AA – About effects of Grahas

Q) The children born of Raghu Dasha, Shani dasha, Angaraka dasha etc., they seldom listen to their parents and end up getting in to bad routes. What parikara can be done for this?

AA) Through the grace of God, we frequently suggest, let’s just say that the Nava Grahas are like a honest officers. It is sinful to name a Graha as good graha or bad graha. They just perform their duties as per the Almighty’s orders. So as per one’s fate, whatever has to come comes. When one gets all success, fame and good comfort, no one rejects it. But when situation turns upside down, they scream, “O God! I cannot bear this for the Grahas are making me suffer!” Eh!

There is a saying, “Let me say it now itself for I may not be able to say it then” (Saying here refers to praising the Lord’s name and showing devotion). The grahas can operate on an individual only based on his good and bad deeds done in the past. They can operate therefore, only on his ignorance. Instead of praying to God for, “God, make me debt free, make my children live well, give me great health and so on, if one prays “O God, please remove my ignorance. Please provide me thy knowledge”, most of the problem gets solved right there.

Even the Yogis have the effects of grahas, both good and bad. Even Man does. Even the Gnani does, and so does the ignorant. The Gnani does not weep on bad. Only the ignorant does. Since everyone cannot become a Gnani in the first step itself, We suggest them certain things, most of the time only straight forward measures. But the effects of Grahas based on one’s merits and de-merits are there so, at times we suggest certain shortcuts.

How much ever explanation shall be given, as this lady asked (the one who raised this question), the generalization that the 7.5 years’ effect of Shani, the effect of Ashtama Shani, Arthashtama Shani’s effect, Ragu, Ketu directions are all giving only bad effects – we seldom accept this. One can even get a good experience and Gnana out of this. To cut it short, what We say, on such occasions, man should not lose hope, and visit a temple at least once in a day and lit up a ghee deepa (lamp). Those who cannot perform even this, should at least cleanse themselves physically and mentally and spend at least two and a half Nazhigai in devotion that they could. Particularly, Navagraha Athi Devatha prayers.

Next, those who are in such situations, and those who can afford, they could assume that they’re procuring for the need of their families, and instead of getting a new house or a vehicle for themselves, if they spend the same amount to suitable temples, or to a needy poor, we say for sure, these dasha-budhi’s will not harm that individual much.

Let’s say it short. One has a few lakhs of savings. He thinks that he should buy a new house. We don’t say it’s wrong. He thinks that it will be good if he owns a house. But ‘this’ time is not suitable for it. What if he still buys it? All sorts of trouble crop out due to that house. The money will be spent unnecessarily. But on the other hand, if he spends that money on the good cause of others, like the ones above, the effect of dasha-budhi reduces greatly. There won’t be a great danger to him or his children due to this. This is one good but short method. But what does a man think? He thinks he is smart and he keeps on saving his money. He saves Gold and he keeps on buying land and houses saying that the price is ever increasing.

But what we say, if he remains content and spends for others who are in need magnanimously, we say for sure through the grace of God, there won’t be any effects of Grahas on him. That one who has done as equivalent to the peak of dhana-dharma, the grahas won’t have an impact on him completely. He may suffer the effects of his bad karma, but it is borne by the dharma he did thereby, he may not feel that he is undergoing the trouble.

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