About a child who cannot speak fluently and karmic effects

Q) They did a abhishekam in many a temples, did archana as well, lit up Moksha Deepa and are living with dharmic thoughts. That family has only one child and that too is having difficulty in talking properly. This has caused a great distress in the family. O Sire, please show them a way out:

AA) Through the grace of God Almighty, those who seek our guidance for such problems, we repeatedly say, “the effects of one’s deeds returns“. So to say, it is not easy for humans to get rid of the effects of committing a sin. That is why we repeatedly say, “It is easy to commit a sin, but to get rid of it is’nt. But without losing faith, if one remains devoted to God, good things will follow.” If one thinks that he has done enough remedial measures, did a lot of good deeds, but the problem has not gone still…he must understand one thing. The one who did all the remedial measures may feel that he has done a lot, but for Us or Fate, we don’t feel he has done enough. This is the truth. We say this frequently in a different manner though.

One gets a loan of several lakhs from a bank. He repays the bank month after month and few years pass by. He thinks, “we are repaying through a major portion of our income, but hasn’t the debt got over?” and he checks with the bank. The bank says, “My friend, you got a loan of this much. The interest rate is this much. What you have repaid so far is this much. What you still have to repay is this much.” But the person who repays only knows the pain and struggle. He feels painful thinking, “I am paying a major part of my income as loan repayment and I am not enjoying anything for myself. But is this debt still not over?”

Hence, we say this to everyone who approaches us. Those who think that “We have done a lot of remedial measures. All these are just waste of time. Forgery. There is no use in doing any parikara (remedial measures)”, if they don’t lose heart and remains faithful towards God Almighty, they sure will succeed. It is not the fault of God that He doesn’t appear or He doesn’t help, but the fault is with the humans, that they should understand. Though we have mentioned not to seek guidance for individual problems, the human life and its misery makes oneself to still ask for the same.

Still, we took the fool who reads to a temple without his knowledge. It is a temple of Lord Narayana. He is called as “The Perumal who talks” and is located near the great city of Kanchipuram. People with such problems, the children who cannot speak, if they go to this temple whenever they can, there will be good results. If they do a proper and quiet prayer in Thiruchendhur, which is also called as ‘Thiru Seeralaivai“, there will be good results. Also, if one helps or supports such a foundation which supports such children, that itself will have good benefits.

Why such a thing happens? If one thinks deep, if a person suffers without being able to get rid of a suffering, it means that he has done that very same thing to others. So in this janma, if one performs good deeds, helps those who are affected with similar problems, and remains faithful in God and prays to Him, good will happen through His grace.

Those who think that “we sought the holy feet of God but nothing happened” have two choices: one, they can become an athiest OR they can remain faithful without losing hope. If one follows the second option, there is merit, there is merit.

2 thoughts on “About a child who cannot speak fluently and karmic effects

  1. Tushar Kanti Bhattacharjee says:

    The sinners should suffer their karma in the same birth making them feel the effects of their karma’s, why should the suffering s are carried over to the next birth, when he do not remember his past deeds and thinks himself innocent. Kindly ask mahaguru. Regards, Tushar k Bhattacharya.

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