The GOS 114 – To believe or not to believe, is up to you!

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People with a variety of qualities come seeking Nadi. Those who follow exactly what the Maha Muni says and get benefitted, those who respect Him but not what He said, do things at their will and get stuck in a big issue. Finally, they surrender themselves completely, go through the effects of not following His words for some time and then get out of their issues. Whatever the problem may be, if one surrenders, The Siddha will help. Let us see such an example in this post.

The dawn was very quiet. I carried out my daily routines slowly, finished my pooja, came out to the hall with the Nadi. In those who were waiting, there was a young girl who asked, if I can ask the Maha Muni about her future.

The Nadi revealed her to be a bright one, with a possibility of setting up a business abroad. But she was suggested to do the ‘Naga Prathishtai’ as per the ‘Agama’ rules and to do pooja for it for 45 days.

The girl possibly had some athiest mentality. She thought for a while and said, “what if I don’t do these?”

Nothing will happen. The fate will do its duty. Though you may have everything, there will be an issue due to Puthra Dosha” – said Agastya.

“I am at least a girl from Tamil Nadu. Either due to fear or thinking that its a fate, I might just do what is suggested. But those who doesn’t believe in these or foreigners or those who follow a different religion, if they don’t believe in the remedial measure suggested, will they be affected by these doshas?” – her question was point blank and clear.

You sought Agastya! I told your future. I will tell those only who seek Me. Why would I open my mouth to those who does not seek Me? You have Puthra Dosha. That is all I can say now. Whether to do the parikara for this dosha or not is up to you. Agastya does not compel, ever!” – the Maha Siddha concluded His short speech.

She hesitated for a while. Kept quiet too. Then whatever she thought, she stood up and went away.

Two months passed by. “I am that girl’s father.” – came a middle aged man, with a letter.

“I respect the Maha Siddha Agastya. But I want to break this Puthra Dosha of mine without doing any of these parikara (remedial measures) because for me and my would be who is from America, we don’t believe in all these parikara, faith in God etc., I am going to give birth to a beautiful child on seeing which you yourself will be amazed, without doing any parikara” – read the letter.

I was shocked. What is she up to and why? “Only you and Agastya Muni should bless her.” – pleaded the father. The condition that I was in that day, I did not pay any heed to that letter and had left it as it is. After a year and a half, the father came again and said that his daughter has given birth to a beautiful male child and that the mother and child are healthy.

The girl simply wanted to convey through her father indirectly that without doing any remedial measures, she has got the Puthra Bhagya (blessing of having a child, a male one). I never felt any anger or frustration, why should I?

Three years went by. The father came to me hurriedly saying, “My daughter is on her way with the child to meet you. She is stuck in a situation, but I have no details about it. She did not say anything to me. Kindly help her.”

“Nothing happened to the child right?”

“No, that’s what it looks like.”

“How is she?”

“She is very tensed. She did not speak coherently.”

“Ok, her husband?”

“He is an American. She isn’t taking him with her.”

“Ok. Please ask her to come tomorrow afternoon.” – I did not feel like asking anything in the Nadi either after the father went. The next day around evening, the daughter came with her child. With her eyes moist, when I asked her to sit down, she could not. She began to cry by closing her face.

I looked at the child. It was indeed beautiful. Though it appeared very healthy from the outside, I felt that there is something serious when I saw it. The girl began to speak.

“He was hale and healthy till one and a half years. He even said Amma and Appa etc., But…on a day, he appeared as if he got scared of seeing something. I tried so many things. But no avail. His speech stopped! I took him to the doctor.

He said that there is some nervous issue in the brain and that he requires lot of treatment. Even when he turns 15, he will have the mental maturity of a 2 year old child and that there is no way out. I was really shocked.

Only the Agastya Muni can save my child.” – she began to cry profusely.

I took a closer look at the child.

“He cannot turn when we call him. He cannot express his hunger. He can’t control the nature’s calls. If there is a pain in the body, he cannot say that to seek help. He must be given a special education. He himself does not understand why he does certain things at times. As he cannot talk, can’t express, can’t fight to get what he wants, he bites himself….” – the mother’s cries increased and so was the gravity of the situation, which hit me really hard.

If there is no child, that is different, somewhat bearable. But if there is a child and with such problems, then life becomes very difficult. All I could do was to shed a drop of tears or two. I prayed to the Maha Muni really earnest. “O Maha Muni, please say some good words.” – I opened the Nadi.

This is the karmic effect.” – that’s all came! In spite of praying and opening the Nadi many a times, nothing came out. I thought that He is angry with the girl who did not pay attention to His early warnings and did not follow the measures he suggested for remedy.

I explained this to her and suggested her to pray very earnestly to get His help. I prayed to Him for my part very much.

“Those who have committed a mistake has realized it and have come seeking a refuge in Agastya. If He himself, who can give consolation, gets angry, how fair is that? Isn’t it Agastya’s duty to help those who have realized their mistakes…?” – I prayed to Him saying all these. After a while, the Maha Muni said…

We warned that day itself. We suggested to do pooja to the Naga (snake) as per the Agama rules for 45 days and to place it in the nearby temple. She did not listen. What is the use in lamenting now?”

“Agastya is not God. But He guides, sure! If one prays, He fights with the goddess of fate to have it changed. This situation is a result of insulting what was suggested. What to do now? There are certain prayers that must be done for 15 years, continuously. Though this child will come out of this situation, getting married will be a big issue, eh?!” said the Maha Muni and also…”As she came seeking refuge in Agastya, let Me try changing this child as normal as anyone.

The mother felt alive only after hearing this. As the Maha Muni Himself has committed, she felt very pleased.

After five minutes, when I opened the Jeeva Nadi…

Remove the shoes that the child is wearing and throw it in the streets!” – said Agastya!

More so…”Change that American servant-maid you have hired. The problem had surfaced only through this.

I was thinking that He will suggest a herbal treatment or so for the child. But what He said gave a shock wave. I thought He feels the presence of shoes as an insult to Him and so on. But…Whenever the child wears those shoes, it will always be tensed. The sound that comes out of the heels scared the child so much, which the parents or others seldom realized. When it wears some other shoes, there won’t be any sound and it used to be playful. This particular shoe that gave the sound had a metal plate, which contained evil inscriptions from Atharvana Veda,

it has caused so much of fear in the child. Only Agastya Muni could find this out.

She threw away the shoe and just after a few minutes, the child started playing normally. She asked why the Maha Muni asked to remove the shoes.

The place where the musical sound comes out, which is supposed to make the happy, a metal plate has been kept somehow. It has the effects of Atharvana Veda, which kept scaring off the kid. Once taken off, the child appears happy.” – I mentioned to her on what the Maha Muni said.

She was clearly shocked, “It’s been one and a half years since we got this shoe. We don’t use it very often but rarely. Good heavens, we came to know at least now. Many thanks to Agastya Muni.”

“Not all shoes are so, but this must have been a rare case by itself. You can safely assume that the child is half cured now.” – I said.

She asked the reason on why He suggested to change the servant maid. When the Maha Muni answered, He said – “That We cannot say completely now. How and why, check the video footage from the camera installed in your house!

The lady could not be patient. She called her husband at once to America and asked him to run the video footage from the camera. It is a normal practice there to have house keeping staff when both the parents go out for work. This coupld had done just that. As the child was a little adamant, the lady who was baby-sitting, had scared the child off, to get the child in control.

As she continued to scare him off to feed him, the child got affected, which affected a nerve in the brain. The husband explained all that he saw in the video. The lady lamented so much that she did not see that footage all these days. She asked her husband to fire that house keeping lady that very moment on.

I sat there witnessing all these with great surprise. How minute this issues are, shoes, mis-behavior from a baby-sitting staff, which resulted in such a serious issue to this child, how Agastya Muni carefully pointed these out, I was greatly surprised.

The lady pleaded to Agastya, “Hereafter at least, will my boy become alright?”

Agastya Muni kept laughing. No answer came. “Go to Rameshwaram and perform a Tharpanam there. I shall say more afterwards.

She thanked Agastya Muni so many times and bid farewell, to go to Rameshwaram at once. It took hours for me to be normal after she left, thinking of Agastya Muni’s greatness.

Ten days went by…

The lady came back with the child. She appeared a little more clear. She said that the Tharpanam in Rameshwaram was completed. Knowing that she lived in America, they asked a lot of money and that she was not sure if the Mantras were uttered properly or not. I listened to all these and opened the Jeeva Nadi.

To win the fate, prayer does help. It’s enough that she realized this truth at least now. Let her do the pooja of Naga and install it in a nearby temple. In addition to that, Vallarai (Centella asiatica), Karum-Thulasi (Ocimum sanctum, Holy basil) should be powdered, mixed with a tea-spoon of honey and let the child be fed with this everyday. He will become alright steadily.

Twelve long years went by.

The boy now is just like anybody else. He takes part in atheletics and he is almost as normal like anyone, says the mother. Even the father of the girl calls every now and then to convey such messages. As the Maha Muni had predicted that he will become alright in four years’ time when she last met me, she had named the boy thus:


~ to be continued…!


PS: The readers are not to be misled that the verses of Atharvana Veda contains evil. Nay! There are numerous ritualistic practices outlined in Atharvana Veda and it is like a manual. To make good use of it or not, is up to every individuals and the karmic effect.

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  1. Aniruddhbhai Dhadhal says:

    we indian do not have produced Newton, Thomas elva edison,Elbert instine……..but we have rishi muni who is father of all science . we just need to be awaken our faith in rishi muni and see what we have got is not just a man who live on begging but a gigantic giant of knowledge , for whom all scientist are school boys, just need faith. and gnanbhoomi awaken faith in heart of people

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