Thanjavur Satsangam – Question 1

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Note:”]This post contains the question posted in the satsangam happened in Thanjavur. Agastya Maharishi answers generic questions posted by devotees, not to the specific ones that comes under the ‘Grace of Siddha‘ series. Here, the devotees raise many a different types of questions and the Maha Siddha answers them all![/stextbox]


Q) The Almighty who created both the physical body and Athma, why does He separate the body all of a sudden? What is the Shukshuma behind this?

AA) Through the grace of God, Athma is eternal and Physical Body isn’t. The body is just a means to realize the Athma. Hence, if there is a comfortable living for an individual right from the beginning, he cannot realize the sweetness of it. But if a person struggles for his life, lives in poverty and then gets all the comforts, he realizes the importance of it. That man who suffers in the heat of sun knows the value and importance of a shade. If he gets to see a huge tree by his side, he feels so relaxed. Just so, to realize the greatness of Athma, the Almighty has given various bodies such as the humans, the animals, the birds etc., based on one’s karmic effects. The experiences that the man goes through, the karmic cause and effect cycle operates and thus God gives opportunities for the man to realize his Athman.

Through his question, We shall ourself raise another and answer…

Athma is permanent. It does not perish. It stays in the eternal state, always. When it is said, it is clear that in a body, the Athma is prime factor. It has precedence, shakthi, everything. The body is just like a garment then. Having said so, when the garment gets weakened, why then the Athma gets weakened as well? The Athma can remain at its eternal peace and bliss is it not? Why is Athma getting tired too?

AA) If we examine this, a person who is in a realized state, when he is in a divinely awakened state, then whatever happens to the garment (body) is not passed on to the Athma. In other words, whatever the garment goes through is not felt by the Athma.

This is because, the person dwells in his Athma and knows clearly that he is separate from the body and that he is The Athman. To cover oneself, a person wears a garment. If it gets torn off, will he announce that ‘my garment is torn’ OR ‘my body is torn’? He discards the garment and wears a new one.

Just as the Vilam Fruit (imonia acidissima) once ripen, begins to dance within without a hold of its shell, the person who attained Gnana knows that the body and the Athma are different. For such a person, it is all the same when he is pierced by a thorn or hit by a brick. It is all the same even when he is given a bed of roses. He is but in the eternal bliss of his own self. Till one reaches this state, the pleasure and pain that the body experiences will be felt as if its happening to him, the real self.

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2 thoughts on “Thanjavur Satsangam – Question 1

  1. Sir

    It’s a great new opening. The Non-tamil readers may understand the meaning of what Sage guru spells in real terms. Great decision to post such things in english. My simple suggestion. Keep a different color for question and answer so that people will read it correctly.

    Go ahead, you have the blessing of Agasthiya Mahamuni.

  2. Aditya Ayodhya says:

    Dear Karthikeyan Sir,

    Thanks a lot for such wonderful posts, and more so for bringing all the readers close to Agathiar.
    Ever indebted to you for that 🙂

    Eagarly awaiting more such posts!
    May His grace, guidance and mercy be there on all of us 🙂

    Thanks again!

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