The GOS 125 – To whom are you pretending to?

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The sole reason for humans to undergo suffering is: the mistakes they do in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, says Agastya Muni often. The worst part still is, in spite of knowing that it is a mistake, to have it done for selfish needs. When it backfires in the future, they search for remedy and seek the grace of Siddhas. In this, there are two
kinds. Having realized that they have committed a mistake, and to do any parikara as the Siddhas suggest, to get rid of the karmic effect is one kind. The other, pretend to the Siddhas themselves that they are innocent, by hiding everything they have done, despite the Siddhas hinting them indirectly that they know everything.

For this kind, the treatment from the Siddhas will be very unique. They abandon these people to let the problem magnify where they seek the Siddha’s attention desperately. Even at that stage, the Siddhas do help, if the individual has realized their mistakes genuinely. Let us see one such incident in this post.

A middle aged lady came saying, “I have done all you suggested but no use. Still, I am seeking Agastya’s suggestion. Please show me a way out of my problems.”

“What problems?” – I asked slowly.

“Debt. My husband is not feeling well, his kidney is not functioning properly. Even for me, there is a pain in my spine due to an accident. I can’t bend down flexibly.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes there is. My 22 years old daughter, she was studying well. Not sure what happened. She refuses to go to college. She talks and laughs to herself. In the nights, she never sleeps.”

“Did you show her to a doctor?”

“There isn’t a doctor I haven’t shown her. They gave a number of medicines but of no avail. I admitted her in the hospital. She says someone is talking to her in her ears.”

“Speaking about what?”

“Do this, don’t do this. Don’t go this side. Don’t eat this. Your father is a cheat. Don’t believe him etc etc.”

“For how many days is this happening?”

“For eight months.”

“When did you come for Agastya Nadi reading before?”

“Three years back. I thought of coming back afterwards but couldn’t. I got the blessings only today.”

This lady who says ‘nothing happened’ after having read the Nadi three years back might as well say ‘nothing happened’ after eight years. What’s in it for me? Let me ask the Maha Muni. If He answers, good. If He doesn’t, good too!

This is what the Maha Muni said in the Nadi:

She suffered then. We guided. She has not done anything as suggested. Still, We saved her from misery. She accumulated a lot of money. She got four or five cars and rented them out. She went abroad and spent her earnings lavishly. As she was not focusing on her business, they cheated her. She got in to debt. Now she is hiding everything from Agastya and tells lies to Agastya Himself. What a funny world…?” – He said this only to me. Then…

Let Us suggest a few parikara. If done just that, your husband will get rid of the kidney ailment. He will live happily.” – and suggested a few prayers instantly.

“Will both the kidneys be alright?” – she asked eagerly.

For sure. But one thing. You and your husband has committed a big mistake. It is that poor man’s curse which makes you both suffer. You both know what that mistake is.” – Agastya Muni kept a puzzle.

She thought for a while and said that they have not done any mistakes. In addition, she started listing all the charity works she did. Her blunt refusal of any mistakes even shook me slightly. But I left that matter as there wasn’t any use in talking to her.

“You have suggested a remedy to my husband. When will we be debt free? When will my daughter become alright? Agastya Muni could not mention anything about these?” – she was not satisfied.

“Don’t say ‘Agastya could not mention’. He can “mention” everything with proof. But it is you who wouldn’t be able to bear it.” – I said.

“No it’s ok, I can bear it. Please say.”

I prayed to the Maha Muni and opened the Nadi. He did not appear. When I mentioned it, that lady laughed sarcastically.

“Not just you, neither Agastya, nor Kaka Bujunda (another Siddha) or Thirumoolar can answer. It is because I have not committed any mistakes, that’s the truth.” – said that lady.

I thought, if she hasn’t done anything, why then so much of debt, an ailing husband, a half insane daughter etc., Since the Maharishi did not appear Himself, what’s my problem? I just left that matter. The lady walked out majestically, with a feeling that she has even defeated Agastya Muni by her words.

Ten months went by…

The same lady came, appearing very weary and tired. I began to think as to why she came.

“Do you remember me?” – she asked.

“You? How can I ever forget the one who insulted Agastya and walked out arrogantly” – I thought to myself but smiled at her saying, “Why not?”

“Sire, only Agastya Muni can save my husband and daughter…” – she folded her hands as if in prayer.

“What do you want?”

“I challenged the Maha Muni. Now it appears that my husband might leave me. My daughter isn’t cured yet. In fact, her insanity seems to be growing day by day.”

“He had suggested a parikara for the debt. Did you do it?”

She nodded no.

“Without doing anything if you come, you won’t get any reply right?”

“I told you right? I have not hidden anything from Agastya. I have done big mistakes, that’s what bothers me for which we haven’t done any parikara…” – she spoke unrelated things.

I opened the Nadi after praying to Agastya.

That day, Agastya did not open His mouth for her. She took advantage of it and pretended as though she was innocent. If she wants her husband to be saved, let her go at once to Namakkal and fall at the feet of Elangovan first. Then, let her got to Salem, to the hut of Bhavani Ammal, which is near the Salem cave and hand over the eight soverign gold chain to her.

Once these two are done, let her go to Cholinga and in the shrine of Lakshmi Narasimha, let her chant the Lakshmi Narasimha and Gayatri mantras without taking even a drop of water. Then let her promise to Lakshmi Narasimha that she wouldn’t commit any sins. If these are not done within three days, she just can forget about her husband and daughter.” – Agastya Muni said, no, He threw a bomb on her.

She listened to all these quietly and went out. I couldn’t understand anything.

She came back after a week, appearing happy. She said that another person is going to donate kidney to her husband and that the young daughter has become alright now. I asked that lady on what miracle happened.

“Through some doctor’s persuasion, we cheated a few poor people and stole their kidneys and made money, a lot of money. It’s effect, my husband’s kidney failed.

When we stole a poor lady’s kidney, she became insane after the operation. It’s effect was that my daughter became insane, almost. That sin got nullified due to Agastya’s grace.” – she concluded very briefly and left, not to be seen again.

Only when mankind stops cheating others for their selfish needs, when they realize their mistakes and corrects themselves, peace arrives at him, that too, when there is the Grace of Siddha.

~ to be continued…!

About the featured image: Courtesy, Melen

It shows the third eye chakra, called as the Ajna Chakra (Sanskrit: आज्ञा). Relating to the all penetrating eyes of realized souls / Siddhas, where nothing can be hidden or pretended to.

AA – About marriage getting delayed

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Q) Without knowing how to get rid of the sins, we suffer how much ever we could suffer, we lose how much ever we could, and at the end we surrender to Thee. When we do so, if You say, “Go elsewhere”, where else shall we go? This is the place we like. Our beloved Father is you. There are many a girls who cannot get married in spite of reaching the proper age. When we come with this query, you suggest us to perform Abisheka to the Nava Grahas that appear with their spouses and vahanas. We are doing that as well. Please take a pledge today and accept some of our sins yourself. Please get these girls married. O Lord, enough of beating us up. Please embrace us. When are you showing your mercy for these unmarried girls to get this blessing of marriage?


Through the Almighty’s grace, his question appears strange to Us. He says it is a grief not to get married. If he will ask the married ones, we shall know what grief is. Is it a grief to not to get married or to get married? All those who are married think, “why at all this marriage happened?”. If someone has not married, He still has some grace of God. Why are you so interested in getting someone stuck? We don’t understand.

Know this well. The marriage ceremony will happen to those who has such blessings, at the right time. Many who came here seeking clairvoyance aren’t living peacefully together. Reason? Dosha in Kalathra Sthanam. When this happens, the marriage either gets postponed or does not remain a healthy one.

Marriage hasn’t happened. It must happen, even if it is a painful one, we shall accept, is your claim. He says we asked to pray the Navagrahas with their spouses. That doesn’t mean that if you pray to Lord Ganesha, We aren’t saying that Ganesha Moorthy won’t grace you with a wedding. If you pray to Lord Hanuman, We aren’t saying that Anjaneya Moorthy won’t bless you with marriage. If one shows the horoscope to a learned astrologer, one may know the reason. If you say, only because of all these we have sought Your guidance, can’t You help, can’t You accept our sins etc?

Only because We have accepted the sins, We are answering your questions. We ourselves think that it is our sins that we are talking to the humans. We are not saying this humorously, but psychologically.

Let us assume a person who is in a big status and is very wealthy. You call him and say, “There is this person lying in the roadside with all sorts of diseases. Can you shake hands with him, can you embrace him? He won’t!

We, by the orders of the Lord, all these souls are the creation of the Lord, which are swaying in Maya. We are struggling to remove this Maya for these souls. To answer your question, for your daughter and those girls who are not married, we say, Marriage will happen for sure. There isn’t any change in it. But one has to prepare oneself for this relationship, to cast away some expectations.

Neither God, nor Us created Caste, Creed or Religion!

We belong to this sect. We want a girl / boy only in this sect. If one comes to us with such a query, we seldom pay attention to them. If they say, “my child wants to get married to someone from a different caste / sect, and we are not able to accept it”, we seldom pay attention to such people either. It is only to the humans that you get married to, eh?

If a human gets married to an animal, one can call it ‘inter-caste’ marriage. But for a human to marry another human, the mankind has created so much of obstacles, so much! What can we do about it? It is only the humans who should come out of this. “My daughter is educated and is in a big position. We should get a guy only from a equal status” – the parents and the daughter should discard such thoughts.

“My son is educated. He works in a big company across the ocean and is earning in lakhs. We shall see a girl only that matches with his status” – the boy and his parents should discard such thoughts. If said otherwise that “we will remain just as we are and won’t change”, then fate will do what it will.

First, if one gets rid of mental obstacles, the marriage will happen the next moment. The problem is not with getting married. How many live peacefully and in accordance post marriage? This is the problem. We say now. If looked at the Seventh and Eighth position (in the horoscope), the detail of marriage will be known very well. So, no need to worry that marriage is getting delayed. They may later realize that it is better if the marriage did not happen at all, than getting delayed. However, there are many a temples which nullifies the dosha related to marriage. Those who cannot afford visiting those, can simply do this:

“By getting up early in Fridays, which is called as Shukravaar, cleanse their house, pray to Shukra and other Grahas, pray to Mata Mahalakshmi, for 120 days if they do this with full focus and in these 120 days, if they help other poor people in their marriages, they will surely get married within 120 days. We can only say this. Whether the marriage will happen as per the person’s expectations, it depends on his / her fate.

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The GOS 124 – Effect of karma in Kali Yuga

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Kali Yuga, is a strange time. Those who are to live with a good mindset get affected due to its effects. Very few realize that it is a test by the Almighty. Wise men always say that God tests human if he really follows a simple life filled with love, a mindset that does not think ill to others, an attitude that does not crave for others’ belongings, dharmic life and so on.

Earlier, if someone commits a sin, the effect of that surfaces in some other birth (Janma) for that individual. But in this Kali Yuga, seeing the impact and rigorousness of the sins,God often changes the effects of such sins in a such a way, as if He tells the mankind ‘Experience the effects of your deeds right in this Janma’.

If only we think before doing anything whether this complies with the dharma or against it and avoid doing things that are against dharma, we can live peacefully.

Desiring somebody else’ property and thereby ending up with the Brahma Hathi Dosha where Agastya Muni bestows His mercy upon them to save them, we shall see in this post.

There came a couple to read Nadi with their faces revealing clearly that they are going through a deep mental agony.

“It’s been seven years since we married. This lady has had three abortions. Will we be blessed with an offspring?” – the man asked.

Though appeared to be villagers, they seemed to be aware of a lot of things. All the three had died in the eighth month. I inquired about their family and came to know that a number of unpleasant incidents has happened. Some of the siblings does not have any children. Some has had, but they were mentally challenged. Only one has a girl. Even she has a hole in her heart and thereby is undergoing medical treatments.

There isn’t a ‘heir’ for their family and as such, there is no male child for the past 30 years for the entire family, revealed to me that there is some effects of Karma for this family. I asked Agastya Muni who asked them to come back after three months and remained silent.

I myself felt this strange as He normally suggests people to do some parikara or to do some prayers. He hasn’t said anything other than asking them to come back after three months. The couple not surprisingly, were very disappointed. The way they left showed that they were heart-broken.

Three months went by.

I thought they won’t come back but they did, to my surprise.

You came just as Agastya said. Agastya is pleased. However, the issue with offspring can be solved if you come after 4 Amavasya. Worry not. There is a bhagya of a male child for you.” – said the One who is one among to bring River Kaveri to the world.

They felt this reply to be satisfying than before but were puzzled as to why He is not giving us the right explanation and answer. Even I did not get the satisfaction of reading Nadi for them. But the couple said, “Having complete affection towards Agastya, we shall wait till the time He has mentioned. If we get an offspring, that is all is needed.”

Once they left, I asked Agastya Muni, “Why are they being made to roam around like this? Do they have an offspring or not? If not, what Parikara has to be done which can bless them to have a child? If these are said clearly, they will feel satisfied and so will I, right?”

Without reasons, We won’t open our mouth. For some, the clairvoyance is not given right away. For some, I reply based on their karmic effects. Some even say that even after getting the clairvoyance, nothing happened. Some even scold me and you for not progressing. Still, read till I give you my words. I know who all are casting their drama on you. I shall show them to you as well. Stay away from them.” – He said.

There are many a reasons for why He said so. The vigor that is present before reading the Nadi does not remain the same after it is read. The truth is, one who seeks Nadi wants, “it has to be a good clairvoyance, things must progress right after reading”. When this does not happen, they get frustrated.

But when the couple came after four months, even I was very eager to know what the Maharishi has to say. They came at the end of fourth month.

Due to the Punya of your parents, it’s been three months since this lady is pregnant. For this fetus to remain and grow, chant the Kandha Sashti Kavacha thrice every day. Never accept anything offered by anyone else, as there is a reason for why the abortion happened thrice before.

Somebody does not want you to bear your offspring. They speak sweet words and offer you sweets, which had substances that destroys the fetus. That’s why the abortions.

If someone….if they feed you such things even forcefully, spit it out without they knowing.” – the Maha Muni hinted.

They were obviously shocked. I was surprised. The man happily confirmed that the lady is pregnant and it is three months since. They began to think as to how to tackle their ‘enemies’. The simple reason being, they had at least 100 acres of land. Many a relative eye that wealth. If they bear an offspring, they cannot snatch that wealth. So they cast a drama to this lady as though they care for her so much and had fed her a medicine that destroyed the fetus.

I told them, “If possible, stay out of station for some time. If asked, just say that there is no proper growth of the fetus and that nothing can be said till 9 months time. Tell this uniformly to everyone. Take medical care outside and not in your town. But no one should know about your treatment either. Most importantly, if someone feeds you anything, do not eat. An offspring will be born.” – I said whatever I knew.

The man had a practical question. “We are made to maintain secrecy even in this pregnancy. Even if the child is born without any issues, won’t they create problems for the child after it is born?”

“Fair question. The Maha Muni will guide you in the right direction for sure. Please have patience.”

They left and did not return for four long months. They came afterwards and said that they have rented a house out of the town and that the growth of the child is good. The delivery is expected to happen in a month or two. They also shared a shocking information.

Two of their close relatives came to know about their whereabouts and have met the couple. They had forced the lady to eat some sweet they bought right in front of their eyes. God’s sake she did not eat citing appropriate reasons. The relatives stayed for a couple of hours and left. As their behavior was strange, the couple had given the sweet to be tested for any medicine mixed.

Those who tested confirmed that the sweet contained substance which causes abortion (in villages of Tamil Nadu, there used to be a horrific practice of feeding a poisonous milk obtained from a plant to the girl child to kill them. In Tamil, it is called as Kalli Paal, paal refers to milk).

The couple felt very sad and relieved also, that these same relatives were the one who fed the sweet thrice before. They feared that such danger should not recur to their child once it is born.

I prayed for them to the Lord and opened the Nadi.

This couple too had Puthra Dosha. The karmic effect has been nullified once they lost three of their children, male that too. The child which will be born will live longer and will be with good fortune. Fear not. The relatives who killed the other three foetus are going to become insane and are about to roam in streets. The fate is such, that their deaths will not be a normal one too. They won’t harm hereafter.

I asked the Maha Muni on why that, to get such a clairvoyance, they had to wait almost an year. Some do not know this and they ask for reading, do the parikara and if nothing happens, they feel disturbed.

Leave such ones. We won’t give a word again to them either.


This couple has three children who are studying abroad. The relatives who did the heinous things? Agastya had clearly told of what will become of them. All that happens is His deeds. Still, He guides us by giving us a chance, gives us directions. But if we continue to do the same mistakes again and again, God simply makes us to go through the karmic effects right in this birth. One feels that it is right of Him to do so since for others, such punishments happening right in their lives will teach a firm lesson. It has to!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 123 – One reaps what he sows

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Major portion of one’s life is determined by their past deeds sown. Good is done, a peaceful life is obtained. A lot of misdeeds, reaping of unhappy events in the future will result. Agastya Muni has mentioned it many a times that “You determine your life by your good actions”. For instance, a marriage resulting in a great life together, if a good action is done after seeing the right time, in the right manner, a peaceful life is ensured.

Even a small task that makes another soul happy, which benefits others, return to the person who did and protects him as a shield. One can only experience it. Money or wealth earned in good manner can only provide peace to the self and his family thereafter. The wealth accumulated through ill means, how much ever great that may be, the future generation will suffer so much without even knowing why. Even to those treacherous being, Agastya Muni shows so much of mercy and gives them a chance to correct themselves. Let us see one such incident.

A daughter and her mother came for Nadi reading. Their very appearance showed the abundance of wealth.

“She is our only daughter. We have a lot of wealth. We got her married after checking all sorts of compatibility. But they haven’t lived the life of a couple so far. Does she have a blessed married life? Please ask Agastya..”

“They did not live together at all?”

“They did, for three months.”


“He went to Bengaluru saying he wants to start his business and then will take his wife along. It’s been three years and he hasn’t turned up.”


“The business hasn’t picked up. They haven’t got a suitable place either. Once this is done, his parents are saying that they can start their life together.”

“Did you meet this man and speak to him?”

“Only if we can! His parents keep saying either he has gone out of station or abroad.” – the mother sighed.

I remained silent for a while and opened the Nadi.

She says they checked the horoscope for all sorts of compatibility. Had the horoscopes be properly marked, things would have been better. But both the girl and the groom’s horoscope were incorrectly marked. The man cannot determine his fate, it is otherwise. One can see compatibility through horoscopes only to a certain extent. No one can understand it better either. Have anyone seen Rahu or Kethu? Have anyone shaked hands with them? Then how can one point the grahas as ‘dosha’? Only prayer and Punya done in the past can only do good to a person.

When and when the child is in the womb, the Jadhaga (horoscope) is marked. Only Brahma Deva and those with Siddha attributes know it. All the other markings will have difference for sure. Hence the results seems to be delayed or different. There are quite a few things in horoscope which cannot be said just openly. When this marriage happened, let Us list out the mistakes that happened.

The goldsmith should be called home, on an auspicious day when there is no Chandrashtama, Ashtami Navami etc., and gold should be melted in the Brahma Muhurta time and then only the Thiru Mangalya should be made.


You purchased the Mangalya in a shop. You brought it on a Friday which is considered very auspicious, but did you check if Friday is suitable to your daughter? You could have at least truest any particular Jyotish, which you didn’t do either. You acted hastily, kept changing the jyotish, taking decisions as though you know everything all these combined that the day you brough the Thiru Mangalya for your daughter not so compatible.

Ok, you had brought it, fair enough. You should have kept it in the Pooja Gruha and done prayer Or should have done an Archana in the temple by placing it in the holy feet of the deity. Had done so, the Chandrashtama dosha should have gone. You locked the Thirumangalya in a iron chest.

Another mistake happened without you knowing. The Brahmin priest who gives the Thirumangalya as part of the ritual, should treat that as the holiest thing and should sit facing east, pray earnestly to the Almighty and then should hand it over to the bride-groom. This wasn’t done. To ensure safety, he coiled it in his loin. They say that the holy items are not supposed to be taken down the chest. The Mangalya kept in his loin was touched by the sweat out of his body, thereby losing its merits.

In spite of all these, due to the prayers of the well wishers, the marriage went well. This is a fast-moving-world. You may not do just as Agastya mentioned. But if at least one or two steps if followed correctly, you should have avoided shedding tears now.” – Agastya Muni gave a detailed explanation.

“Hmm…! All that happened has happened. Now, can we do some parikara or prayers? Please, the Maha Muni should guide us.” – said the lady.

Come after three months. There will be a way out. Till then, if some prayers are done, there will be good effects.” – said Agastya.

The lady did not seem convinced with the answer. She got up and left in a sense of negligence, thinking of her abundant wealth and influence. The fate is yet to turn to her favor, I thought.

Two months passed by where the same lady came suddenly.

“I did all the Parikara that Agastya Muni said. No results so far. My son-in-law hasn’t got settled down in any business. My daughter’s life is a big question now. Will he come back or not? We’re thinking whether we should get her divorce.” – she spoke with frustration.

I was in a dilemma and embarrassment.

“Agastya asked to come after three months. Why did they come well before?” – I thought and opened the Nadi silently.

Agastya won’t guide those with impatience. Agastya is not God. A foremost Siddha. He guides and that’s it. The moment she said that Agastya’s words did not turn true, Agastya won’t guide her anymore. He won’t give clairvoyance. What is the use in blaming Agastya when the prayers were not done for 3 months and as suggested?” – he whipped left and right and disappeared.

The lady was obviously shocked. Her eyes became moist and words refused to come out of her mouth. She was heart-broken. She kept quiet for a while and began to speak as she realized something.

“It is my mistake that I came hastily. It is the worry about my daughter’s life. It is also true that I did not do the parikara properly. Please forgive me. Please request Agastya to guide me.”

Agastya does speak like this angrily at times. At the same time, He does shows so much of mercy and guides people. I asked her to sit aside and pray to Agastya Muni earnestly and to forgive her. I prayed on my behalf and opened the Nadi after some two hours.

Due to that lady’s sincere prayers…

She ignored Agastya. Did the parikara with an half-baked belief. That too, she did not do them by herself or through her daughter but through her servant maid. The merits of those parikara has gone completely to the
servant maid. In her house, the couple who got separated has united. It is that frustration that this lady has come here. For such people with arrogance about their wealth, Agastya won’t say any clairvoyance. I shall give six months time. If she does all the parikara by herself and then, if she comes with complete faith to Agastya, then I shall guide. Else, she can go elsewhere.” – the message was loud and clear.

She agreed all that is said by the Maha Muni as truth. She prayed that she will do all the parikara by herself and that the Maha Muni should bless her daughter with a good life.

Six months went by.

The same lady came with her daughter and son-in-law. I felt happy on seeing them. She introduced her son-in-law.

I asked him sarcastically, “What eh? What happened?”

“Ain’t the Maha Muni aware of everything?” – the son-in-law said quietly. I opened the Nadi.

This educated but unemployed man had a desire to get an alliance of a wealthy family and through their help, he wanted to start a business. He lied to them that he works for a very big company and got married. He struggled for 3 months but did not seem to get any financial help from the in-laws. He had borrowed 25 lakhs to start a business which did not pick up well.

He ignored his wife as her parents did not help him financially. They did not know these at first. They helped him however later. He settled his dues with that money. Only now his business has set and only after which he got united with his wife. Such a person will get in to similar nasty things in the future. They have to help him financially.

Why this test? It is because the wealth that these people have accumulated are all got by short-cut means. It is only fair that they have to spend that money through him. However, let them come to Agastya frequently. We shall set him right and give their daughter a good life as well.

This family comes to me even now. Agastya Muni helps this family lead a good dharmic life.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 122 – Om Agatheesaya Namah:

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Many a times, the Maha Muni says “correct your mistakes” to those who seek the Nadi reading in general and gives them a chance. The lives of those who follow that suggestion has become so very clear, I have seen frequently.

Those it is said for others, sometimes I feel that He also warns me by saying this. Many incidents from others lives have shown that the effect varies from the impact of the mistake. Out of all the sins, the greatest is to kill another being, even to think of doing so, as it brings ‘Brahma Hathi Dosha’. Those who think of such thoughts, the results happen as per their karma. If there is a fate that they must be saved, then through someone conveys the message either directly or indirectly, intervenes directly or indirectly and saves them. Agastya Muni intervened directly and saved a family. How, we shall see.

Once you read this post, you may feel like chanting ‘Om Agatheesaya Namah:” many a times in solitude. If you feel so, please do. The Maha Muni will show the direction through someone.

They are from a highly noble family. Their speech reflected it. The man, his wife and their daughter came to meet me. I thought some issues might be there just like many others, and I shall seek the guidance through Nadi.

“Let me pray to Agastya Muni. Please tell Him your questions. A good answer will be given.” – I said and opened the Nadi.

The Son of the Three Eyed One came in the Nadi and said, “Let them go and stay in some other place for a day and enter their house in the day time, right after they leave this place. The good thing that they wanted to happen, for which they came to see Agastya, will happen then.” – He just concluded! There wasn’t any indirect hinting of anything.

One thing was clear. They were not convinced with the answer. But what can I say? I was looking at them silently.

“We were expecting so many from Agastya and came all the way from a different city. But He hasn’t said anything in detail?”

I opened the Nadi again.

Knowingly or unknowingly, this young girl has fallen in love with someone. In between, on seeing his behavior, she tried to stay away from him. But he could not bear the idea of a ‘wealthy’ proposal going out of his hand and even tried to kill her. His insane intention has scared this girl and you, her parents. Hence you came to Agastya shivering. Isn’t this the matter?” – Agastya asked slowly.

Once I read the above, they nodded.

“Had Agastya mentioned this in the very beginning, we could have felt so pleased.” – said the mother.

“He never does. At first, He tests the mental state of those who comes. Only if they have total faith in Him that He replies.” – I said.

“But for some, things happen so swiftly?”

“Fairly yes, even I will be happy if it happens that way. But for some, things happen only after crossing 4 stages. One needs patience.”

“What are those? Four stages?”

“I said right? First, He shows certain ways. If one does it with full faith, their wishes become true. But if that does not happen in spite of carrying out His suggestions with total faith and commitment, then He shows another way out. One requires patience. Most of the cases, the second prayer does it. But if that doesn’t help either, then He asks Brahma Deva if there is a chance to change the fate. Most of the things gets settled here as I myself have seen many people coming to me getting benefitted at the third stage.”

“What are we supposed to do now?”

I opened the Nadi again.

This girl won’t be harmed in any way by him. But he is aware that you have come out of the town. He has done a grave mistake thinking that the girl whom he cannot get, should not be anybody else’s.

“What mistake…?!”

It is not to be told now. But whatever mistake he did, he will be punished with the same. It is for sure. Till then, do the Parayana of Garuda Thandaka and Durga Sapthasathi Parayana Mantra, right from this minute. This is the life saving mantra.” – came in the Nadi.

“There is nothing to fear. Please don’t worry.” – I said.

Though they listened to everything, I wasn’t sure if they will do all that is suggested.

Once they left, I was confused. Why is Agastya Muni saying things indirectly than just saying about the future? How great it would be if He just says ‘Yes, its possible’ or ‘No it isn’t’ straight away. I sighed.

Two days went by.

I got an update. “Thanks to Maha Muni Agastya. All three of our lives were saved.”


“We reached our farm house that night itself. But since Agastya Muni had mentioned not to stay in our place for that night, we stayed in a lodge, but only half-minded. When we reached our house, there were 4 cobras in our bed room. We were so scared as to who might have left these in our bed room, which was properly locked. Someone had broken the doors and have thrown these cobras inside.

Not just that, in all the rooms, we found deadly poisonous snakes. We caught hold of them with the help of our servants carefully and searched thoroughly for two full days if there were any left overs. Only now we’re going to sleep peacefully. Had we slept in our farm house that night, our photos could’ve come in the newspapers. Agastya Muni only saved us.” – the man explained all these in a hurry.

“Will such a thing happen without the knowledge of the servant? Did you inquire him?”

“He is innocent. He is a drunkard. He drank heavily and had slept off.”

“Who is such an enemy who went to the level of throwing snakes to kill you?”

“Apart from that guy who was frustrated with my daughter, no one else.”

“As you read Garuda Thandakam, you are saved from the snakes. Please continue to chant it. You will be relieved of all problems. This is the order given by Agastya.” – I said.

Though he covered up his servant, I did have a doubt. I wanted to ensure if my doubt was correct and so I opened the Nadi.

“Don’t say something and change good one to bad. Just wait for few days. The real culprit will be known.” – said Agastya and disappeared.

A month passed by and the man of the family called me up.
“Sir, the guy who was frustrated about my daughter is admitted in the hospital after consuming poison. They say it is difficult to save his life. The matter of he throwing snakes at my house with the help of his friends, to kill us, has come out. We are saved by Agastya. He had hinted us indirectly, in a subtle manner. But we could not understand it.”

He came a few days back to invite me for his daughter’s wedding. He said, “that boy’s face has turned blue. He is alive but his nervous system is affected, he is insane and is affected with stroke and is bed ridden. Such things happen even in this Kali Yuga.”

If the mistakes are punished then and there, then no one will understand the greatness of God. The Lord is never biased or unjust. He settles everyone properly.

“Om Agatheesaya Namah:”

~ to be continued…!

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