AA – The wicked and selfish are well off. Why?!

Q) Those who are selfish and narrow minded are very well off when compared to those who are kind-hearted and do good to others. Why is this situation?

  1. AA) What is bliss / Sukha? You think of it as peace of mind, without being poverty stricken, without any disease etc., Understand something. It is not the surroundings or situation which gives a man happiness or peace of mind. It is only based on his mind-set that he feels happy or miserable. If lot of wealth equates to happiness, then all those who are rich should have been happy. If being in a big position gives happiness, then those who are in big positions must be happy. But it isn’t the case. Hence, every individual’s maturity, mind-set, his mind’s evolution – all these relate to his peace of mind and happiness. If you keep your mind strong as that of a diamond, with vairagya, with magnanimity, with sathvic thoughts, walk in the path of Sathya, follow dharma, you can be happy wherever you are. You can be well off.

Do not confuse yourself with what you ‘see’ in the world as happiness or peace of mind with what your present condition is.

What are your requirements? The God Almighty who created you knows this very well. The Mother knows what to feed the baby who is sick and the baby which is healthy. Just so, the misery you may be going through and those who surrounds you, is nothing but the effect of karma from previous births. Only to reduce these, we suggest various remedial measures. Even if we feel pitiful to those who sit in front of Us with tearful eyes, We also hear the cries of those souls who were affected by this person’s deeds. At that time, We do think that God has kept everyone in their rightful place indeed.

But above all, if a person cries out with a truthful heart, that he will remain good and do good, irrespective of how he was in the past and in his previous births, the God Almighty’s mercy is there for him, sure!

If one wants to be happy, he should not mess with others happiness. If one wants to be at peace, he should not meddle with others peace. If one does not want to get hurt by others words, he should not hurt others by his words. If you keep these in mind and go on in the righteous path, do good in whatever ways you can and be devoted, your life will be filled with peace too.


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