AA – Living properly and about doing Giri Valam with sandals

AA) Through the grace of God Almighty, those whose mind are in their control than otherwise, who eat properly, who does not see the taste but see what the stomach needs, who choose the food as per the physical activity they do, who do regular exercises, Yogasanas etc., who does everything in the appropriate time, all these are recommended. In spite of all, if karmic effects catches hold of a person and if he falls ill of a disease, he could pray to God, particularly to Dhanwantri, and does whatever he could to the poor, that is, if that person helps the poor who are in need of medical assistance, that person will be saved off the disease. The person who had constructed a free medical facility in his previous birth takes birth in this life and lives a very healthy life all through. Having this in mind, that person who takes over the medical expenses of a poor, he will be saved by the Almighty from getting in to dangerous diseases.

Q) When doing Giri Valam (doing pradakshina of holy mountains, such as Thiruvannamalai), can one wear their sandals? When doing daily Pooja at home, can one just rinse their mouth and sit for Pooja? Or should one mandatorily take bath before sitting on Pooja

AA) Through the grace of God, be it Giri valam, near the Raja Gopuram of a temple, even at the border of the temple, even more to say, people leave their sandals around the temple gopuram itself. This will cause a great great dosha. More so, before visiting temples, it is best to take bath and wear fresh garments. The gents are to visit the temple with bare chest. For sure, mandatorily, for Giri Valam, it is best to do it without any sandals.

I cannot forgo my sandals for I end up troubling myself, if one says, they should bear it. Otherwise, it is best if they don’t venture in to it at all. The cleansing of body is to refresh a man. It is best if one prays to God with both his physical body and mind clean and pure. If in unavoidable situations, rarely that too, one can perform a cleansing as this one asked, but do not keep that as a reason and take part in worship without taking bath or cleansing, we won’t accept it, ever!

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