The GOS 124 – Effect of karma in Kali Yuga

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Kali Yuga, is a strange time. Those who are to live with a good mindset get affected due to its effects. Very few realize that it is a test by the Almighty. Wise men always say that God tests human if he really follows a simple life filled with love, a mindset that does not think ill to others, an attitude that does not crave for others’ belongings, dharmic life and so on.

Earlier, if someone commits a sin, the effect of that surfaces in some other birth (Janma) for that individual. But in this Kali Yuga, seeing the impact and rigorousness of the sins,God often changes the effects of such sins in a such a way, as if He tells the mankind ‘Experience the effects of your deeds right in this Janma’.

If only we think before doing anything whether this complies with the dharma or against it and avoid doing things that are against dharma, we can live peacefully.

Desiring somebody else’ property and thereby ending up with the Brahma Hathi Dosha where Agastya Muni bestows His mercy upon them to save them, we shall see in this post.

There came a couple to read Nadi with their faces revealing clearly that they are going through a deep mental agony.

“It’s been seven years since we married. This lady has had three abortions. Will we be blessed with an offspring?” – the man asked.

Though appeared to be villagers, they seemed to be aware of a lot of things. All the three had died in the eighth month. I inquired about their family and came to know that a number of unpleasant incidents has happened. Some of the siblings does not have any children. Some has had, but they were mentally challenged. Only one has a girl. Even she has a hole in her heart and thereby is undergoing medical treatments.

There isn’t a ‘heir’ for their family and as such, there is no male child for the past 30 years for the entire family, revealed to me that there is some effects of Karma for this family. I asked Agastya Muni who asked them to come back after three months and remained silent.

I myself felt this strange as He normally suggests people to do some parikara or to do some prayers. He hasn’t said anything other than asking them to come back after three months. The couple not surprisingly, were very disappointed. The way they left showed that they were heart-broken.

Three months went by.

I thought they won’t come back but they did, to my surprise.

You came just as Agastya said. Agastya is pleased. However, the issue with offspring can be solved if you come after 4 Amavasya. Worry not. There is a bhagya of a male child for you.” – said the One who is one among to bring River Kaveri to the world.

They felt this reply to be satisfying than before but were puzzled as to why He is not giving us the right explanation and answer. Even I did not get the satisfaction of reading Nadi for them. But the couple said, “Having complete affection towards Agastya, we shall wait till the time He has mentioned. If we get an offspring, that is all is needed.”

Once they left, I asked Agastya Muni, “Why are they being made to roam around like this? Do they have an offspring or not? If not, what Parikara has to be done which can bless them to have a child? If these are said clearly, they will feel satisfied and so will I, right?”

Without reasons, We won’t open our mouth. For some, the clairvoyance is not given right away. For some, I reply based on their karmic effects. Some even say that even after getting the clairvoyance, nothing happened. Some even scold me and you for not progressing. Still, read till I give you my words. I know who all are casting their drama on you. I shall show them to you as well. Stay away from them.” – He said.

There are many a reasons for why He said so. The vigor that is present before reading the Nadi does not remain the same after it is read. The truth is, one who seeks Nadi wants, “it has to be a good clairvoyance, things must progress right after reading”. When this does not happen, they get frustrated.

But when the couple came after four months, even I was very eager to know what the Maharishi has to say. They came at the end of fourth month.

Due to the Punya of your parents, it’s been three months since this lady is pregnant. For this fetus to remain and grow, chant the Kandha Sashti Kavacha thrice every day. Never accept anything offered by anyone else, as there is a reason for why the abortion happened thrice before.

Somebody does not want you to bear your offspring. They speak sweet words and offer you sweets, which had substances that destroys the fetus. That’s why the abortions.

If someone….if they feed you such things even forcefully, spit it out without they knowing.” – the Maha Muni hinted.

They were obviously shocked. I was surprised. The man happily confirmed that the lady is pregnant and it is three months since. They began to think as to how to tackle their ‘enemies’. The simple reason being, they had at least 100 acres of land. Many a relative eye that wealth. If they bear an offspring, they cannot snatch that wealth. So they cast a drama to this lady as though they care for her so much and had fed her a medicine that destroyed the fetus.

I told them, “If possible, stay out of station for some time. If asked, just say that there is no proper growth of the fetus and that nothing can be said till 9 months time. Tell this uniformly to everyone. Take medical care outside and not in your town. But no one should know about your treatment either. Most importantly, if someone feeds you anything, do not eat. An offspring will be born.” – I said whatever I knew.

The man had a practical question. “We are made to maintain secrecy even in this pregnancy. Even if the child is born without any issues, won’t they create problems for the child after it is born?”

“Fair question. The Maha Muni will guide you in the right direction for sure. Please have patience.”

They left and did not return for four long months. They came afterwards and said that they have rented a house out of the town and that the growth of the child is good. The delivery is expected to happen in a month or two. They also shared a shocking information.

Two of their close relatives came to know about their whereabouts and have met the couple. They had forced the lady to eat some sweet they bought right in front of their eyes. God’s sake she did not eat citing appropriate reasons. The relatives stayed for a couple of hours and left. As their behavior was strange, the couple had given the sweet to be tested for any medicine mixed.

Those who tested confirmed that the sweet contained substance which causes abortion (in villages of Tamil Nadu, there used to be a horrific practice of feeding a poisonous milk obtained from a plant to the girl child to kill them. In Tamil, it is called as Kalli Paal, paal refers to milk).

The couple felt very sad and relieved also, that these same relatives were the one who fed the sweet thrice before. They feared that such danger should not recur to their child once it is born.

I prayed for them to the Lord and opened the Nadi.

This couple too had Puthra Dosha. The karmic effect has been nullified once they lost three of their children, male that too. The child which will be born will live longer and will be with good fortune. Fear not. The relatives who killed the other three foetus are going to become insane and are about to roam in streets. The fate is such, that their deaths will not be a normal one too. They won’t harm hereafter.

I asked the Maha Muni on why that, to get such a clairvoyance, they had to wait almost an year. Some do not know this and they ask for reading, do the parikara and if nothing happens, they feel disturbed.

Leave such ones. We won’t give a word again to them either.


This couple has three children who are studying abroad. The relatives who did the heinous things? Agastya had clearly told of what will become of them. All that happens is His deeds. Still, He guides us by giving us a chance, gives us directions. But if we continue to do the same mistakes again and again, God simply makes us to go through the karmic effects right in this birth. One feels that it is right of Him to do so since for others, such punishments happening right in their lives will teach a firm lesson. It has to!

~ to be continued…!

2 thoughts on “The GOS 124 – Effect of karma in Kali Yuga

  1. subramaniam muthusamy says:

    Excellent article. You articles are not only teaching people to be religious and pray to God and visit temples but also to lead a righteous life. My humble respects to the Maha Muni Agastiar.


  2. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Its been a really great experience shared, which really helpful to improve thinking of mankind prior the any Act. Om Agashyar Namah.

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