The GOS 122 – Om Agatheesaya Namah:

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Many a times, the Maha Muni says “correct your mistakes” to those who seek the Nadi reading in general and gives them a chance. The lives of those who follow that suggestion has become so very clear, I have seen frequently.

Those it is said for others, sometimes I feel that He also warns me by saying this. Many incidents from others lives have shown that the effect varies from the impact of the mistake. Out of all the sins, the greatest is to kill another being, even to think of doing so, as it brings ‘Brahma Hathi Dosha’. Those who think of such thoughts, the results happen as per their karma. If there is a fate that they must be saved, then through someone conveys the message either directly or indirectly, intervenes directly or indirectly and saves them. Agastya Muni intervened directly and saved a family. How, we shall see.

Once you read this post, you may feel like chanting ‘Om Agatheesaya Namah:” many a times in solitude. If you feel so, please do. The Maha Muni will show the direction through someone.

They are from a highly noble family. Their speech reflected it. The man, his wife and their daughter came to meet me. I thought some issues might be there just like many others, and I shall seek the guidance through Nadi.

“Let me pray to Agastya Muni. Please tell Him your questions. A good answer will be given.” – I said and opened the Nadi.

The Son of the Three Eyed One came in the Nadi and said, “Let them go and stay in some other place for a day and enter their house in the day time, right after they leave this place. The good thing that they wanted to happen, for which they came to see Agastya, will happen then.” – He just concluded! There wasn’t any indirect hinting of anything.

One thing was clear. They were not convinced with the answer. But what can I say? I was looking at them silently.

“We were expecting so many from Agastya and came all the way from a different city. But He hasn’t said anything in detail?”

I opened the Nadi again.

Knowingly or unknowingly, this young girl has fallen in love with someone. In between, on seeing his behavior, she tried to stay away from him. But he could not bear the idea of a ‘wealthy’ proposal going out of his hand and even tried to kill her. His insane intention has scared this girl and you, her parents. Hence you came to Agastya shivering. Isn’t this the matter?” – Agastya asked slowly.

Once I read the above, they nodded.

“Had Agastya mentioned this in the very beginning, we could have felt so pleased.” – said the mother.

“He never does. At first, He tests the mental state of those who comes. Only if they have total faith in Him that He replies.” – I said.

“But for some, things happen so swiftly?”

“Fairly yes, even I will be happy if it happens that way. But for some, things happen only after crossing 4 stages. One needs patience.”

“What are those? Four stages?”

“I said right? First, He shows certain ways. If one does it with full faith, their wishes become true. But if that does not happen in spite of carrying out His suggestions with total faith and commitment, then He shows another way out. One requires patience. Most of the cases, the second prayer does it. But if that doesn’t help either, then He asks Brahma Deva if there is a chance to change the fate. Most of the things gets settled here as I myself have seen many people coming to me getting benefitted at the third stage.”

“What are we supposed to do now?”

I opened the Nadi again.

This girl won’t be harmed in any way by him. But he is aware that you have come out of the town. He has done a grave mistake thinking that the girl whom he cannot get, should not be anybody else’s.

“What mistake…?!”

It is not to be told now. But whatever mistake he did, he will be punished with the same. It is for sure. Till then, do the Parayana of Garuda Thandaka and Durga Sapthasathi Parayana Mantra, right from this minute. This is the life saving mantra.” – came in the Nadi.

“There is nothing to fear. Please don’t worry.” – I said.

Though they listened to everything, I wasn’t sure if they will do all that is suggested.

Once they left, I was confused. Why is Agastya Muni saying things indirectly than just saying about the future? How great it would be if He just says ‘Yes, its possible’ or ‘No it isn’t’ straight away. I sighed.

Two days went by.

I got an update. “Thanks to Maha Muni Agastya. All three of our lives were saved.”


“We reached our farm house that night itself. But since Agastya Muni had mentioned not to stay in our place for that night, we stayed in a lodge, but only half-minded. When we reached our house, there were 4 cobras in our bed room. We were so scared as to who might have left these in our bed room, which was properly locked. Someone had broken the doors and have thrown these cobras inside.

Not just that, in all the rooms, we found deadly poisonous snakes. We caught hold of them with the help of our servants carefully and searched thoroughly for two full days if there were any left overs. Only now we’re going to sleep peacefully. Had we slept in our farm house that night, our photos could’ve come in the newspapers. Agastya Muni only saved us.” – the man explained all these in a hurry.

“Will such a thing happen without the knowledge of the servant? Did you inquire him?”

“He is innocent. He is a drunkard. He drank heavily and had slept off.”

“Who is such an enemy who went to the level of throwing snakes to kill you?”

“Apart from that guy who was frustrated with my daughter, no one else.”

“As you read Garuda Thandakam, you are saved from the snakes. Please continue to chant it. You will be relieved of all problems. This is the order given by Agastya.” – I said.

Though he covered up his servant, I did have a doubt. I wanted to ensure if my doubt was correct and so I opened the Nadi.

“Don’t say something and change good one to bad. Just wait for few days. The real culprit will be known.” – said Agastya and disappeared.

A month passed by and the man of the family called me up.
“Sir, the guy who was frustrated about my daughter is admitted in the hospital after consuming poison. They say it is difficult to save his life. The matter of he throwing snakes at my house with the help of his friends, to kill us, has come out. We are saved by Agastya. He had hinted us indirectly, in a subtle manner. But we could not understand it.”

He came a few days back to invite me for his daughter’s wedding. He said, “that boy’s face has turned blue. He is alive but his nervous system is affected, he is insane and is affected with stroke and is bed ridden. Such things happen even in this Kali Yuga.”

If the mistakes are punished then and there, then no one will understand the greatness of God. The Lord is never biased or unjust. He settles everyone properly.

“Om Agatheesaya Namah:”

~ to be continued…!

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