The GOS 127 – Fast paced world’s fast paced Karmic effects

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

“What do you think of this lad?” – asked a person pointing to a young man. I glanced at him. He was fair like some celebrity, partially combed hair, a narrow beard. He wore a tight outfit and had smeared perfume so much. All these, but his eyes…they appeared as if they are terrified.

There was a red colored thread coiling his right wrist, which appeared like it lost its color. He wore no watch, tucked in his t-shirt properly etc., There isn’t anything unusual I found in him.

He said ‘Namaste’ and touched my feet with his right hand, reminding the North Indian culture of paying respect to elders. His face appeared radiant, like he is from a very good family, well educated etc., I asked him to sit and inquired the person who accompanied him. He asked again,

“What do you think of this lad?”

“Nothing abnormal or bad crosses my mind. That’s all.”

“About his qualities..?”

“He appears Sathvic. The rest, I should ask Agastya Muni only.” – He did not appear convinced but I ignored and opened the Nadi.

He suffers the punishment for the mistakes done by those who gave birth to him. About one and a half years ago, in a small accident, a small portion of his brain got affected. Whoever had done Punya, it has saved him. Who was well versed in high end technology now is insane.” – The Maha Muni’s explanation was short and to the point.

I briefly explained what I saw to the man accompanying the lad and asked him further questions on what happened.

“Didn’t Agastya say anything?” – he let out a lose comment sarcastically and began to explain what happened.

“He is an M.Tech. When playing in the college, he got hit in his head slightly. We didn’t think of it much then. He is working now but falls down unconscious frequently. He also forgets who he is, at times. He goes to work when he feels like or else sleeps like no one else can sleep. He is mentally affected. I feel someone has done a witchcraft. Please ask Agastya Muni on this.” – said that elderly person.

“Agastya does not believe in witchcrafts. Hence leave it. What else is his problems?”

“He beats me up, takes a knife and scratches his mother, kicks his siblings and behaves inappropriately.”


“He takes bath once in two days, seldom brushes the teeth, refuses to remove the old shirts, stays awake the whole night. He also behaves like the train engine that moves in the track.”

“Did you consult a doctor?”

“Tell me about it. There isn’t a doctor we haven’t seen. There isn’t a medicine we haven’t given. Nothing worked. I came here to Agastya as a last resort.”

I looked at that lad. He smiled at me slightly. I do not know how Agastya Muni is going to cure him, but he is greatly affected, that is for sure. I opened the Nadi.

For this one, few small nerves in the brain (He referred as Siru Moolai, short-brain literally). The blood flow is not optimal. If a surgery is performed on the portion of the brain, the boy will be alright.

Further…He named a few herbs and said,

If these can be given methodically powdered in the mornings and evenings for 90 days, mixed with honey, he will be completely alright. If not controlled now, he gets a feeling to bite everyone. He will begin to bite himself and get wounded. This is not witchcraft.” – said the Maha Muni.

Once I read this, the old man’s face shrunk. He stood up at once.

“I thought of something else and came here. This does not seem like a clairvoyance at all! When will this disease go? And how? Without saying this, He is going on and on saying Parikara…?” – he was frustrated.

I said.

“It is not good to get angry like this. I do not have any necessity to read the Nadi. Second and most importantly, without knowing the greatness of Agastya Muni, speaking such inappropriate words is not good either. You may please leave.”

He became tensed.

“I didn’t say that way. They said that if I come to Agastya, He will fix everything. Hence I have spoken all those.”

Though I felt sorry for the old man, I also felt that I should help that lad. I prayed to Agastya Muni and opened the Nadi again.

For this incident to happen, the father who is nearby, is the reason. When he was young, he pushed one of his friends towards the train track when walking along the railways lines. The friend was saved thankfully but due to the engine’s slight scratch on the friend’s head, he is insane till date as the brain got affected.

That curse, has affected this person’s son now. Now a days, people go through the effects of their deeds right in this birth unlike saying ‘effect of previous births’ etc. Hence, in spite of being wealthy, this person’s handsome son became like this.

When I read this, the old man’s face turned pale and had weird expressions. He wanted to say something but kept quiet. Due to his status ego, I felt he did not accept what The Maha Muni said completely. I prayed to Agastya in a few minutes and opened the Nadi again.

This Agastya, in spite of mentioning what happened in his past, this person does not seem like he has realized his mistakes. Let Us say something more, listen. This lad’s grandfather, was a rail engine driver. When he was driving the engine, knowingly or unknowingly, many a lives had gone. Half of them could be suicides, some might be just carelessness. Nevertheless, this old man’s father has a significant amount of dosha.

What should have been done by him? He could have lit the Moksha Deepa for those souls to remain in peace at once or he could have gone to Rameshwaram to perform the nine different Tharpanam’s like Thila Shanti Yagna, Peedaa Parihara Yagna, Yama Tharpanam etc., The rail engine driver must perform any of these if and when a life is lost when he / she is driving the engine.

If not done, the third generation of those people will become insane. There is no alternate parikara to this. Does this old man agree about these dosha’s of his father?” – Agastya Muni asked a straight question.

The old man remained silent for about five minutes and accepted it at last.

“I thought of Agastya just like a jyotish (astrologer) and came here. I seldom expected that He will say all these things unknown to others about me and my father. I really am sorry for speaking inappropriately about a Maha Siddha. Whatever Agastya Muni said is all true. What should I be doing, to get my son’s insanity cured?” – he asked patiently.

Let him consume the herbs that We suggested. Let them perform the nine types of Tharpanam in Rameshwaram with total faith. Then let them go to Cholingar temple and Gunaseelam Perumal temple and stay there for three days. When performing these, there may be obstacles, they might get frustrated, even get angry about Agastya.


When prayed with utmost devotion, the dosha that got you for three generation will be gone and in nine years, this person will get rid of this insanity. He will get married as soon as he is cured and will start a new business as well. One thing…when performing these rituals, no impurity shall be entertained. Let them perform this with utmost care and attention. If some mistakes happen, then they shouldn’t blame Agastya!” – cautioned the Maha Siddha.

Six months went by. The father said that he had performed all that was suggested by Agastya and that the lad does show a slight improvement as well. I felt happy.

Exactly nine years passed by.

“My son has become completely alright now and is engaged too. He said he is about to start his own business. He speaks very fluent English that everyone is surprised, he also gets up early in the morning and prays to the Almighty with sincere devotion” – the father’s voice echoed real happiness and I was pleased to know how gracefully the Agastya Muni blesses people.

“Drivers, whoever they may be, if someone falls on their wheels and dies, they might escape the court and law but to get rid of the dosha in Almighty’s court, they must perform one of the remedies that said above, after getting suitable suggestion from a Siddha….if they believe! If not, they would have to witness their offspring getting insane right in front of their eyes. This could be avoided right?”


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