The GOS 125 – To whom are you pretending to?

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The sole reason for humans to undergo suffering is: the mistakes they do in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, says Agastya Muni often. The worst part still is, in spite of knowing that it is a mistake, to have it done for selfish needs. When it backfires in the future, they search for remedy and seek the grace of Siddhas. In this, there are two
kinds. Having realized that they have committed a mistake, and to do any parikara as the Siddhas suggest, to get rid of the karmic effect is one kind. The other, pretend to the Siddhas themselves that they are innocent, by hiding everything they have done, despite the Siddhas hinting them indirectly that they know everything.

For this kind, the treatment from the Siddhas will be very unique. They abandon these people to let the problem magnify where they seek the Siddha’s attention desperately. Even at that stage, the Siddhas do help, if the individual has realized their mistakes genuinely. Let us see one such incident in this post.

A middle aged lady came saying, “I have done all you suggested but no use. Still, I am seeking Agastya’s suggestion. Please show me a way out of my problems.”

“What problems?” – I asked slowly.

“Debt. My husband is not feeling well, his kidney is not functioning properly. Even for me, there is a pain in my spine due to an accident. I can’t bend down flexibly.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes there is. My 22 years old daughter, she was studying well. Not sure what happened. She refuses to go to college. She talks and laughs to herself. In the nights, she never sleeps.”

“Did you show her to a doctor?”

“There isn’t a doctor I haven’t shown her. They gave a number of medicines but of no avail. I admitted her in the hospital. She says someone is talking to her in her ears.”

“Speaking about what?”

“Do this, don’t do this. Don’t go this side. Don’t eat this. Your father is a cheat. Don’t believe him etc etc.”

“For how many days is this happening?”

“For eight months.”

“When did you come for Agastya Nadi reading before?”

“Three years back. I thought of coming back afterwards but couldn’t. I got the blessings only today.”

This lady who says ‘nothing happened’ after having read the Nadi three years back might as well say ‘nothing happened’ after eight years. What’s in it for me? Let me ask the Maha Muni. If He answers, good. If He doesn’t, good too!

This is what the Maha Muni said in the Nadi:

She suffered then. We guided. She has not done anything as suggested. Still, We saved her from misery. She accumulated a lot of money. She got four or five cars and rented them out. She went abroad and spent her earnings lavishly. As she was not focusing on her business, they cheated her. She got in to debt. Now she is hiding everything from Agastya and tells lies to Agastya Himself. What a funny world…?” – He said this only to me. Then…

Let Us suggest a few parikara. If done just that, your husband will get rid of the kidney ailment. He will live happily.” – and suggested a few prayers instantly.

“Will both the kidneys be alright?” – she asked eagerly.

For sure. But one thing. You and your husband has committed a big mistake. It is that poor man’s curse which makes you both suffer. You both know what that mistake is.” – Agastya Muni kept a puzzle.

She thought for a while and said that they have not done any mistakes. In addition, she started listing all the charity works she did. Her blunt refusal of any mistakes even shook me slightly. But I left that matter as there wasn’t any use in talking to her.

“You have suggested a remedy to my husband. When will we be debt free? When will my daughter become alright? Agastya Muni could not mention anything about these?” – she was not satisfied.

“Don’t say ‘Agastya could not mention’. He can “mention” everything with proof. But it is you who wouldn’t be able to bear it.” – I said.

“No it’s ok, I can bear it. Please say.”

I prayed to the Maha Muni and opened the Nadi. He did not appear. When I mentioned it, that lady laughed sarcastically.

“Not just you, neither Agastya, nor Kaka Bujunda (another Siddha) or Thirumoolar can answer. It is because I have not committed any mistakes, that’s the truth.” – said that lady.

I thought, if she hasn’t done anything, why then so much of debt, an ailing husband, a half insane daughter etc., Since the Maharishi did not appear Himself, what’s my problem? I just left that matter. The lady walked out majestically, with a feeling that she has even defeated Agastya Muni by her words.

Ten months went by…

The same lady came, appearing very weary and tired. I began to think as to why she came.

“Do you remember me?” – she asked.

“You? How can I ever forget the one who insulted Agastya and walked out arrogantly” – I thought to myself but smiled at her saying, “Why not?”

“Sire, only Agastya Muni can save my husband and daughter…” – she folded her hands as if in prayer.

“What do you want?”

“I challenged the Maha Muni. Now it appears that my husband might leave me. My daughter isn’t cured yet. In fact, her insanity seems to be growing day by day.”

“He had suggested a parikara for the debt. Did you do it?”

She nodded no.

“Without doing anything if you come, you won’t get any reply right?”

“I told you right? I have not hidden anything from Agastya. I have done big mistakes, that’s what bothers me for which we haven’t done any parikara…” – she spoke unrelated things.

I opened the Nadi after praying to Agastya.

That day, Agastya did not open His mouth for her. She took advantage of it and pretended as though she was innocent. If she wants her husband to be saved, let her go at once to Namakkal and fall at the feet of Elangovan first. Then, let her got to Salem, to the hut of Bhavani Ammal, which is near the Salem cave and hand over the eight soverign gold chain to her.

Once these two are done, let her go to Cholinga and in the shrine of Lakshmi Narasimha, let her chant the Lakshmi Narasimha and Gayatri mantras without taking even a drop of water. Then let her promise to Lakshmi Narasimha that she wouldn’t commit any sins. If these are not done within three days, she just can forget about her husband and daughter.” – Agastya Muni said, no, He threw a bomb on her.

She listened to all these quietly and went out. I couldn’t understand anything.

She came back after a week, appearing happy. She said that another person is going to donate kidney to her husband and that the young daughter has become alright now. I asked that lady on what miracle happened.

“Through some doctor’s persuasion, we cheated a few poor people and stole their kidneys and made money, a lot of money. It’s effect, my husband’s kidney failed.

When we stole a poor lady’s kidney, she became insane after the operation. It’s effect was that my daughter became insane, almost. That sin got nullified due to Agastya’s grace.” – she concluded very briefly and left, not to be seen again.

Only when mankind stops cheating others for their selfish needs, when they realize their mistakes and corrects themselves, peace arrives at him, that too, when there is the Grace of Siddha.

~ to be continued…!

About the featured image: Courtesy, Melen

It shows the third eye chakra, called as the Ajna Chakra (Sanskrit: आज्ञा). Relating to the all penetrating eyes of realized souls / Siddhas, where nothing can be hidden or pretended to.

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