The GOS 129 – Come let’s play!

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

Mankind…they are of many varieties. They think of something in mind and talk just the opposite. This is staying away from truthfulness. For those who continue to cheat others, the fate makes them get caught one day. It could be in front of the Almighty, or in front of the Siddhas that they get caught.

If one thinks that they can cheat the Siddhas and show their cheap plays, the Siddha plays with them. If we understand their playfulness, we can enjoy it. Is it even possible to cheat the Siddha? He atlast forgives the fraud, transforms the person and makes them turn towards Their way ensuring peace and happiness floats in their lives. Then He directs all the credit to the Almighty and goes on with His duties. Let us see one such incident in this post.

There came a person saying, “We don’t have any female child. All the three born are males with one having a hole in his heart, another is with inadequate mental growth and the other one hasn’t spoken a word till date.”

He appeared rich and was on his mid age. It is the attitude one gets when they are wealthy, that makes them speak whatever they want to whoever, without thinking.

“Ok. What should I do?” – I asked.

“All three male children of mine are having one or the other issues. I am wealthy. If a girl child is born to me, I will get her married to a person and make that son-in-law stay in our house to take care of my wealth. Agastya Muni should bless me for this.” – he said casually.

I thought, “What to ask a Maha Siddha and what not to, people seem to have lost that fine line of discrimination. They think of Him as some astrologer. Why isn’t this person getting the idea that He is a Maha Siddha?”

I would have felt very happy had he asked about methods to make the male children alright. Instead, he wants a girl child whom he will raise, get her married to a person to whom he will bestow all his wealth. How weird? What will he do if the fourth one is born male again? He probably got my thought frequency, he began to speak.

“Now my wife is pregnant. If the fetus turns out to be male, I will destroy it in the womb itself. If its a girl, I will let it take birth. Only Agastya can show me a way for this.” – he said just so casually.

I was surprised and got angry a bit too. There are numerous couple who are childless and are desperate, here’s a person who is ready to destroy a fetus. What sort of a person he is, I thought. I remained silent for a while and asked him what he wants to know from Agastya Muni.

“I want to know if the child about to be born is a male or a female.”

“If known?”

“I will proceed accordingly..”


“Abortion if its male, delivery if its a female.”

“What will you do if Agastya refuses to answer such queries?”

“I will assume that whatever comes in Agastya Jeeva Nadi is all lies. I will also broadcast that people need not have to believe in Nadi.” – he spoke arrogantly.

“What if I don’t read the Nadi at all?”

“I will tell others that out of fear, you avoided reading the Nadi for me.”

“As a matter of fact, I am least bothered or affected. By God’s grace, I am not in a position to run my life by reading Jeeva Nadi. More over, neither me or Agastya Muni needs fame or advertisements. If the Nadi is read and that does not happen, I will feel sad.

Instead, if no one comes to read the Nadi, it is sort of a relief for me.”

He did not expect such an answer probably. He was shocked slightly. Though the thought of his wealth makes him speak whatever, neither me or Agastya bothers to care about such people.

“What sir? You are just refusing? I was just playing with you. Please do not mistake me.” – he changed his tone and some politeness appeared in his voice.

I asked.

“It is illegal and a criminal offense to know the sex of the fetus. When the doctors themselves does not open their mouth, how can you expect Agastya to? Hence, do not ask such questions to Agastya Muni.”

“Sir, I have already asked my family doctor. He has mentioned it as a male child. I just wanted to get Agastya’s opinion and was about to perform an abortion. Agastya Muni who carries out so many good deeds will take care of this problem as well, I thought and have come from a long distance.” – truth emerged out.

I was in a dilemma now.

“Agastya O! You have made me get stuck in such a situation. Should I read the Nadi for this person or not? If it is said ‘Male’, he will make arrangements for abortion. If said ‘female’ and later if it turns out to be different, I don’t know what will be the after effects. Should I read the Nadi or just brush him off?”

I did not feel like saying ‘No’ to read Nadi for him. Let me just read. Let Agastya show me a way too and picked up the Nadi.

The one seated before Me, does not believe in his children. Had he asked the ways to make them healthy, I would have shown him the way. To save his wealth, he wants to write a new episode. He wants Agastya’s help in his plans. If refused, he says he will broadcast badly about Agastya’s words to everyone.

Has he ever thought for a second, as to how long is he going to live with that wealth? He wants to ask Agastya’s ‘opinion’ about doing a murder? How strange eh?!” – he said these only to me and then…

Your thoughts will be fruitful. Come back after 6 months.” – He just said these to the person.

The wealthy man became joyous. He thought that the child is going to be girl and left happily. Once he left, I got a doubt. Whatever Agastya Muni told me, are they correct? Or whatever He told the person is correct?

Wait and see…” – I got the reply later. Four months went by. The same person came running as though his own ship has sunk. I inquired.

“My business is at loss due to an accident leaving me in debt of 2 crores. I had to sell off all my wealth. My current debt after the selling is 1.5 crores. I am struggling between life and death. Only Agastya can save me..”

“How is your wife?”

“Her pregnancy is at the eighth month. I believe that luck will favor me if the child is born. Only Agastya can tell..” – he was mentally tired.

I asked Agastya.

All he wanted was a girl child right? We had answered this already that day that his thoughts will become fruitful right? Why is he then tensed?

“Agastya should bless that the child should be without any health issues and should live longer..”

That should be decided by The One with Three Eyes and Lord Brahma. Not Agastya.


Make arrangements for the male children’s treatment. In about one and a half month, a doctor from a foreign land will come. Through the blessings of a Pure Soul, the children will improve in their health. After nine years, all three will see a lot of growth.” – said Agastya.

“Thanks many many.” – the person thanked Agastya.

Not only that..write a will of all your wealth to these male children. This will not go off your hand and will protect like a banyan tree in the future.

“Just as you say O Lord! Then what about the girl child yet to be born…?”

Why worry about that now? You asked a girl child. We requested Brahma and as per Karma and Dharma and His acceptance, We’ve made arrangements for the same. That’s all. The rest will happen as per Karma, Dharma and Fate.

The person was happier and doubtful both. I thought, “this is indeed a strange case.”

He came back after two months.

“The three male children are showing progress. There was a foreign doctor who came to a hospital that runs through the grace of Puttabharthi Sai Baba and said that these children will become normal in due course of time. I am greatly relieved. I have written a will distributing the remaining wealth on these children. The business has also picked up now. I have the courage now that I will get back the lost wealth as well.” – he said all these and suddenly began to weep profusely.

I remained silent as I couldn’t guess why. He said…

“The girl child was born just as I wished. Along with that a male child was born too as twins. The male child is healthy now but the female child…passed away four hours after birth.”

Agastya’s words came true. But the person’s greed was broken in to pieces. Fate, has saved the three sons. Only by knowing this already, The Maha Siddha asked to write a will to all three children, I thought and opened the Nadi.

We thought of teaching his crooked attitude a lesson who thinks that by his wealth and his intelligence, he could play a clever game with God and Me. He just wanted a girl child but to decide a child’s time of stay, it’s age, is done by God. He seldom knows. It is the Almighty’s grace that the three male children should improve after the medical treatment and live longer.

Most of them do not know how to ask and what to ask. He is one such case.” – concluded Agastya!

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The GOS 128 – Sinners are losers!

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

In household, “marital life” is blessed by the Almighty by weighing several things. Their marital life depends on factors like their past lives’ karma, the present karma, their parents’ karma. If good karma surrounds them, the life is peaceful and if bad karma surrounds, the life is troublesome. By spoiling others’ lives and think that one’s offspring should lead a happy life will never give peace.

Moreover, the marital life remains happy only if the marriage is conducted with the money got by fair means.

A couple came to me to seek Nadi reading and they came straight to the point. “This marriage should not happen. Agastya Muni should somehow stop this marriage” – they started of, fuming with frustration about their own daughter. As they were really frustrated, I gave them some time to settle down, remained quiet.

“Generally, Agastya Muni comes forward to conduct marriages and not to separate couples. You have come with a wrong intention. Please seek guidance elsewhere.”

“Please ask Agastya. He knows.” – they were adamant. I opened the Nadi.

Agastya also agrees that this marriage should not happen.” – said the Maha Muni and the parents faces resembled happiness.

But this marriage will happen.” – came the next word which made their faces shrink so much.

“This does not seem like a clairvoyance but like you say whatever crosses your mind. Isn’t there no other go?” – they asked.

No. All you want is your daughter should not get married to that boy but should get married as per your wish, isn’t it?” – asked Agastya.


Then in that case, you must cross four levels. One, you must do certain parikara. Second, you must seldom take any hasty decisions. Third, the marriage between that boy and your girl will happen. This cannot be stopped. Fourth, your daughter will return to your house.” – said Agastya.

“All these steps are contradicting to each other eh? Shouldn’t it be just black and white? If the marriage will happen anyway, it means that why we came here for, is not fruitful. What’s the use then if she returns to our house or not?” – they were really angry.

I said, “Ma’am, you asked a question and I got you an answer from Agastya. It is up to you to accept it or reject.”

“No sir. My daughter and the boy is getting married in 27 days. They both are in America. They have made all arrangements for the wedding without our permission. We don’t like it. Hence we have sought Agastya’s help in having this marriage stopped.”

“As you have come too late, Agastya cannot do anything. But He has given certain messages subtly. There must be some reason in this.” – I tried to convince.

“They said that everything happens if one seeks Agastya’s guidance and hence we came. But by looking at what you said, it appears you just say what crosses your mind to convince us.” – said the man.

“Not just you…those who seek Nadi or those who read the Nadi stories also think that these are all just imaginary stories. It is up to individuals’ wish” – I sat down saying so.

“Tell us the parikara. We shall do them and see.” – they gave up.

Chathru Samhara yagna should be done first. Then should do pooja of Karkotaka Yantra with the Naga.” – said Agastya.

They wrote it down, not very convinced and left. Eighteen days passed by.

“Sir. We have done the parikara suggested by Agastya. Nothing seems to happen. It looks like their marriage will happen anyway eh?” – they came back.

Let the marriage happen know?” – said Agastya Muni.

“What do we do if You say so?”

The marriage will happen. Then as per your wish, the marriage will happen within your caste only.” – said Agastya. But they were not convinced but were disappointed and left. Ten more days passed by.  They came again appearing grief stricken.

“Sir, just as Agastya said, they are married now. The man my daughter married is admitted in the hospital.”

“Oh my God! What happened?”

“Once they registered their marriage and were returning, they met with an accident and the man got hurt beneath his waist. My daughter is safe thankfully.”

“It is good that your daughter is safe. How is he now?”

“He is safe but below his waist, none of the organs will function. He will get discharged from the hospital but he cannot lead a normal marital life, the doctors there in the US have told.”


“He will be just a name-sake husband.”

“How then will your daughter live with him?”

“We’re thinking just the same. Our daughter should decide in this regard.”

I remained silent but got various thoughts in mind, about the possible decisions that she could make and finally opened the Nadi.

As soon as the man comes out of the hospital, he himself will have the re-marriage conducted to this girl. The second husband will be of the girl’s same caste, as her parents wanted. Since the second one is also in America, there won’t be any issues later as well.” – said Agastya.

Only after this, the parents let a sigh of relief and the faith towards Agastya came.

“All is ok. But why such a marriage happened? If Agastya wills, He could’ve stopped it right?” – I was scared, but dared to ask the Maha Muni.

Let Us explain the reason after this girl’s second marriage gets over.” – said He.

Nine months went by.

Just as Agastya said, the first husband convinced the girl to get re-married and the bridegroom was the girl’s distant relative, which was a happier turn of event. The parents attended the wedding in America and came back to me one day.

“Agastya said He will tell about the marital life of our daughter later. Did He say anything?”

I began to read. As I began, the parents’ face turned pale and their hands and legs started shivering.

You mishandled the money which was given to you in account of the temple and were maintaining a fraudulent account. That money, you had used to get your daughter educated. You cheated your own sister by taking over the wealth that belonged to her and with that money, you sent your daughter abroad to get educated and spent lavishly.

At the same time, when the sister asked for financial assistance to get her kid educated, you refused. Not just that, when that girl grew up, you gave the sinful money you got out of bribe, that too not with full consent, and conducted the marriage. Then you separated the couple as well.

Then how come your daughter’s marital life be peaceful (here Agastya uses the term ‘da’ in Tamil towards the person, which denotes lack of respect. This term is used also between friends and to younger ones). If you earn money through ill means and feed your children, it is like feeding sin (Paapa) to them. That’s why all these grief
happened in your daughter’s life.

For this second marriage to last, do not indulge in sin. Return the wealth that belongs to others. Else…! Your future itself will become a big question mark!” – whipped the Maha Muni.

They listened to these and left, only never to came back. I think that they must have done what the Maha Agastya asked them to do. The food we feed and the life we live will be peaceful only if it is related to good karma. It is good if everyone understands this. By thinking that no one is witnessing if someone indulges in whatever ways they want and commit sins, it results in a life that lacks the most important thing – peace!

Beware, realize and live a life of dharma. It is nice to be nice :).


The GOS 127 – Fast paced world’s fast paced Karmic effects

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

“What do you think of this lad?” – asked a person pointing to a young man. I glanced at him. He was fair like some celebrity, partially combed hair, a narrow beard. He wore a tight outfit and had smeared perfume so much. All these, but his eyes…they appeared as if they are terrified.

There was a red colored thread coiling his right wrist, which appeared like it lost its color. He wore no watch, tucked in his t-shirt properly etc., There isn’t anything unusual I found in him.

He said ‘Namaste’ and touched my feet with his right hand, reminding the North Indian culture of paying respect to elders. His face appeared radiant, like he is from a very good family, well educated etc., I asked him to sit and inquired the person who accompanied him. He asked again,

“What do you think of this lad?”

“Nothing abnormal or bad crosses my mind. That’s all.”

“About his qualities..?”

“He appears Sathvic. The rest, I should ask Agastya Muni only.” – He did not appear convinced but I ignored and opened the Nadi.

He suffers the punishment for the mistakes done by those who gave birth to him. About one and a half years ago, in a small accident, a small portion of his brain got affected. Whoever had done Punya, it has saved him. Who was well versed in high end technology now is insane.” – The Maha Muni’s explanation was short and to the point.

I briefly explained what I saw to the man accompanying the lad and asked him further questions on what happened.

“Didn’t Agastya say anything?” – he let out a lose comment sarcastically and began to explain what happened.

“He is an M.Tech. When playing in the college, he got hit in his head slightly. We didn’t think of it much then. He is working now but falls down unconscious frequently. He also forgets who he is, at times. He goes to work when he feels like or else sleeps like no one else can sleep. He is mentally affected. I feel someone has done a witchcraft. Please ask Agastya Muni on this.” – said that elderly person.

“Agastya does not believe in witchcrafts. Hence leave it. What else is his problems?”

“He beats me up, takes a knife and scratches his mother, kicks his siblings and behaves inappropriately.”


“He takes bath once in two days, seldom brushes the teeth, refuses to remove the old shirts, stays awake the whole night. He also behaves like the train engine that moves in the track.”

“Did you consult a doctor?”

“Tell me about it. There isn’t a doctor we haven’t seen. There isn’t a medicine we haven’t given. Nothing worked. I came here to Agastya as a last resort.”

I looked at that lad. He smiled at me slightly. I do not know how Agastya Muni is going to cure him, but he is greatly affected, that is for sure. I opened the Nadi.

For this one, few small nerves in the brain (He referred as Siru Moolai, short-brain literally). The blood flow is not optimal. If a surgery is performed on the portion of the brain, the boy will be alright.

Further…He named a few herbs and said,

If these can be given methodically powdered in the mornings and evenings for 90 days, mixed with honey, he will be completely alright. If not controlled now, he gets a feeling to bite everyone. He will begin to bite himself and get wounded. This is not witchcraft.” – said the Maha Muni.

Once I read this, the old man’s face shrunk. He stood up at once.

“I thought of something else and came here. This does not seem like a clairvoyance at all! When will this disease go? And how? Without saying this, He is going on and on saying Parikara…?” – he was frustrated.

I said.

“It is not good to get angry like this. I do not have any necessity to read the Nadi. Second and most importantly, without knowing the greatness of Agastya Muni, speaking such inappropriate words is not good either. You may please leave.”

He became tensed.

“I didn’t say that way. They said that if I come to Agastya, He will fix everything. Hence I have spoken all those.”

Though I felt sorry for the old man, I also felt that I should help that lad. I prayed to Agastya Muni and opened the Nadi again.

For this incident to happen, the father who is nearby, is the reason. When he was young, he pushed one of his friends towards the train track when walking along the railways lines. The friend was saved thankfully but due to the engine’s slight scratch on the friend’s head, he is insane till date as the brain got affected.

That curse, has affected this person’s son now. Now a days, people go through the effects of their deeds right in this birth unlike saying ‘effect of previous births’ etc. Hence, in spite of being wealthy, this person’s handsome son became like this.

When I read this, the old man’s face turned pale and had weird expressions. He wanted to say something but kept quiet. Due to his status ego, I felt he did not accept what The Maha Muni said completely. I prayed to Agastya in a few minutes and opened the Nadi again.

This Agastya, in spite of mentioning what happened in his past, this person does not seem like he has realized his mistakes. Let Us say something more, listen. This lad’s grandfather, was a rail engine driver. When he was driving the engine, knowingly or unknowingly, many a lives had gone. Half of them could be suicides, some might be just carelessness. Nevertheless, this old man’s father has a significant amount of dosha.

What should have been done by him? He could have lit the Moksha Deepa for those souls to remain in peace at once or he could have gone to Rameshwaram to perform the nine different Tharpanam’s like Thila Shanti Yagna, Peedaa Parihara Yagna, Yama Tharpanam etc., The rail engine driver must perform any of these if and when a life is lost when he / she is driving the engine.

If not done, the third generation of those people will become insane. There is no alternate parikara to this. Does this old man agree about these dosha’s of his father?” – Agastya Muni asked a straight question.

The old man remained silent for about five minutes and accepted it at last.

“I thought of Agastya just like a jyotish (astrologer) and came here. I seldom expected that He will say all these things unknown to others about me and my father. I really am sorry for speaking inappropriately about a Maha Siddha. Whatever Agastya Muni said is all true. What should I be doing, to get my son’s insanity cured?” – he asked patiently.

Let him consume the herbs that We suggested. Let them perform the nine types of Tharpanam in Rameshwaram with total faith. Then let them go to Cholingar temple and Gunaseelam Perumal temple and stay there for three days. When performing these, there may be obstacles, they might get frustrated, even get angry about Agastya.


When prayed with utmost devotion, the dosha that got you for three generation will be gone and in nine years, this person will get rid of this insanity. He will get married as soon as he is cured and will start a new business as well. One thing…when performing these rituals, no impurity shall be entertained. Let them perform this with utmost care and attention. If some mistakes happen, then they shouldn’t blame Agastya!” – cautioned the Maha Siddha.

Six months went by. The father said that he had performed all that was suggested by Agastya and that the lad does show a slight improvement as well. I felt happy.

Exactly nine years passed by.

“My son has become completely alright now and is engaged too. He said he is about to start his own business. He speaks very fluent English that everyone is surprised, he also gets up early in the morning and prays to the Almighty with sincere devotion” – the father’s voice echoed real happiness and I was pleased to know how gracefully the Agastya Muni blesses people.

“Drivers, whoever they may be, if someone falls on their wheels and dies, they might escape the court and law but to get rid of the dosha in Almighty’s court, they must perform one of the remedies that said above, after getting suitable suggestion from a Siddha….if they believe! If not, they would have to witness their offspring getting insane right in front of their eyes. This could be avoided right?”


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The GOS 126 – What’s on the surface and what’s reality

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

These days, the society respects an individual only based on his status, influence and wealth. In rare conditions, these things will be begotten in the right manner. Such wealth obtained by ill means, adds up bad karma on the person’s head. The effects of such karma when hits, even their kith and kin has to undergo its effects. Though it appears as if evil prevails, it is impermanent. A person seemingly successful by cheat and fraudulent activities, though he may live happily, his offspring often ends up bearing the effect of that karma, thereby affecting that individual even more.

A person appearing somewhat wealthy said…”Some important legal documents kept safely at home seems to be missing. Agastya Muni only should find it out…” – he appeared shaken.

“What sort of legal documents?”

“Parent documents of about eight houses. They kept it under mortgage and got money for it. It was lying in my chest for six long years. Now its missing.”

“How do you know its missing?”

“Two of them who kept their property document for mortgage came with the principle and interest amount to get back their documents. I opened up the chest to give them their documents. That’s when I found they were missing.”

“Don’t you have the duplicates? If so, you can give it to get the original replaced right?”

“These suggestions won’t work out sir. They want to get their original documents back. Please ask Agastya Muni sir…”

Those who seek Nadi usually come for eradicating the karmic effects of their previous births, and to get rid of important problems that they face. But now…this person is thinking of Agastya as a tantric who tells the whereabouts of hidden things and as a police officer who helps people find out what they lost.

But there is no point in explaining them these and possibly might get angry at me saying ‘even if Agastya might show us the way, this person may not tell us…’ – so I opened the Nadi quietly.

So far you have read all other Nadi’s available and now you have come here to see me in the Jeeva Nadi. Have you done all the prayers and remedial measures that came in those Nadi’s?” – asked Agastya Muni.

“Nothing like that…I have done all that they said in those respective Nadis, but nothing happened fruitfully..” – hastily came his reply.

Don’t test Agastya, which is like playing with fire! You did not do anything that came in the other Nadi but on top of it, you are accusing that nothing that came from those Nadi worked out? What’s the surity that you won’t blame this Nadi as well tomorrow?” – the person could not answer anything.

Today it’s Chandrashtamam for you and hence there won’t be any reply. Come back after fifteen days. Let me answer then.” – concluded the Maharishi.

This must have hurt that person for he left without saying anything.

After twenty days, another person came and said that some of the legal property documents were missing and that Agastya Muni should help him find out, in the same manner as the previous one.

The queries appeared similar to me, even in the way they were explained. I had a doubt which I decided to ask the Maha Muni Himself.

It is the same person who has sent this fellow on his behalf. He cannot stand in front of Agastya as he is guilty. Reason? The documents did not go missing truly. The parent documents are there with him safely. With them, he has sold the property to someone else. This is the truth.

He came with a wicked thought that Agastya’s words will have lies and with whatever is said, he can manipulate things and cheat others. He has sent this person only with such wicked thought.” – Agastya Muni mentioned this just for my information. I remained silent as well.

“How did the documents go missing?”

“I don’t know. Had I known, why should I come to you?”

“Agastya Muni says that all the documents are buried in your garden itself?”

“No sire. For heaven sake, not at all!”

“If they are not buried, then they are definitely at your house. Search thoroughly. You will definitely find it.” – I said.

“In how many days will they be found?”

“I could answer this only if the documents have really gone missing!”

“What? What are you saying?”

“You and your relative, are behaving as though nothing happened, after having done everything..?”

The person obviously looked weird. He said something that meant a sorry and left the place at once. Three months went by.

Both of them came with a long face.

“Sir..I had collected the parent documents from some poor people and gave them money. I thought that they will never be able to reclaim it, and so I sold the land to someone else with the help of those documents.


Now I am really really stuck. They have filed a case in the court against me. For the boy whom I wanted to have all these wealth generated, has met with an accident and is fighting for his life. You can only save my family…” – said the first one.

“You are a wealthy person. Just give away the parent documents to the real owners. To whomever you have sold the land, pay them with the interest and principle, get the land and hand it over to the real owners. The Government will also help you regarding this.”

“Will all these happen really?”

“For sure. Not just that, your son will also be saved, recovered and be good.” – I said.

“Please ask Agastya Muni for His words also sir…”

I did so.

For the mistakes done, both these deserve punishment. It is slightly difficult to escape. Though the son has met with accident, he will recover. But till his end, he has to walk limping. There is no other go.

They were disappointed indeed. I clearly saw their worry on what that ‘punishment’ would be. Four months passed by.

For the criminal offense of cheating with property, they got six months of imprisonment. They said however that if they behave properly, they could be released sooner. Then I heard nothing about them for quite a while where suddenly one day…

A youth came in a bike. As he was limping slightly, I recalled the parent documents which he confirmed, that he is that son.

“Appa has changed a lot now. He was in jail for six months. The moment he came out, he gave out all the documents to those whom he cheated earlier. I recovered slowly and got discharged from the hospital but I cannot stand erect like others and will have to limp while walking. Appa could not come and so he sent me to see you.” –  he said politely.

This is what came in the Nadi.

There is no such case in the history where one cheated the poor and lived peacefully. If one accumulates wealth through cheat and fraudulent shortcuts, it is not wealth he accumulates, but akora papam and dosham accumulates like a mountain.

It may appear to your eyes that those who commit mistakes and sin are living happily. But he is just going to fall in a deep pit, never will be able to get out. But it takes time for the effect to surface.  

Do not think…that this is said for this person who cheated with the property documents. This goes fairly well to everyone who thinks of cheating others.” – said Agastya!

How many are going to understand this? Those who are sane, may understand this and fair well!

~ to be continued…!

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