The GOS 123 – One reaps what he sows

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Major portion of one’s life is determined by their past deeds sown. Good is done, a peaceful life is obtained. A lot of misdeeds, reaping of unhappy events in the future will result. Agastya Muni has mentioned it many a times that “You determine your life by your good actions”. For instance, a marriage resulting in a great life together, if a good action is done after seeing the right time, in the right manner, a peaceful life is ensured.

Even a small task that makes another soul happy, which benefits others, return to the person who did and protects him as a shield. One can only experience it. Money or wealth earned in good manner can only provide peace to the self and his family thereafter. The wealth accumulated through ill means, how much ever great that may be, the future generation will suffer so much without even knowing why. Even to those treacherous being, Agastya Muni shows so much of mercy and gives them a chance to correct themselves. Let us see one such incident.

A daughter and her mother came for Nadi reading. Their very appearance showed the abundance of wealth.

“She is our only daughter. We have a lot of wealth. We got her married after checking all sorts of compatibility. But they haven’t lived the life of a couple so far. Does she have a blessed married life? Please ask Agastya..”

“They did not live together at all?”

“They did, for three months.”


“He went to Bengaluru saying he wants to start his business and then will take his wife along. It’s been three years and he hasn’t turned up.”


“The business hasn’t picked up. They haven’t got a suitable place either. Once this is done, his parents are saying that they can start their life together.”

“Did you meet this man and speak to him?”

“Only if we can! His parents keep saying either he has gone out of station or abroad.” – the mother sighed.

I remained silent for a while and opened the Nadi.

She says they checked the horoscope for all sorts of compatibility. Had the horoscopes be properly marked, things would have been better. But both the girl and the groom’s horoscope were incorrectly marked. The man cannot determine his fate, it is otherwise. One can see compatibility through horoscopes only to a certain extent. No one can understand it better either. Have anyone seen Rahu or Kethu? Have anyone shaked hands with them? Then how can one point the grahas as ‘dosha’? Only prayer and Punya done in the past can only do good to a person.

When and when the child is in the womb, the Jadhaga (horoscope) is marked. Only Brahma Deva and those with Siddha attributes know it. All the other markings will have difference for sure. Hence the results seems to be delayed or different. There are quite a few things in horoscope which cannot be said just openly. When this marriage happened, let Us list out the mistakes that happened.

The goldsmith should be called home, on an auspicious day when there is no Chandrashtama, Ashtami Navami etc., and gold should be melted in the Brahma Muhurta time and then only the Thiru Mangalya should be made.


You purchased the Mangalya in a shop. You brought it on a Friday which is considered very auspicious, but did you check if Friday is suitable to your daughter? You could have at least truest any particular Jyotish, which you didn’t do either. You acted hastily, kept changing the jyotish, taking decisions as though you know everything all these combined that the day you brough the Thiru Mangalya for your daughter not so compatible.

Ok, you had brought it, fair enough. You should have kept it in the Pooja Gruha and done prayer Or should have done an Archana in the temple by placing it in the holy feet of the deity. Had done so, the Chandrashtama dosha should have gone. You locked the Thirumangalya in a iron chest.

Another mistake happened without you knowing. The Brahmin priest who gives the Thirumangalya as part of the ritual, should treat that as the holiest thing and should sit facing east, pray earnestly to the Almighty and then should hand it over to the bride-groom. This wasn’t done. To ensure safety, he coiled it in his loin. They say that the holy items are not supposed to be taken down the chest. The Mangalya kept in his loin was touched by the sweat out of his body, thereby losing its merits.

In spite of all these, due to the prayers of the well wishers, the marriage went well. This is a fast-moving-world. You may not do just as Agastya mentioned. But if at least one or two steps if followed correctly, you should have avoided shedding tears now.” – Agastya Muni gave a detailed explanation.

“Hmm…! All that happened has happened. Now, can we do some parikara or prayers? Please, the Maha Muni should guide us.” – said the lady.

Come after three months. There will be a way out. Till then, if some prayers are done, there will be good effects.” – said Agastya.

The lady did not seem convinced with the answer. She got up and left in a sense of negligence, thinking of her abundant wealth and influence. The fate is yet to turn to her favor, I thought.

Two months passed by where the same lady came suddenly.

“I did all the Parikara that Agastya Muni said. No results so far. My son-in-law hasn’t got settled down in any business. My daughter’s life is a big question now. Will he come back or not? We’re thinking whether we should get her divorce.” – she spoke with frustration.

I was in a dilemma and embarrassment.

“Agastya asked to come after three months. Why did they come well before?” – I thought and opened the Nadi silently.

Agastya won’t guide those with impatience. Agastya is not God. A foremost Siddha. He guides and that’s it. The moment she said that Agastya’s words did not turn true, Agastya won’t guide her anymore. He won’t give clairvoyance. What is the use in blaming Agastya when the prayers were not done for 3 months and as suggested?” – he whipped left and right and disappeared.

The lady was obviously shocked. Her eyes became moist and words refused to come out of her mouth. She was heart-broken. She kept quiet for a while and began to speak as she realized something.

“It is my mistake that I came hastily. It is the worry about my daughter’s life. It is also true that I did not do the parikara properly. Please forgive me. Please request Agastya to guide me.”

Agastya does speak like this angrily at times. At the same time, He does shows so much of mercy and guides people. I asked her to sit aside and pray to Agastya Muni earnestly and to forgive her. I prayed on my behalf and opened the Nadi after some two hours.

Due to that lady’s sincere prayers…

She ignored Agastya. Did the parikara with an half-baked belief. That too, she did not do them by herself or through her daughter but through her servant maid. The merits of those parikara has gone completely to the
servant maid. In her house, the couple who got separated has united. It is that frustration that this lady has come here. For such people with arrogance about their wealth, Agastya won’t say any clairvoyance. I shall give six months time. If she does all the parikara by herself and then, if she comes with complete faith to Agastya, then I shall guide. Else, she can go elsewhere.” – the message was loud and clear.

She agreed all that is said by the Maha Muni as truth. She prayed that she will do all the parikara by herself and that the Maha Muni should bless her daughter with a good life.

Six months went by.

The same lady came with her daughter and son-in-law. I felt happy on seeing them. She introduced her son-in-law.

I asked him sarcastically, “What eh? What happened?”

“Ain’t the Maha Muni aware of everything?” – the son-in-law said quietly. I opened the Nadi.

This educated but unemployed man had a desire to get an alliance of a wealthy family and through their help, he wanted to start a business. He lied to them that he works for a very big company and got married. He struggled for 3 months but did not seem to get any financial help from the in-laws. He had borrowed 25 lakhs to start a business which did not pick up well.

He ignored his wife as her parents did not help him financially. They did not know these at first. They helped him however later. He settled his dues with that money. Only now his business has set and only after which he got united with his wife. Such a person will get in to similar nasty things in the future. They have to help him financially.

Why this test? It is because the wealth that these people have accumulated are all got by short-cut means. It is only fair that they have to spend that money through him. However, let them come to Agastya frequently. We shall set him right and give their daughter a good life as well.

This family comes to me even now. Agastya Muni helps this family lead a good dharmic life.

~ to be continued…!

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