The GOS 121 – Suspicion is a thought first, disease later

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

It is only the good thoughts that guide our lives in the right direction and shields us. The evil or bad thoughts and thinking will create all sorts of doubts and spoil the lives. The Agastya Muni warns those who come with such thoughts in the first step and will send them away. For some, He asks questions after questions and if they show sign of correcting their thought flow, He guides them in the right direction. Let us see such a person, how he got back the lost happiness by doing good.

He is in a good post but came with a dirty pant and a shirt that’s not washed for three or four days. He looked like he had lost something.

“I have to ask about my wife.”

“Sure. May I know what is that you want to ask about your wife?”

“Her character.” – I looked at him.

He was in his fifties and would have been married for about thirty years at least. What is the suspicion now? Second, will the Maha Muni answer for all these questions? I was worried as no one has ever asked Agastya such
questions and I haven’t answered one such either.

While I was thinking, he was impatient. “Will I get an answer to this in the Nadi or not?” – his tone changed.

I was provoked but still, “Agastya Muni is not a Jyotish (astrologer). He does not have the necessity to answer your questions either. You may go.”

He did not expect this, he lowered down his tone and said, “Let how much ever money is needed, I shall give. Please ask Agastya.”

This frustrated me like anything.

“How much will you give?”

“5000 rupees.”

“Just that much?”


“Oh, very well. You are ready to spend ten thousand rupees to know about the character of your wife. How great will it be if you get her a saree with that money?”

He was silent.

“You won’t get answers for such questions from Agastya Muni. You may seek elsewhere. One cannot get a word from Agastya by showing money or position.” – I folded my palms, only if this person leaves this place…

He remained seated.

“Sir, I have met many a Nadi Jyotish and am roaming for years, spending money like water. I haven’t got a convincing answer however. I came here therefore.”

“So, if you were told that your wife is a chaste one indeed, you wouldn’t agree. You expect that the message should be that she is of an immoral character, isn’t it?”


“What pleasure do you seek in it? If so, why don’t you just leave her?”

“I can’t..”


“She is immensely wealthy. I work out of station most of the station and visit my house only once or twice in a month.”

There is no use in talking further. I opened the Jeeva Nadi.

They put some conditions and only after which they got him married to that rich lady. He nodded for every condition and not today or yesterday, for thirty years, he is roaming with a suspicion in his mind. Even if Agastya tells him the truth, he won’t accept. All his desire is, that others should say that his wife is immoral. He derives a strange happiness from it. He can’t do anything else. But there is a valid point in his question. Before this lady got married to him, due to some circumstances, when she was not in her senses, there has been a mistake that happened.

She herself has mentioned it to him once. But the day she told that truth, he was broken and that suspicion has not left him then. Even so, he doesn’t even accept his own child to be born of himself but to someone else. Aren’t you?” – Agastya’s question was pointed and straight to that person.

He nodded.

You brought him up thinking that he is not your son. He is about to turn twenty six. Get him married and send him abroad. The suitable circumstance will arise. Then all your doubts will vanish.” – said the Maha Muni. Apart from this, He never mentioned whether the girl is immoral or that the son was born to her through somebody else etc.,

Though he appeared satisfied, he got up with a dilemma. I thought it is impossible to cure such people. Some five months passed by. That person and his wife came to meet me. They appeared smiling. I was relieved that he won’t ask strange and embarrassing questions. They carried a plate full of fruits. They prostrated and sat down.

“What’s the matter? Is your son’s marriage fixed?”



“We came to meet you. I realize that the confession I made has created so much of trouble in our family for thirty long years.” – said the wife.

“What’s the matter Amma?”

“Am I good or bad? Let Agastya Muni Himself clarify this to my husband.”

No, not again, I thought. I never felt like opening the Nadi.

“I believe in Agastya Muni. Whatever He says, I completely will agree. Please read.” – said the lady.

Who can stop what is about to happen? I opened the Nadi.

Before she attained puberty, she was unconscious once and one of her servant touched her. This is all that happened but nothing else. That incident affected her so much that she mentioned it to everyone openly. She wanted to be truthful to her husband and so she mentioned this to him as well. But he was heart-broken. This happened before her puberty but his mind did not accept it.

Since they mentioned that the first child appeared differently, his doubts increased. It then became a disease. This is the truth. She is not immoral and has not done any mistakes.” – Agastya’s words came not just as a clairvoyance, but as the fire of truth.

The lady gave a sigh of relief. He was immensely pleased, satisfied and happily agreed that the son was born to himself. He also mentioned that he turned a complete man now.

“You won’t go to another astrologer and confuse yourself hereafter right?”

“Never!” – he said happily.

I told the lady. “Many a people end up making mistakes. It depends on circumstances, one’s mindset etc., You wanted to be truthful indeed, but you should exercise caution in your words as this has affected your marital life for thirty years.”

They prostrated saying that Agastya Muni has given them a new life. I understood something…

“We have to search for peace from within. If we search for it outside, we will be lost indeed.”

~ to be continued…!

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AA – What is Dheeksha

AA) Through the grace of Almighty, what appears to be fair for man need not have to be the same for God. “I am good indeed. Why am I keep suffering? I don’t seem to get the fair piece? I don’t seem to have got the justice..” – he may think. But the yardstick of the Lord never goes wrong. Without any reason, nothing else ever happens. Still, for this person, it is good if he visits a temple of Lord Karthikeya on every Tuesdays and prays to Him earnestly. It is also good if he visits the temple at a place called Siruvai.


AA) Through the grace of Almighty, a proper guidance, suggestive pointing can also be taken as a Dheeksha. But what really is the meaning for the word Dheeksha? (When written this word in Tamil, the syllable sounds like Theeksha, thee meaning fire), the syllable “Thee” is about destroying. It means “to destroy the evil thoughts, maya, sins” and to lift oneself up, is Dheeksha. But for the spiritual, it is rare to see the one with destructive powers. Even if they do, without God’s grace, they won’t give Dheeksha. The people who receive Dheeksha may assume that it is a sort of direction being given. Better still, We seldom agree that a person will get God’s grace only after getting such Dheeksha. If one person prays to God with a truly true heart, devotion and his mind always pointed to the Almighty, if he prays to the Lord in the form he likes, calls Him with the naama (holy name) he likes, for sure he will get God’s grace. It is not necessarily that he has to be given a Dheeksha to get the Almighty’s grace.

The GOS 120 – The root cause is not witchcraft

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

When talking about witchcraft, Agastya Muni firmly says, “Do not even believe that such a thing exists.” It is called Sei-Vinai in Tamil. As per the Maha Muni, the sei-vinai is just that the old deeds done in the past (seidha – have done), vinai (karma or deeds) is what comes back and affects. Items received out of ignorance may also bring bad effects. How a broken Shiva Linga and a Saligrama bring about unwanted effects in a family, we shall see in this post.

Note: It is strongly advised not to keep a broken Shiva Linga or Saligrama or such things with dosha in houses.

As Agastya comes in the Nadi to guide someone or the other every day, I am able to differentiate between what is good and what is not. There was a lady who came the other day.

“You say that Agastya does not believe in Witchcraft. But it does exist! I shall prove it. Can you accompany me to my house?”

“If the Maha Muni permits, I shall.”

“No you must come. If you come, I believe my thirty years of suffering will come to an end.” – adamant she was.

“I am not the Bhagawan. I just help people through the grace of Siddha. Please therefore, do not compell me to come to your house. But however, through Agastya’s Jeeva Nadi, I may read His suggestion to you now.”

She was disappointed. She wiped her tears and began to tell her story.
“I belong to an affluent family. We had lot of lands, banana fields, loads of money. A relative asked for 10 lakhs of loan to run a business. Me and my husband refused to give. The relative got furious and he called upon a Malayala Mandrika and did witchcraft to destroy me and my family. Due to this, my husband got separated from me and our wealth started diminishing as well.

My children got frustrated at me and each of them went away, separately. They even got married to people from other castes. My family got separated.”

Once she finished saying all these in a hurry, I asked her slowly.

“Do you believe that it is the witchcraft done by your relative that is the reason for all these?”



“I get nightmares. I would feel someone is standing next to me. It walks with me and will stop if I stop!”


“In Amavasya or Full Moon days, I will feel my neck getting strangled.I feel I like I receiv blows in my chest.”


“Not just that. As I am staying alone and do have some property, unseen and unknown people have started threatening me. I am scared for my life.” – she cried. I felt pity for her.

“Ok, you must have done some parikara for these right?”

“Tell me about it! I spent in lakhs for that but only money got spent and nothing happened. That’s why I believed in Agastya Muni and have come here.” – she said.

She narrated a few more incidents that made me wonder if such things will really happen. You can see, even I got a thought that this witchcraft must have been true. I decided to ask Agastya Muni Himself.

If as per this lady, the witchcraft done by the relative being the reason for all the happenings, then why is there so many temples in this country? Prayers? One can pray to that Malayala Mantrika himself by building a temple to him right? Why is it not done?” – Agastya’s questions were blowing tremendously. He asked for further explanation.

Did you buy any pooja related items to be kept in your pooja room some 30 years ago?

“Not that I recall of…”

There is a Shiva Linga with dosha and a broken Saligrama in your pooja room, isn’t it?

“There is a Shiva Linga, but I am not sure if it has dosha etc.,”


“I don’t even touch it. Neither I do pooja. My husband does not like these pooja and austerity etc. But now I remember. It is true that he left me only after the Shiva Linga and Saligrama came to my house.”

Your husband, he didn’t touch them even once, is it?


You were not able to do any pooja, at least to that Gurukkal (priest) who visits your house frequently, he could have done pooja to the Shiva Linga and Saligrama?” – asked Agastya Muni!

When He said “that priest”, the lady’s face showed shock, as though hit by something.

There was an unusual atmosphere there for a while.

Then Agastya Himself continued…”Go at once and throw the Shiva Linga with dosha and the broken Saligrama to the nearby well. Then I shall say further.

“Then what is the remedy for the witchcraft?”

First, give respect to what The Agastya has said and do it, then come!” – ordered The Maha Muni.

She left at once. I thought, a Shiva Linga with dosha and a broken Saligrama has done so much of ill effects. But this lady is blaming witchcraft. How strange. A week passed by and she came with a long face.

“I threw the Shiva Linga and Saligrama in the well nearby. But once I did it, I don’t feel even the slightest peace of mind. The problems have worsened. I don’t know what to do.”

I quietly opened the Nadi.

It is a rule that one should not do pooja with a broken Shiva Linga. The day she brought this and began to do pooja, the evil effects started. The husband got separated.

Second, there are varieties of Saligrama. In these, the Narasimha Saligrama and Sudarsana Saligrama belong to the Ugra (ferocious) category. One should not keep such Saligrama at home for pooja. Once known that the Saligrama is of either types, they must give it to a temple at once.

The Saligrama she has at home is a Narasimha Saligrama. If it has not broken, one could probably keep it for pooja after doing a Shanthi Parikara. But the one she has got has a crack at the entrance (in the Saligrama). This is not good for the house. It was the blood that smeared out of Lord Narasimha’s mouth when He killed Hiranya. Such a Saligrama is kept even for a short amount of time at home, it will spoil the family, wealth, health, everything. Evil spirits will rule that place.

This lady was ignorant about these and has received such a Saligrama when someone gave it for free. She kept it at the pooja room but seldom performed milk-abhisheka, Ganga-Jal abhisheka or sandalwood abhisheka. Neither she did show a neivedhyam. The family got split. It drove the children out of the family. Evil spirits started roaming around her and the wealth is diminishing too. If she had shown the Shiva Linga and Saligrama to someone, they must have told the truth. Such a bad effect wouldn’t have happened.

Without realizing all these, she spent her lakhs scaring about witchcraft. People took advantage of her ignorance. Even now, this lady tells lies to Agastya! She neither touched the Shiva Linga nor she threw it in the well. Let her come back when she believes in Agastya completely, then We shall talk.” – The Maha Muni concluded.

She appeared shaken.

“It is a Spatika Linga, a rare one. Not many gets it. A person gave me and said not to give it to anyone. Hence I kept that and the Saligrama in my pooja room. Please forgive me.” – she said and further asked…

“Then there is no witchcraft right?”

It was you who believed somebody’s saying and brought a tantric and did whatever you could. He didn’t do anything properly. So the evil spirit is firing back at you. Witchcraft and evil spirits – these are totally two different things.” – said Agastya.

The lady now appeared really shocked. She fell at my feet and ran to her house. The moment she threw the broken Saligrama and Shiva Linga with dosha in to a well, her husband returned and so did her sons, with their

Now this family is happy. The lady is now asking, “Witchcraft? What is it?” and laughs.

I am sure you all know what lesson Agastya Muni has taught us. Do not invite trouble unnecessarily. Lead your life in a peaceful manner, by doing dharmic deeds and pray to the Almighty and get His grace!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 119 – Why Agastya does not recommend Yantra-Bhakthi

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

For salvation, Bhakthi is one way. That bhakthi can be done through Pooja, Dhyana (Meditation) etc., but Agastya suggests to stay out of Yantra based bhakthi. If a yantra is prepared for a person, that house where he stays must be purified with Yagna or Pooja, to check for the auspicious day and star, and must be prepared in the most pure surroundings. If one knows how the yantras that are prepared nowadays, one can know how dangerous it is. A such person who was with yantra-craze, how he almost lost his livelihood and how Agastya Muni saved him, we shall see today.

The person who stood before me made me feel like I have to bow to him for he appeared very devotional. He had applied the holy vibuthi (bhasm or holy ash) on his forehead, kum-kum in the center of it, the fragrance of javvadhu in a subtle manner, simplicity in her appearance etc., He must have been in his sixties. He accompanied his wife. But I realized later, that his appearance was a total contradiction to what he did.

He spoke.

“Bhagwan has given all sorts of comforts, save peace of mind. I got my first daughter married to a very good place, but her marital life wasn’t pleasant. She returned home. I got my second daughter married. For years, she hasn’t attained motherhood. She has returned home as well. The youngest boy who was going to college suddenly stopped going there. If asked, he laughs at himself and does not want to get out of the house. He is drowsy all the time, worst thing, he doesn’t even brush his teeth. He takes bath only that day when he feels like, and doesn’t apply soap. He stinks. He must be corrected and so my daughter’s lives should be on track. I trust in Agastya. Please save me.”

“Did you ask anyone about this and did any remedy?”

“Yes. But no use so far. We’ve come here as a last resort.”

“We are tired of doing parikara. So please suggest us anything but parikara” – the lady spoke for the first time.

I was surprised and felt something is not right in here.

“Amma, you are approaching Agastya Muni as you approach an astrologer. Wrong. Think of him as a Gnani who gives a clairvoyance. For your problems, whatever he suggests, accept it and do as He says. Agastya Muni
does not speak in favour of you or me.”

“They say this is Agastya Nadi Jyotish. Hence I asked..” – said that lady.

“I have to be careful to these people” – I thought and opened the Nadi without saying anything.

Two of the yantras kept at this man’s house has some repairs (like a crack or a dent). The day he brought this and kept it at home, his peace of mind is gone. If he throws these yantras away, there won’t be any problems.” – Agastya Muni concluded short and sweet.

The couple’s face became pale the moment they heard it.

“There are many a yantras at my pooja room. If I know which ones has the dosha, only those can be thrown out right?” – asked the man.

I said, “If it is not coated with silver or gold lining, and if not done regular pooja, to avoid the yantra getting spoiled, its better to throw it away.”

“There are around 12 such yantras with me, all are done with proper pooja.”

“Pooja means how?” – I asked.

“Through the astrologer, pooja was done in the temple and was given to me.”

“First, it is not right to do pooja for these in the temples. It has to be done in one’s house. It is secondary to do such poojas in the temple.” – I clarified.

“What if one does not have the means to do pooja at home?” – he countered.

“Fair question. Let’s ask this to Agastya Himself.”

Before performing pooja to these yantras, the person must be pure in his physical and mental state. He should sit facing north-eastern side. There must not be any impurity (theetu as it is mentioned) in either the person who does the pooja or the person to whom the pooja is performed for. The mantras must be recited clearly, slowly and without a hurry. One should not use garments that are not clean. Second, one must not perform the pooja on whatever copper plates one obtains. One could have one or two copper plates at home like this, its enough. If more than two are there, it will spoil the peace in the family.

The plates which are kept in this man’s house are all prepared without proper pooja. The day he started doing pooja for more than three such plates, from that day his family started facing so many hurdles. If the plate is not done proper pooja or yagna at home, they are useless. The family faces all such problems only because of his mistakes.” – said the Maha Muni.

“The day he brought the Sudarsana Yantra which was prepared incorrectly, his only son became insane. He got in to the clutches of evil spirits. The other two girls’ houses had lot of impurities and thereby, they ended up with serious family issues.

The old man’s face became dark after hearing these.

Whoever brings a yantra plate, he will install it in his pooja room and he was nick named “Yantra-crazy”. Whoever sells a yantra, even for three ruppes, saying one can get rid of debt, one can become a millionnaire, one’s family will be at peace, long term disease will be gone, whatever is the claim, he buys those yantras at once.

“Do what Agastya Muni has said and come back. For sure there will be good.” – I said.

But some sort of a worry still appeared in his face. I thought they might have not liked the way Agastya mentioned about the yantra and their craze about it, and I just left it. For few months, they didn’t return and one fine evening…

The same person came with his wife, son and daughters. He appeared happy. He fell at my feet in spite of the age difference and said, “I did a big mistake. Please ask Agastya Muni to forgive me.”

“What mistake did you do?”

“I did not believe in what He said and asked another person whether they were true. If I were suggested a number of Parikara, I would have got hope. As I was suggested just a single point, I was disappointed and went to another person.”

That person laughed aloud and said, “As if Agastya mentioned in the Jeeva Nadi, it is what “that” person has said. Don’t believe it. To challenge Agastya Himself, let me do a big Homa and prepare a huge yantra, and collected a huge sum of money from me. I placed the yantra he gave in my pooja room. This was one big mistake.

In the next few hours, whatever I heard, whatever happened, some untimely deaths all shook me to my base. My wife got frustrated and threw away all the yantras in the well. At first, I was furious at my wife. But once they
were all in thrown in the well, things started changing within one and a half month.

The happiness I did not get for thirty long years is back with me. My family life has turned happy. My second daughter is pregnant now, she says. The surprising thing, my son has become alright. He goes to college again now.” – he continued to narrate what happened.

I was looking at him silently. Such people, might just overturn if they are convinced sufficient enough, I felt.

“O Agastya! Please save them.” – I prayed.

Those who read this post, a request to you all. Please think before keeping any yantras at home. Is this really required? There is nothing great in this world other than true devotion and prayer. The reason is, there is NO ONE else other than Agastya Muni who knows better about Yantras.

~ to be continued…!

AA – Witch-craft, is this true?

Q) Are the witch-crafts true? If so, what is the remedy for these?

AA) Through God’s grace, We have explained about this many a times. But still, We shall answer for his (the one who asked the question) sake.

Out of the four Vedas, there is Atharvana Veda. It has many such explanations about this. Generally, fire can be used to cook, but it can also be used to burn a house. Likewise, the Rishi-Munis who were performing Tapas in solitude, mostly in forests, they wanted to protect themselves against wild animals, thieves etc., so they can focus on the task at hand, they shield themselves with such mantras. That was their primary use.

But here’s our human greediness and selfishness, they want to use these mantras to trouble others. There are very few who mastered such mantras. Though it is true that there are effects on these, one should understand something. If one’s karmic effects has destined him in his horoscope to undergo the effects of such things, such effect will be there. But what does one think? If he suffers for more than twice on anything, he begins to think, “Someone surely has done witch-craft” , and there are always people who take advantage of such fears, and they loot money from such men.

So as said before, whether it is there or not, if one does not fear them and walks the path of dharma, remains devoted to God and increases his dharmic activities, there won’t be any such effect on that man.

But still, if one thinks that there is such an effect on him, and should escape this, one can pray to Mata Pratyangira. They could pray to Lord Narasimha and get rid of it. They could pray to Sharabeswara and get rid of it. In that land called Parasurama Kshetra (Kerala), one can pray to Mata, that too on a Pournami Day (Full Moon day), and get benefitted. Those who focus on such prayers, and those who can afford, can perform yagnas on these devatas said above every six months or so, to get rid of these effects.

AA – About effects of Grahas

Q) The children born of Raghu Dasha, Shani dasha, Angaraka dasha etc., they seldom listen to their parents and end up getting in to bad routes. What parikara can be done for this?

AA) Through the grace of God, we frequently suggest, let’s just say that the Nava Grahas are like a honest officers. It is sinful to name a Graha as good graha or bad graha. They just perform their duties as per the Almighty’s orders. So as per one’s fate, whatever has to come comes. When one gets all success, fame and good comfort, no one rejects it. But when situation turns upside down, they scream, “O God! I cannot bear this for the Grahas are making me suffer!” Eh!

There is a saying, “Let me say it now itself for I may not be able to say it then” (Saying here refers to praising the Lord’s name and showing devotion). The grahas can operate on an individual only based on his good and bad deeds done in the past. They can operate therefore, only on his ignorance. Instead of praying to God for, “God, make me debt free, make my children live well, give me great health and so on, if one prays “O God, please remove my ignorance. Please provide me thy knowledge”, most of the problem gets solved right there.

Even the Yogis have the effects of grahas, both good and bad. Even Man does. Even the Gnani does, and so does the ignorant. The Gnani does not weep on bad. Only the ignorant does. Since everyone cannot become a Gnani in the first step itself, We suggest them certain things, most of the time only straight forward measures. But the effects of Grahas based on one’s merits and de-merits are there so, at times we suggest certain shortcuts.

How much ever explanation shall be given, as this lady asked (the one who raised this question), the generalization that the 7.5 years’ effect of Shani, the effect of Ashtama Shani, Arthashtama Shani’s effect, Ragu, Ketu directions are all giving only bad effects – we seldom accept this. One can even get a good experience and Gnana out of this. To cut it short, what We say, on such occasions, man should not lose hope, and visit a temple at least once in a day and lit up a ghee deepa (lamp). Those who cannot perform even this, should at least cleanse themselves physically and mentally and spend at least two and a half Nazhigai in devotion that they could. Particularly, Navagraha Athi Devatha prayers.

Next, those who are in such situations, and those who can afford, they could assume that they’re procuring for the need of their families, and instead of getting a new house or a vehicle for themselves, if they spend the same amount to suitable temples, or to a needy poor, we say for sure, these dasha-budhi’s will not harm that individual much.

Let’s say it short. One has a few lakhs of savings. He thinks that he should buy a new house. We don’t say it’s wrong. He thinks that it will be good if he owns a house. But ‘this’ time is not suitable for it. What if he still buys it? All sorts of trouble crop out due to that house. The money will be spent unnecessarily. But on the other hand, if he spends that money on the good cause of others, like the ones above, the effect of dasha-budhi reduces greatly. There won’t be a great danger to him or his children due to this. This is one good but short method. But what does a man think? He thinks he is smart and he keeps on saving his money. He saves Gold and he keeps on buying land and houses saying that the price is ever increasing.

But what we say, if he remains content and spends for others who are in need magnanimously, we say for sure through the grace of God, there won’t be any effects of Grahas on him. That one who has done as equivalent to the peak of dhana-dharma, the grahas won’t have an impact on him completely. He may suffer the effects of his bad karma, but it is borne by the dharma he did thereby, he may not feel that he is undergoing the trouble.

AA – Living properly and about doing Giri Valam with sandals

AA) Through the grace of God Almighty, those whose mind are in their control than otherwise, who eat properly, who does not see the taste but see what the stomach needs, who choose the food as per the physical activity they do, who do regular exercises, Yogasanas etc., who does everything in the appropriate time, all these are recommended. In spite of all, if karmic effects catches hold of a person and if he falls ill of a disease, he could pray to God, particularly to Dhanwantri, and does whatever he could to the poor, that is, if that person helps the poor who are in need of medical assistance, that person will be saved off the disease. The person who had constructed a free medical facility in his previous birth takes birth in this life and lives a very healthy life all through. Having this in mind, that person who takes over the medical expenses of a poor, he will be saved by the Almighty from getting in to dangerous diseases.

Q) When doing Giri Valam (doing pradakshina of holy mountains, such as Thiruvannamalai), can one wear their sandals? When doing daily Pooja at home, can one just rinse their mouth and sit for Pooja? Or should one mandatorily take bath before sitting on Pooja

AA) Through the grace of God, be it Giri valam, near the Raja Gopuram of a temple, even at the border of the temple, even more to say, people leave their sandals around the temple gopuram itself. This will cause a great great dosha. More so, before visiting temples, it is best to take bath and wear fresh garments. The gents are to visit the temple with bare chest. For sure, mandatorily, for Giri Valam, it is best to do it without any sandals.

I cannot forgo my sandals for I end up troubling myself, if one says, they should bear it. Otherwise, it is best if they don’t venture in to it at all. The cleansing of body is to refresh a man. It is best if one prays to God with both his physical body and mind clean and pure. If in unavoidable situations, rarely that too, one can perform a cleansing as this one asked, but do not keep that as a reason and take part in worship without taking bath or cleansing, we won’t accept it, ever!

The GOS 118 – The word of a Siddha and what it can do

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The temples and mosques were built as a place of worship and to instill the thought of doing dharma and to do service thereby guiding the human to higher truths, says Maha Muni Agastya. It can be said that there is no other powerful means than Prayer. It can even change one’s previous karmic effect and only prayer wins at the end, says Agastya. Due to the effect of Kali, the people will turn towards materialistic desires and will ward off from bhakthi. Only to channelize the wandering mind and to guide them through God and spirituality, the Siddhas helped making of many a temples. How great is their grace! Such temples, if they are affected due to impurities where rituals doesn’t happen, the Siddhas come forward to help. We shall see how Agastya Maha Muni helped one such temple.

There seated an old man with a grief striken face. Before I could ask anything, those who accompanied the old man said:

“Our temple’s kumbabisheka is keep getting postponed. Whoever initiates it with some guts end up dying within a month! Eight such people have been dead and thereby no one comes forward to take up this task. It is difficult to perform the kumbabisheka without one leading it. Can it be performed at this temple? Or not? Is there any trouble with it and if so, can we abandon the thought of performing the kumbabisheka? We came to ask only this.”

“What temple is this?”

“Draupadi Amman Temple, built a thousand years back.”

“When was the last kumbabishekam done?”

“Some fifty years ago.”

I remained silent for a while, prayed to Agastya and opened the Nadi.

The Maha Muni came right to the point.

Let them dig about eight feet in the north eastern side of the temple. A bowl made of clay with black colored, unwanted substance will be present. Let them take it out without touching it with bare hands, wrap it in a cloth and throw it towards the southern side. Then install eight Kalasas for the Ashta Digh Balakas and do a Punyakavachanam. Then let the water be sprinkled in all eight directions in the temple. Then do a Balalayam and go further with arranging for Kumbabishekam. If done, there won’t be any obstacles. No need to worry as there won’t be any danger to any lives.

Once heard, the old man’s face brightened up and he began to speak for the first time.

“O Sire. For now, I am the one who will take charge for this task. The heir of the temple’s owners, the in-charge, those who were with me, my relatives, many a people were in-charge of the temple (Dharma Kartha). But right after they took in-charge of the kumbabisheka, they died mysteriously” – said the old man.

“Do not worry. Just do what the Maha Muni said. It is enough.”

“What is the reason for so many deaths?”

“Why worry about that now? Instill courage and make the arrangements.” – they left with so much of hope. I prayed for them as well. One month passed by. A person from the Kumbabisheka committee came running.

“Sire! We dug the north eastern side as Agastya Ayya ordered. There were skull and bones in pieces. When trying to take it out, the person who took it was thrown away. He is now paralyzed that one of his hands and legs doesn’t function. We have admitted him in the hospital. We don’t know what to do. Please ask the Agastya Muni sir..”

Agastya swiftly came in the Nadi and said, “We asked specifically not to touch what is found with bare hands, but they did not listen to it. Hence this result. There is nothing to worry for his life. He will return to normalcy in four months. Fear not!” – Agatsya Muni gave them courage.

“Sir, will the Kumbabisheka happen?”

For sure. But all those who are part of the Kumbabisheka must tie a “kappu” (protection)” – said Agastya.

“What is a Kappu?” – asked the person.

When the Balalayam begins, that is forty eight days before, place a threat in the feet of Draupadi Amman and each of you must tie that in your right wrist.” – said Agastya.

“We shall do just as instructed.” – said the person.

Another thing. No need to worry or fear about the skull and pieces of bone that was taken out of the temple. Forty eight years back, this place did not have any building or compound wall. The Sanyasi who worked in this temple had died. So no need to worry in all unwanted aspects.” – explained the Maha Muni.

Further to this, “Do a Punyakavachana with Brahmins in that place. The Brahmins who perform this must be really really pure. Otherwise, there is no use even after doing the Punyakavachana.” – puzzled Agastya.

“Sire! It would be great if Maharishi explains what He means by the Brahmins to be really pure. If He can show the person with whom we should conduct this Punyakavachana, it will be great too.” – prayed the person.

I shall surely show the way. As there wasn’t a kappu tied as per the rules and since there is a predha-dosha (dosha due to dead body) in the north-eastern direction, the Brahmins who performed the Balalayam before wasn’t pure and they tried to install the Kalasa, hence the in-charge met with death. As you are going to do everything as per the rules now, no need to fear.” – He clarified.

“Sire, please do not mistake. If the Maha Muni points at the person with whom we should perform the Punyakavachana, it will be really useful as we cannot know which Brahmin is pure and who isn’t.”

All Brahmins are good indeed. But those who learnt the Vedas properly, those who are not greedy for more money, those with proper devotion and do service to the Lord, are very few. There is a person in the banks of Kaveri at Thiruvarur. He is an eighty five year old bachelor named Neela Kantan. He has the qualities of a Siddha. With him, let the Kumbabisheka be performed.” – said Agastya.

“Thank you so much sir! Let us do just as You say.” – the person prostrated with utmost devotion and left.

Eighteen days went by. The in-charge came along with his men.

“Sire, we went to Thiruvarur just as the Maha Muni said but we could not find anyone by the name Neela Kantan. We are exhausted after searching in all the places. What do we do now?” – he was worried.

“Is it true that such a person lives there in that place?” – I asked.

“They praise that person so much. But they didn’t know when he will be there in town and when he won’t. What do we do now?”

“Please wait a minute..” – I prayed to Agastya and opened the Nadi.

As you asked to point out the person, I pointed out to Neela Kantan. But it’s true that there are others who are just like him here and there. But the same Neela Kanta Sastri will perform the Kumbabisheka for Draupadi Amman. Do not worry and go to your place now.” – Agastya gave His clairvoyance.

In spite of His words, they were not so hopeful. Isn’t there any Vedic scholar in the country other than Neela Kanta Sastri? There are several Kumbabisheka happening across. Is Neela Kanta Sastri performing everything? Because of a few Brahmins who commit a mistake, all other Brahmins can’t take the blame. There indeed are many a good hearted Brahmins.” – I thought. But as I had to obey His orders, I kept quiet.

I came to know that they performed the Punyakavachana for Ashta Digh Balaka and that North-Eastern side through some learned scholars. But there isn’t any news from Neela Kanta Sastri.

They collected money and somehow gathered a sum of thirty lakhs rupees and made arrangements to the temple Kumbabisheka. The committee members tied the Kappu as well. But they all feared for their lives. The Neela Kanta Sastri who was pointed by Agastya Muni as a ‘right Brahmin’ was not to be seen. So how can this Kumbabisheka be performed, they worried.

The date for Balalayam was fixed. Some went to Thiruvarur again and searched for Neela Kanta. They got to know that he had left ‘that day itself’ and might have gone to Allahabad.

That Neela Kanta will complete Balalayam and also the Kumbabisheka. If there isn’t faith, conduct these with anyone whom you know.” – the Maha Muni had mentioned it in anger and so they couldn’t accept or reject anything and were struggling. Even I felt disturbed.

When they were making all arrangements for Balalayam, an old Vedic Brahmin arrived at the Draupadi Amman temple in the early hours of morning. He introduced himself as “Neela Kantan”. He did not speak anything else. He assumed responsibilities for Balalayam. The committee members were so surprised.

The activities of that Brahmin was such that Swayam Agastya Muni had sent him. They were very satisfied as things started progressing just as the Maha Muni said.

The Brahmin never uttered any word and performed the Kalasa Sthabanam (installing the Kalasa) and Kumbabisheka of Draupadi Amman temple. The people’s joy knew no bounds. They wanted to show their respect to him and so they took silk clothes, money etc., and went to the place where he stayed right after the Kumbabisheka.

But Neela Kanta Sastri was not to be found.

They searched for him everywhere but of vain. The person who performed the Kumbabisheka without speaking a single word, did not leave anything in the rituals, uttered the Holy Mantras like nobody has ever done, did not leave any gap in the traditional methods of doing Kumbabisheka, where is that person? The committee members went to Thiruvarur searching for him.

They found Neela Kanta Sastri there in Thiruvarur.

But it was not the person who performed the Kumbabisheka.

Then who was that Neela Kanta Sastri? The answer for that question is still unknown. The elders did not say for the sake of it that the Nadhi Moola and Rishi Moola are not to be traced (source of a river and rishi is not to be traced). But one thing is for sure and there isn’t any doubt about it…

If the Siddha gives His words, even “That” Neela Kanta will come down to protect us!

~ to be continued…!

AA – The wicked and selfish are well off. Why?!

Q) Those who are selfish and narrow minded are very well off when compared to those who are kind-hearted and do good to others. Why is this situation?

  1. AA) What is bliss / Sukha? You think of it as peace of mind, without being poverty stricken, without any disease etc., Understand something. It is not the surroundings or situation which gives a man happiness or peace of mind. It is only based on his mind-set that he feels happy or miserable. If lot of wealth equates to happiness, then all those who are rich should have been happy. If being in a big position gives happiness, then those who are in big positions must be happy. But it isn’t the case. Hence, every individual’s maturity, mind-set, his mind’s evolution – all these relate to his peace of mind and happiness. If you keep your mind strong as that of a diamond, with vairagya, with magnanimity, with sathvic thoughts, walk in the path of Sathya, follow dharma, you can be happy wherever you are. You can be well off.

Do not confuse yourself with what you ‘see’ in the world as happiness or peace of mind with what your present condition is.

What are your requirements? The God Almighty who created you knows this very well. The Mother knows what to feed the baby who is sick and the baby which is healthy. Just so, the misery you may be going through and those who surrounds you, is nothing but the effect of karma from previous births. Only to reduce these, we suggest various remedial measures. Even if we feel pitiful to those who sit in front of Us with tearful eyes, We also hear the cries of those souls who were affected by this person’s deeds. At that time, We do think that God has kept everyone in their rightful place indeed.

But above all, if a person cries out with a truthful heart, that he will remain good and do good, irrespective of how he was in the past and in his previous births, the God Almighty’s mercy is there for him, sure!

If one wants to be happy, he should not mess with others happiness. If one wants to be at peace, he should not meddle with others peace. If one does not want to get hurt by others words, he should not hurt others by his words. If you keep these in mind and go on in the righteous path, do good in whatever ways you can and be devoted, your life will be filled with peace too.


AA – Whom should we do dhana-dharma to?

Q) They say that one should do dhana-dharma. Whom should we do it to? To those who doesn’t have? Or to our siblings and relatives?

  1. AA) Through the grace of God Almighty, when We use the word Dharma, one should pay very close attention. It is not possible for an individual to be told of all the shukshuma (subtlety) of dharma in one shot. We say in general. Only when one continues to do dharma, he will begin to understand the subtlety of it. Hence we say, “those who are needy, one can do dhana-dharma on any day, or night, without seeing the calendar for ‘the auspicious hour’ to those needy, by seeing what they require. It is very beneficial when it is done to anyone. But to those who are related by blood, We wouldn’t add this to ‘dharma’ as it is a duty for oneself to help his relatives in need. Only to those who are not related by blood, if a help is rendered, without any expectation whatsoever, it is added to one’s dharma. But at the same time, if the help is misused by the receiver, one can watch for only once and refrain from helping further. But it is not fair to start researching first before helping a person.

If God thinks of this and researches before doing anything, there wouldn’t be the five elements for the humans in the first place. How many are perfect here? Let the breeze be flowing only to them. How many are spotless? Only to them let sunlight be shown. Only to them let moonlight be. God does not think in this way. For such a benevolent love, we invite every human. It is beautiful to keep providing from that highest plane of love.