The GOS 120 – The root cause is not witchcraft

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

When talking about witchcraft, Agastya Muni firmly says, “Do not even believe that such a thing exists.” It is called Sei-Vinai in Tamil. As per the Maha Muni, the sei-vinai is just that the old deeds done in the past (seidha – have done), vinai (karma or deeds) is what comes back and affects. Items received out of ignorance may also bring bad effects. How a broken Shiva Linga and a Saligrama bring about unwanted effects in a family, we shall see in this post.

Note: It is strongly advised not to keep a broken Shiva Linga or Saligrama or such things with dosha in houses.

As Agastya comes in the Nadi to guide someone or the other every day, I am able to differentiate between what is good and what is not. There was a lady who came the other day.

“You say that Agastya does not believe in Witchcraft. But it does exist! I shall prove it. Can you accompany me to my house?”

“If the Maha Muni permits, I shall.”

“No you must come. If you come, I believe my thirty years of suffering will come to an end.” – adamant she was.

“I am not the Bhagawan. I just help people through the grace of Siddha. Please therefore, do not compell me to come to your house. But however, through Agastya’s Jeeva Nadi, I may read His suggestion to you now.”

She was disappointed. She wiped her tears and began to tell her story.
“I belong to an affluent family. We had lot of lands, banana fields, loads of money. A relative asked for 10 lakhs of loan to run a business. Me and my husband refused to give. The relative got furious and he called upon a Malayala Mandrika and did witchcraft to destroy me and my family. Due to this, my husband got separated from me and our wealth started diminishing as well.

My children got frustrated at me and each of them went away, separately. They even got married to people from other castes. My family got separated.”

Once she finished saying all these in a hurry, I asked her slowly.

“Do you believe that it is the witchcraft done by your relative that is the reason for all these?”



“I get nightmares. I would feel someone is standing next to me. It walks with me and will stop if I stop!”


“In Amavasya or Full Moon days, I will feel my neck getting strangled.I feel I like I receiv blows in my chest.”


“Not just that. As I am staying alone and do have some property, unseen and unknown people have started threatening me. I am scared for my life.” – she cried. I felt pity for her.

“Ok, you must have done some parikara for these right?”

“Tell me about it! I spent in lakhs for that but only money got spent and nothing happened. That’s why I believed in Agastya Muni and have come here.” – she said.

She narrated a few more incidents that made me wonder if such things will really happen. You can see, even I got a thought that this witchcraft must have been true. I decided to ask Agastya Muni Himself.

If as per this lady, the witchcraft done by the relative being the reason for all the happenings, then why is there so many temples in this country? Prayers? One can pray to that Malayala Mantrika himself by building a temple to him right? Why is it not done?” – Agastya’s questions were blowing tremendously. He asked for further explanation.

Did you buy any pooja related items to be kept in your pooja room some 30 years ago?

“Not that I recall of…”

There is a Shiva Linga with dosha and a broken Saligrama in your pooja room, isn’t it?

“There is a Shiva Linga, but I am not sure if it has dosha etc.,”


“I don’t even touch it. Neither I do pooja. My husband does not like these pooja and austerity etc. But now I remember. It is true that he left me only after the Shiva Linga and Saligrama came to my house.”

Your husband, he didn’t touch them even once, is it?


You were not able to do any pooja, at least to that Gurukkal (priest) who visits your house frequently, he could have done pooja to the Shiva Linga and Saligrama?” – asked Agastya Muni!

When He said “that priest”, the lady’s face showed shock, as though hit by something.

There was an unusual atmosphere there for a while.

Then Agastya Himself continued…”Go at once and throw the Shiva Linga with dosha and the broken Saligrama to the nearby well. Then I shall say further.

“Then what is the remedy for the witchcraft?”

First, give respect to what The Agastya has said and do it, then come!” – ordered The Maha Muni.

She left at once. I thought, a Shiva Linga with dosha and a broken Saligrama has done so much of ill effects. But this lady is blaming witchcraft. How strange. A week passed by and she came with a long face.

“I threw the Shiva Linga and Saligrama in the well nearby. But once I did it, I don’t feel even the slightest peace of mind. The problems have worsened. I don’t know what to do.”

I quietly opened the Nadi.

It is a rule that one should not do pooja with a broken Shiva Linga. The day she brought this and began to do pooja, the evil effects started. The husband got separated.

Second, there are varieties of Saligrama. In these, the Narasimha Saligrama and Sudarsana Saligrama belong to the Ugra (ferocious) category. One should not keep such Saligrama at home for pooja. Once known that the Saligrama is of either types, they must give it to a temple at once.

The Saligrama she has at home is a Narasimha Saligrama. If it has not broken, one could probably keep it for pooja after doing a Shanthi Parikara. But the one she has got has a crack at the entrance (in the Saligrama). This is not good for the house. It was the blood that smeared out of Lord Narasimha’s mouth when He killed Hiranya. Such a Saligrama is kept even for a short amount of time at home, it will spoil the family, wealth, health, everything. Evil spirits will rule that place.

This lady was ignorant about these and has received such a Saligrama when someone gave it for free. She kept it at the pooja room but seldom performed milk-abhisheka, Ganga-Jal abhisheka or sandalwood abhisheka. Neither she did show a neivedhyam. The family got split. It drove the children out of the family. Evil spirits started roaming around her and the wealth is diminishing too. If she had shown the Shiva Linga and Saligrama to someone, they must have told the truth. Such a bad effect wouldn’t have happened.

Without realizing all these, she spent her lakhs scaring about witchcraft. People took advantage of her ignorance. Even now, this lady tells lies to Agastya! She neither touched the Shiva Linga nor she threw it in the well. Let her come back when she believes in Agastya completely, then We shall talk.” – The Maha Muni concluded.

She appeared shaken.

“It is a Spatika Linga, a rare one. Not many gets it. A person gave me and said not to give it to anyone. Hence I kept that and the Saligrama in my pooja room. Please forgive me.” – she said and further asked…

“Then there is no witchcraft right?”

It was you who believed somebody’s saying and brought a tantric and did whatever you could. He didn’t do anything properly. So the evil spirit is firing back at you. Witchcraft and evil spirits – these are totally two different things.” – said Agastya.

The lady now appeared really shocked. She fell at my feet and ran to her house. The moment she threw the broken Saligrama and Shiva Linga with dosha in to a well, her husband returned and so did her sons, with their

Now this family is happy. The lady is now asking, “Witchcraft? What is it?” and laughs.

I am sure you all know what lesson Agastya Muni has taught us. Do not invite trouble unnecessarily. Lead your life in a peaceful manner, by doing dharmic deeds and pray to the Almighty and get His grace!

~ to be continued…!

Image courtesy: Srie Connections & English Web World

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