The GOS 126 – What’s on the surface and what’s reality

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

These days, the society respects an individual only based on his status, influence and wealth. In rare conditions, these things will be begotten in the right manner. Such wealth obtained by ill means, adds up bad karma on the person’s head. The effects of such karma when hits, even their kith and kin has to undergo its effects. Though it appears as if evil prevails, it is impermanent. A person seemingly successful by cheat and fraudulent activities, though he may live happily, his offspring often ends up bearing the effect of that karma, thereby affecting that individual even more.

A person appearing somewhat wealthy said…”Some important legal documents kept safely at home seems to be missing. Agastya Muni only should find it out…” – he appeared shaken.

“What sort of legal documents?”

“Parent documents of about eight houses. They kept it under mortgage and got money for it. It was lying in my chest for six long years. Now its missing.”

“How do you know its missing?”

“Two of them who kept their property document for mortgage came with the principle and interest amount to get back their documents. I opened up the chest to give them their documents. That’s when I found they were missing.”

“Don’t you have the duplicates? If so, you can give it to get the original replaced right?”

“These suggestions won’t work out sir. They want to get their original documents back. Please ask Agastya Muni sir…”

Those who seek Nadi usually come for eradicating the karmic effects of their previous births, and to get rid of important problems that they face. But now…this person is thinking of Agastya as a tantric who tells the whereabouts of hidden things and as a police officer who helps people find out what they lost.

But there is no point in explaining them these and possibly might get angry at me saying ‘even if Agastya might show us the way, this person may not tell us…’ – so I opened the Nadi quietly.

So far you have read all other Nadi’s available and now you have come here to see me in the Jeeva Nadi. Have you done all the prayers and remedial measures that came in those Nadi’s?” – asked Agastya Muni.

“Nothing like that…I have done all that they said in those respective Nadis, but nothing happened fruitfully..” – hastily came his reply.

Don’t test Agastya, which is like playing with fire! You did not do anything that came in the other Nadi but on top of it, you are accusing that nothing that came from those Nadi worked out? What’s the surity that you won’t blame this Nadi as well tomorrow?” – the person could not answer anything.

Today it’s Chandrashtamam for you and hence there won’t be any reply. Come back after fifteen days. Let me answer then.” – concluded the Maharishi.

This must have hurt that person for he left without saying anything.

After twenty days, another person came and said that some of the legal property documents were missing and that Agastya Muni should help him find out, in the same manner as the previous one.

The queries appeared similar to me, even in the way they were explained. I had a doubt which I decided to ask the Maha Muni Himself.

It is the same person who has sent this fellow on his behalf. He cannot stand in front of Agastya as he is guilty. Reason? The documents did not go missing truly. The parent documents are there with him safely. With them, he has sold the property to someone else. This is the truth.

He came with a wicked thought that Agastya’s words will have lies and with whatever is said, he can manipulate things and cheat others. He has sent this person only with such wicked thought.” – Agastya Muni mentioned this just for my information. I remained silent as well.

“How did the documents go missing?”

“I don’t know. Had I known, why should I come to you?”

“Agastya Muni says that all the documents are buried in your garden itself?”

“No sire. For heaven sake, not at all!”

“If they are not buried, then they are definitely at your house. Search thoroughly. You will definitely find it.” – I said.

“In how many days will they be found?”

“I could answer this only if the documents have really gone missing!”

“What? What are you saying?”

“You and your relative, are behaving as though nothing happened, after having done everything..?”

The person obviously looked weird. He said something that meant a sorry and left the place at once. Three months went by.

Both of them came with a long face.

“Sir..I had collected the parent documents from some poor people and gave them money. I thought that they will never be able to reclaim it, and so I sold the land to someone else with the help of those documents.


Now I am really really stuck. They have filed a case in the court against me. For the boy whom I wanted to have all these wealth generated, has met with an accident and is fighting for his life. You can only save my family…” – said the first one.

“You are a wealthy person. Just give away the parent documents to the real owners. To whomever you have sold the land, pay them with the interest and principle, get the land and hand it over to the real owners. The Government will also help you regarding this.”

“Will all these happen really?”

“For sure. Not just that, your son will also be saved, recovered and be good.” – I said.

“Please ask Agastya Muni for His words also sir…”

I did so.

For the mistakes done, both these deserve punishment. It is slightly difficult to escape. Though the son has met with accident, he will recover. But till his end, he has to walk limping. There is no other go.

They were disappointed indeed. I clearly saw their worry on what that ‘punishment’ would be. Four months passed by.

For the criminal offense of cheating with property, they got six months of imprisonment. They said however that if they behave properly, they could be released sooner. Then I heard nothing about them for quite a while where suddenly one day…

A youth came in a bike. As he was limping slightly, I recalled the parent documents which he confirmed, that he is that son.

“Appa has changed a lot now. He was in jail for six months. The moment he came out, he gave out all the documents to those whom he cheated earlier. I recovered slowly and got discharged from the hospital but I cannot stand erect like others and will have to limp while walking. Appa could not come and so he sent me to see you.” –  he said politely.

This is what came in the Nadi.

There is no such case in the history where one cheated the poor and lived peacefully. If one accumulates wealth through cheat and fraudulent shortcuts, it is not wealth he accumulates, but akora papam and dosham accumulates like a mountain.

It may appear to your eyes that those who commit mistakes and sin are living happily. But he is just going to fall in a deep pit, never will be able to get out. But it takes time for the effect to surface.  

Do not think…that this is said for this person who cheated with the property documents. This goes fairly well to everyone who thinks of cheating others.” – said Agastya!

How many are going to understand this? Those who are sane, may understand this and fair well!

~ to be continued…!

Featured image: The iceberg shows what is lying in the surface and what is in store as reality.

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