AA – About marriage getting delayed

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Q) Without knowing how to get rid of the sins, we suffer how much ever we could suffer, we lose how much ever we could, and at the end we surrender to Thee. When we do so, if You say, “Go elsewhere”, where else shall we go? This is the place we like. Our beloved Father is you. There are many a girls who cannot get married in spite of reaching the proper age. When we come with this query, you suggest us to perform Abisheka to the Nava Grahas that appear with their spouses and vahanas. We are doing that as well. Please take a pledge today and accept some of our sins yourself. Please get these girls married. O Lord, enough of beating us up. Please embrace us. When are you showing your mercy for these unmarried girls to get this blessing of marriage?


Through the Almighty’s grace, his question appears strange to Us. He says it is a grief not to get married. If he will ask the married ones, we shall know what grief is. Is it a grief to not to get married or to get married? All those who are married think, “why at all this marriage happened?”. If someone has not married, He still has some grace of God. Why are you so interested in getting someone stuck? We don’t understand.

Know this well. The marriage ceremony will happen to those who has such blessings, at the right time. Many who came here seeking clairvoyance aren’t living peacefully together. Reason? Dosha in Kalathra Sthanam. When this happens, the marriage either gets postponed or does not remain a healthy one.

Marriage hasn’t happened. It must happen, even if it is a painful one, we shall accept, is your claim. He says we asked to pray the Navagrahas with their spouses. That doesn’t mean that if you pray to Lord Ganesha, We aren’t saying that Ganesha Moorthy won’t grace you with a wedding. If you pray to Lord Hanuman, We aren’t saying that Anjaneya Moorthy won’t bless you with marriage. If one shows the horoscope to a learned astrologer, one may know the reason. If you say, only because of all these we have sought Your guidance, can’t You help, can’t You accept our sins etc?

Only because We have accepted the sins, We are answering your questions. We ourselves think that it is our sins that we are talking to the humans. We are not saying this humorously, but psychologically.

Let us assume a person who is in a big status and is very wealthy. You call him and say, “There is this person lying in the roadside with all sorts of diseases. Can you shake hands with him, can you embrace him? He won’t!

We, by the orders of the Lord, all these souls are the creation of the Lord, which are swaying in Maya. We are struggling to remove this Maya for these souls. To answer your question, for your daughter and those girls who are not married, we say, Marriage will happen for sure. There isn’t any change in it. But one has to prepare oneself for this relationship, to cast away some expectations.

Neither God, nor Us created Caste, Creed or Religion!

We belong to this sect. We want a girl / boy only in this sect. If one comes to us with such a query, we seldom pay attention to them. If they say, “my child wants to get married to someone from a different caste / sect, and we are not able to accept it”, we seldom pay attention to such people either. It is only to the humans that you get married to, eh?

If a human gets married to an animal, one can call it ‘inter-caste’ marriage. But for a human to marry another human, the mankind has created so much of obstacles, so much! What can we do about it? It is only the humans who should come out of this. “My daughter is educated and is in a big position. We should get a guy only from a equal status” – the parents and the daughter should discard such thoughts.

“My son is educated. He works in a big company across the ocean and is earning in lakhs. We shall see a girl only that matches with his status” – the boy and his parents should discard such thoughts. If said otherwise that “we will remain just as we are and won’t change”, then fate will do what it will.

First, if one gets rid of mental obstacles, the marriage will happen the next moment. The problem is not with getting married. How many live peacefully and in accordance post marriage? This is the problem. We say now. If looked at the Seventh and Eighth position (in the horoscope), the detail of marriage will be known very well. So, no need to worry that marriage is getting delayed. They may later realize that it is better if the marriage did not happen at all, than getting delayed. However, there are many a temples which nullifies the dosha related to marriage. Those who cannot afford visiting those, can simply do this:

“By getting up early in Fridays, which is called as Shukravaar, cleanse their house, pray to Shukra and other Grahas, pray to Mata Mahalakshmi, for 120 days if they do this with full focus and in these 120 days, if they help other poor people in their marriages, they will surely get married within 120 days. We can only say this. Whether the marriage will happen as per the person’s expectations, it depends on his / her fate.

Image courtesy: Shravani Arts


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