The GOS 118 – The word of a Siddha and what it can do

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The temples and mosques were built as a place of worship and to instill the thought of doing dharma and to do service thereby guiding the human to higher truths, says Maha Muni Agastya. It can be said that there is no other powerful means than Prayer. It can even change one’s previous karmic effect and only prayer wins at the end, says Agastya. Due to the effect of Kali, the people will turn towards materialistic desires and will ward off from bhakthi. Only to channelize the wandering mind and to guide them through God and spirituality, the Siddhas helped making of many a temples. How great is their grace! Such temples, if they are affected due to impurities where rituals doesn’t happen, the Siddhas come forward to help. We shall see how Agastya Maha Muni helped one such temple.

There seated an old man with a grief striken face. Before I could ask anything, those who accompanied the old man said:

“Our temple’s kumbabisheka is keep getting postponed. Whoever initiates it with some guts end up dying within a month! Eight such people have been dead and thereby no one comes forward to take up this task. It is difficult to perform the kumbabisheka without one leading it. Can it be performed at this temple? Or not? Is there any trouble with it and if so, can we abandon the thought of performing the kumbabisheka? We came to ask only this.”

“What temple is this?”

“Draupadi Amman Temple, built a thousand years back.”

“When was the last kumbabishekam done?”

“Some fifty years ago.”

I remained silent for a while, prayed to Agastya and opened the Nadi.

The Maha Muni came right to the point.

Let them dig about eight feet in the north eastern side of the temple. A bowl made of clay with black colored, unwanted substance will be present. Let them take it out without touching it with bare hands, wrap it in a cloth and throw it towards the southern side. Then install eight Kalasas for the Ashta Digh Balakas and do a Punyakavachanam. Then let the water be sprinkled in all eight directions in the temple. Then do a Balalayam and go further with arranging for Kumbabishekam. If done, there won’t be any obstacles. No need to worry as there won’t be any danger to any lives.

Once heard, the old man’s face brightened up and he began to speak for the first time.

“O Sire. For now, I am the one who will take charge for this task. The heir of the temple’s owners, the in-charge, those who were with me, my relatives, many a people were in-charge of the temple (Dharma Kartha). But right after they took in-charge of the kumbabisheka, they died mysteriously” – said the old man.

“Do not worry. Just do what the Maha Muni said. It is enough.”

“What is the reason for so many deaths?”

“Why worry about that now? Instill courage and make the arrangements.” – they left with so much of hope. I prayed for them as well. One month passed by. A person from the Kumbabisheka committee came running.

“Sire! We dug the north eastern side as Agastya Ayya ordered. There were skull and bones in pieces. When trying to take it out, the person who took it was thrown away. He is now paralyzed that one of his hands and legs doesn’t function. We have admitted him in the hospital. We don’t know what to do. Please ask the Agastya Muni sir..”

Agastya swiftly came in the Nadi and said, “We asked specifically not to touch what is found with bare hands, but they did not listen to it. Hence this result. There is nothing to worry for his life. He will return to normalcy in four months. Fear not!” – Agatsya Muni gave them courage.

“Sir, will the Kumbabisheka happen?”

For sure. But all those who are part of the Kumbabisheka must tie a “kappu” (protection)” – said Agastya.

“What is a Kappu?” – asked the person.

When the Balalayam begins, that is forty eight days before, place a threat in the feet of Draupadi Amman and each of you must tie that in your right wrist.” – said Agastya.

“We shall do just as instructed.” – said the person.

Another thing. No need to worry or fear about the skull and pieces of bone that was taken out of the temple. Forty eight years back, this place did not have any building or compound wall. The Sanyasi who worked in this temple had died. So no need to worry in all unwanted aspects.” – explained the Maha Muni.

Further to this, “Do a Punyakavachana with Brahmins in that place. The Brahmins who perform this must be really really pure. Otherwise, there is no use even after doing the Punyakavachana.” – puzzled Agastya.

“Sire! It would be great if Maharishi explains what He means by the Brahmins to be really pure. If He can show the person with whom we should conduct this Punyakavachana, it will be great too.” – prayed the person.

I shall surely show the way. As there wasn’t a kappu tied as per the rules and since there is a predha-dosha (dosha due to dead body) in the north-eastern direction, the Brahmins who performed the Balalayam before wasn’t pure and they tried to install the Kalasa, hence the in-charge met with death. As you are going to do everything as per the rules now, no need to fear.” – He clarified.

“Sire, please do not mistake. If the Maha Muni points at the person with whom we should perform the Punyakavachana, it will be really useful as we cannot know which Brahmin is pure and who isn’t.”

All Brahmins are good indeed. But those who learnt the Vedas properly, those who are not greedy for more money, those with proper devotion and do service to the Lord, are very few. There is a person in the banks of Kaveri at Thiruvarur. He is an eighty five year old bachelor named Neela Kantan. He has the qualities of a Siddha. With him, let the Kumbabisheka be performed.” – said Agastya.

“Thank you so much sir! Let us do just as You say.” – the person prostrated with utmost devotion and left.

Eighteen days went by. The in-charge came along with his men.

“Sire, we went to Thiruvarur just as the Maha Muni said but we could not find anyone by the name Neela Kantan. We are exhausted after searching in all the places. What do we do now?” – he was worried.

“Is it true that such a person lives there in that place?” – I asked.

“They praise that person so much. But they didn’t know when he will be there in town and when he won’t. What do we do now?”

“Please wait a minute..” – I prayed to Agastya and opened the Nadi.

As you asked to point out the person, I pointed out to Neela Kantan. But it’s true that there are others who are just like him here and there. But the same Neela Kanta Sastri will perform the Kumbabisheka for Draupadi Amman. Do not worry and go to your place now.” – Agastya gave His clairvoyance.

In spite of His words, they were not so hopeful. Isn’t there any Vedic scholar in the country other than Neela Kanta Sastri? There are several Kumbabisheka happening across. Is Neela Kanta Sastri performing everything? Because of a few Brahmins who commit a mistake, all other Brahmins can’t take the blame. There indeed are many a good hearted Brahmins.” – I thought. But as I had to obey His orders, I kept quiet.

I came to know that they performed the Punyakavachana for Ashta Digh Balaka and that North-Eastern side through some learned scholars. But there isn’t any news from Neela Kanta Sastri.

They collected money and somehow gathered a sum of thirty lakhs rupees and made arrangements to the temple Kumbabisheka. The committee members tied the Kappu as well. But they all feared for their lives. The Neela Kanta Sastri who was pointed by Agastya Muni as a ‘right Brahmin’ was not to be seen. So how can this Kumbabisheka be performed, they worried.

The date for Balalayam was fixed. Some went to Thiruvarur again and searched for Neela Kanta. They got to know that he had left ‘that day itself’ and might have gone to Allahabad.

That Neela Kanta will complete Balalayam and also the Kumbabisheka. If there isn’t faith, conduct these with anyone whom you know.” – the Maha Muni had mentioned it in anger and so they couldn’t accept or reject anything and were struggling. Even I felt disturbed.

When they were making all arrangements for Balalayam, an old Vedic Brahmin arrived at the Draupadi Amman temple in the early hours of morning. He introduced himself as “Neela Kantan”. He did not speak anything else. He assumed responsibilities for Balalayam. The committee members were so surprised.

The activities of that Brahmin was such that Swayam Agastya Muni had sent him. They were very satisfied as things started progressing just as the Maha Muni said.

The Brahmin never uttered any word and performed the Kalasa Sthabanam (installing the Kalasa) and Kumbabisheka of Draupadi Amman temple. The people’s joy knew no bounds. They wanted to show their respect to him and so they took silk clothes, money etc., and went to the place where he stayed right after the Kumbabisheka.

But Neela Kanta Sastri was not to be found.

They searched for him everywhere but of vain. The person who performed the Kumbabisheka without speaking a single word, did not leave anything in the rituals, uttered the Holy Mantras like nobody has ever done, did not leave any gap in the traditional methods of doing Kumbabisheka, where is that person? The committee members went to Thiruvarur searching for him.

They found Neela Kanta Sastri there in Thiruvarur.

But it was not the person who performed the Kumbabisheka.

Then who was that Neela Kanta Sastri? The answer for that question is still unknown. The elders did not say for the sake of it that the Nadhi Moola and Rishi Moola are not to be traced (source of a river and rishi is not to be traced). But one thing is for sure and there isn’t any doubt about it…

If the Siddha gives His words, even “That” Neela Kanta will come down to protect us!

~ to be continued…!

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