that she will attain puberty and bear her child. But she must undergo a severe treatment for eight long years and even that does not guarantee a result.

I began to think, having said and shown all these, how come Agastya simply asked to take a herbal juice and all will be well? How can one believe it? I could tell them only this. “You asked the Maharishi. He has given a favourable reply too. That is all. I could not explain this more. It is up to you and Agastya Muni hereafter.”

“We have come here only as a last resort, having full faith in Agastya Muni. We will do as He has suggested. But…”

“But what?”

“How can we ensure that the herbs we may get in the hills is genuine? Only the Maha Muni can guide us here too. Please help us.” – said the father.

“Why not? Get me the herbs, I shall check.” – I sent them off.

Six months passed. The father came with three bottles filled with some essence. “I have brought three types of the herbal juice from Podhigai, Kolli and Chathuragiri hills. Are these the Karuthondri herbal essence? Will these solve the issue with the uterus, not sure. On these, what should my daughter take in? Please ask Agastya Muni.”

I opened the Nadi after praying to Agastya.

None of these are the essence of Karuthondri. On top of the Podhigai hills, this herb can be obtained from the dense forest area where wild animals like tiger and lion roam about, near a small water falls, to the left of it can be seen a cave. This herb grows near that cave. Once got that, preserve it for six months and the essence is obtained. It is the only garbha-dosha-nivarana herb. All these are not the right ones.” – said the Siddha!

The father was desperate saying, “Had He mentioned these that day itself, we could have brought the same.”

When you came that day, you had no faith in Agastya’s words. You only believed in what the current doctors said. Hence Agastya did not open His mouth.” – came the reply, instantly.

This is true indeed. Most of those who come to read the Nadi does not believe that the words are straight from Agastya Muni Himself. They approach it as if they seek an astrologer, not as that of a word of God, a word of Siddha. Agastya Muni obviously know these people and based on their temperament, gives His reply accordingly as they don’t follow the remedial measures
with utmost devotion and faith. Agastya does not bother about this either. If they then say nothing happened, He replies almost immediately “to go elsewhere and seek guidance”. Agastya Muni is not at loss here :).

The mother agreed to what the Maha Muni said. The father agreed to bring the right herb from Podhigai hills this time and bid farewell. A month weny by.

“Sir. It seems we cannot go to Podhigai Hills. The forest officials have strictly denied the entry saying they will allow only during the end of April or May. Only then you can go and do what you need to do, they said.” – the father was exhausted.

“Just have patience. We cannot do anything now.” – even I took a distance from this issue. But the father persisted and asked me to check the Nadi again.

Within three months, a journey to Podhigai Hills will be scheduled. If used, the herb can be obtained.” – came the reply. Four months went by. The parents came back to me with a bottle that contained an essence.

Agastya Muni confirmed that it was the right herb as well. They had met a Siddha at Podhigai Hills who gave them the instruction on how to use that herb and made Agastya’s task simpler. They took the herb which was obtained after months’ struggle happily with them. I prayed as well for the girl. It will be a miracle if this girl attains puberty and bears her child, in this world which certified that she does not have an uterus or that it is not functioning and she cannot attain puberty. Some eight months has passed by after all these.

The doctors who examined the girl has found the growth of uterus in that girl, though it appeared very weak, the parents were extremely happy that she might attain puberty in a duration of three months. They updated me on this as well. However, they were worried that this girl should attain puberty, get married and bear her child. But they said this: “We totally believe in Agastya Muni. Let whatever may happen, happen.”

Six months passed by. The girl did attain puberty. The doctors certified that she can bear her child and that the uterus has grown stronger. The parents’ joy knew no bounds. The girl now has a twins and are going to school.

Agastya Muni proved His words, again. That is all I can say!

~ to be continued…!