The GOS 116 – Do what He says, else face what you have to face

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The way some people look at Agastya Muni and His Jeeva Nadi, makes me feel “why are they behaving so, out of ignorance?”. As they accumulate wealth, they somehow think that they can hide anything from Him and play with Him. Those who come with the thought that they can play with Him, Agastya Muni plays with them as though He does not know anything. If we are aware of it before hand, then we could enjoy the whole game, else we ourselves will get confused. The Siddhas know what happened even some Yugas back, hundreds of years back as to what happened in a particular place. We shall see such an incident today.

A such person came one day and said, “Can I buy this piece of land? Please ask Agastya Muni.” He appeared like a very wealthy person. I sought Agastya Muni’s permission.

On that place, there is a dosha on the south-eastern direction inside the earth and so it is not advisable to buy this land. If remained calm, a better piece of land will come for sale.” – Agastya replied.

The face of the person changed slightly. He thought for a while and said, “What do we need to do, so that the dosha gets removed? If it is done, can we buy that land?”

There is no need to do any homa for the removal of bhoomi-dosha. One has to dig about 12 feet in the south-eastern side of the land. It should be four feet of width as well. There will be a black colored substance inside. Without touching it, lift it with plastic cover, and throw it in a place where nobody puts their foot on. Then should take bath. It is enough. If one has faith, install Kalasa on all eight directions and do pooja. Sprinkle the holy water all over the land where the dosha will go away. Then one can think about buying that land.” – the Maha Muni said.

“All that is fine…but all these can be done only after buying that land right? How could we do all these before buying it?” – asked the rich man.

I felt it was a genuine question myself. I asked Agastya Muni.

You think Agastya doesn’t know it? That all these has to be done only after buying the land, the Punya Vachanam? This person has already purchased the land. He asks Agastya as though he hasn’t. Why all the lies? That is why I changed the way I answered as well.” – once he heard, his face become saddened. He did not argue but was seated quietly for a while and left.

I didn’t see him for months afterwards and naturally, I forgot too. I thought everything would have gone well. One of his friends came to meet me casually. I inquired about the rich man in course of our conversation.

“Oh him? He makes a lot of money once he bought that land. As he continues to dig that place, good quality granite is coming out of it. They say that it is rare to get such a granite. He is exporting them abroad in ships after ships.” – he said.

“Oh that’s very good!” – I wished him well.

One month went by. One morning, the granite millionaire came to meet me with a shaken face. I said, “What’s the matter? I heard that the granite business is going very well. Hearty wishes…”

He did not reply. His eyes were moist. He appeared as though he will start crying profusely.

“No sir. I am cheated. There is a loss of many a crores of rupees. I did not listen to what Agastya said. I am suffering because of it now.” – he said.

“I heard that your business is going very well and that you are exporting granites to foreign land etc.,?

“All that happened at first. The foreigners were surprised to see the granites and as it was rare, they placed an order for 50 crores. I totally forgot what Agastya Muni said and started exporting the stones. They were very good initially. The ones we took out from the south-eastern side became powdery. Not only that…afterwards, wherever we dig, it became powdery…”


“Not only that…the stones we exported were broken like glass pieces in their port itself and so they cancelled their orders. I am at a loss of one crore and have become indebted. I feel like committing suicide at times. Please ask Agastya Muni for a way out.”

“What’s the relation between Agastya Muni and the stones going powdery?”

“There is. He had mentioned that there is dosha in that land and asked me to take out the black substance, do you remember? I did not do it. That is the reason for all this now.” – he cried.

“You could do that very well now right?”

“No I can’t. Only when I was digging that part of the land, all those hard stones became powderish. I did not do any remedial measure afterwards.

Please ask Agastya if there is an alternate method.”

I felt sorry for him. I also did not feel like he has got in to this situation just because he did not do what Agastya Muni said. Agastya is not a cruel person. He gets angry, I have seen, but I have not seen Him cursing anyone bad, ever. This person did lie initially. Agastya also showed the right way, to stay calm for a while. He did not listen to it. That’s all, I thought. I sought the permission of Agastya Muni and began to read Nadi for this person.

If there was patience, such a loss wouldn’t have happened. He took an immature decision desiring for money. That place was a burial ground once upon a time. When the Cholas were in rule, a number of battles took place in this very place where a lot of people lost their lives. Due to climatic conditions, though the rocks appeared, they are not good for people’s use.

He, had he waited for some time, he could have got another land, some 500 acres worth of it, which has a lot of raw materials used to prepare cement. If he had purchased that land, he could have become one of the richest in the whole of Bharath and would have become one of the greatest industrialist. But what’s the use in talking about all these now? That place is not for him as he lost it.

“Is there no way out?” – the person asked amidst crying.

There is. But one should follow what Agastya says.” – came the reply.

“I sure will, sure.” – he said.

Do one thing. Just leave the desire of owning this land. Go straight to “Kadappa” and stay there for a while. A good way out will reveal itself.

“If I buy a land there, will I get granite? Will I get out of my debt? Can I continue my export?” – the human mind! He started one by one.

You are trying to hide things from Agastya Himself, eh? Is this fair? Don’t you have money? You have accumulated wealth by illegal measures and have given it to your beloved. Shall I tell about that or else the secret room in your pooja room where you have kept all the black money, shall I talk about that? With that much of money, you could buy half of Tamil Nadu itself right?” – the whipping began.

The person fell at Agastya’s feet.

First do what Agastya said. You will get what you lost. But hereafter, whatever business profit you will get, one third of it should go to poor and orphans. The place you had already bought, convert it to housing plots and distribute it among the people who work for you, for free. Before you do this, perform the bhoomi-dosha-nivarthi pooja and then distribute the plots. Your future will be good.

The person did not expect Agastya to say all these and so he quietly left the place.

Four months went by.

He came to meet me with a lot of fruits. He appeared very happy. His wife accompanied him. I did not expect that he will ever return and so I was surprised.

“I went to Kadappa just as Agastya Muni said and struggled a lot for three months in work. I got a very good friend there. His name was Bheema Rao. Through his help, I got a granite land for a cheaper price and that land did not have any issues. One more thing, the same foreigner who cancelled my orders have re-booked them. I am really happy.”

“Ok, what did you do to the old land?”

“Oh I forgot. Just as the Maha Muni said, I did the remedial pooja and distributed the plots to my workers for free. This is true. I won’t hide anything from Agastya Muni hereafter, ever. Please ask Agastya Muni Himself if what I said is true or not.”

“The one who is with you…” – I asked slowly.

“I swear to God, she is my wife. I have forsaken all other immoral relations.”

“Fare you well.” – I blessed him.

One thing is for sure. If one thinks of hiding things from Agastya Muni, we will be cheated for sure. Also, even if He gets angry at times, he never abandons, if one surrenders to Him.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Asha’s musings & ramblings

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