The GOS 121 – Suspicion is a thought first, disease later

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

It is only the good thoughts that guide our lives in the right direction and shields us. The evil or bad thoughts and thinking will create all sorts of doubts and spoil the lives. The Agastya Muni warns those who come with such thoughts in the first step and will send them away. For some, He asks questions after questions and if they show sign of correcting their thought flow, He guides them in the right direction. Let us see such a person, how he got back the lost happiness by doing good.

He is in a good post but came with a dirty pant and a shirt that’s not washed for three or four days. He looked like he had lost something.

“I have to ask about my wife.”

“Sure. May I know what is that you want to ask about your wife?”

“Her character.” – I looked at him.

He was in his fifties and would have been married for about thirty years at least. What is the suspicion now? Second, will the Maha Muni answer for all these questions? I was worried as no one has ever asked Agastya such
questions and I haven’t answered one such either.

While I was thinking, he was impatient. “Will I get an answer to this in the Nadi or not?” – his tone changed.

I was provoked but still, “Agastya Muni is not a Jyotish (astrologer). He does not have the necessity to answer your questions either. You may go.”

He did not expect this, he lowered down his tone and said, “Let how much ever money is needed, I shall give. Please ask Agastya.”

This frustrated me like anything.

“How much will you give?”

“5000 rupees.”

“Just that much?”


“Oh, very well. You are ready to spend ten thousand rupees to know about the character of your wife. How great will it be if you get her a saree with that money?”

He was silent.

“You won’t get answers for such questions from Agastya Muni. You may seek elsewhere. One cannot get a word from Agastya by showing money or position.” – I folded my palms, only if this person leaves this place…

He remained seated.

“Sir, I have met many a Nadi Jyotish and am roaming for years, spending money like water. I haven’t got a convincing answer however. I came here therefore.”

“So, if you were told that your wife is a chaste one indeed, you wouldn’t agree. You expect that the message should be that she is of an immoral character, isn’t it?”


“What pleasure do you seek in it? If so, why don’t you just leave her?”

“I can’t..”


“She is immensely wealthy. I work out of station most of the station and visit my house only once or twice in a month.”

There is no use in talking further. I opened the Jeeva Nadi.

They put some conditions and only after which they got him married to that rich lady. He nodded for every condition and not today or yesterday, for thirty years, he is roaming with a suspicion in his mind. Even if Agastya tells him the truth, he won’t accept. All his desire is, that others should say that his wife is immoral. He derives a strange happiness from it. He can’t do anything else. But there is a valid point in his question. Before this lady got married to him, due to some circumstances, when she was not in her senses, there has been a mistake that happened.

She herself has mentioned it to him once. But the day she told that truth, he was broken and that suspicion has not left him then. Even so, he doesn’t even accept his own child to be born of himself but to someone else. Aren’t you?” – Agastya’s question was pointed and straight to that person.

He nodded.

You brought him up thinking that he is not your son. He is about to turn twenty six. Get him married and send him abroad. The suitable circumstance will arise. Then all your doubts will vanish.” – said the Maha Muni. Apart from this, He never mentioned whether the girl is immoral or that the son was born to her through somebody else etc.,

Though he appeared satisfied, he got up with a dilemma. I thought it is impossible to cure such people. Some five months passed by. That person and his wife came to meet me. They appeared smiling. I was relieved that he won’t ask strange and embarrassing questions. They carried a plate full of fruits. They prostrated and sat down.

“What’s the matter? Is your son’s marriage fixed?”



“We came to meet you. I realize that the confession I made has created so much of trouble in our family for thirty long years.” – said the wife.

“What’s the matter Amma?”

“Am I good or bad? Let Agastya Muni Himself clarify this to my husband.”

No, not again, I thought. I never felt like opening the Nadi.

“I believe in Agastya Muni. Whatever He says, I completely will agree. Please read.” – said the lady.

Who can stop what is about to happen? I opened the Nadi.

Before she attained puberty, she was unconscious once and one of her servant touched her. This is all that happened but nothing else. That incident affected her so much that she mentioned it to everyone openly. She wanted to be truthful to her husband and so she mentioned this to him as well. But he was heart-broken. This happened before her puberty but his mind did not accept it.

Since they mentioned that the first child appeared differently, his doubts increased. It then became a disease. This is the truth. She is not immoral and has not done any mistakes.” – Agastya’s words came not just as a clairvoyance, but as the fire of truth.

The lady gave a sigh of relief. He was immensely pleased, satisfied and happily agreed that the son was born to himself. He also mentioned that he turned a complete man now.

“You won’t go to another astrologer and confuse yourself hereafter right?”

“Never!” – he said happily.

I told the lady. “Many a people end up making mistakes. It depends on circumstances, one’s mindset etc., You wanted to be truthful indeed, but you should exercise caution in your words as this has affected your marital life for thirty years.”

They prostrated saying that Agastya Muni has given them a new life. I understood something…

“We have to search for peace from within. If we search for it outside, we will be lost indeed.”

~ to be continued…!

Image courtesy: 1000 good deeds

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