AA – What is Dheeksha

AA) Through the grace of Almighty, what appears to be fair for man need not have to be the same for God. “I am good indeed. Why am I keep suffering? I don’t seem to get the fair piece? I don’t seem to have got the justice..” – he may think. But the yardstick of the Lord never goes wrong. Without any reason, nothing else ever happens. Still, for this person, it is good if he visits a temple of Lord Karthikeya on every Tuesdays and prays to Him earnestly. It is also good if he visits the temple at a place called Siruvai.


AA) Through the grace of Almighty, a proper guidance, suggestive pointing can also be taken as a Dheeksha. But what really is the meaning for the word Dheeksha? (When written this word in Tamil, the syllable sounds like Theeksha, thee meaning fire), the syllable “Thee” is about destroying. It means “to destroy the evil thoughts, maya, sins” and to lift oneself up, is Dheeksha. But for the spiritual, it is rare to see the one with destructive powers. Even if they do, without God’s grace, they won’t give Dheeksha. The people who receive Dheeksha may assume that it is a sort of direction being given. Better still, We seldom agree that a person will get God’s grace only after getting such Dheeksha. If one person prays to God with a truly true heart, devotion and his mind always pointed to the Almighty, if he prays to the Lord in the form he likes, calls Him with the naama (holy name) he likes, for sure he will get God’s grace. It is not necessarily that he has to be given a Dheeksha to get the Almighty’s grace.

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