AA – Witch-craft, is this true?

Q) Are the witch-crafts true? If so, what is the remedy for these?

AA) Through God’s grace, We have explained about this many a times. But still, We shall answer for his (the one who asked the question) sake.

Out of the four Vedas, there is Atharvana Veda. It has many such explanations about this. Generally, fire can be used to cook, but it can also be used to burn a house. Likewise, the Rishi-Munis who were performing Tapas in solitude, mostly in forests, they wanted to protect themselves against wild animals, thieves etc., so they can focus on the task at hand, they shield themselves with such mantras. That was their primary use.

But here’s our human greediness and selfishness, they want to use these mantras to trouble others. There are very few who mastered such mantras. Though it is true that there are effects on these, one should understand something. If one’s karmic effects has destined him in his horoscope to undergo the effects of such things, such effect will be there. But what does one think? If he suffers for more than twice on anything, he begins to think, “Someone surely has done witch-craft” , and there are always people who take advantage of such fears, and they loot money from such men.

So as said before, whether it is there or not, if one does not fear them and walks the path of dharma, remains devoted to God and increases his dharmic activities, there won’t be any such effect on that man.

But still, if one thinks that there is such an effect on him, and should escape this, one can pray to Mata Pratyangira. They could pray to Lord Narasimha and get rid of it. They could pray to Sharabeswara and get rid of it. In that land called Parasurama Kshetra (Kerala), one can pray to Mata, that too on a Pournami Day (Full Moon day), and get benefitted. Those who focus on such prayers, and those who can afford, can perform yagnas on these devatas said above every six months or so, to get rid of these effects.

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