AA – The wicked and selfish are well off. Why?!

Q) Those who are selfish and narrow minded are very well off when compared to those who are kind-hearted and do good to others. Why is this situation?

  1. AA) What is bliss / Sukha? You think of it as peace of mind, without being poverty stricken, without any disease etc., Understand something. It is not the surroundings or situation which gives a man happiness or peace of mind. It is only based on his mind-set that he feels happy or miserable. If lot of wealth equates to happiness, then all those who are rich should have been happy. If being in a big position gives happiness, then those who are in big positions must be happy. But it isn’t the case. Hence, every individual’s maturity, mind-set, his mind’s evolution – all these relate to his peace of mind and happiness. If you keep your mind strong as that of a diamond, with vairagya, with magnanimity, with sathvic thoughts, walk in the path of Sathya, follow dharma, you can be happy wherever you are. You can be well off.

Do not confuse yourself with what you ‘see’ in the world as happiness or peace of mind with what your present condition is.

What are your requirements? The God Almighty who created you knows this very well. The Mother knows what to feed the baby who is sick and the baby which is healthy. Just so, the misery you may be going through and those who surrounds you, is nothing but the effect of karma from previous births. Only to reduce these, we suggest various remedial measures. Even if we feel pitiful to those who sit in front of Us with tearful eyes, We also hear the cries of those souls who were affected by this person’s deeds. At that time, We do think that God has kept everyone in their rightful place indeed.

But above all, if a person cries out with a truthful heart, that he will remain good and do good, irrespective of how he was in the past and in his previous births, the God Almighty’s mercy is there for him, sure!

If one wants to be happy, he should not mess with others happiness. If one wants to be at peace, he should not meddle with others peace. If one does not want to get hurt by others words, he should not hurt others by his words. If you keep these in mind and go on in the righteous path, do good in whatever ways you can and be devoted, your life will be filled with peace too.



AA – Whom should we do dhana-dharma to?

Q) They say that one should do dhana-dharma. Whom should we do it to? To those who doesn’t have? Or to our siblings and relatives?

  1. AA) Through the grace of God Almighty, when We use the word Dharma, one should pay very close attention. It is not possible for an individual to be told of all the shukshuma (subtlety) of dharma in one shot. We say in general. Only when one continues to do dharma, he will begin to understand the subtlety of it. Hence we say, “those who are needy, one can do dhana-dharma on any day, or night, without seeing the calendar for ‘the auspicious hour’ to those needy, by seeing what they require. It is very beneficial when it is done to anyone. But to those who are related by blood, We wouldn’t add this to ‘dharma’ as it is a duty for oneself to help his relatives in need. Only to those who are not related by blood, if a help is rendered, without any expectation whatsoever, it is added to one’s dharma. But at the same time, if the help is misused by the receiver, one can watch for only once and refrain from helping further. But it is not fair to start researching first before helping a person.

If God thinks of this and researches before doing anything, there wouldn’t be the five elements for the humans in the first place. How many are perfect here? Let the breeze be flowing only to them. How many are spotless? Only to them let sunlight be shown. Only to them let moonlight be. God does not think in this way. For such a benevolent love, we invite every human. It is beautiful to keep providing from that highest plane of love.


AA – Benefits of lighting up Deepa in dilapidated temples

O Gurunath, please explain us the benefits of doing abhisheka, litting up deepa in dilapidated temples.

AA) Through the grace of God Almighty, He is omnipresent. When prayed with a pure heart, pure thoughts and with sathvic thoughts and prays to God, the individual gets His grace. One can most certainly perform Kumbabisheka, litting up lamps, doing clean-up activities and other rituals in dilapidated temples, most welcome. Let us say to make this clear otherwise. There is a clean temple. It is neatly painted as per the rules. Wherever you see, there is purity. Everywhere there is fragrance of Akil, Javvadhu and Chandan. Pure ghee lamp is lit everywhere. It looks beautiful with daily 6 times Pooja being conducted regularly. A lot of people come. Veda Mantras, Thevaram, Thiru Vasagam are being recited. Nithya Pooja happens. Anna dhana happens. One feels pleased to see and blessed in heart. But if the people who are the staff there, who work there, who visit there remains with an impure heart, ill thoughts and just selfish, and if they come here with a thought, “what will I get if I visit here?” – will God be present in such a place?

Hence, the place that is most suitable for God is one’s mind itself. If that place remains pure, very pure rather, remains dharmic, remains sathvic, remains just, that man is always a blessed one by the Almighty.

Through the grace of God Almighty, one need not have to ask on the above query. Hence, what is important for Us is the God who is omnipresent, omniscient. Whatever you said is just that God Almighty. In that Maha Maha Samudra (ocean), We are a tiniest drop, that’s all!


AA – I did all possible good, but I am still stuck. Why?

Those who visit the Siddha Arut Kutil (at Thanjavur) for years, those who go pilgrimage, does abhisheka, archana, lit deepam, do prayers, lit moksha deepa, go on pilgrimage to Chathuragiri, pilgrimage on Shiva Rathri etc., in spite of all these, You are making us run without relieving us of the disease or poverty, is this fair? When children ask something to their Father, He seldom refuses. It is not enough to have removed the disease of one individual. It should be done for all of us. If that happens, progressing spiritually, dharma, Sathya all these will happen as you said. Is this fair for our Father of knowledge to say “we shall say later” and to give medicines that does not cure totally. Is this fair? This life is given by you. We can go on only if we are given dharmic thoughts right? For those who visit this Siddha Arut Kutil frequently in this prison of earth, please consider our good-deeds and change the rules of the heaven for us to get rid of the poverty and disease. Please suggest us the right medicines for the diseases. O Sire! This place is the right place. This path is the true path. True God. We are praying, while shivering out of fear. Please save us O Ishvara! Agatheeshwara! I am asking only you. Please reply!

AA) Through the grace of God Almighty, he says ‘cure the disease’. Not just him, no human understands where the disease is. It is right there in their minds. If that goes off, the bodily disease will also disappear. We are repeating ‘dharma, dharma, dharma’ right from the beginning. But as long as one thinks of keeping everything to themselves, the misery won’t end that easily. Another thing. Only after knowing one’s karmic effects, we remain silent in many an occasion. So, be it disease or some other problem, the reason why it came, when they see the effect, “Aha! It’s pitiful to see this person. He appears to be good. Why this suffering for him then?” they may say. But the one who knew his childhood might say, “Ha, what do you know about him? Do you know what all he did when young?”

The same way, “God Almighty, Us, the Navagrahas, see the effect of crores of his births and its karmas. “ Hence we repeatedly stress on, “dharma, it is the easiest path”. But if one remains in the clutches of his karmic effects and says, “no, I won’t come in the way of dharma”, it will seem as though a remedy is impossible. But we pray to God apart from all these and provide remedial measures.

“No, we haven’t got our problems solved after doing what was suggested in the Nadi” – if anyone feels so, they are free to approach some other Nadi, we frequently say this. We mentioned it before itself. What is a disease? What is the way out? We also said what is the way to get rid of poverty as well.

In short We say again: If one’s problems or misery did not get over even after praying to God or after doing remedial measures, it means that the bad karma still remains. Else, whatever he is supposed to do in terms of spirituality, his duty, is not sufficient.” If an individual makes himself stand in the court of his conscience and ask the judge (himself) as to why this came? What did we do? Why is this for us? – For sure he will know his mistakes. It is natural however to feel that he hasn’t done any mistake and that the punishment he is going through is way too much. But nothing happens without a reason in this world. Hence, if a problem is not solved, prayer, more dharmic way of action, implementation of Sathya – these are still required. This is what one needs to understand and should follow the path of dharma even more resolved. This is the meaning.